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Update for Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Castle Roland is Proud to Present a New Story from a Resident Author

  • ChowHound

    Three Finger Cove - Charles

    Book III

    Chapter 1

Continuing Chapters From Our Resident Authors

  • Arthur

    Drummer Boy

    Viscount Wellington's Ball

    Chapter 20

  • Arthur

    The Prince of House Vladd - Book II

    Chapter 13

  • Bill W

    Sword of Kings: Tested by Adversity

    A New Sense of Purpose

    Chapter 25

  • Cynus


    Chapter 10

  • David Lee

    Tales From Bentonville

    Chapters 23 and 24

  • David Lee

    Forbidden Fruit

    Chapter 6

  • Jandar Tyr

    The Dragons of Keanna Book II

    Death of a Goddess

    Chapter 36

  • MultiMapper


    Part of the Revolutions Universe

    Chapter 6

  • MultiMapper

    Hurt and Comfort

    Book 9: Preludes to Comfort


  • Rick Beck

    The Farm Hand

    The Palmers

    Chapter 14

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