Welcome to Castle Roland!

Castle Roland — when you say the name, you can visualize a mystical imposing fortress sitting atop a seaside cliff. The only approach is across a narrow causeway. Archers are on the battlements, mounted knights are preparing to charge the sieging army. Defendable, impregnable, unapproachable!

Let us dispel that vision. Castle Roland is a strong and powerful fortress, but one built on dreams and imagination; where the gates are always open and all are welcome. The drawbridge never raises and none are ever turned away.

Castle Roland is your premier destination for online gay fiction. Castle Roland hosts some of the finest authors of gay oriented stories to be found anywhere online.

While Castle Roland is predominately a gay story site, many of our authors have branched out into mainstream themes. Our goal in hosting these stories is to show the world that we can write “regular” literature, that surpasses the boundaries and labels that society would place on us. Our authors cannot simply be labled, shoved into a box, placed on a shelf and then forgotten about.

Castle Roland’s goal is to provide a warm and welcome place for a diverse group of authors; to share their talents with readers from all over the world. We have taken time and care to find and bring to you the best authors and stories to be found online. We have authors whose stories take place in various story settings, time periods and spans many genres. So no matter what you’re in the mood for, we are sure you can find it here.

Grab your favorite drink, prop your feet up, and enjoy.

The Castle Roland Community

Castle Roland is proud not only of its hosted stories but also of its vibrant and active community. A community filled with interaction and discussion on the Castle Roland Community Forum

Similar to the great halls of the Castles of long ago, where idea’s, dreams, loves and fears were discussed. The Castle Roland Community Forum fosters interaction between the authors, the authors and readers, and between the readers. Members of the forum discuss not just the stories on our site, but stories on other sites. They debate politics, chat about favorite movies and TV shows or books. It’s a constantly evolving and growing community and your place at the table is reserved.

The Castle Roland Court

    • Roland – Chief Administrator of Castle Roland
      Roland’s imagination is the driving force behind Castle Roland. Roland began the dream of Castle Roland and added others to the dream to help build the fortress it is today.
    • Mary – Universe Administrator
      Mary’s logistical mind is like a steel trap. With four separate universes or collaborative writing environments to manage, she tackles it with logic and organization.
    • Allen – Website Administrator
      Allen has been equated to chief Engineer Scotty aboard the Starship Enterprise. His catch phrase can best be summed as, “Always Under Promise and Over Deliver.”
    • Ken – Public Relations Administrator
      Ken brings us a “I’d like to teach the world to sing In perfect harmony” kind of attitude. Ken’s expertise in PR has added much to our success.
    • Kyle – Author Relations Administrator
      Kyle is our newest admin. Being a long time author himself, he has the decided advantage of knowing what and how authors think. He brings that experience to the Castle and is the ‘go to’ guy in dealing with fragile egos.
    • Zach Caldwell – Castle Roland Community Forum Chief Moderator
      Zach cares for the forums and its members like prized orchids.

How to Submit a Story

Do you have a story you would like Castle Roland to consider hosting? We are always open to reviewing stories for the site. Check the link below for submission guidelines and instructions.

Submitting a Story