Castle Roland

The Chronicles
of Valana Vol 1:

by A.B.


Chapter 13 Misc

Published: 13 Jul 15
  • Characters

    • Chapter 1

      • Marco Laurence: Main Protagonist. An elf with sublime skill on archery and bows, lightning fast reflexes, a being of extreme magic that only intensifies as he grows up and beauty capable of enchanting mortals. He transforms into a pure white phoenix.
      • Lucas Mack: Marco's closest friend almost brother like. A speaker of great ability, cute in his own way and handsome enough for a mortal.
    • Chapter 2

      • Merol Keen: Swordsman of unparalleled ability, a speaker of the royal line of Dara.
      • Olan: Nothing is known about him, only that he wears a mask at all times and has a huge black sword.
      • Naire Oira: One of the seven Generals of Zah Dah.
    • Chapter 3

      • Micraal of Adar: a boy from Eri'Adar. Joins Marco, Lucas and Merol on their trip.
      • Atrik Nakeros: One of the seven Generals of Zah Dah.
      • Kaern Vokol: one of the seven Generals of Zah Dah.
      • Captain Merdoc: A captain at the Eri'Adar army.
    • Chapter 4

      • Beck and Drake: Twin brothers that follow Marco, Lucas and Merol on their journey.
    • Chapter 5

      • Elinor Gilthian: One of the Seven Generals of Zah Dah. An assassin of unparalleled ability in stealth, cunning and an insatiable hunger for torture.
      • Elrian Lavalas: Aer'andil's uncle, brother of his father.
      • King Trael Lados: King of Qazameria. He transforms into a black stallion.
      • Droholost: King of the Dragons of Vaser.
      • Imlathis: King Lados' lover, he is fourteen years old but he has lived for five hundred years.
      • Liandras: High King of all elves. Guardian of the prophesy. He transforms into an eagle.
      • Felwyn Galay: High Queen of all elves. She transforms into a crane.
      • Feldon Leolin: One of the best warriors of Gel'anr with spear and magic.
      • Nikorn: One of the seven Generals of Zah Dah.
    • Chapter 6

      • Norion Anorion: An elven boy.
    • Chapter 7

      • Tha'ala: An elven girl in Gel'anr.
      • Elania: An elven girl friend of Lucas from the Speaker monastery in Qazameria. She is from Qazameria.
      • Barthlos: a boy friend of Lucas from the Speaker monastery in Qazameria. He's from crow's nest, a small village near Varania.
    • Chapter 9

      • Boden: Elf-King of Dol'Anro, king of the wolf elves.
      • Hodrelth: King of Gel'Glidorn, king of the bear elves.
      • Nisal: King of Dol'Adur, king of the rabbit elves.
      • Locifar: King of Batorn.
      • Roden Malais: King of Rodenia.
      • Segaru Malais: Crown Prince of Redonia.
      • Ularos: King of Lavonia.
      • Jekal: King of Fadr.
      • Rioral: King of Udelon.
      • Nimer: King of Odrel.
    • Chapter 10

      • Garinha: usurper of the throne of Dara.
    • Chapter 11

      • Fundor: Leader of the rebel dragons that stand against Zah Dah and Droholost the dreadful.
      • Ygala: A she-dragon under Fundor.
      • Hageron: A dragon under Fundor.
      • Nakorol: A dragon under Fundor.
      • Margarmir: A she-dragon under Fundor.
      • Lieutenant Harol Digrath: A Lieutenant in the Daran army.
      • Corporal Lakiri Dothos: A corporal in the Daran army.
      • Carahal Keen: Merol's brother.
    • Chapter 12

      • Torak Bulen: A guardsman in the Eri'Adar army.
      • General-Commander Batril: General Commander of Eri'Adar appointed by Counsilor Gothral Hanos.
      • Counsilor Gothral Hanos: A Counsilor of Eri'Adar.
    • Chapter 13

      • Karadenia: a dragon under Fundor, she has bind with the crown prince of Eri'Adar.
      • Valadosh: Crown Prince of Eri'Adar and leader of the silver brigade.
      • Virkahindir: Commander of the army of Oghelle.
      • Glogak: An Orkhavoc. Son of Krivak, general of an Orkhavoc city in Elaria.
      • Elaria's bane: An Unknown Dark General.
      • Throngul: A Dark General of Zah Dah, in charge of Zah Dah's navy.
  • Elven words

    • Chapter 1

      • Salath: Wind
      • Vorag: Ignite
      • Nailal: Elf
    • Chapter 2

      • Riala: Beauty
    • Chapter 3

      • Ikara: total
      • Volgath: silence
      • Lierni: return
      • Em: to
      • hathi: normal
      • Herthal: penetration
      • Liorda: Control
    • Chapter 4

      • Elion: Thank/s
      • Oal: you
      • Elduhost: elf-friend
    • Chapter 5

      • Qazameria: flatland
      • Ilandri: peace
      • Felwyn: Sad
      • Galay: flower
      • Fendalas: Just
      • Nemue: sword
    • Chapter 6

      • Droilin: Water
      • Trialo: thunder
      • Balos: Protect
      • Evi: The
      • Lanastra: Queen
      • Nil: And
      • Valom: Protect
      • Thalin: King
      • Navo: Rest
      • Ial: of
      • Xadothlo: scramble
      • Gadralo: engage
      • Tharvi: harpies
      • Kolstro: explosion
      • Arilth: thunder
      • Yadrol: air
      • Larith: freeze
      • Thel: for
      • Felirias: King
      • Endiron: honour
      • Gel'anr: land of mist
      • Glinthala: grace
      • Imo: one
      • Loth'irni: without
      • Dathol: fear
      • Raya: Sun
      • Lath: ray
      • Glamfladrin: despair
      • Teluviel: guards
    • Chapter 7

      • Tha: love
      • Ala: child
      • Ceth: are
      • Vil: my
      • Endalin: life
      • Methalii: soul
      • Dol'Adur: fortress with holes
      • Elania: Infinity
      • Lamanos: strength
      • Lea: blue
      • Laros: water
    • Chapter 8

      • Aru'viel: male word for "love of my heart"
      • Aru'vial: female word for "love of my heart"
      • Cthali: friend
    • Chapter 9

      • Erin: Wall
      • Salath'erin: Wall of wind.
      • Aru'vil: Plural word for "love of my heart"
      • Gathlail: Gates
      • Anasol: high
      • Vothi: have
      • Cendal: our
      • La'ari: fealty
      • Kerun: army
      • Thilo: turn
      • Anoli: into
      • Bethli'inl'lantel: Water and vapour
      • Wala: form
      • Horintil: circle
    • Chapter 10

      • Anasol: high
      • Vothi: have
      • Cendal: our
      • La'ari: fealty
      • Kerun: army
      • Thilo: turn
      • Anoli: into
      • Bethli'inl'lantel: Water and vapour
      • Wala: form
      • Horintil: circle
      • Elbrathril: closure
      • Herol: truth
      • Galar: stone
      • Limbathalin: Celestial
      • Gel Valir: Land of shadows
      • Pelari: hunter
      • Riathnol: darkness
    • Chapter 11

      • Liostro: Light
      • Fedlaso: wave
      • Nilothliostar: Column of light
      • Liandras: Sacrifice.
    • Chapter 12

      • Halith: way/passage
      • Nodrith: memory | Nodrithloth, plural.
  • The tongue of the men of Eri'Adar

    • Chapter 4
      • Anlos: home
      • Yni: of
      • Hadar: sadness
      • Gliari: Mountains
      • Go: the
  • Zah Dah's speech

    • Chapter 10

      • Vig: For
      • Hana: the
      • Ninugahal: master
      • Jik: of
      • Zah Dah: Shadowlands
      • Gihurah: Exalted
      • Nivu: be
      • Hji: his
      • Melarn: dark
      • Floigh: name
    • Chapter 11

      • Jabegha: Reveal
      • Sahe'gehern: breath of shadow
    • Chapter 12

      • Zigush: kill
      • Nivaj: them
      • Glughj: all
  • The language of the Speakers of Dara

    • Chapter 11
      • Merol: Noble
      • Keen: Sacrifice
      • Dinuchin: spirit
      • Machal: wall
      • Tanero: travel
      • Ybra: to
  • Dragon tongue

    • Chapter 11
      • Darastrishil: Dragons, plural | Darastri, singular
      • Mrith: With
      • Ve: me
      • Drau: kin
      • Zar: I/me
      • Difadir: accept
      • Egtar: find
      • Douth: your
      • Munthrek: human
      • Urthalrel: rider
  • Forgotten languages of the past

    • Chapter 12

      • Svegaj Narun

      • The five kingdoms of the flat spires, roughly ended seventy thousand years before the start of Volume 1

        • Svegaj: five
        • Narun: clans
        • Beden: Hawk
      • The language of the people of Oghelle

        • Nirgirth: men
        • Ji: of
        • Virdorigh: attack
  • Locations

    • Chapter 1

      • Manhattan: Come on… you all know it, real world city in Earth.
    • Chapter 2

      • Night's forest: An ancient forest near Eri'Adar, full of magic, tall conifer trees and secrets. Marco and Lucas' arrival location in Valana.
      • The town of the fords of Elandros: A small town on the banks of the river Arin on the south of Eri'Adar. Named so nine hundred years before the start of the story after a famed General of Eri'Adar.
    • Chapter 3

      • Eri'Adar: Capital city of the kingdom of Eri'Adar. The city is renowned for its navy that is based on the port of Raeri and a few other secret locations. It is home of one of the two most powerful merchant guilds in Valana.
    • Chapter 4

      • Caves of sorrow: a cave system in the mountains north of Eri'Adar, or Anlos yni Hadar as called by the locals. The name stemming from the history of Eri'Adar and its people.
      • Mountains of the Jokukar: Or Gliari yni go Jokukar, as called by the natives are the mountain range north of Eri'Adar spanning from west of Eri'Adar to after Rodenia. The name stemming from the history of Eri'Adar and its people.
    • Chapter 5

      • Fedria castle ruins: Castle ruins on the north borders between the realms of Rodenia, Eri'Adar and Yaria.
      • Mount Ironhorn: One of the peeks on the mountains of the Jokukar.
      • The settlement of Yridrial: the human settlement from where the boat to Qazameria departs.
      • Qazameria: One of the Elven isles. Land of the horse-Elves.
      • Ilandri: The capital city of Qazameria. Situated in the center of the island.
    • Chapter 6

      • Gel'anr: Capital island of the Elves, and home of the bird elves. From here the High-King and High-Queen reign.
      • Glinthala: Capital city of Gel'anr.
    • Chapter 7

      • Lea'laros: Ferry port of Gel'anr.
    • Chapter 8

      • Suntop: a natural pool high up the mountain that according to knowledge reflects and absorbs the sun giving Elves part of their longevity.
    • Chapter 10

      • Kilvi Vindro: A small fishing village to the north of Gel'anr
      • Padala's watch: A human village near the edge of firefly forest.
      • Gel Valir: An ancient abandoned Nial fortress on the foot of the black hill in the Firefly forest.
    • Chapter 11

      • The black hill: a mountain on the center of the Firefly forest in the center of the three kingdoms of Udelon, Odrel and Batorn. A land of mystery, fierce beasts that is largely avoided by humans.
      • The flat spires: Towering mountains with flat tops North of Lavonia. The endless interconnecting cave systems and thick forests make them largely unhospitable to humans.
      • Dara: City of Speakers. Merol's home Kingdom.
    • Chapter 12

      • Iaven: Historical name of Lavonia seventy thousand years ago.
      • Nakesh: One of the Five Kingdoms, historical location of Valana.
      • Hakon: One of the Five Kingdoms, historical location of Valana.
      • Turvion: One of the Five Kingdoms, historical location of Valana.
      • Natosh: One of the Five Kingdoms, historical location of Valana.
      • Calorth: One of the Five Kingdoms, historical location of Valana.
      • Oghelle: A city of Elaria.
  • The Lineage of Glothoin

Aer'andil son of Liandras son of Urelas son of Heldon son of Thruidil son of Xandthlon son of Qerelon son of Berelos daughter of Lamerid son of Yolos son of Imradol son of Teranas son of Glidaros son of Glidarathon daughter of Vedaron son of Nadraoth son of Calaoth son of Malaroth son of Saradol son of Feluin daughter of Ladrathlos son of Domothin son of Ianothlorin son of Aarathloy daughter of Karadlos son of Menthral daughter of Fingoril son of Derenia daughter of Fadlas son of Tereniath son Ventral daughter of Eoen daughter of Rimbral son of Otaral son of Padra daughter of Glothoin.

  • Liandras' creations

One he wields.
One created for Merol Keen.
One lost was a sword.
One lost was a spear.
One broken was a battleaxe.
Aer'andil's bow will be the last one.

  • Crowns and colours of the realms of Valana

    • Chapter 9
      • Udelon: A horse emblem and Red colours.
      • Odrel: A pig emblem and Green colours.
      • Fadr: Wheat emblem and yellow colours.
      • Lavonia: blue and red colours. Sea hawk emblem and metal sculpture on helmet.
      • Redonia: purple and yellow colours. Lion emblem and metal sculpture on helmet.
      • Batorn: yellow and white colours. Dog emblem and metal sculpture on helmet.
      • Dara: orange and blue colours. Griffon emblem and sculpture on helmet.
      • Qazameria: wild rosemary flowers and birch tree bark crown. Brown and green colours.
      • Gel'anr: elderflowers and pine tree bark crown. Blue and white colours.
      • Dol'Adur: Rabbit elves: jasmine flowers and olive tree bark crown. Brown and red colours.
      • Gel'Glidorn: thorn bush flowers and maple tree bark crown. Grey and yellow colours.
      • Dol'Anro: wolf's bane flowers and wild rose bark crown. Red and blue colours.
  • Poems to and from Aer'andil

    • Chapter 9

To Aer'andil from Norion:

    "Art thou abroad on this stormy night on thy journey of love, my friend? The sky groans like one in despair.
    I have no sleep tonight. Ever and again I open my door and look out on the darkness, my friend!
    I can see nothing before me. I wonder where lies thy path!
    By what dim shore of the ink-black forest, through what mazy depth of gloom art thou threading thy course to come to me, my friend?"

To Norion from Aer'andil:

    "Life of my life, I shall ever try to keep my body pure, knowing that thy living touch is upon all my limbs.
    I shall ever try to keep all untruths out from my thoughts, knowing that thou art that truth which has kindled the light of reason in my mind.
    I shall ever try to drive all evils away from my heart and keep my love in flower, knowing that thou hast thy seat in the inmost shrine of my heart.
    And it shall be my endeavour to reveal thee in my actions, knowing it is thy power gives me strength to act."

  • Creatures of Darkness

    • Ivakor

      • A creature made from miasma. It serves an overseer who serves one of the Dark Generals of Zah Dah. It is made to gain information while killing its victim. They are not foot soldiers. They are the ultimate spy. You cannot see them, you cannot smell them you can barely hear them before they strike. Only Elves, magic users, Speakers or a combination of the above can see them when they are stalking their prey. It kills while tearing at memories and thoughts to gain what information it can get.
    • Beralocs

      • There are many ways that one can be formed. They are creatures of black magic. They usually form when someone has such a deep-seated hatred, such an unfathomable grudge against someone that that hatred takes form. It starts in the dreams, which become crippling nightmares before you are consumed by it from the inside out, then the Beraloc finds another victim, it fosters hatred and anger and festers the thoughts of the victim until the victim surrenders its will to it and then he or she is consumed. A user of black magic can create one. The Beraloc is controlled and directed by its master. When a Beraloc is created by black magic and consumes a victim, its creator can order it to spawn off another Beraloc by a portion of the victim's life energy.”
    • Shadowkillers

      • Humans without any conscience with a will and desire to kill and derive pleasure from killing and causing pain. In order to perfect killing, they sell their souls to a black spirit or black magic user or dark spiritum Speaker. In doing so, they are bound to darkness. No mortal weapon can kill them except direct, powerful light.
    • Adalnial

      • Fell Elves. By means of Dark Spiritum abilities, they have had their spirit removed. They are twisted beyond any measure and turned to fight for the Darkness. They feel no pain, no hunger, no thirst, they need no sleep, they retain their immortal life and Elven enhanced senses and reflexes.
  • Black magic

    • Lavosh'nadri: Death skin
      • A black magic spell is placed on a victim. The spell does not do anything to the person it is cast upon but anyone who touches him dies instantly.
  • Dark Spiritum abilities

    • Drinor: A dark spiritum ability. It is cast on someone who has something to tell others, but if he does he will instantly after be killed as his heart, and all vital organs will stop working instantly.
  • Wild Beasts

    • Chapter 11

      • Daghesi: a disfigured mix between a lion and a dog, but twice as big as any lions Aer'andil had ever seen, with no eyes and an oversized nose. It stalks its prey from a great distance making it feel tired and constantly irritated until it is so disoriented and tired it doesn't see them coming.
    • Chapter 12

      • Rahak: Rahaks are quadrupedal beasts of burden with a huge horn on their backs beneath their front leg joints. They eat grass and are usually harmless. Their horn is hollow and if it is broken, they turn mad and charge about mindlessly until they die by whatever means.
  • The Prophesies

    • Before Book 1:

      • A boy of a human and elf will be born, of royal descent on both lines, if not stopped he will end the line of Glothoin, an evil unheard of before, the boy must be killed upon his birth or the pact's end is night.
    • Chapter 11

Evil's will ancient beyond aeons, first of all, it wills after aeons. An offspring twiceborn of the Fairfolk, of high descend amongst the Fairfolk. An offspring of the Speakers, highest and first amongst the speakers. Together they shall be born, under a pale moon on the last of summer's days they shall be born.

Elf and speaker from death they must leave, from Valana they must leave. To Earth they must go, to rise and train they must go. To return when ready, to face the evil when ready.

Two shall guard the prophecy, two shall remember of what was before prophesy. One of the Fairfolk, one of the Speakers. Two shall remember of offspring of Speaker and Fairfolk. All shall forget of what was, all shall remember when offspring is told of what was.

Two offspring many a hardship will face, first of all evil they will face. Many a league they will traverse in a quest, across Valana in a quest. But cruel is not fate, there are unknowing mentors and guardians by fate.

War will come to Valana, it will spread from the Shadowlands to Valana. Blood and destruction, no one can avoid the destruction. War's wrath will spread, where will loyalties lie when it spread.

Elves fair and immortal will stand, Speakers loyal and stubborn will stand. Human hearts are easily deceived, magic, sword or spirit will be deceived. Orkhavoc stand for evil, unpossesing of requirement to resist the evil. Wyrms of fire stand divided, for evil, for survival, they stand divided.

To face what is neither there or here, they must go both there and here. Primordial magic does not lie, but those that use it lie. Wyrms inside them have fire, and their temper is of fire.

The speaker will be whole, with innate ability and fire will be made whole. The Fairfolk will be whole, with Elven Grace and primordial fire will be whole. Father of one must sacrifice to make offspring whole. Father of one must guide offspring whole.

To open the Gathlail Aeternae is to open doom, to use yesterday magic speak intent and will doom. Death and creation, death can bring creation. Creation and death, creation can bring death.

To kill what is neither here or there, one must understand what is here and there. Neither here or there, only celestial essence can bring there. Neither there or here, only fire can bring it here. Neither here or there, it cannot exist in here and there.

To Undo become Yesterday's magic.

  • The Seven Generals of Zah Dah

    1. Naire Oira
    2. Atrik Nakeros
    3. Elaria's bane
    4. Elinor Gilthian
    5. Throngul
    6. Unknown
    7. Unknown

Map of Valana (1672 x 1440)
Map of Valana with Borders (1672 x 1440)

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