Castle Roland

The Chronicles
of Valana Vol 1:

by A.B.


Chapter 1 Misc

Published: 2 Mar 15
  • Characters

    • Chapter 1
      • Marco Laurence: Main Protagonist. An elf with sublime skill on archery and bows, lightning fast reflexes, a being of extreme magic that only intensifies as he grows up and beauty capable of enchanting mortals. He transforms into a pure white phoenix.
      • Lucas Mack: Marco's closest friend almost brother like. A speaker of great ability, cute in his own way and handsome enough for a mortal.
  • Elven words

    • Chapter 1
      • Salath = Wind
      • Vorag = Ignite
      • Nailal = Elf
  • Locations

    • Chapter 1
      • Manhattan: Come on…you all know it, real world city in Earth.
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