Castle Roland

The Chronicles
of Valana Vol 1:

by A.B.


Chapter 5 Misc

Published: 30 Mar 15
  • Characters

    • Chapter 1

      • Marco Laurence: Main Protagonist. An elf with sublime skill on archery and bows, lightning fast reflexes, a being of extreme magic that only intensifies as he grows up and beauty capable of enchanting mortals. He transforms into a pure white phoenix.
      • Lucas Mack: Marco's closest friend almost brother like. A speaker of great ability, cute in his own way and handsome enough for a mortal.
    • Chapter 2

      • Merol Keen: Swordsman of unparalleled ability, a speaker of the royal line of Dara.
      • Olan: Nothing is known about him, only that he wears a mask at all times and has a huge black sword.
      • Naire Oira: One of the seven Generals of Zah Dah.
    • Chapter 3

      • Micraal of Adar: a boy from Eri'Adar. Joins Marco, Lucas and Merol on their trip.
      • Atrik Nakeros: One of the seven Generals of Zah Dah.
      • Kaern Vokol: one of the seven Generals of Zah Dah.
      • Captain Merdoc: A captain at the Eri'Adar army.
    • Chapter 4

      • Beck and Drake: Twin brothers that follow Marco, Lucas and Merol on their journey.
    • Chapter 5

      • Elinor Gilthian: One of the Seven Generals of Zah Dah. An assassin of unparalleled ability in stealth, cunning and an insatiable hunger for torture.
      • Elrian Lavalas: Aer'andil's uncle, brother of his father.
      • King Trael Lados: King of Qazameria. He transforms into a black stallion.
      • Droholost: King of the Dragons of Vaser.
      • Imlathis: King Lados' lover, he is fourteen years old but he has lived for five hundred years.
      • Liandras: High King of all elves. Guardian of the prophesy. He transforms into an eagle.
      • Felwyn Galay: High Queen of all elves. She transforms into a crane.
      • Feldon Leolin: One of the best warriors of Gel'anr with spear and magic.
      • Nikorn: One of the seven Generals of Zah Dah.
  • Elven words

    • Chapter 1

      • Salath = Wind
      • Vorag = Ignite
      • Nailal = Elf
    • Chapter 2

      • Riala = Beauty
    • Chapter 3

      • Ikara: total
      • Volgath: silence
      • Lierni: return
      • Em: to
      • hathi: normal
      • Herthal: penetration
      • Liorda: Control
    • Chapter 4

      • Elion: Thank/s
      • Oal: you
      • Elduhost: elf-friend
    • Chapter 5

      • Qazameria: flatland
      • Ilandri: peace
      • Felwyn: Sad
      • Galay: flower
      • Fendalas: Just
      • Nemue: sword
  • The tongue of the men of Eri'Adar

    • Chapter 4
      • Anlos: home
      • Yni: of
      • Hadar: sadness
      • Gliari: Mountains
      • Go: the
  • Locations

    • Chapter 1

      • Manhattan: Come on…you all know it, real world city in Earth.
    • Chapter 2

      • Night's forest: An ancient forest near Eri'Adar, full of magic, tall conifer trees and secrets. Marco and Lucas' arrival location in Valana.
      • The town of the fords of Elandros: A small town on the banks of the river Arin on the south of Eri'Adar. Named so nine hundred years before the start of the story after a famed General of Eri'Adar.
    • Chapter 3

      • Eri'Adar: Capital city of the kingdom of Eri'Adar. The city is renowned for its navy that is based on the port of Raeri and a few other secret locations. It is home of one of the two most powerful merchant guilds in Valana.
    • Chapter 4

      • Caves of sorrow: a cave system in the mountains north of Eri'Adar, or Anlos yni Hadar as called by the locals. The name stemming from the history of Eri'Adar and its people.
      • Mountains of the Jokukar: Or Gliari yni go Jokukar, as called by the natives are the mountain range north of Eri'Adar spanning from west of Eri'Adar to after Rodenia. The name stemming from the history of Eri'Adar and its people.
    • Chapter 5

      • Fedria castle ruins: Castle ruins on the north borders between the realms of Rodenia, Eri'Adar and Yaria.
      • Mount Ironhorn: One of the peeks on the mountains of the Jokukar.
      • The settlement of Yridrial: the human settlement from where the boat to Qazameria departs.
      • Qazameria: One of the Elven isles. Land of the horse-Elves.
      • Ilandri: The capital city of Qazameria. Situated in the center of the island.

Map of Valana (1672 x 1440)
Map of Valana with Borders (1672 x 1440)

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