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We're Not Gonna Take It!

by Al Norris

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Chapter 10

Published: 21 Apr 16

We're Not Gonna Take It

Copyright 2016 by Al Norris and the Revolutions Universe Partnership

Friday, Nov. 16th, 06:00
New York Rangers School
Wanakena, New York

Wingit LogoStanding in the middle of the dormitory hallway, Sergeant Robert Mallory had opened all the occupied room doors. In his hands were a large cast iron skillet and a wooden spoon. As soon as his watch told him it was six in the morning, he started banging the spoon on the bottom of the skillet. He loved this part of the day! "Reville, Reville, Reville!" he shouted out. "Get Up, Get Up, Get outta your racks! Reville, Reville, Reville!"

Among the sounds of people getting out of bed, there were the inevitable moans and groans that emanated from the rooms. Would have been a lot better if the dorms had been full, but it made Mallory smile anyway.

"Breakfast in thirty, guys. Get-a-move-on," Mallory said as he turned around and headed for the mess.

Mary Bradford had just finished setting the table for breakfast, as she was turning to go back to the kitchen to finish off the eggs, a loud pounding came from the front door. 'Who the heck would be here this early in the morning,' she thought. "Jonathon! Someone's at the door!"

The pounding became more insistent, and if possible, even louder. Before Jonathon could reach the door, it opened inwards with such force, it tore itself off of its hinges and crashed onto the floor.

Within moments several uniformed men were in the house. One of them, an officer of some sort, rushed forward and grabbed Jonathon by his throat. "Where ees your son?" He shouted in heavily accented English. "Where ees Paulo Mason?"

Before Jonathon could answer, Mary came rushing from the kitchen. Seeing the broken door and several soldiers, one of which held Jonathon, she screamed. Two of the guards, seeing the spatula in Mary's raised hand, swung their rifles towards her and fired.

Jonathon tried to turn to see his wife, but the officer held his head firmly. "You will tell me where the maricóns are, or you will join the señora." the man growled. The smile on the man's face was anything but pleasant.

With so few residents at the school, it didn't take long for everyone to get their morning ablutions out of the way, get dressed and walk to the mess hall.

Breakfast consisted of chorizo with scrambled eggs, wrapped in a flour tortilla with plenty of spicy salsa verde to spoon over the burrito. Along with lots of strong black coffee, it was a simple but filling meal. Afterwards, everyone but Lieutenant Maxwell pitched in to clean the kitchen and tables.

Maxwell had gone back to his office and returned with a map, which he unrolled and placed on a table. He held the corners down with ashtrays, reached for a fresh cup of coffee and sat down. He was waiting for everyone else to be finished with the cleanup.

As everyone gathered around, Maxwell looked at Ben and asked, "Show me on this map, where you think everything is."

"Our intel told us that there are six Strykers. Besides the Stryker at the west end of the bridge, there are three parked at the Adirondack Hotel, and two at the Highway 30 and 28 North crossroads. Then there are the two Apaches. Our intel said they were parked at the soccer field by the lake."

In what was now an obvious affectation, Maxwell scratched his chin before saying, "You're correct about the Strykers, but the choppers are actually based over at the graveyard," he pointed, "here."

"Well that shoots the hell out of where we had planned on placing Peter and Tom with their Javelins." Ben studied the map for a moment. "OK, there is this small hill, here…" Peter nodded his head.

"Yes," said Maxwell, "you're thinking the same as me. From that hill, you still have good shots at the hotel and crossroads. The distances are a bit more, but they are still in range of those missiles, aren't they?"

Tom looked up, "Yes. All targets are still in range. But we are left with the same problem of the Stryker on the bridge itself. As long as it remains under the trestle, we will not be able to fire the Javelin at it."

Esteban looked over at Tom and asked, "Why is that?"

"Even though we can target the vehicle, there is too much of a chance that the Javelin will strike a trestle and not the Stryker."

"Ah. So you will need some way to get the vehicle to move out from the protection of the bridge then."

"Strykers are an intermediate armored vehicle." Ben took up the explanation. "They are armored in the front to withstand a .50 cal hit. Since it is also severely angled, that provides even more protection. The sides however, are not nearly as angled and they are only armored to provide protection up to NATO 7.62mm fire." Ben paused and Peter took over.

"Unless these vehicles have the latest ceramic side armor, Lee's .338 will be able to penetrate the sides. That kind of penetration will spew hot molten metal throughout the interior. They will be forced to move out from the trestles and present their front to the incoming fire. Even a five foot move will present an acceptable target for the javelins."

Lee pointed to the map. "If I place myself here, that gives me a 200 yard shot. Plenty of energy left in the .338 to do the job. Once they have moved, this will present the other side to a couple of us, here, that can use those 30-06's you've given us." Lee pointed to another location. "They may be the same caliber as a 7.62, but they have much more punch. Unless I miss my guess, this vehicle will have it's hands full trying to target both groups of shooters and still protect itself."

"It is about this time that those choppers should be spinning up to deal with us." Tom said. "Once they start those turbines, the heat seekers on the Javelins will have no problem targeting them, even if they get airborne in time."

"So Lee and his spotter will be here. You and Peter will be here." Sergeant Mallory said. "That leaves Ben, James and John shooting the deer rifles from where, um, here?" Peter nodded. "Who's gonna blow the bridge?"

"Better yet, how much time do you figure you have to set and blow the charges before what's left of the cavalry at Fort Drum gets to ya?" Maxwell asked.

"We figure with the damage we've already done up there, we have a good twenty minutes until they can get airborne and another twenty minutes travel time. That gives us a good thirty minutes to get it done, with ten minutes of travel time to get out of the immediate area." Ben looked directly at Maxwell, "If you guys would like to help, I think we can be in and out in twenty minutes." Ben smiled. "Peter and Tom have told us how to take out the trestle. We would have two real fire teams that would be flanking enemy approaches to the bridge. While the bullets and missiles are flying, all we have left to do is to disable the trestle. We don't have to waste explosives on the bridge itself. Without the support of the trestle anything at all heavy trying to cross, like another Stryker, will drop the bridge."

The five forest rangers looked at each other for a brief moment, nodded, then Maxwell said, "You've got a good overall plan. I believe we're in."

"Glad to have you Lieutenant." Ben said with relief. "Let's go over the details then."

Jonathon felt something cool and wet on his face as he struggled back to consciousness. His immediate memories were vivid and painful. He remembered hearing Mary scream from behind him; the burst of gunfire. The officer who kept shouting at him. Hitting him time and again. The officer wanted to know where Leland and Paul were. He saw again, the rifle butt descending on his face… then nothing, until now.

He opened his eyes and saw Bill Truesdell, whose face looked like his felt. Both eyes were bruised, he was going to have a double shiner. His lips were puffy and it looked like his nose had been busted. "Bill…" he struggled to get out, "Where's Mary? I have to get to her…"

"Shhh," Bill said, "Let me get you cleaned up. You're a mess."


Bills face fell. "Let's worry about you, Jonathon. Then we can talk."

"What happened to you, Bill?"

"I'm OK Jonathon. Better than you."

Realization hit him. With words that sounded a million miles away, Jonathon heard himself say, "She's gone, isn't she, Bill." A statement of fact, rather than a question. "They killed her." His vision began to blur.

"Listen to me Jonathon. I've seen more than my share of pain and suffering, inflicted by both sides of a battle. Mary was dead before she hit the ground. She didn't suffer." Bill looked on as tears fell from Jonathon's eyes. Gently, Bill said, "Pull it together Jonathon. You have to think of the boys right now. We have to protect them."

"They… Leland… he has to know…"

"Yes, but not right now. Come on Jonathon. Let's get you up and cleaned."

From close by, Jonathon heard another voice, "Do you need some help Bill?"

"I've got this Matt. You, um, finish over there." Bill said as he got Jonathon to his feet. He made sure that Jonathon did not look back at Matt, where he was cleaning blood from the floor. A couple of feet away was a body, already wrapped in what once were clean linens. Bill then helped him to the hall and into the bathroom. He managed to get Jonathon undressed and into the shower, where he left him to help Mathew finish clearing away the mess.

"So, you didn't say what happened to you…"

"They came to my house around five am, Matt. They were looking for Paul. They had heard he was staying in one of my unused rooms. They roughed me up a bit, but left when they couldn't find any sign of Paul. I told them that he had moved out, when the shit happened and I didn't have any work for him. This," Bill indicated his face, "happened when I couldn't tell them where he went."

"So what we've been hearing about rounding up undesirables is true then. And undesirables means homosexuals." Matt almost spit out those words.

"Oh, I think it includes more than just gays, at least from what I've been hearing. But yeah. Gays especially."

The two men, having finished cleaning up the blood, took the buckets and towels into the kitchen where they dumped the foul liquid and rinsed the rags. Matt looked at the rags and threw them into a trash bin, "I doubt if Jonathon will want to keep these."

"I know I wouldn't."

"So how did you figure to come over here, Bill?"

"Just before the soldiers left, I heard the officer say that they were going to go to the 'casa del amante de marica' to see if they were over there. My limited Spanish told me they knew about Lee." Bill's head dropped, "I wish I was younger. Maybe I wouldn't have passed out when they left. Anyway, I came over here as quick as I could. When I got here, the door was broke in and I saw what had happened… I got on the radio. You were the first to show up."

"Yeah, you were pretty cryptic about why you wanted us here. But there was something in your voice that made me think something was up, which is why I rushed over here."

The two had come back into the living room and were standing by the body, when they heard the angry voice behind them. "MOTHER FUCK! What the hell happened here!" They both turned and in the busted entryway stood Colin and Nancy Robbins.

"Before we get into that, Colin, would you help Matt take Mary's body out back? I would not like Jonathon to see her just yet."

"Oh Merciful God!" Nancy whispered as Colin went over to help Matt. The two men grunted as they lifted the body and carried her to the back door by the kitchen. "Where's Jonathon, Bill?"

"I got him into the shower, those godforsaken soldiers really did a number on him. He needed to wash all the blood off and I didn't want him to see Mary the way she was."

"Looks like they did a number on you, Bill." Nancy set her purse down on an end table. "I'm going to make some coffee. You come into the kitchen and let me wash some of that blood off of you." Bill started to say something, but Nancy interrupted him, "No arguments, Bill. Get your fat butt in here!"

Bill followed Nancy into the kitchen and sat down at the table. Nancy fumbled around for a few moments, found what she needed and got the coffee going. Bill looked at the remnants of what was probably breakfast still sitting on the table.

Colin and Matt came back in, saw what was going on and quietly cleared the table, while Nancy began cleaning Bill's face. By the time she was finished, the kitchen was cleaned up and the coffee was done.

Bill gratefully accepted a cup of coffee, as everyone else sat down with a cup. "Matt? Would you go and check on Jonathon? I'll let Colin and Nancy know what has happened."

"Sure thing, Bill." Mathew took another sip of his coffee, got up and made his way to the hall. In the few minutes that Matt was gone, Bill told Colin and his wife what he knew.

"So these soldiers are only looking for Paul and Lee?" Nancy asked.

"It appears that way. It confirms what I've been hearing that Ashwood and his goons are rounding up undesirables, and gays are near the top of that list."

Matt and Jonathon walked into the kitchen. Nancy got up, maneuvered Jonathon to a chair at the table and got him a cup of coffee. With a cup in his hand, he looked at Bill. "What's this about the boys?"

"For the last few days, I've been hearing reports on these soldiers that Ashwood has invaded America with. They have been rounding up supporters of President Bryce, people who have voiced opposition to the current Ashwood policies and anyone who is suspected to be homosexual. Particularly the last."

"But how would they know anything about Leland or Paul? It's not as if it was common knowledge around here."

"No it's not. Fact is, all of us have only known about the boys for a few days. No, I think there is more here. When they came to my place and knocked me around, they were only looking for Paul. The officer that was with them said they were going to his lover's place, as they left."

Colin looked at Bill. "How would they know who Paul's lover was?"

"Paul's mother, Abigail."

"Abigail? How would she know…"

"Do any of you know why Paul was kicked out of his home?" Bill looked at them. They all shook their heads. "Paul had come out to me and related the incident. He desperately needed someone to talk to, and I was there. Everyone knows that my stepson is gay and that I'm fine with that. So Paul took a chance. We had a few discussions about his orientation and his feelings about Lee."

"OK… but what has this to do with them knowing about Lee?" Nancy asked.

"I'm not comfortable breaking a confidence. But y'all need to understand in order for this to make sense and to protect our boys."

Nancy looked at her husband, who nodded, as did Mathew. "This will not go any further than between us, Bill."

"I figured that, but I also thank you for saying what shouldn't need to be said." Bill got up and got himself another cup of coffee. "Anyone else want some?" Holding up the pot. "I'm going to make some more." Everyone nodded and Bill refreshed their cups.

As he began making more coffee he said, "There was a night a while back, where the boys were out drinking. I guess Lee drank a bit more than he should have and Paul, seeing an opportunity, took Lee back to his place and took advantage of the situation. Either Paul was not watching the time, or Abigail got off work early and caught Lee and Paul in a rather compromising situation."

Bill sat back down and continued, "The upshot was that Lee was ordered out of the house and after he left, Abigail went nuts on Paul. She kicked him out and disowned him." Bill took a drink from his cup. "So the only person who knew about Paul was his mother. And she knew that Lee was involved in a homosexual act with her son, voluntary or otherwise. I don't think it makes much difference now, but at the time, she must have thought it was involuntary, because she has never said anything about Lee.

"We all know that this was also the time when Lee and Paul's friendship was almost broken."

Jonathon looked at Bill, "I knew something was up. Mary and I knew what Leland wouldn't admit. It hurt us a great deal to see the two of them on the outs. We never knew the details, only that Leland was in complete denial over his feelings about Paul. We loved Leland, regardless of his orientation. And we loved Paul just as much."

"I am so glad to hear that, Jonathon. So many parents, like Abigail, can't see that who you love doesn't change anything about who you are." Bill smiled at Jonathon. "The fact remains that Abigail knew. I'd wager a year's pay that she told her pastor about this. You do know what church she goes to?"

"Actually, no. I don't think any of us gave it a thought." Colin said.

"She is a member of the Foursquare Church, here in town. They are affiliated with those pro-Ashwood churches that are always protesting every time one of Ashwood's policies got trounced by the Congress or thrown out by the Supreme Court, like the one down in Topeka, Kansas."

"Hmm, I think you're right Bill." Nancy got up to get more coffee. "If she had told her pastor about Paul, she would have implicated Lee also. I have no doubt in my mind that Pastor Rennick would have gone straight to the unit commander with that information."

"A couple of things need to be done." Jonathon spoke up. He had a very hard and determined look to his eyes. "First, I need to bury my wife. We cannot tell the boys about this, at least not for a while. They have enough on their plates, without emotional distractions that could get them killed." Bill nodded his head. "Then we are going to need to do something about Abigail and her church. If it is true what Bill thinks happened, then the blood of my Mary is on her hands and the hands of that pastor."

Saturday, Nov. 17th, 06:30
Long Lake, New York

It had taken all of the previous morning and part of that afternoon, but the group had come up with what they hoped was a viable plan that would essentially decimate Ashwood’s mercenaries and drop the bridge at Long Lake at the same time. Contingency plans and escape routes were made for as many different scenarios as they could think of.

For the rest of the afternoon, all of them sighted in their "new" 30-06's. Well, all but Lee, since he kept to his Barrett .338. It was the one firearm that had the power to actually penetrate the side armor of a Stryker. That fact was integral with the whole plan.

Lee had chosen a position that was about 200 meters perpendicular to the west end of the bridge. With the onset of winter, the bushes and deciduous trees had lost their foliage, so he had a fair view of the Stryker that was sitting in the middle of the road, just inside of the trestles. Lee's primary job was to hit the side of the armored vehicle, drawing it out from under the trestles, in order to present its front to Lee. The heavier armor in the front, would prevent Lee from doing more damage. But this had the advantage of getting the vehicle out from under the trestles. Then it would be up to Peter or Tom to use one of the Javelins to destroy it. That would start the battle in earnest.

With Lee was James, Sergeant Mallory and George Hardy, one of the rookie Rangers but a damn good shot with his 30-06. They would concentrate on their secondary target. The Adirondack Hotel, about 300 meters to the southeast, across the lake. It was in there that the bulk of the enemy troops were billeted. Their job was to target any soldiers poking their heads out of the hotel and hopefully preventing them from getting to the three Stryker's that were parked off to the west side of the hotel.

Ben, with Paul and Ronald Anderson, the other rookie Ranger, were hidden 100 yards just west of the bridge. Their mission was to place the C-4 charges on the trestles, once that Stryker was out of commission.

Peter and Tom, with John and Lieutenant Maxwell, were on a hill south and west of Lee. They had clear views of the cemetery, where the Apaches were parked; the crossroads of Highway 30 and 28N, where two Strykers were stationed; the bridge and the hotel.

Staff Sergeant Esteban had stayed back at the Ranger School to man the radios and keep an eye on radio traffic. Hopefully to be able to warn everyone if any other enemy units were sending air support to defend the unit at the lake.

The closest enemy troops, that could get to them, would be at the Adirondack Regional Airport, up at Saranac. That was thirty miles to the north of Long Lake. It was hoped that with the report of the two Apaches destroyed, they would think that the guerillas had SAMs and wouldn't risk more aircraft.

Lee had two magazines that held five rounds each. Meaning he had ten shots before he had to reload or fire one shot at a time. The pressure was all on him. He absolutely had to get that Stryker out from under the trestles, to make sure Peter or Tom had a 100 percent shot. At the same time, Lee knew that once he started shooting, the word would go out and those Apaches would start spooling up.

The one good thing was that this Stryker was not one of the better equipped units. The gun at the commander's hatch was a standard .50 cal, and not one of those remote controlled units the newer versions all had. That meant that someone had to poke their heads out to fire it. That also meant a target of opportunity for Lee.

It was light enough for Lee to see his target through his scope. He keyed his radio, "All strikers, target acquired, standby." Lee decided to hit towards the rear of the carrier, then take a second shot just under the commander's hatch.


Lee operated the bolt as he shifted his sight…


"They've started the motor, Lee." he heard James say. Lee shifted his sight to the center of the first two shots…


The vehicle moved forward and turned to its right, so as to put its more heavily armored nose in line with where the firing seemed to be coming from.

"Striker 2, they are dropping the rear door." This from Ben.

"Striker 3, I have a lock." This was Peter. "Vampire away." It would take a few seconds for the Javelin to travel the little more than a mile from Peter's position. Lee targeted the M2 at the commander's hatch.

<<CRACK>> … <<CRACK>> … <<CRACK>>

Lee could hear the 30-06's from Ben's position and could only assume that his team was shooting at those emerging from the rear of the carrier. The commander's hatch flew open and a man popped up grabbing the M2. Lee sighted in…


The man slumped over the gun slightly, before he fell forward.

"Watch the hotel and fire at will," Lee told his team.

<<CRACK>> … <<CRACK>> … <<CRACK>> … <<CRACK>> … <<CRACK>>


A bright flash followed by a lot of dust and debris was the only thing Lee could see, so he shifted his position to concentrate his fire on the troops at the hotel and the three vehicles parked there.

"Apaches are spooling up, target..." Tom, "vampire away!"

"A few more seconds," Peter.

One of the Stryker's from the hotel was moving out to the road and turning towards the bridge. There was a man up and at the machinegun, so Lee put him in his sights… <<<CRACK>>> His magazine empty, Lee switched it out for another. The man at the hatch was dead, so Lee began firing at the side of the carrier.

<<<CRACK>>> … <<<CRACK>>> … The APC swerved to the left and ran right through the barricade and off the road into the lake.

"Vampire away," Peter. <<CRACK>> … <<CRACK>> … <<CRACK>> Lee's team was taking out as many men as they could, as they emerged from the hotel and headed for the supposed safety of their APC's. <<CRACK>> … <<CRACK>> … <<CRACK>>

<<WHOMP>> … At a bit over a mile and a half, the sound of the second Javelin was subdued … <<<CRUMP>>> Lee surmised that was a secondary explosion from the chopper itself. Even with hearing protection, Lee's ears were beginning to ring, something he wouldn't realize until later.

Another Stryker was beginning to roll. Lee took aim at the guy manning the machine gun … <<<CRACK>>> …

"Ben, can you target the hotel?" James.

"We're doing what we can."

<<WHOMP>> … and almost immediately followed by … <<<CRUMP>>> … the second Apache was down.

"Get that Stryker before it gets to the Bridge!" Lee wasn't at all sure who that was, but it was followed by, "Vampire away." Lee gave two more shots to the side of what was now the lead APC. <<<CRACK>>> … <<<CRACK>>> … He was out of ammo.

As fast as he could, Lee began loading single rounds into his breech. He knew that with every hit, the round would penetrate the armor on the side of the APC. The main damage would be from the spalling of the round as it sent dozens of white-hot shards of armor into the compartment. Not as many nor as effective as a fifty would do. But still potentially lethal to anyone inside the vehicle.

<<<<<WHOMP>>>>> … <<<<<CRUMP>>>>> The lead Stryker literally leapt a couple of feet into the air and fell on it's side. A smoking ruin that also blocked the road.

<<CRACK>> … <<CRACK>> … <<CRACK>>

There were more soldiers coming out of the hotel, running to the gravel berm at the side of the road and taking up prone positions. Bullets started to pepper the side of the hill where Lee's team was.

The third Stryker had made it to the road. Once again, Lee targeted the man at the machinegun. "Lee! Vampire away!" <<<CRACK>>> … another gunner went down. Knowing another Javelin was on its way, Lee now concentrated his fire at the troops trying to kill his team.

<<<CRACK>>> … <<CRACK>> … <<CRACK>>

Their return fire was hasty and not well aimed, but it was still unnerving to have bullets flying back at him. "Precision shooting guys," Mallory shouted. "They're firing blindly. We need to concentrate on precision while we can. We're no match for their automatic gunfire if we don't."

<<CRACK>> … as if to punctuate his point.

<<<<WHOMP>>>> … the third Stryker was out of commission.

"Targeting the crossroads."

Taking a moment and looking at the forces by the hotel, Lee made the decision, "Ben bridge is clear, my team will cover for you."

"Roger." "Vampire away."

There appeared to be a dozen men at the hotel. They were still trying to find where on the hill, across the lake, Lee and his team were positioned. They didn't have the angle to fire at Ben and his team, as they came out of concealment and ran to the bridge.

Ben's main task was to set the charges and blow that damned trestle bridge. Lee's team had to keep the men at the hotel pinned down, giving time for Ben, Paul and Ronald to plant the explosive charges.

The return fire became sporadic, as Lee's team targeted the enemy and whittled them down, one by one. <<WHOMP>> … "Last Stryker targeted … vampire away"

"Lee, Ben, we are moving out towards you guys. We'll be there in a couple of minutes to help suppress."

"Roger that" Ben.

"Striker, Smokey, over"

"Go ahead Smokey" Ben.

"You have what I figure is 30 minutes. You have some choppers coming in from Plattsburgh." Esteban relayed.

"Roger Smokey. We'll be done in ten."

"Mallory, you and George move off to the left about 25 yds. James and I will cover you. Then we are going right." Lee said, since the enemy was getting their range and the shots were definitely getting closer. Lee began shooting faster, as did James. This was more suppressive fire than anything else.

As soon as they heard Mallory begin firing, Lee and Paul got up and began moving to the right. Lee hadn't taken more than a half dozen steps, when he felt a fist slam into his left thigh, causing an immediate charley horse. It was enough to make him cry out, as he tumbled back to the ground.

"Come on Lee! You can't stay here." James had turned around and helped Lee back to his feet. Together they moved a few more yards and took up new positions. Lee took the time to load one of his magazines before he took his prone position and once more began returning fire.

Lee vaguely heard the 30-06's from a few hundred yards to his south. The amount of return fire was slacking off now. "Lee, I have to do something about your leg. You seem to be losing a lot of blood." James said.

"Uh, what?"

"Lee, you've been shot."

"Ah shit. That's what that was?" Lee keyed his mic, "Mallory I've got to move back to the quads. Looks like I might have need of the med-kit."

"Peter, can you keep up the suppressive fire?" Mallory asked. "Ben, how much more time do you need?"

"Just a couple more minutes and we're done."

"Roger. Peter, it looks like these guys don't like being hit from two sides, they're starting to retreat back to the hotel."

"Roger that. Lee, how bad you hit?" Tom asked over the radio.

"Not too bad, I think. I can still walk on it, but it hurts like hell."

"James, is the blood oozing out or kinda pumping real fast?" Mallory asked.

"It's just oozing kinda fast, Lieutenant."

"All Strikers, Striker 1 falling back to quads. Meet me there, James." Mallory ordered.

"Roger that."

"Striker 2 is clear and heading back." They all heard Ben.

"Strikers, Smokey … be advised, choppers in the air."

"Roger Smokey. As soon as we get back to our staging point, I'm gonna blow the bridge. We have less than 20 mikes to get out of their flight path." Ben replied.

"Roger" Mallory. "Roger" Peter.

James and Lee got to their quads at about the same time that Mallory and George did. Mallory did a quick assessment of Lee's leg, grabbed some clotting bandages and hurriedly bound the leg with them.

"Looks like a through and through. Missed the femoral artery or you'd be dead already Lee." He applied the last bit of gauze and tied it off. "You ok to drive?" Lee nodded. "OK, let's get out of here." Mallory keyed his mic, "Striker 1, we're gone."

"Striker 3, ditto."


"Striker 2, bridge is down, we be gone."

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