Castle Roland


by Arthur


Chapter 1

Published: 18 Dec 14



On the planet Pathos, it is said that pleasure boys are made not born, Andre was the exception to the rule, his Mother had been a pleasure girl when she was alive and his Father had been a deep space officer from the planet Kryton.

Andre's immaculate body and exceptional good looks came from his father, his pleasure talents came purely from his Mother, when combined he was the most sought after and most expensive pleasure boy in the Capital city of Aragon, or anywhere else on Pathos.

Those that sought out the boy would come from only the wealthiest families or were very rich spacers, his fame and talents were the talk of every place that pleasure was wanted or craved, his name was even mentioned in hushed whispers as far away as the home Galaxy, a distance very few could traverse unless they were of the wealthiest families in the universe.

From the dark back alleys of the mining planets to the magnificent palaces and mansions of the rich, the name of Andre was spoken in hushed whispers, it was as though the boy was some type of god figure and not just a pleasure boy from the planet of Pathos, the fourth planet from the white sun of the Tanner Galaxy.

Pathos had always been a pleasure planet, it was known throughout the known universe for its ability to provide any form of pleasure one would like except for one thing, the pleasure act of Snuff, this was forbidden by law and any perpetrator would be liquidated immediately when found out.

Disease was unknown; many of the old venereal diseases had long ago been wiped out, even those that had been created by old world governments as a means of eradicating certain types of acts within their system.

On pathos it was normal for some boys to be enhanced by either advanced robotics or other means of making them more desirable or to give them better skills, the average life span on Pathos was longer than on any other planet, no one had as yet discovered why this particular planet had such an influence on aging, it was one of those mysteries that had never been solved.

Andre could expect to look young for years longer than others from different planets, the year on Pathos was longer than on most other planets due to its very large size and slower rotation, there were only seven cities on the planet and, although these cities were massive by any standards, the way they had been designed hardly made any impression on the overall conditions of the planet itself, it was as though some deity was protecting this one planet.

Andre had been taught his skills by his Mother from a very young age, he was taught the dance of Terrasan, a very difficult but exotic dance that could make even the most jaded of men react sexually to the lithe movements and seductive insinuations of the bodies movements, it had taken Andre nine years to perfect the dance until at the age of eleven he was touted as the finest Terrasan dancer ever trained.

Everything about Andre spoke of perfection, his slender body, long slender legs, sloe eyes, close cropped hair that was cut short unlike the longer ringlets fashionable in that day and age, the tips of his hair were tinted with cobalt blue and were the only enhancement he would allow, and his father's gene donation of burnished bronze skin reflected sun light until he appeared to glow in his own halo.

Along with his bronze skin his father had also endowed him with his large boyhood, it was said in many of the lower pleasure places that Andre could ride as well under the saddle as he could on top of it, for many hours each day he would be taught exercises in flexibility and other skills he would need to make his slim body desirable.

From the age of four Andre had been used to the thick feeling of various sizes of plugs in his small hole until he would be able to take the largest of men with only a little discomfort, if he were needed to ride "on top" of the saddle, then he could ride a man without slowing down for more than an hour at a time, his deposits were copious and would seem at times, never ending.

His Mother also taught him other skills, his numbers and letters he was told were the most important of all, it was the law on Pathos that any partnering for pleasure had to be under a signed contract, the breaking of that contract could bring penalties swiftly and sometimes aggressively from the law.

Andre had been trained by his mother until he was eleven years old, that was the age when a boy could go out to work legally, in the city of Sema it was well known that you could get very young boys and girls and, while it was frowned upon by the governors, it was allowed to continue as long as there was no trouble, there were those who did prefer very young ones and Pathos was a pleasure planet.

Andre's Mother had not allowed him to start any younger than what the law allowed, she wanted her boy to be someone special and so she continued to train him when others of the same age were already out working, for Andre her wish was for him to be the best there ever was and that meant sacrificing income until he was of age.

The long hours of training and the continual need for providing for them both, soon took a toll on his Mother and, at age twelve, just when he was starting to become known in most of the best places, his Mother took ill, not from disease but from the sacrifices she had made for her little boy, there were times she would starve herself so the boy could eat and, as she grew older her charms were in less and less demand so the burden grew larger.

There were four types of pleasure houses on Pathos, there were the free lancers, those who had a small apartment or house where they conducted business, next were the lower class houses that hired personnel on an hourly basis which is where Andre's Mother had worked, then there were the middle class houses, these had contracted personnel that were working for the house for a set time period on a set income from their work and then there were the very high class houses, these employed only the best of the best, they catered to the elite of society.

Andre's Mother had told him time after time that he should always avoid working for others, if he trained hard and learnt all she could teach him then he would attract only the finest of customers and retain his independence from any house of pleasure, Andre loved his Mother and set about learning all he could from her so that he would not have to work in the houses of others for only a percentage of what he earned, Andre would be an independent but one that would be desired by all but taken by only the best.

Before his first foray out into the world of pleasure, Andre sat with his ailing Mother and worked on his contract, one that would keep him safe and, in time making him wealthy beyond the dreams of other pleasure boys, for more than two hours they worked on his contract until they could find no faults in it, he would carry a copy of the contract when he went to meet his suitors and they would have to sign it and abide by its conditions before he would go with them for their satisfaction.

While Andre could have gone out at age eleven, his Mother held him back a little longer, for more than six months she continued to train him in the arts of tact, charm, manners and seduction, she bought for him only the finest in clothes to wear even though she now had little more than three sets of clothes for herself.

When his Mother thought he was now ready for the world of pleasure, she escorted him outside and through the streets, making sure he made no eye contact with anyone as they walked along, it was a strategy that was to hold him in good stead for many years, she told him that he must appear to be untouchable by all and sundry, that he was just too far above any of them except for the richest, to this end she directed him towards the best part of the city where he was allowed to walk around by her side.

For Andre it was a great adventure and, even though he had been told and trained for just this event, it still brought his body to a new tingling sensation, his small sharp ears soon picked up the whispered comments and his eyes saw the unspoken desire as he walked past the multitudes in the city centre, each person trying for one more look at the slender boy who moved like a walking dream among them.

Andre had been trained to hide his large endowment by means of tucking himself underneath and leaving only a hint of what delights lay hidden there, his form fitting clothes left little to the imagination as far as his lithe body went but his real asset remained hidden from the ogling eyes in the city centre.

It was noticeable that those boys who had been artificially enhanced were also looking at the dream boy as he walked through the masses, enhanced boys could be spotted if you knew what to look for and every one on Pathos knew what the signs were, the enhanced boys moved slightly differently as though they were trying to fit into their bodies but, natural boys like Andre moved with a certain grace and understanding of their natural bodies, they were desired above all others but were very rare in these days.

Following his mothers instructions, Andre kept his glance slightly downward so that he did not make eye contact with anyone, it was an illusion to make him even more desirable than he already was and, by the whispered comments he was hearing, it was working a treat, even other pleasure boys wanted to do things with this new boy.

When they came to the centre of the huge plaza where all of the best of society were known to congregate or show off their latest fashions or partners, Andre's Mother made him sit on an empty bench placed under a huge tree where small birds flittered in and out of the branches while they twittered and chirped in the warm and sunny day.

His mother sat beside him and brought out a parcel of food to eat as their lunch while the masses walked and talked around them, the present conversation seemed to be about Andre and who he was and why he was there, most could be heard wondering why a boy from the lower part of the city was brought here when he could have been taken into any lower class house of pleasure.

They had all seen by his Mothers clothes that they were not from the better part of the city but this seemed to be ignored by his silently watching Mother as they both ate their minimal lunch and looked at no one or took notice of the comments around them, even in this most modern age there was still an undercurrent of class division although it was never talked about out loud or in public.

It was more than hour before a man got up the courage to approach the pair on the bench, the cause of his hesitance was soon explained when he asked.

"Excuse me Mother, but is your boy of age?"

"Yes Sir, he is."

"Ah, well I thought he was a little young to be available for pleasure but if he is of age then I would enquire the conditions of his contract."

Andre's Mother looked up at the man, he was in his middle years for the planet and looked to be well dressed in the finest clothes, his added jewellery told of wealth and position, she turned to her son.

"Andre, would you offer a contract to this gentleman?"

Andre looked up at the man although he had already scrutinised the man under his eye lids while his Mother talked to him, following his Mothers instructions for just this sort of situation, Andre stood up and smiled at the wealthy man, he saw the man gulp as he saw the full body for the first time up close, already there was a faint sheen of sweat on the man's upper lip as his eyes drank in the beauty before him.

"Sir, what would you desire from me?"

"I would like to taste your charms for an hour or two?"

"I'm sorry Sir my minimum contract is for a full 28 hour day."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I did not know there were any boys that had long time contracts when they were so young, may I ask what your conditions are?"

"Yes Sir, I am trained in dance and titillation as well as being able to fulfil any of your desires, at this stage I am also a virgin and, as you are well aware, that is a onetime thing and so for my first time it will not be cheap, for my first time the rate is based on whether you require me for a top or bottom boy?"

"I see; I would require you for a bottom boy."

"Then the rate for my first time would be 1,000 credits per hour with no limit on the number of times you may use penetration over the 28 hours."

"A thousand credits is very steep, not even the most desired of boys here asks for that."

"Are they genuine and natural virgins, Sir?"

"I guess you have a point there, it is a little more than I would have thought about, will you give me time to think this over, and it's a very delicate time just now."

"As you wish Sir, we will be here for one more hour if you wish to return."

"Thank you, perhaps we will meet again."

Andre smiled widely at the man then sat back down beside his Mother, she laid an arm over his shoulders to let him know he had done things just right and she was proud of him even though the man had for the moment turned down the offer, they both watched as the man returned to a round table where others were seated, after he sat down the man began to whisper and the others looked stunned as he related the exchange.

All six pairs of eyes of the men at the table turned to once again to scrutinise the young boy sitting with his Mother, soon they were all chattering and giving the pair quick glances as they tried to work out if they should really try such young and innocent looking charms, these men were not lacking in wealth, it was only the unexpected terms of a young boys contract that had caught them off guard.

For twenty minutes Andre sat on the bench with his Mother, under the cover of his eye lids he watched the six men talk and look, the faintest of smiles came to his soft tender lips as he tried to guess what they were talking about, their animated gestures leaving little doubt in his own mind what they wanted to do but were unsure if he would be worth the high price asked.

Another of the men finally got up and came towards where they sat, he was a little younger but even better dressed and was showing the jewellery of a high placed government official, his approach was open and direct, this man had made up his mind about Andre and there would be little doubt as to his intentions for the novice young boy.

"Good afternoon, Mother, I would talk with your boy about his contract."

"Andre, this man wishes to discuss your contract, is that agreeable with you?"

"Yes Mother."

Andre stood up and faced the man, there was a slim smile on the man's lips as he saw the virginal beauty standing before him, his libido took a big hit and he knew he had to have this boy regardless of cost and terms, he would see if the boy was really well trained by the end of the contract time.

"I would see your contract if that is agreeable?"

Andre reached into his slim shoulder bag for a copy of the contract and then handed it to the man, after he read each and every word on the contract he turned to Andre's Mother.

"You must have a very good lawyer; this contract is the most comprehensive I have ever seen for a pleasure boy."

"The contract was drawn up by Andre himself, he is a truly remarkable boy and you would be doing well to accept him."

"I see only one thing missing, that is the possibility of an extension to the time if all goes well."

"I would be glad to discuss that as a separate extra if that came about and renegotiate the cost."

"That sounds fair to me, would you be prepared to accompany me right now after we sign the contract?"

"After signing I would be at your command Sir."

The man took the contract and gave it a final reading then signed it and gave it to Andre's Mother for safe keeping, Andre was now an official pleasure boy, albeit a very expensive one and the next 28 hours would reveal all for the man and his friends, if he was as good as his Mother had trained him to be this would be the start of something great for the boy.

Andre sidled up to the man and saw him press a button on his communicator, within a minute the soft hiss of an air car pulled up beside them, the driver jumped out and opened the rear door for Andre and the young man, even he was made breathless when he saw the beauty of Andre, as he closed the rear door, Andre saw the drivers hand shaking, he smiled to himself, his Mothers hard work and lessons were now justified.

The air car sped swiftly and silently out of the city square and turned towards the high hills of the very rich on the outskirts of the commercial centre, Andre let his eyes wander over the new sights he was seeing for the first but most definitely not the last time.

"So Andre, this is your first adventure into pleasure?" the man asked.

"Yes Sir, it will be my pleasure to give you my virginity, I hope you will be fully satisfied with my efforts."

"Call me Leon, and yes, I am sure I will be happy, it is such a long time since I have had the pleasure of a true virgin and one that is not enhanced only adds to the pleasure."

"Thank you Sir."

"Tell me Andre, would you be amenable to a little extra pleasure beyond the contract?"

"It is not the way of contracts to be broken Sir."

"Leon; please, well I was thinking that we may amend the contract and of course that would mean a renegotiation of price or is your Mother the only one that can do that?"

"No...Leon, I do all of my own negotiations, what were you think of as an adjustment?"

"My son has just turned fourteen and is also still a virgin, he shows definite signs of being a bottom boy, he wanted to join the pleasure boys of the city but my position makes that impossible for him to do; I was thinking that after I have sampled your own delights you would spend time with him and take his virginity, that is if you are inclined to be a top boy?"

"I am sure we can negotiate such a thing, but it is only fair that I inform you that he may not be able to take me in that way."

Leon looked down at Andres groin, there was little sign of much of a bulge so he smiled and replied.

"Oh, I'm sure he will be able to take care of a young boy like you, if all goes well I might even have something else for you to consider but that is for after our contractual arrangements have been concluded."

Before Andre could reply, the air car pulled up before a set of large bronze coloured gates, the symbol in the centre of the gates caught Andres attention, while he did not know of the man, Leon, he knew what that symbol stood for, Andre was in the presence of one of the City Council, as there were only eleven Councillors Andre now realised he was going into the home of one of the top elite of the city, his blood warmed and his young boy hood jerked as it tried to free itself of the position it was placed in.

Andre had cracked the top of the ladder on his first attempt, he now knew he had to perform at his best if he wanted to maintain and rise above everyone else on the planet of pleasure, beside him Leon spoke with a smile in his voice.

"So now you have guessed, how does it feel to have your virginity taken by one of the top families in the city?"

"I feel very honoured that you would consider me Councillor."

"The honour is all mine Andre, in all my years in the city I don't think I have ever seen such perfection in a pleasure boy, I only hope that tomorrow when the contract expires that we can go further than you would think possible but, first I have to taste and devour your ample charms, your contract says you can dance, which of those will you perform for me first?"

"Why for you Councillor, only the best, the Terrasan."

"The Terrasan, aren't you a little young to be able to perform such a complicated dance, it takes even the best years to perfect it?"

"Then I will have to work harder for your satisfaction Leon."

"The Terrasan, yes you will have your work cut out to perform that to my satisfaction, but, if you do somehow give me a great performance, I will add a bonus of five thousand credits to your fee."

Andre looked at the smiling face of Leon, it looked as though the Councillor thought his bonus money safe.

"I shall do my best for you Leon, if you think it is worthy of a bonus then who am I to say no."

"You are aware that as a Councillor I have seen the best dancers over the years, I even had the pleasure to watch and partake of the finest of them all, Gratham Loid, we watched him bring a room of twenty five men to fulfilment just with his interpretation of the Terrasan."

"I do not think I am in that class Leon but I shall try my best to bring you satisfaction with my attempt; will you have others to join you this evening?"

"No, for this your first time it will be just you and I, for your price I want to be the only person to enjoy it, of course we may be interrupted by my son but he knows better than to try to win your charms away from me, would that be within the scope of the contract for him to watch you dance?"

"Yes Leon, I feel it is well within the contractual arrangements for him to watch but nothing further."

By this time the air car had driven up the long winding driveway to stop in front of a huge building that was more palace than house, on the steps stood two young men in the latest form of dress for servants, one came down and opened the car door for his employer to get out, Andre heard a quickly indrawn breath when he stepped from the back of the car, it looked as though even the servants liked what they saw.

The second servant watched Andre move up the wide steps at the side of his employer, he could not believe the vision of perfection that was walking beside the Councillor, quickly he went to the large metal doors to open them for the pair, Andre had never seen anything like the wealth and grandeur that now surrounded him as he walked through the huge doors, their steps echoing on the marble tiles in the massive entrance hall.

Leon led Andre through to a large room that was obviously made as a pleasure room, everything that one would like to have around them for pleasure was built into the room, large comfortable lounges, small side tables, a large real wooden floor for dancers and a sound array mounted on the wall, there was also a wall to wall vision screen for titillating movies, everything that could be used to enhance the experience of pleasure was in the room.

Leon pointed to a door at the side of the large room.

"There is the ablution room for you to prepare, do you have a suit for your dance?"

"Yes, I have it in my satchel."

"Good, I look forward to seeing it on you, I'm going to dress and then we can start; say, ten minutes?"

"As you wish Leon, I will be ready for your call."

"I will start the music of the Terrasan for you to enter; I am looking forward to seeing your skills."

"I hope you are not disappointed."

"So am I young man, so am I."

Andre went into the room to get ready, everything he would need to clean himself both outside and inside was in the room and of the highest quality, Andre began his preparations, first he used the long hose and nozzle to clean himself inside even though he had done it at home, this was not the time to make any mistakes.

Next he made sure his body glowed with a thin film of body oil from a small vial he found on a shelf, next was his hair, once he was happy with that he pulled out his silken smock for the Terrasan, it was a body suit that covered him from shoulder to groin, around the lower part were a number of thin tassels that could be pulled off one at a time to finally reveal his boyhood underneath.

The rest of the body suit was made of small panels that could be removed one by one to reveal his slender body a small piece at a time, it was made of the finest silk that could be bought, his Mother had had it made especially for him and had cost her all her earnings for a full week, some five thousand credits, a fortune for people in their situation.

The suit was also cobalt blue to match his tinted hair, the only other enhancement Andre's Mother had done for him was the medical removal of all of his body hair follicles, that also had cost her dear but it meant he would never grow any hair except for what could be seen on his head and eyebrows, when he heard the first few strains of the music for the Terrasan he moved to the door, one last check and he began his entrance.

Councillor Leon was seated on one of the lounges, he was dressed for the indoors and delights of a pleasure boy, his clothes were much like an old fashioned surplus that came down to his knees, his thick strong legs showing below that, the short sleeves showed strong arms that had a light dusting of blonde hairs, his chest pushed out the front of the surplus, Andre could see power and muscle in the man's solid frame.

There was little that did not attract Andre to the Councillor, as a first time contract he could not have chosen wiser, in his own head he decided he would make his dance of the Terrasan the best he had ever done, he had to make his Mother proud of all the sacrifices she had made for his future, Andre began the first movements of the dance as he came through the wide door.

The Terrasan was a dance like no other, the foot and hand movements were set in stone and were very difficult to master but that was only a small part of the whole, the true brilliance of the dance was how the dancer interpreted the music with his body, the body movements had to blend in perfect harmony with the hand and foot movements and at the same time titillate the spectators.

Some dancers mastered the hand and foot movements but did not have the body follow them, others had the sinuous body movements but lacked the talent needed with the hands and feet, in all of the city's history there had only been four true exponents of the Terrasan, the finest being Gratham Loid.

Most of his dancing life, Andre had watched and even tried to copy the dance of Gratham Loid, he had spent hours just on perfecting one hand movement, in all he had spent years to gain what he hoped was perfection, his Mother had told him he was the best she had ever seen but now it was time to prove it to one of those who had actually seen the legend Gratham Loid alive and for real.

The dance was more complicated by the need to make his body move sinuously to the under beat of the music while his hands and feet moved to the higher pitch and very complicated sounds of the cords, the under beat was made by use of six sets of drums, all of different timbres, the higher cords were played by both stringed and key based instruments, the room filled with the sound sometimes slow and at other times fast, the tempo could change at the most difficult times and took great skill to follow and still be able to interpret one's own steps and body movements.

As he danced almost in a blissful state of trance, Andre saw that Leon was sipping from a tall glass of green liquid; there was no doubting that it was filled with Nefagrene, a liquor to make a man more virile and lasting in the sexual act, already Andre could see a dampness in the front of the loose surplus Leon was wearing and he had only been dancing for a little more than five minutes, the full dance of the Terrasan took nearly an hour.

Andre danced in a semi trance, the only way to make it to the state of perfection required of the best dancers, after nearly twenty minutes he saw Leon lean over and push a small button at the end of the lounge, Andre barely noticed that the damp spot in front of Leon's surplus was now very wet, Andre ignored the sound of a door opening on one side of the room and soft patter of bare feet crossing the wooden floor.

When next he opened his eyes and took in the view before him, he saw a young teen lying on the lounge with his father, the boys mouth was agape and his tight fitting long trousers showed a very wet spot at the crutch as his small hands shook with tension as they rubbed his thin thighs back and forth, Andre let a small smile come to his lips as he increased his body movements to the faster beat of the loud music.

At the half hour he began to remove the thin tassels one by one, as he came close to the two watchers, he would lay one on each of the two, sometimes on their heads, sometimes fully on their groins, each was placed to increase the titillation, the two watchers were now spell bound, their faces red with desire, their bodies showing the signs of early ejaculations.

When it came time for his many small panels to be removed, he would come close to them and his sinuous body would gyrate close to them as they reached out and removed a panel, one by one they disappeared until he stood before them with only the smallest of thin bikini briefs covering his charms, it was now that Leon saw what the small boy had hidden inside that small silken pouch.

As the last notes of the music closed towards the end of the dance, Andres body glowed with the thin sheen of perspiration as he went into a wide splits performed slowly until his groin was flat on the floor and the substantial bulge was pushed forward for inspection of the watchers, he then threw his arms wide and behind him as he lay down on the floor and lifted his legs high in a wide V as a promise of what was to come, it was the final figure of the dance.

The large room was in total silence as the music died, there was only the heavy breathing of father and son to mar the stillness and quiet of the room as Andre pulled in breathes, using every bit of control he had to make it seem as though the long dance had not taken everything out of him.

Leon and his son were awestruck at the performance of such a young boy, it was at that moment that Leon made a decision that would change forever the life of Andre if the boy agreed but for now there was the matter of seeing if the boy could perform as well in bed as he did on the dance floor, the 28 thousand credits he had contracted for was the highest price ever asked of him.

While the money was really a miniscule part of his overall wealth, it was still a steep amount to pay for a pleasure boy but if the dance was anything to go by, it would be cheap to be the man that took the boys one treasured item, his virginity; Leon gestured for his son to leave the room and then pressed another button on the lounge, from the rear wall slid a large soft looking bed.

The bed was covered in silk sheets and the head board held two small cabinets, inside were all the aids he needed for pleasuring a boy, including an ample supply of lubricants and he had a feeling the smallness of the boy's hips would need plenty of that, even if he had been trained from a very young age, Leon was renowned among his friends as being on the large side of normal.

Leon took a towel to dry off his four emissions, had it not been for his intake of the drink Nefagrene, he had 27 hours of pleasure time left with the boy and he was not about to waste any of it, the boy would know full well that he had lost his virginity by the time Leon was finished, it showed the possibility of being an exciting and fulfilling 27 hours.

After drying himself of the four emissions, Leon called Andre to stand in front of him, the boy rose from the floor and walked smoothly to stand between the thick strong thighs of Leon, the heady smell of semen filled the space around the two as Leon looked over the slender body with the thin film of sweat making him seem ethereal.

By this time Leon had discarded the now wet and used surplus and sat naked before the boy, his large manhood still showed it was capable of action as Leon lent forward and pulled the minute g-string from the slender hips, the boys more than ample boyhood dropped to show its full size which was very quickly becoming erect.

Leon smiled to himself, his son was going to get more than he bargained for with this young boy, the bronze skin of Andre only went to enhance the vision of sheer beauty that the dance had prepared Leon for, his own manhood now stood hard and proud as he ran his hands up and down the soft and glowing bronze skin, his hand slipped down to encircle the now rigid boyhood, it was far bigger and thicker than he would ever have thought a boy of his size could have been born with.

"Come and sit on my lap as we talk, there are some things we need to say before I take your little treasure."

Andre smiled openly and quickly jumped up until his narrow cheeks were nestled close to the throbbing manhood that stood hard and waiting for his virginal hole, the heat coming from the large manhood could be felt against his slender buns, Andre wriggled until he had that large shaft trapped well and truly between his narrow buns, now he was ready to talk.

"Firstly, my son wants to make a contract with you once we are done, if you can handle that after tonight, next, I have to tell you that even the great Gratham Loid could not compete with you on the dance floor, I have never in all my life seen the Terrasan danced with such perfection and creativity, I'm going to increase your bonus to ten thousand credits as long as you are willing to let me keep the disc I made of you dancing, it will not be sold but will be shown only to those friends of mine that would truly appreciate your efforts, if you say no then I will give it to you to destroy."

Leon waited for Andre to take it all in, when he saw the boy nod he continued.

"If you give my son a contract tomorrow, I want to then offer you a permanent place in my ministry, it comes with many benefits and will require you to continue your life as a pleasure boy but will give you advantages that no other pleasure boy could dream of but we will talk more on that after you have completed your contracts, I mention it only so that you have time to think it all over."

Again Andre nodded his understanding and Leon continued on.

"My son wanted me to ask you one question, as you know most boys at the age of eleven on Pathos can start to ejaculate, are you able to do that yet?"

"Yes, I have been able to ejaculate for three weeks now."

"Good, and do you know how many times you will be able to satisfy my son Aldred?"

"I am not sure as yet, he will be my first, and I can ejaculate seven times by masturbation before requiring a rest of one hour."

"Next and last question, would you require Aldred to fill a contract of 28 hours and what would be the charge for it?"

"This is not what I have given any thought to but, I feel it is only fair that you should receive some consideration as both he and I will be a first time for his contract, perhaps I can make it for just four hours at a cost of three hundred credits per hour."

"That seems very reasonable, I have told him that he must pay out of his own account and that seems a very generous offer to me; now time for me to attend to that small virgin place of yours, are you ready to be ridden like never before?"

Andre giggled as he lifted up until his body was perched above the hard rampant manhood.

"As you wish Leon and as I have never been ridden before, you will set the bench mark for future contracts."

Leon laughed as he gripped the slender boys hips, while he had been talking he had already lubed his shaft and was now rubbing copious quantities of lube on the smooth virginal hole of his intended pleasure boy, with little effort, Leon lifted then began to lower the willing boy down onto his ready and waiting shaft, the first contact with the hot flesh of the boy made him groan with anticipation.

Leon felt the tightness against his throbbing shaft, slowly he pushed the light weight boy gently down until he felt the tight sphincter start to give, the look on the boy's face had not changed from the wide smile he had started with, as he pushed further in the boys face changed a little as he realised just how much still had to go in.

Andre felt himself being stretched beyond anything he had been trained with, the first time he had seen the full size of Leon he knew he would be tested to the maximum, losing his virginity was going to be a very big adventure that he was not likely to forget,

The entry seemed to go on forever as more and more of the thick hard shaft entered his small tight hole until he felt he could take no more but he did, it was only two more inches but they were thick and stretched his small narrow hole to its widest, he now felt as though someone had pushed a large tree into him but at the same time it was a rather satisfying feeling.

Andre could not get over the fact he had actually taken every inch of Leon's large thick shaft but he also knew that this was only the beginning, by the time his contract time was up he knew he was going to be well used but at least Leon seemed to take it slowly and with consideration of the boy's size and lack of previous experience.

It was more than four hours before Leon stopped to rest, with the help of the Nefagrene he had been able to fill Andre time and time again until now he had a copious amount of fresh semen running freely from his well stretched and used hole, when Leon pulled out to take a rest Andre felt he had been deserted and his hole was lacking in that feeling of being filled and rubbed in so many ways.

As Leon slipped from his well used and dripping hole, Andre looked down at his own stomach, he seemed to be covered in a thin film of clear semen, he did not even realise he had been brought to fruition many times by the expert actions of Leon's long workout of his virginal hole, even his pleasure button felt as though it had been worn thin by the long continued action of Leon's thick manhood.

Leon looked down at the well used and happy young boy, he had been brought to a standard of satisfaction that he had not had since he was a young teenager and a long night of pleasure seemed to never end but, as he grew older it had waned as all men do with age but, this young boy had lit something deep inside him and he felt like a young boy once again, he was thankful now that the contract had been for a full day.

Leon got up and carried Andre in his arms to the adjoining ablution room, they would wash and play in there then rest for a while, the new experience for Andre had only just started, when the showering and pampering was finished, Leon used a hidden communicator to call for food and drink which was delivered very shortly afterwards, the two sat side by side on one of the many lounges and fed each other from the large platters of food brought in for them by the two servants.

For the remaining time of his contract, Andre found himself pounded from all directions, he even found out that Leon knew even more strange positions than his Mother did and he used them all, had it not been for his training, Andre would have given up long ago but he kept in mind he was a pleasure boy and had to build a reputation so he could succeed.

Leon worked the boy hard but not brutally, he gave him time to recover and to eat, he also introduced Andre to new things like an enema using Leon's hot urine then carrying him to the evacuator and watching as the boy's slender belly was emptied and then back to the bed for more action, Leon was not a brutal man but he did need to see how far the boy could go if he was to make him the offer he was thinking of doing.

It was close to the end of the contract time when Leon finally called a halt, every inch of Andre's body had been used in one way or another, his continuous ejaculations from the pressure put on his prostate by the continual rubbing and angles by Leon had left him breathless more than once, there was now an hour left of the contract and Leon had called a halt to the physical side of the meeting.

There was now time for rest and relaxation, Andre was sent into the ablutions room to give him a chance to refresh himself, Leon even had one of the latest pieces of equipment for cleaning his hole, it was a long metal rod that came up through the floor of the shower, it had small holes drilled into the top, Andre had only to squat over it and lower himself down onto the rod, once he was seated well down on the rod it would start to wash him with warm soapy water then rinse with more warm, at the end of the cycle he was just as clean inside as out.

It looked like a home movie as Andre sat at the small table with Leon and ate a hot meal brought in by the servants, Andre did not miss the envious looks of the two young men as they lay the food out for the two, Andre took note that he had been given a small glass of the green tinted Nefagrene, Leon smiled at him when he saw Andre's raised eyebrows.

"I thought you may need a little for your next contract, I would not want my son to think he was not looked after."

Andre smiled back and took a sip of the sweet coppery tasting liquor, he felt it buzz in his blood and began to feel the instant heating of his blood, even after all the work out he had just gone through, the Nefagrene gave him a renewed feeling of lust, exactly what it was designed for.

Both sat at the table in silk gowns, Andre's was a little large for him but would still do well enough for the length of time he would be in it, as they sat and talked, Leon pushed a button on the lounge seat closest to him, within a few minutes his son Aldred came into the room and sat by his Father and began to also eat.

"So Aldred, what do you think of our little friend Andre, would you like a contract with him?"

"Yes Father but do you think he will be big enough to do it right?"

"There is something you must learn Aldred, sometimes big surprises come in small packages, I am positive that Andre can fulfil your dreams, more than once I might add, now ask Andre nicely if he will let you have his contract and then do what I told you about pleasure contracts."

Aldred turned to Andre and asked.

"Andre, would I be able to see your contract?"

"What is it you would wish of me Master Aldred?"

Andre watched as Aldred blushed and dropped his eyes for a second to gain courage for the reply.

"I would like you to be my first top boy; I think I can take you but not a full grown man."

"I see, and how long would you like the contract for?"

"What would you suggest, as you know this is my first time to negotiate for a pleasure contract?"

"Your Father has been most generous with me so I will offer a contract for four hours at 300 credits per hour, I will guarantee that you will have at least four orgasms, if this does not occur then the contract is not fulfilled on my part and there will be no charge for my services, are these conditions agreeable to you?"

Aldred looked over at his Father who nodded slightly and then sat back as the papers were pulled out of Andre's satchel for signing and alteration, when all was complete, Leon nodded to his son and then watched the two boys disappear through another door to go to the newly renovated pleasure room that now belonged to Aldred, Leon had a true weakness for his son and his needs.

After the boys had disappeared into Aldred's room, Leon went to a wall panel and pushed a button, the panel moved aside and revealed a very large disc screen, he then touched a small icon at the base of the screen and a full view of the new room appeared just as the two boys walked into it from the outside passage, Leon switched off the recorder and then sat down to watch how good Andre really was when he was on top.

The position he had in mind for the talented boy would require that he could perform in both positions, he really had little doubt the boy was good enough but he had to have final proof, he watched as Andre started to ease Aldred's early nervousness, even after only the first few minutes, Leon knew he had picked a winner, he watched as the younger Andre played Aldred's body like a finely tuned instrument.

Aldred was not much of a bigger build than Andre but the difference in experience and training was huge, as Aldred was the son of a Councillor he would never be allowed to become a pleasure boy but he did want the attention of other men; he had been held back by his Father until the right boy came along and now he had the right boy.

Leon refused to leave the screen for the full four hours, Andre's performance did not disappoint him in the least, he had Aldred crying and screaming with pleasure for the whole time, it even amused Leon when he saw the look on Aldred's face as he saw Andre's boyhood for the first time, it was a big surprise in a small package, something Aldred would never forget.


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