Castle Roland


by Arthur


Chapter 5

Published: 15 Jan 15



Leon looked up at Chancellor Skregg the look was not a happy one; before either Leon or Andre could make a move, the Chancellor reached for the old wrapped book on the desk.

Much to the surprise of both adults, Andre moved with astounding speed; in one fluid motion he pushed aside the Chancellors hand and at the same time the needle holding the deadly scorpion poison protruded from his finger.

Before Leon could call out, Andre had jabbed the small needle into the hand of the Chancellor, the results were almost instantaneous as the Chancellor's eyes rolled up into his head and he began to slump to the floor; Andre stood in shock at what he had done without even thinking it over.

"Well I suppose I will have to make a call now, still it's one less bottom feeder in the mix; sit down Andre and get your head back together while I call the King."

Andre could not believe what he had done and yet he knew that it might have been the only way to save the diary; he slumped into the nearest chair and watched stunned as Leon lifted his communicator and dialled a number.

"Sire, this is Leon at Security Headquarters, Chancellor Skregg was here with a Royal Warrant to confiscate the diary of Massam Lyre from the rightful heir, unfortunately." Leon looked at Andre and smiled. "He's suffered a little accident"

Andre watched as Leon paused to listen.

"Yes Sire."

"No Sire"

"I see, so there was no warrant issued by your hand?"

"No sire, he will not be returning to the Palace, his accident is permanent."

"Very good Sire, I shall see to it at once."

"Yes Sire, I will see that he is safely brought into your presence along with the diary."

"Yes Sire, it will definitely upset the law firm to lose that income."

"Thank you Sire, we will be present in two days."

Leon stopped the conversation and shut the communicator off, he then looked at Andre and smiled again to give the boy a little confidence.

"Well you got that one right Andre; it seems our esteemed Chancellor was under investigation by the Kings court for corruption as are the lawyers sitting outside."

Andre let a long held breath escape from his lips; slowly the fear he had felt began to subside as Leon continued.

"The King has asked for your presence at the Palace in two days time, he seems to have heard about your dance already and wants to meet you in person, the fact that you are the only remaining descendant of Massam Lyre is also of interest to him."

Andre nodded but was still trying to reconcile what he had done without thought just a few minutes ago.

"Well Andre, I think it's time to finish what I was going to tell you before we were interrupted."

Leon pushed a button on his desk; when the sergeant appeared he pointed to the body on the floor and nodded; the sergeant called two others to help him remove the ex-Chancellor from the office; once the body had been taken out Leon looked back at Andre and began to tell the rest of the story.

"With both the diary entries and the DNA tests to prove your heritage you will now be known as Baron Andre Lyre, I will have to get a full report of your estates as they are at present but I can tell you that your total wealth accrued over the last three hundred years is now over 1.7 trillion credits not including your land holdings; you are a very rich young man Andre."

"But...but how?"

"Three hundred years of interest and investment can very quickly add up and that does not include what those bottom feeders may have tried to steal from you in one form or another; I will have that investigated. Now the next thing is the recording of your dance last night; I have put a hold on any distribution to the public until we have made arrangements for any royalties that will be due to you; I have informed Bantor that he will be in violation of the Code of Contract if he ignores my advice; we will be meeting him later today."

Andre could only sit on awe of what he was hearing as Leon continued.

"Shall we call in the bottom feeders and give them the bad news?"

Andre could only nod as he tried to take it all in.

Leon called for Conrad to bring the four Lawyers back into the office; it was time to tell them their golden goose was now cooked.

After hearing what Leon had to say, the four men could only try to bluster about their rights as executors; Leon put their protests to rest with a short statement.

"For now gentlemen, you will be held in custody until a full investigation is completed into your stewardship of Massam Lyre's estates; Colonel Conrad will you escort these gentlemen to their new home in sub basement three?"

"Yes sir, this way gentlemen."

Conrad escorted the men out of the office as Leon sat back with a wide smile on his face.

"Well now, that was a good days work, are you ready for a celebration dinner; I'll have the sergeant book a table at Karlilse for the three of us; I'm sure you will want Conrad to be with us?"

"Yes...yes that would be good; Leon?"


"I still have no real idea of what's going on, is this all real; I mean the wealth, title and everything?"

"Oh yes young man, very, very real; welcome to the elite."

Leon stood up from his desk and smiled once again at the confused look on Andre's face. ‘The boy would get it soon enough' he thought to himself.

"Well Baron, are you ready to meet the press and declare yourself?"

"Do I have to?"

"It would be best to tell them yourself than let them speculate about it; you know what those leaches can be like."

Andre shrugged as he stood up and walked out beside Leon; it still amazed him how his life had gone from total poverty to almost royalty in only a few short weeks; what was he supposed to do now with all the years of dance practice, let alone all the hours training as a pleasure boy.

The next big hurdle was awaiting them in the main foyer of the security ministry's office; even before the elevator doors opened, Andre could hear the tumultuous noise from the large foyer.

The noise only grew louder as the elevator doors slid open and revealed the small teenager standing beside the Councillor; microphones and camera lens's appeared as if from the air itself; loud shouting voices asking all manner of questions which were fired at the pair without time to answer even one.

To the unaccustomed ears of Andre it was a loud rushing cacophony of sound that almost overwhelmed his senses; only the warm, firm hand of Leon as it lay on his slim shoulder, prevented Andre from making a dash for the door and freedom.

Andre watched as if from nowhere, a troop of heavily armed security guards appeared and took up a line in front of the pair; barring any attempt by others to get closer.

"People of Pathos, I am Councillor Leon Sadan, Director of Pathos Security Services; before I continue, I will tell you that there will be no question time, we are here to make a one off statement and then we will make the diary of Massam Lyre available for you to see. During the viewing there will be a ban on any form of pictures of the diary; if you try to break this rule you will come under the jurisdiction of the Security Services; and now it is my distinct pleasure to introduce to you all, the young man known to you as Andre Severn. After a thorough investigation into his claims on the diary of Massam Lyre, we have concluded that all his claims are valid. The investigation showing both a direct line of descent and a DNA match now means that Andre Severn will henceforth be known as Baron Andre Lyre, the last true descendant of Massam Lyre; all the titles and benefits of that name now belong to his heir standing here before you. Thank you all for coming, now if you wish to view the diary we will be in the board room on the left; you will be allowed in, in groups of ten; remember, NO Cameras."

The following uproar of questions were ignored by Leon and his guards as they led Andre along with the diary, into the boardroom; at one end of the long table was a small book stand, it was to this that Leon led the way. Andre carefully took the diary from its old cover after putting on his gloves.

Andre had never read the diary, he had only seen some of the fine hand painted pictures to explain a part of the dance and so it was for the first time that he read the inscription on the first page of the diary.

Leon had suggested opening it only at the first page so no one would see any of the works inside; the diary would rest open on the book stand with four guards surrounding it for protection; Andre recognised the handwriting on the front page as he read the first entry.

The first diary of Massam Lyre
Aged 14 Years

Andre could almost feel the tug of familiarity with the fine script of the few handwritten words; it was at this moment that Andre knew he would have to read the diary before he did anything else, but for now they had the viewing to get over and done with; the reading would have to wait for tonight.

The viewing took some time as there were far more people lined up waiting than they thought would be. It came to Leon to call a halt as more than five hours had passed and everyone was feeling the effects. There were those of course that did not appreciate being turned away, a simple glare from Leon soon changed their minds.

With the last viewer gone, Andre sat down in one of the vacant chairs as the great doors closed for the last time; Leon spoke to those still in the room.

"That was a lot more than I thought would be here, what do you want to do now Baron?"

Andre was so tired he did not even react to the title; all he wanted was someone to cuddle and relax with, he was worn out from the long day and yet he still had more of the same until they left for the King's Palace in two days.

It took only a glance for Leon to see that something was bothering his young charge.

"What is it Andre? Are you feeling the pressure a little too much?"

"No Leon, it's not that, it's just...well it's just I need a friend; I go to bed alone every night and during the day there is no one to be friends with and, since all this started; well I've felt sort of not here all the time."

"Yes I can see how that could get to you; do you have anyone in mind?"

"Uhm, well yes."

"Who is it, tell me his name and I will have him brought here even if we have to cuff him?"

"It's...uhm...Aldred, we sort of made friends that night and I want to see him again."

"Well, well, you want my son Aldred; I see and do I get to have a say in this...Baron?'

Andre looked up at the stern face of Leon; it was not until he saw the bright twinkle in the man's eyes that he caught on.

"No Councillor, a Baron trumps a Councillor any day."

Andre could not help the small childish giggle that escaped his lips even though he tried to keep a straight face.

"Yes, unfortunately your are correct; very well, I will send the Colonel for him immediately. Colonel Conrad, please go and get my son, he is to drop anything he is doing and come immediately without delay, carry him if you have to."

"Yes Sir."

Conrad was out of the door and gone before Andre could say a word; he turned and began to carefully re-wrap the diary in its old cloth; the ever alert guards watching every move he made.

It seemed no time at all before Conrad was back; he stopped to whisper something to Leon then stood back to wait while Leon chuckled.

"Baron, your guest is waiting for you in your car, perhaps you would like to return to your apartment right away?"

Andre smiled and took up the diary as he turned to the grinning Conrad and followed him out to the waiting car; as the rear door opened, Andre caught sight of the boy waiting for him, he could not help the giggle that escaped his lips as he saw Aldred.

Aldred was sitting scrunched up in the far corner of the back seat, his hands were covering his boyhood and the rest of his naked body was still showing signs of wetness, there was a small pool of water on the floor of the car.

Aldred looked at the staring eyes of Andre and, through his bright red blush said.

"I was in the bath when he grabbed me, he didn't even let me get dressed."

Andre could not help himself.

"Good, it means we won't have to waste time when we get home; I've missed you and I really need a good friend right now; everything has been such a rush and this Baron thing is driving me crazy."

Aldred put on a hurt look and let his hands drop from his groin; with a smile on his face he slightly widened his legs as Andre sat beside him.

"Is there anything the Baron see's that would help him relax?"

"Yes, I see a young pleasure boy that badly needs riding; tell me pleasure boy, are you good enough to satisfy a Baron of the realm?"

"Upon my honour good Baron, I will be your slave for life."

That final statement was the undoing of both of them as they broke into loud laughter. When they had finished, Andre began to tell Aldred all about the last few days; he even let Aldred rub his gentle hands over the cover of the diary as they sat knee to knee beside each other; finally for the first time in days, Andre was beginning to relax.

On their return to Andre's apartment; it took only a minute to carefully place the book on his bedside table before both boys were sitting in the deep round bath filled with steaming hot water; Andre began to feel the tension of the last few days work their way out of his muscles. The fact that Aldred was using everything he knew about massage to help him was another bonus.

The next three hours flew by without either boy noticing, it was not until a soft knock on the bedroom door startled them that they broke apart, the slight pop of Andre's large boyhood sounded loud in the big bedroom as did the small gasp from Aldred; Andre drew one of the fine sheets up over their naked bodies as he called out.

"Come in Conrad, we're decent for now."

The wide smiling face of Conrad came through the door, in front of him he pushed a wheeled table piled high with hot steaming food; Andre did not ignore the small decanter of Nefagrene placed in the centre.

"I thought as it is now nine o'clock and you have been busy for over three hours, you might be hungry; A Baron has to keep up his strength, to say nothing of young pleasure boys."

"Thank you Conrad, why don't you take the rest of the night off; you must have someone you would like to spend time with?"

"Thank you Andre, but the Councillor will have to approve it first."

"No he won't, as I told him, a Baron trumps a Councillor; now who is your friend?"

"My girl friend, she has not seen much of me for a while but it would be nice to surprise her tonight, we are planning on getting married when my two years are up."

"Why didn't you marry sooner, Conrad?"

"It is against regulations in the security services; to serve you must be single or else it may give someone leverage to threaten you if you have a family."

"I can see the sense in that; so what will you do when you marry?"

"I will have to go out into civilian life and find new work to support us; it won't be too hard though, my time in the security service will give me good standing."

"Well I think I can fix that right here and now; when you leave the service you will come and work for me as my security chief, you know more about what's going on than anyone else and I trust you; so that's all fixed, now go and see your girl, I have a pleasure boy to train."

They could hear Conrad's laughter as he closed the door and walked away from their room. After eating and drinking their fill, the two boys returned to their new favourite game; it lasted well into the early hours of the next morning.


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