Castle Roland


by Arthur


Chapter 2

Published: 8 Oct 15


By Arthur

I awoke next morning at 5.30 as usual, I liked to get to work early and be done by midday then home to finish anything else in my little office set up in the spare room.

I entered the kitchen to put on the coffee and could not help but notice that it was spotlessly clean and everything was shining, all the plates had been put in the correct place, the boy had done a great job last night.

While the coffee was starting to bubble I took a quick look into the lounge to see if Sioni was awake.

On a chair beside the sofa were the clothes I had given him all neatly folded and placed on the chair.

He was curled up under the blankets only the top of his head showing and he was breathing smoothly and quietly so I knew he was still deep in sleep.

As I returned to the kitchen it dawned on me that he had slept naked and a stirring began in my loins.

I shook off the feeling and got my coffee ready then as though drawn by a magnet I made my way to the lounge to drink it.

Sitting on a chair quietly sipping I had to stare at that little figure under the blankets a sense of peace and contentment came over me before I could react to it.

The blankets stirred as I watched and slid down his shoulders a little, it was then I saw the wicked bruise on his ribs that I had not seen the night before.

Leaving him asleep I tried to work out what I was going to do and then decided to go to work and leave a note for him.

I wrote it out and left it on the table beside the sofa, but in the back of my mind was the islander's reputation for being light fingered.

I felt almost guilty as I checked to see that my office with all the computer ware and other equipment was locked and safe.

I wrote a note for him and told him to help himself to some breakfast and that his uniform was dry and pressed for him to go to school that day.

With that done I took up my brief case and headed for the door a slight tinge of misgiving inside.

Oh well what is done is done I thought to myself and got into the car heading for work.

I could not concentrate properly for the morning and at 12.00 was glad to head home to see what was left in the house.

On arrival at the apartment I opened the door half expecting to be greeted with total chaos but instead the apartment had a fresh clean smell about it and as I went further into it I could see that the boy had cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed the carpets everything was in it's place nothing missing or damaged.

I moved into the lounge, all the furniture had been polished and the blankets and clothes were neatly folded and placed on a chair with a note on top.

Dear Mr Ben thank you for your help last night I am sorry for not putting away the bedclothes and things but I did not know where they belong. I am going to school and will try to find some home to live today as I don't want to be annoying for you.

It was so thoughtful and already the apartment was so empty without him here.

"Damn what am I thinking" I pulled myself up startled by the realization that I actually missed him.

I worked for a few hours in my office then prepared dinner and went to have a shower while it was cooking.

As I walked down to the bathroom I thought I heard a small noise outside the door but then thought I was mistaken and took another step toward the waiting shower.

Then I heard it again a small shuffling sound outside.

I went to the door and opened it and there, looking lost and a little afraid was Sioni.

"How long have you been there" I asked him.

With his head down he said "A little while, I did not want to bother you but I have nowhere to go"

At this a small tear began to roll down his face and it was to much for me.

"Come on, in you come, you cant stay out there all night Sioni"

He carefully took off his sandals before entering and placed them outside the door then padded quietly behind me into the kitchen.

That lithe small body was beginning to get to me again.

We sat at the table over dinner and he told me about his day and the trouble trying to find a home.

With no family here he did not have much luck so had come back here to see if I could help him but was to ashamed to knock on the door to ask me.

"Can you write to your parents and ask them for help"

"Yes I'll do that tonight if it's ok with you" He replied

"Yes of course it is, can you use a computer?" I asked

"Yes we are taught in school" He answered

"Ok then after dinner you can get onto my computer and write a letter to them"

His doe eyes opened wide at this suggestion.

"You have a computer in your home?"

"Yes, I use it for my work" I said

As soon as dinner was finished he was off again to clean up, he seemed to want to do so willingly I could not bring myself to stop him.

When he had finished I took him into my office and sat him at the desk in front of the computer and left him to it.

He did seem to know his way around it quite well so I left the room to watch TV and could hear him tapping away quite rapidly so I did not worry about the computer.

After a short time I heard the printer begin to hum as the letter was set out for him.

I had left out an envelope for him to use so that he was soon back in the lounge with it in his hand.

He put it on the table beside the sofa where again I'd made up the bed for him.

Tomorrow was Saturday so there was no work for me, and no school for him.

I looked across at him still sitting in his uniform and said "Do you have any other clothes at home you would like to get?"

"No" He said "only my lavalava and an old T shirt"

"Is that all, are you sure?"

"Yes that's all" He said this with a look of shame on his sweet face

"My uncle would not buy any clothes for me, he said he didn't have enough money for them"

I looked at the seriousness on his face and saw he was not just spinning a story.

"Right then that will have to be fixed tomorrow" I said in finality

It was approaching bedtime so I said good night and walked into my bedroom to sleep.

I was awakened in the morning by the smell of fresh coffee and as I opened my eyes there stood Sioni beside the bed with a hot steaming coffee in his hand.

He was dressed in a lavalava made out of some material I'd left in a cupboard from some curtains made a while ago.

I lay there with my mouth wide open and a look of hesitation came over his face as he stood there.

"Sorry Sioni, I'm not awake yet, you surprised me; this is the first time in years someone has brought me a coffee in bed, Thank you very much"

The look of glee in his eyes was a sight to behold.

I looked up at him my loins stirring again as I looked over that beautiful golden skin and tight little body.

"Got to stop thinking like that" I reminded my self.

"If you would like to have a shower Sioni you go right ahead"

"Can I, with hot water and all?" He asked

"Always with hot water " I laughed as he scampered toward the bathroom.

It was not long before the shower was going full blast again, a soft giggling coming from the bathroom now and then.

I was sitting in the kitchen half an hour later when he finished in the shower and came in, his body glowing, hair neatly combed and his lavalava tight around his waist outlining his little peach butt.

"Damn" I thought "Only two days and I don't want to see him leave already"

Well I'll help him till he gets an answer from his parents then it will be over and he'll be gone.

Already I was feeling a loss at the thought of him going.

"Ok Sioni what would you like to do today"

"Oh I have to clean the house today" He said in all seriousness.

"No you don't have to do that for me Sioni"

"It's ok I really want to do it" He answered.

"Ok then but only if you really want to, I have to go and do some shopping so I'll be out for a little while, will you be ok here alone?"

"Oh yes, I've a lot to do" He said as he began to clear the breakfast dishes.

Ten minutes later I left him alone and went out shopping, mainly for him but I did not want to tell him.

I thought a little surprise or two might be good for him.

I returned four hours later to a spotless apartment, it was the cleanest it had ever been, he had really worked hard at doing it.

He had the coffee on again for me and it crossed my mind that how did he know what time I would be back, but the coffee was very welcome, it had been a busy morning.

I dropped all the parcels and boxes on the floor in front of the sofa and sat down with the coffee he brought for me.

"Ah thank you Sioni I really need this"

He gave me that beautiful full smile and sat down on the chair opposite from me.

"You have done a really great job on the apartment" I complimented him.

He seemed to blush but was evidently pleased at the praise, it was as though he had never had it before.

As I sat drinking the excellent coffee I said to him "You better start opening those parcels so we can put them away"

I then sat back to watch the reactions on his face when he realized it was all his sizes and was obviously for him.

The first one he opened was three lavalava I had brought at the local market for him.

As he opened them his eyes filled with tears and he looked up at me.

"You got these for me?"

So much gratitude showing on his face for what to me was nothing but a few pieces of cloth.

"I've never had a new one" he said

"Then it's about time you did" I replied.

He began to open the rest of the parcels and by the time he got to the end the tears were flowing freely down his face.

Suddenly he was sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of me, his head bowed and tears dropping into his lap.

Sioni reached up and took my hands in his and lifted them up near his forehead saying nothing, then just as quick he was gone toward the bathroom.

I could hear the soft sobs coming and then felt rather guilty about spoiling him in such a way.

Shortly later he returned with dry eyes and stood formally in front of me.

"Mr Ben I would like to thank you for your kindness, but I feel it is to much for me alone to have"

"Thank you Sioni, it is not a lot and you do need some clothes so you are very welcome to them"

He gave that smile of his and then dropped to the floor to look again at his little treasures, neatly folding each one, then the wrapping was neatly folded and placed on the side.

I got up from the chair and went to a side board opened a couple of drawers and said "You can use these two draws to put your things in for now, ok?"

"Thank you, yes" He said as he began to put away each item neatly in the drawers.

The daylight began to fade and as bedtime approached for another night Sioni became very thoughtful.

I had again made up his bed on the sofa and when it was time for bed I said good night and left him to it.

I had been in bed for only half an hour and was starting to drop off when I felt a presence beside the bed.

I opened my eyes to see Sioni standing there in the dark.

"Ah what is it Sioni" I stammered out.

"Can I sleep in this bed with you" He said shyly

The bed was a big king size and there was plenty of room for him so I threw back the covers on the other side and he climbed in pulling the clothes up to his chin.

He lay there breathing evenly and without any form of fear in his body.

"Goodnight Sioni" I mumbled

A very soft "Goodnight Mr Ben" Was the reply.

"Just Ben Sioni, Just Ben ok?"

"Ok, good night Ben" He answered.

Each night thereafter he would sleep in the bed with me but never touching.

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