Castle Roland


by Arthur


Chapter 3

Published: 15 Oct 15


By Arthur

A week later his letter arrived in my mailbox marked "Return To Sender Address Not Known"

The disappointment in his young face was evident and there was not a lot I could say to him.

That night during dinner I asked him, "Sioni would you like to stay here for the time being, or until we can sort out something for you"

"Oh thank you Ben I'd like that very much, but I don't want to be a nuisance for you, you have been very kind to me and I don't know how to repay you" He answered

I was a bit ashamed of the thought of loosing him and selfishly thought about the work he did around the apartment willingly and with no suggestion of payment or demands.

"Look Sioni you've never been a nuisance to me and you've been very helpful around here, so if you want to stay then it's ok."

He never said another word just looked up at me and let the tears speak for him.

"Ok then it's settled, you stay here until something comes around for you"

He nodded his head in acceptance.

That night we headed to bed as usual, I had noticed that he always slept naked and that any clothes he'd been wearing were always neatly folded and place on the sideboard for the morning.

He was always the first one up in the morning and coffee was ready before I could get up.

This night though was a little different but that I didn't know until later.

After half an hour in bed his quiet voice asked me "Ben"

I was a little drowsy and replied with my usual grunt.

"Ben, can I be your friend ?"

This comment startled me so that I half sat up in bed.

"What was that Sioni?"

"I want to be your friend."

"My friend ?"

Now in the island context of the word friend, it is meant as a close or sexual partner not as a plutonic relationship, for that they use the word cousin or brother, so this was an offer of a close physical relationship.

"Yes" as he said this, he for the first time moved his body close to mine his nakedness arousing me immediately.

I could feel the heat of his body against mine, the silkiness of his skin as he seemed to wrap himself around me.

"Ah Sioni you are a bit young to be making offers like that don't you think?"

"But Ben you know that in our way of life in the islands it's good for a young boy to be with an older man to learn from and to be helpful to?"

I knew this to be true in his people's case it was quite normal for an older man to take care of a younger one till he was old enough to marry.

"But you know what the law say's here don't you Sioni?"

"Yes Ben but it's my decision and I would not tell any palangi (white man) about it and my people would say nothing it's normal for us."

What could I say, my feelings had already made up my mind for me so I just said " if that's what you really want then Sioni, but you know we must be very careful about outside people."

"Yes of course but it's what I would like if you'll have me with you?"

"Ok, but we had better go to sleep now and talk about it more in the morning, ok?"

"Mmmmm, ok Ben."

His arm reached across my chest as he pulled closer to me, his boyhood hard and strong against my leg.

I tried to tell myself this is totally wrong he's to young, it's not what I do in the bedroom.

But I was lying and I knew it, over the past week I could not imagine being in the house without him here.

Without thinking about it I slipped my arm under his head and around his shoulders to draw him closer.

I felt his hot young breath on my cheek and as I turned toward him he opened his mouth and began to kiss my lips.

His lips were soft like velvet, his tongue hot and hard in my mouth moving in and out slowly while I savored the taste of him.

He moved slightly and seemed to glide gently on top of me again wrapping around me.

The silky skin was driving all thoughts of right and wrong out of my mind.

"Hey, hey, little man enough ok, lets get some sleep and talk tomorrow."

He pecked quickly at my lips and snuggled down half on top of me and half on the bed, his head on my shoulder trying to bury his head in my neck.

"Night Ben."

"Night Sioni"

In a matter of seconds the sound of his steady breathing told me he was asleep.

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