Castle Roland


by Arthur


Chapter 4

Published: 22 Oct 15


By Arthur

I was startled into wakefulness by a smothering feeling and not being able to breath as something was covering my mouth, my eye's flew open as I tried to gasp for breath.

There inches from my eye's was the face of Sioni with a huge grin on his face and I could smell the aroma of fresh brewed coffee in the air.

"Sioni, what are you doing?"

"Waking my friend."

"Well I have to say it's a nice way to wake up." Smiling still he leaned down again for another kiss saying before hand.

"Do you like my breakfast?"

"Yes" Then his lips were upon mine smothering any other words.

His kiss was deep and passionate and he seemed to want to devour my mouth with his.

As we broke the kiss I quietly asked him where he learned to kiss like that.

A look came across his face and I quickly said to him "Don't worry about it, it's ok you are fantastic"

His tight little body wriggled and he seemed to melt into me, those soft lips searching again.

As he lay on top of me kissing avidly I gently slid my hands down to that little peach butt and began to caress it.

He was lifting his butt a little each time I ran my hands over him, not forcefully but just a gentle small lift as though he wanted to feel my hands a bit heavier on him.

I was now so hard that I thought I would explode just at the thought of him being on top of me, but managed to restrain my actions.

His erection was large and thick and pressed hard into my belly, I could still not believe he was so well hung for his age and size, but it was a fact I could feel every muscle he had in it.

I decided to try to feel his tight little hole, so I gently lifted a finger to my mouth as he broke off the kiss for air, and wet the tip of my finger again lowering my hand to that little peach of his.

Slowly I rubbed my finger up and down his tight little crack getting closer and closer to his rosebud.

Ah there it was tight and soft under my finger, I Ran my finger around the edge as he gave a small moan and I eased it inside of him slowly to the first knuckle.

He gave a little wriggle and a gasp then there was a hot throbbing gush against my stomach as he shot his hot juices on to me.

I could not believe the amount of it he just seemed to unload time after time.

I kept my finger in his tight little hole as he spent more on to me. His head lowered to mine again and he began to kiss even more passionately than before, the wetness on my belly making our bodies slippery like oil as he moved around to grind it in to my skin.

His hard erection never went down but stayed up hard and strong against me.

By now my finger was deep inside of him he was squirming back onto it trying to feel it all inside.

At last he stopped kissing me and reared back so he was sitting on my stomach above me, his hard rod pointing upwards.

My hand and finger had not moved and he gave a small push down onto my finger again and then he was again gushing onto my stomach while I watched in amazement the amount that he ejected on to me while on his face a look of complete enjoyment as he pumped down onto my hand again.

I am not small in the manhood department a bit over the average so what he did next took me by complete surprise.

With what seemed hardly any movement on his part my hand was down by my side and he was lowering his small tight peach butt down on to my manhood.

Even though I had been fingering him for some time he was still very small and tight but he managed to take in my throbbing head without to much trouble.

He stopped pushing down as my head slipped into him, he was looking down at me a look of sheer pleasure on his young face.

With both of his hands he reached behind himself and pulled apart those tight cheeks and I felt his small ring close tight around me.

Again he moved just a little and I felt my rod slide another two inches into him, not fast but slowly as though he wanted to torment me or make it last for a long time.

He smiled down at me, closed his eyes and again he was gushing cum over my face and chest.

I was dumbfounded, where did he get it from, he seemed to be able to do it at will when ever he wanted to.

As the gushing finished he lowered himself again, I could feel the muscle contractions inside him as he got to his prostate and there he stopped savoring the feel of it now deep inside him.

His gleaming body covered in sweat and making his muscles stand out even more in the dim light.

I was not completely inside him but I could sense that he would not be able to take all of me, then, to my surprise he drove himself down hard till my rod was hard up inside of him.

The obvious pain he felt was evident on his face but he would not lift his golden globes up to ease it.

He was kneeling across my body a leg on either side of me, the pain on his face.

"Stop Sioni" I said "I don't want you to hurt yourself"

"It's ok he gasped I want all of you in me, it'll be ok soon"

He would not lift off to ease himself, he then leaned forward keeping me deep inside him and started to kiss again.

I lifted my hands to his butt and could feel his hole close down hard on to my pubic hair.

My god I thought he is cumming again as I felt that now familiar throbbing on my stomach.

"This cant be real" I thought to myself as he lifted from my mouth and finished unloading this latest offering.

His legs started to flex and I thought he was going to ease himself off my shaft to get some relief from the pain but he only eased up a couple of inches, then with that smile on his face once again lowered himself back down but this time not as violently, letting my rod slide in till he was again sitting on my pubic hair.

"That's feeling good now Ben, do you like me on you?"

"God Sioni I don't want you to ever stop"

"Oh that's ok Ben I can do this for a long time, I like the feel of you inside of me, I feel really like your friend now"

With this statement he lifted that small butt again and this time all the way to the top so only my head was inside of him.

He sat there waiting, hovering over my rod, the smile on his face showing shear ecstasy in the feeling, then he was lowering again taking all of me into himself.

Sioni seemed to enjoy this game and kept it up for ages seeming to know when I was about to cum and stopping until the pressure on me was eased, and then he would start again.

In the three hours we had been in bed Sioni had climaxed five or six times each time as big and strong as the first, I was covered in his juices but it did not faze him in the least, he would not give up his position on top of my rod.

When he thought it was to much of the same he would change what he was doing with his butt, it felt like the first time every time he changed his movements.

At last I could hold off no longer and without warning I began to unload all of me inside him.

As he felt me cum he tightened his hole hard around me as though not to loose any of my juices, his hole seemed to try to suck more out of me until I could give him no more.

Rather than remove himself from my shaft he leaned a little forward clasped his delicate hand around himself and began to smoothly work up and down until I felt his hole close once again tight over me and he shot out another load some of which went over my head and onto the wall behind me.

It was a massive ejaculation after such a torrid time and after so many times already for him. The last drop of juice fell onto my stomach he gave a sigh of contentment and gave a last push downward onto my now flaccid rod his butt muscles tightening around me so I could not extract from him, He gave me a most beautiful and somewhat angelic smile and said

"This is where it's going to stay" and a little wriggle of that peach butt confirmed his decision.

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