Castle Roland


by Arthur


Chapter 5

Published: 29 Oct 15


By Arthur

The smell of the coffee in my nostrils was a sign to get up and even though it was by now cold I tried to take a sip to find out if it was real or just a dream at what had happened this morning.

Sioni saw me reaching and then reached out and nipped one of my nipples making me jump and forget the coffee.

I looked up into his face and he frowned and shook his head, then, with a big smile suddenly lifted himself off me with a small popping sound and a grin. "It's no good, it's cold I'll make another for you but you must stay here till it's done, ok?"

What could I say, who in this world does not like to be spoilt now and again?

Sioni reached for his lavalava and went out to the kitchen where I could hear him start the coffee again so I leaned over to the cabinet beside the bed and took out a small towel to clean up a little, I was almost thinking I might need two towels.

When he returned with the steaming mug of coffee he handed it to me with a little bow and a smile and then sat beside me on the bed while I drank.

"Can we stay here today, like this?" It was almost a pleading.

"Do you really want to"

"Yes, I want to please you with everything today"

This was going to be a hell of a day to lay in bed.

I eased up into a sitting position to drink the coffee while he sat there.

A thought crossed my mind so I asked "What are the people from your island going to say about you staying with me?"

"They will say nothing it is my decision to be with you, they understand these things" He replied.

The attitudes of others in the community around the city could do with some of this way of thinking I thought.

The Victorian attitudes here are still hanging around even one and a half centuries later.

As I finished my coffee I replaced the cup on the table but did not slide down into the bed instead I took a long look at this elf sitting on my bed, drinking in his beauty and sensuality.

It was time for him to rest a little so I wrapped my arms around his slim body and rolled him onto his back beside me.

A huge smile came over his face as he cocked his leg around my waist pulling me down lower on the bed beside him.

Sioni reached up for my mouth giving me one of his light pecks on the lips.

As we lay there a hundred things began to run through my mind as to how I could look after him and what would be best for his welfare, I had no money worries as far as looking out for him but I did not want him to have any regrets about our relationship later on in life so it was up to me to look after him and prepare him for a future.

I lifted my head and smiled at him, he nodded in an unspoken agreement.

As I lay down beside him I reached across and brought him close to me then over on top till he was lying like he had been the night before.

He looked pleased until I said no you don't and pushed his slim young body downward until his shaft was down where I wanted it to be.

He woke up to what I was wanting and he said "Can I, really"

"Yes" I said in reply

"I always wanted to but my cousins would not let me" He had made the statement before he realized what he had said.

It was out now so he continued on to tell me what they used to do to him when the uncle and aunt were not home, which evidently was not all that often.

It appeared that the uncle spent most time at work or in the hotel drinking and that his auntie most of her time at the various casinos around the city.

Sioni's cousins were three to four years older than he was so he was their toy from about ten years old.

He said they would sometimes do it to him five or six times each but that their shafts were not big so it did not hurt him too much and had not made his hole very big.

The boys had bullied him and told him he was going to be a girl for the rest of his life and they were going to use him whenever they wanted to.

As he finished his story I eased my legs open a little and felt his hardness start to push downward.

His smoothness against my skin was driving me wild but I kept my nerves intact for his sake.

I opened a little wider and felt his shaft drive down until it was hard on the mattress and then I saw how big he really was as his butt was still in the air by about two inches as he could not go any lower because of the mattress.

This I decided was going to be a really good going over for me with his size and strength down there, it was going to be a good feeling.

I helped him slide down a little till his shaft was now just touching my hole, I could feel it pulsing in anticipation of it's reward.

I opened my legs further and taking a hold of that peach butt in both hands I pulled him toward his reward.

His shaft began to enter into me and I could feel by the tension in his butt that he wanted to hurry to get in there but I kept a tight hold on him and let him enter slowly.

It would not have hurt me as I prefer to be passive in most engagements but I wanted him to enjoy the feeling of his first time penetration.

I felt he was about half way when his body went rigid, the pulsing shaft began to pump and pump as he unloaded a massive amount into me.

Try as he might I would not let him enter any further as yet and the hotness of his juice was so close to emptying out of me I closed my muscles around him to keep it all inside.

This action nearly drove him over the edge so I steadied him down and then as he finished he looked down at me in askance.

I smiled up to him and said "No that's not all you have a long way to go yet"

A deep sigh of satisfaction and anticipation was on his face.

The feel of that young hard, but at the same time soft shaft burying deep into me gave me that light feeling of floating on a cloud.

Then I felt his hard solid testicles pressing on my hole, the total look of joy on his face as he moved his shaft around inside me was giving him a feeling he had never had before and he was going to enjoy it as long as he could.

It was such a good feeling having him deep inside I had no intentions of removing him from me in a hurry.

He wanted to start to stroke in and out but had not had much practice so I kept a good hold of his little peach and guided him with the best way to stroke, sometimes a short stroke and sometimes letting him take it almost right out then pushing deep in again.

It did not take him long to find out what was the best way so I just kept a light hold on that little peach more so just to feel it.

I did not realize as he was trying different depths and strokes that I had a widening spread of precum over my belly but it was a great feeling as he experimented with his newfound enjoyment.

Suddenly he looked down at me and asked "Can I?"

I knew what he meant "Yes as often as you want to" I smiled as he drove his shaft deep into me.

Twice he took his shaft out till only it's head was in and then drove hard and deep, I could feel it pass by my prostate and was nearly about to unload.

On the last driving push his shaft swelled in me and began to pulse his hot juice deep into me.

Sioni was moaning as he pulsated and pushed harder trying to get deeper.

It felt like the biggest load he had given as he pulled back an inch to look down at me and said "That's the most I have ever done" A bright look of accomplishment on his face.

I repeated what I had stated earlier "You don't have to finish yet you stay in there and enjoy"

He made a little laugh and pushed again, " Like that"

"Yes" And smiled back.

Sioni was quite amazing he never seemed to tire or go soft but then he was young and full of vinegar.

Twice more he released his juice deep into me and then near lunchtime I decided it was time to eat as I was ravenous, and by the look of things so was he.

I grasped his butt and pulled him backwards until his shaft dropped free, still hard and dripping "Time for lunch my boy" and smiled at the disappointment on his face.

"It's ok plenty of time left for you yet" Just to ease his worries.

Sioni smiled that dream of a smile and jumped off the bed and wrapped himself in his new lavalava and moving out to the kitchen before I could move.

As I moved I could feel the stickiness on and in me and decided we would both have a shower before we continued with anything more after lunch.

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