Castle Roland


by Arthur


Chapter 6

Published: 5 Nov 15


By Arthur

I walked into the kitchen to find the coffee pot on the boil and Sioni preparing a salad, I found it hard to grasp his age as he was so competent in and around the apartment nothing troubled him in the housework.

I took a mental note to ask him later about it.

Sioni glanced over his shoulder at me as I entered his big doe eyes making unspoken suggestions to me, and then that smile again.

I was sure he had pulled his lavalava tighter than before to accentuate his little butt for me.

When the salad was ready I carved some ham off the bone and we sat down to eat at the table his small feet stretching out to touch mine as we sat there eating.

After lunch I went into the lounge to smoke while at Sioni's insistence I leave him to clean up.

He would not hear of me doing the cleaning around the apartment saying it was his duty to look after the home.

When he finished he entered the lounge and without a word settled down on my lap as I smoked nuzzling my chest as he sat there.

He was not trying to arouse me he was just showing me in his own way that he was my friend from now on.

It was hard for me to understand this, as I had never been attracted to young boys in the past but most of the time he seemed to be so much older than his years.

I finished my cigarette and picked up his small frame in my arms bringing a huge smile to his face and said " Time for us to shower" and carried him into the bathroom.

"We going to shower together" He asked

"Best way to do it" I replied with the same smile.

His little butt wriggled against my chest.

I pulled off his lavalava noticing that he was still as hard as ever and put him in the shower turning on the water with the other hand.

Slipping out of the shorts I had donned I stepped into the shower stall with him.

Moving him under the jet of water I turned him around and began to soap his back, he cheekily backed onto me and looked over his shoulder at me a laugh hidden just under the surface.

"Not yet" I said as I continued with the soaping purposely rubbing his butt and hole with the soap till he wriggled at the pleasure of it.

Turning him again I started on the front of him with the soap he did not mind this either grinning and pushing his hardness forward in a teasing motion.

When he was covered in soapsuds I placed him under the water jet and began on his hair.

It was a deep black and felt like silk threads the luster shining in the light.

When he was well done he reached for the soap and began to cover me in the same way but he was a little more adventurous with the soap making me start to harden again.

His hands were very quickly becoming accomplished in the act of love and titillation.

Once we were both rinsed off and clean and fresh, Sioni reached up and turned on the hot water a little more so that it was stinging our skin and then went down on his knees in front of me, quickly looking up at me he leaned forward taking my shaft into his mouth till it was deep in his throat.

We had not done this in the bedroom but he seemed to know exactly what to do, I decided not to ask him about it, he was really enjoying the mouth full he had taken.

I leaned back onto the wall of the shower feeling this hot little mouth working up and down my hardness the back of his throat sending shivers up my spine.

As I leaned there he started to move his left hand up the inside of my legs sending more shivers through me.

Cunning little bugger I thought as his fingers entered my waiting hole.

I glanced down as his throat constricted on my shaft just in time to see his right hand working up and down his rod and the juices began to flow out freely.

He had brought me very close and I was ready to erupt into his mouth, he must have known as I began to fill his mouth he pushed hard with his fingers into me making me push my shaft deeper down his throat.

He was a game little guy as he never spat out my juice but always swallowed it even though mine was no longer as sweet as his young spurts.

My ability to recover was not as great as his but he seemed to do something to my libido that made it almost impossible to stop.

Sioni stood up licking his lips and moving closer at the same time, his arms went about my waist hugging me close, but looking down at him I could see a devilish smile on his face.

As I was trying to work out what he had in mind his rock like shaft pushed upwards into me.

Sioni leaned back a little laughing and pushing up at the same time, his rod driving into me with all the gusto he could muster.

I reached down and lifted him off his feet pulling him upwards till he was fully inside me, eyes closed clinging to me with his arms now around my neck.

It is almost an impossible position to pump into anyone but he found his own way by staying fully hard inside me, and then working with his stomach muscles to make his rod flex without moving in and out.

It was a sensation I had never had before but it was not long before the flexing turned to the now familiar pulsing and throbbing as he unloaded yet another stream of hot juice hard up inside of me.

Sioni made no move to release his hold on my neck so I lowered him down causing his shaft to withdraw most of the way out.

I felt his juices falling down my legs as he pushed a little back inside.

"Ok it's time to get out of here little devil" I said to him in jest.

Without argument he slipped out of me giving him self another wash down as he did so and stepped out of the shower with me close behind.

The weather outside was still atrocious so I wandered into the lounge room naked with the padding of those feet behind me.

I switched on the TV and then Sioni asked me "Do you have any of those sort of tapes?" Trying not to call it porn.

"Yes I do, want to watch some"

"Can I please"

"Ok then but it is not to be talked about outside the apartment"

The shocked look on his face said it all "Oh Ben I'd never do that, I'm your friend only?" as though that explained everything for me.

I let him go through the tapes I had until he found one he liked then put it on for him and sat back to watch.

At first he giggled a bit then he started to watch intently as though trying to learn some new tricks.

He was laying on the floor on his stomach, that damn peach butt up in the air and his shaft pushed down between his legs so I could see it's head showing from between his legs, as hard as ever.

As the action heated up on the tape so his butt hole began to open and close in time with the movie.

Damn it I thought and left the chair to lay down beside him.

He immediately turned side on to me pushing his tight little peach on to my rising shaft.

As I got harder he pushed onto me further until I was again swallowed right up tight inside him.

Sioni reached one hand behind himself grabbing my waist and holding me tight to him as he opened and closed his small hole around my rod.

Even after all he had taken from me he was still tight on my rod, but he did not seem to feel any pain with it but just loved the feel of me inside him to the hilt.

Lifting his upper leg a little higher I reached under him to take hold of his hard shaft and could feel it covered in precum, slippery and wet ready for anything.

I began to work lightly on it for him as he pushed harder back onto me trying to get more into him.

The movie boys were giving it a hard pounding and he watched them in amazement.

"Does it feel good when you go hard and fast like them?" He blurted out.

"Yes, but it can hurt when you do it that hard" I answered.

He pulled a little forward and rolled onto his stomach butt a little in the air off the floor by about two inches.

"Please Ben do it to me like that I want to feel it hard this time"

"You might be hurt if I do"

"No it is ok I know you would never hurt me on purpose" He replied.

"Are you sure about this"

"Yes I want it to hurt a bit so I know then I'm your friend for sure"

"Sioni you do not have to do that to prove anything to me, having you here with me is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me and I could never bring myself to do anything like that to hurt you."

"Please Ben I want to feel it like them."

"Honey they are professionals and they are used to it, I'm sorry I could really hurt you and I don't want that for you."

"Then just one or two pushes to see what it is like, please"

"Honey I'm not sure about this, it is very hard for me to admit that I love you because you are so young so to do it hard to you would really hurt me as well"

"Please Ben just one Please?"

"Well ok but I'm not happy doing this."

He had not moved but I could feel the muscles tense as I lifted above him.

I withdrew till only my head was inside then drove deep and hard down into him.

As soon as I did I knew I had hurt him and I felt immediate guilt for doing it to him.

Sioni let out a scream of pain.

"Oh god Sioni please forgive me I didn't want to hurt you my little love, please, please forgive me?"

I was getting a bit nervous, as I knew I had really hurt him.

Then to my utter surprise he wriggled his butt and looked over his shoulder at me and asked me to do it again.

"No little love I can't do it to you again it's to much for you and you'll be really hurt, I don't think this is a good idea at all."

"Oh Ben I love you to so I know you didn't mean to hurt me but if you're not happy then I'll not ask you to do it like that again"

I could feel the pain in him as if it was my own but then he pushed his butt back on to me to let me know that he was willing to continue and was happy to do it at my own pace for him.

He was still watching the video but I cut it out of my mind and concentrated on trying to make it more like a deep and fulfilling love than just sex and I'm sure that by his reaction he new that this time was special for both of us.

His movements were sensuous and silky as we made true love there on the lounge floor with tenderness and feeling for each other.

Our orgasm arrived together and you could feel the love and devotion in the act between us and as we parted to lay beside each other, Sioni smiled at me and said.

"That's for us only" he said and then leant to kiss me on the lips with those soft rose petals of his.

The movie finished and I looked over to Sioni now lying on the sofa his head on my lap.

He was now and again nuzzling the skin on my legs under him but not trying to be hot with it just doing it to be close.

I lowered my hand to his silken hair and brushed it lightly, he looked up and smiled then with his hand began to cup my scrotum caressing it softly.

Turning on his back and there it was again straight up in the air demanding to be used.

With not a word Sioni got to his feet and made his way to the bedroom glancing over his shoulder at me with a knowing grin.

A thought flashed across my mind "Damn I'm not going to win this one either" Smiled to myself and headed to the bedroom and that impish elf with the peach butt.

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