Castle Roland


by Arthur


Chapter 7

Published: 12 Nov 15


By Arthur

That evening as we lay together on the sofa watching a movie on TV I took the chance to look again at who had come into my life like a special gift, sent by some unknown being to comfort me as the later years came closer.

Sioni lay across my legs, his head on a cushion, his butt on my lap, my hand was on his stomach with his hand over mine, it was a pleasant and relaxing feeling having him there and I knew I could never let him go.

The look of peace and contentment on his face was all I needed to know that this was the right person for me and that the age factor did not enter into the equation there was however a need to see that things were right for him for his future and for ours as a couple.



"I think it's time to talk about your future."

"No need, I'm with you that's all I need."

"No, my little love, I'm now responsible for you so we have to do some things to make you safe, ok?"

"I'm ok with you, that's all I need."

"Yes I know honey, but there's some things that have to be done, like your school first, and then seeing if we can do something about your legal status."

"My school is ok."

"But it's a long bus ride for you, do you want to go to a closer school here so that you'll not have to travel and then you can get home easier?"

"If that's what you'd like, then yes I'll do it for you."

"Ok, the next thing is this apartment, it's to small for two of us and you will need a room of your own so I'm going to look for a bigger one tomorrow and then we'll see where the closest school is for you."

"Oh Ben, you'd do that for me?"

"Of course I would, I love you and want to make sure you have all the chances you can."

"Now your semester ends this week, right? So, if you don't mind staying where you are for this week then it'll give me time to set everything up for us, ok?"

"Ok, I love you Ben."

"Same here honey."

When the movie finished Sioni reached for the remote turned off the TV and moved off my lap.

"Time for bed, eh?"

He smiled and headed to the bedroom, I switched off the lights and followed.

He was already in the bed lying with his face toward me as I entered the room.

"Tonight is for sleep honey."

"Yes, Ben I know, but today was a special day for me."

I slid in beside him, his arms wrapping around me, his head on my chest and with a deep sigh he whispered.

"I love you, my palangi "

"Love you too babes, sleep now."

He was asleep before I had finished and as I lay there thinking of what had to be done tomorrow a peace came over me that I'd never felt before and then I knew what real love and devotion was about.

Monday dawned with a clearing sky as the storm disappeared into the western sky and the first hint of sun rose in the east.

The smell of coffee was in the air and I opened my eye's to see my little love standing there beside the bed with my morning eye opener.

"Thank you honey, you don't have to do this every day."

"It's ok I like to."

He was wearing his lavalava and had already had his shower and the smell of fresh soap and clean boy mixed with the coffee got my eye's open and my head working a lot quicker than normally for me.

"What's the time? Babes. "

"7.30, I'm going to get dressed for school now, I've got to get the 8 o'clock bus so I'm not late."

"Ok, I don't have to go to the office today so I can start to get things done for us and I'll be home when you've finished."

He leaned down and kissed me then went to change into his uniform for school, I watched as he dropped his lavalava and marveled at his body as he dressed.

What a great way to wake in the morning.

As Sinoi was ready to go for the bus I called him back.

"Hey, honey, what about your lunch?"

"It's ok I will find something at school."

I reached over to my wallet on the bedside table and took out a Ten Dollar note, handing it to him I said.

"Here babes, you get some decent food for lunch, I can't have you going hungry when you have to concentrate all day."

"Ben I can't take all that money, I don't need that much."

"Ok, bring back the change."

I laughed at this joke until I saw the look on his face and realized he thought I was serious.

"Hey babes, don't worry about it you need to have some money of your own, now take it and have a good day, ok?"

He took the note and carefully folded it and put it in his pocket, then, leaning down he gave me one of his little pecks on the lips, smiled, gave a little wave and went for the door.

"See you this afternoon my palangi, I love you."

"Love you too babes, see you later."

He was off out the door and I missed him already, now I had all day to wait till I saw him again, the apartment was empty and felt hollow without him there.

When my coffee was finished I arose and showered then called my land agent to sort out some new apartments for me to look at and make arrangements to sell this one.

A call to my bank to set up an account for Sioni and a little other business and that was my day, it was only 10.00am I had all the rest of the day to wait for him to come home, damn I thought there was only 60 minutes in an hour but the hand on the clock would not move.

At 10.30 I decided to go into my home office and try to find some work to do and keep myself busy.

The time dragged and after I had logged into the office computer in the city I found that my secretary had left a message for me to contact her.

I made the call and was told that a meeting had been set up in Wellington for next Tuesday and that I'd have to travel down there for two days.

When I told her to arrange accommodation for two in my usual Hotel she laughed through the phone.

"So at last we're going to see you smile, eh?"

"Bout time who is he?"

Margret was in her fifties and knew more about me than anyone and she would mother me at any chance she got.

"None of your business, nosey."

"Ok, ok, boss, do the other partners know?"

"Only you, mother."

"Is it a secret then?"

"Well I would like to keep it quiet for the moment, ok?"

"Ok Ben, my lips are sealed, but not for long if you don't bring me up to date soon."

I laughed at her comments and told her to get back to work before I fired her, she laughed at me knowing that I could not operate without her and said bye for now and she would have everything setup for me for next week.

As I sat back trying to find something to do the fax machine began to rattle off all the information I would need for the trip south and I began to hunt on the net at some of the sites I knew for advice on how to proceed with a relationship with a younger partner.

There was a little information on some of the sites and a few of the chat rooms were very helpful with advice so I sat back and did some serious thinking.

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