Castle Roland


by Arthur


Chapter 9

Published: 26 Nov 15


By Arthur

That evening as I sat back and watched TV I had a nice warm comfortable feeling about everything that had happened although I was still; in the back of my mind, fighting a battle with my consience about Sioni's age wich was getting harder to not deny; especially as he was curled up on a cushion on the floor in front of me with his body between my legs and his arms resting on my knee's.

I did not take much notice of what was on the television but instead let my mind drift where it wanted. As the thoughts came and went I began to realise how empty my life had been before he appeared; was it true that there was someone for everyone, or is that just an old wives tale to make us loners feel better about our selves?.

What did he see in me that I could not see,I'm no great catch, 5'9" 73kg, greying hair and a few wrinkles starting to make themselves known. I suppose that the one good feature was that I could not get fat, it didn't seem to matter what I ate I just stayed the same weight and had for years never been over the 73kg that I had been at 25yrs old.

I looked down to the boy at my feet and realised I had been combing his black, straight, silky hair with my fingers as I had been thinking and was aware that he was almost humming, or was it more like purring, in contentment,then it struck me like a bolt from the blue,there was no way that I could live without him by my side.

"Ben…Ben…Ben, are you ok?"

"Umph,What was that Sioni?"

"I asked if you're ok, you look like a spirit"

Spirit what was he talking about,and then my eyes went to the small wall mirror above the TV, my eye's were staring blindly out at me and my face was pale and sweating, looking down at Sioni's upturned face I could see concern and uncertainty.

"Hey, it's ok I just realised how much I love you and how I want you in my life forever"

A huge smile broke out on his face as he looked up at me, then with a wriggle he moved up from my knee's, across my body and clasped me around the neck with both arms placing a small peck on my mouth hugging close to me and then nestling down on to my shoulder.



"When you love someone,does your belly feel all tight like you're sick,and your head goes all funny like when you're sleepy but dont want to go to bed, and your fingers and toes tickle?"

I looked at him still there on my shoulder wondering where this had come from and began to think that he'd just mentioned the way I was feeling right at the moment of truth, when I realised I could never live without him.

"Yes Sioni,I suppose the first time you find the person that you want to spend all your life with, you would feel like that,why did you ask that question?"

"Well, my palangi,thats how I feel right now."

Lifting his head until he was cheek to cheek he tightened his arms a little more and relaxed into me as my arms also tightened around him feeling his slender back as the tension eased out of him.

"Hey mister, look at the time,it's almost 10.30 and you've got school tomorrow and I've some work to do in the city as well,so I think it's bed time don't you?"

Leaning back from his perch he smiled at me with a glint in his eye's nodding his head.


"Hey Mister, it's a school and work day tomorrow so dont start anything we wont finish before 11.00 o'clock,ok?"

A pouting look came to his mouth and if it had not been for the glint in his eyes I may have been taken in by it, then with a final wriggle and snuggle he jumped to his feet and went towards the bedroom, but the devil still emerged as he glanced over his shoulder as he reached the doorway, giving me a come hither look, giggled,wagged his tail end like a puppy and disapeared into the room.

I sat there for a moment, the heat rising in my face as I thought of that parting, here I was nearly 50 yrs old and blushing like an apple stealing school boy caught with his pockets full.

After making sure the apartment was secure for the night I headed to bed,it's nice to have a spring in your step that had never been there before.

Sioni was laying on his side facing the door watching and waiting for me to get into bed, holding the covers back for me while he watched every move I made as I undressed,and yes i'm a naked sleeper just like he is,it seemed we had a lot in common with many things and skin to skin is the only way to let your lover know how you feel about him, at least that's how I feel.

As I slipped into bed Sioni snuggled up close, his arm over my chest and his upper leg over mine, his warmth seeping into my own skin, (and yes he was like a rock where his mother never kissed him) as he whispered in my ear.

"Just sleeping,yes?"

"Yes Sioni,that's best I think, we've all our lives to play so there's no hurry is there"

"Yes my palangi,it's good like this."

He sighed, snuggled a little closer, if that was possible, and his breathing settled slowly into an even pattern as he drifted off to sleep,I lay there going over in my mind the events of the last week and a half and as my eyes closed my last thought was that maybe there was a god or something like that,that looked after us loners.

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