Castle Roland


by Arthur


Chapter 10

Published: 3 Dec 15


By Arthur

I was awoken the next morning to the feel of an earth quake shaking the bed and a draft of air blowing over my face,a weight bearing down on my chest making it difficult to breathe,fear was the first reaction,(we are not known as the shakey isles for nothing) earth quakes are quite common but this one was at least a 6.5, I struggled with the fog in my brain to move and then the giggle came through to my conciousness and I opened my eye's to see Sioni sitting on my chest bouncing up and down while he blew softly into my ear between giggles.

"Talofa,my palangi,did you sleep well?" (giggle)

"Yes kiddo, but i didn't wake up to good"

"Oh, why?"

"Well I think my bed was invaded by a jack rabbit"

More giggles then a big hug, and of course the little bird peck on the cheek,it was going to be easy to wake up like this every morning, to see the sparkling brown slightly asian eye's,then down to the slender neck and nice shoulders just starting to lightly muscle up, on down to a smooth chest, firm but not overly heavy with nipples the size of a ten cent piece and the formation of a youthful six pack with an inny near the last roll of muscle, and the slender waist wich looked to be no more than about 26" round and all of it covered with a light caramel smooth and hairless skin,damn 5'4" of smooth,smiling,beautiful dynamite, and he was starting to light my fuse.

"Your coffee is on the table here and i'm going to have a shower,you wash my back Ben?"

"You trying to wear out the old man, kiddo?"

"Oh no Ben,I just like to practise a lot."

I grabbed him around the waist and began to tickle him on the ribs, he began to squeal and laugh as he struggled to break away, when I thought he was a little like jelly I stopped and wiped the laughter tears from his cheeks and kissed him on the nose as he squirmed on top of the bed his lavalava lifting up around his hips just enough to give him a swat on the rear.

"Shower mister or we'll never get out of here."

"Love you Ben"

"Love you Sioni, now shower, go."

I reached over for a sip of coffee and surprised my self by almost bouncing out of bed, feeling like a 20 year old again, yes i know what your'e thinking, life is not a bowl of cherries or box of chocolates or what ever but with him beside me there was going to be nothing I could not handle even the damn beaurocrats at the DCYFS office (dept of child, youth and family services) thats right, I was going to do everything in my power to somehow secure for him a permanent place here beside me.

The shower stopped and then he appeared throught the doorway drying his hair,his skin glowing and bringing with him the clean scent of pure youth and soap with a hint of herbal shampoo, the lithe muscles in his arms working as he rubbed furiously.

"Ok my palangi, it's ready for you, I'll change for school now."

With a last long look at one of gods better creations I went into the shower emerging 15 minutes later to see Sioni dressed ready for school,a smile on his face and his arms held out toward me, well what would you do, the same I bet,so I did what came natural and picked him up for a good bye kiss(Tongue and all) then set him down on his feet again to pick up his back pack and head for the door, damn it was going to be a long day without him, even though I had a bit to do at work today it was still going to be a long time till 4.00 o'clock.

Just as the door was closing I heard a small voice and another giggle.

"Love you my palangi"

He was gone, the door closing before I could answer,ok buster get a move on you've got a lot to do today,first job was to collect the tickets for next weeks trip to the capital,then to the office to see the other two partners and collect the unsigned contracts and trying to avoid my secretary as well, then organise an appointment with the dreaded DCYFS,but that should not be to much of a problem as I have a few favours to collect in that area so it might help a little.

When that was all done there was just the matter of sorting out a new house or apartment for both of us and then down to the mariner to get the boat ready for a little surprise for gods little gift,yes thats right i'm a fanatical fisherman and like to be out on the water when ever I can make it ( which is most of the time) and it is nice that Sioni is from the islands as I'm sure he will love it out there,I had not metioned the boat to him hoping it would be a good surprise this coming weekend.

By 3.00 o'clock i was back home going through the contracts when at 3.30 the door bell rang and glancing at the clock realised that it could not be Sioni, besides he had his own key so it meant a visitor, but who would be coming around here at this time of day, I rose out of the chair and went to open the door.

"Collin, what are you doing here?"

Collin was a friend and also my estate agent, we had gone to school together and had remained close friends since those times, he was as straight as a die but also because of our friendship i had no need to hide my sexuality from him as he said it made no difference to him so why should it bother our friendship.

I invited him in and we sat for a little while chatting about his wife and two kids, then about the real estate business, until he said.

"Ben whats all this nonsence about selling your apartment, you know it is a buyers market out there at the moment, why sell it now when it is so down, if you wait for a couple of months you would get a much better price."

Just as he finished I heard the scraping of a key in the lock of the door and saw that Collin had also heard it,he looked at me and lifted his eyebrow, what could I do, So i smiled and nodded my head as he glanced at the doorway only to see a blur of uniform charge acroos the room toward me, then the whirlwind came to a sudden halt as Sioni saw I had a visitor.

"Well I think a nice bungalow over in half mooon bay would be the best for you two, and I think I know of one coming up for sale this week, you want to see it, say Friday?"

Collin looked at the stuned expression on my face as he got to his feet and moved over to where Sioni stood rooted to the spot.

"Hello, my names Collin,if that old bugger gives you any trouble you call for me, ok?"

"HHHello Mr. Collin, my names Sioni, and Mr.Ben would never do anything wrong to me."

"Well, polite,handsome and devoted, not a bad combination there Ben, anyway I have to go will call you Thursday to set up the house for Friday, and I can see now why you want to move."

As Collin let himself out I could hear the chuckle and a mumbled "Bout bloody time" as he left but I barely heard it as my arms were filled with happy boy trying to get inside my shirt with me.

"Talofa, my palangi, I'm home." ( giggle)

"Yes my love and soon we'll be in our proper home if Collin is as good as I know him to be."

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