Castle Roland


by Arthur


Chapter 11

Published: 10 Dec 15


By Arthur

Over the next couple of days everything seemed to go perfectly, Sioni as always was attentive and loving and had accepted the fact that we should not become to physical in bed during the week nights so that he could concentrate on his studies.

Friday arrived and Sioni's last day of the semester and the day to look at what Collin thought would be a nice bungalow for us to see. I had decided to keep the inspection for later in the day so that Sioni and I could see it for the first time together, after all it was to be his home as well if all went the way I hoped.

I heard the key scratching in the door and glanced at the clock on the wall, it was only midday,fear rushed through me as I thought,"my god whats happened to him, he's never home at this hour" I rushed from my home office to see what had happened to my boy the gut wrenching fear rising as the door was pushed open.

"Talofa my palangi, I'm home."

"My god Sioni, whats the matter, are you ok,have you had trouble, why are you home,what happened to you?"

My eyes were trying to take him all in,looking for injuries or any damage to my boy,I was gibbering maddly as he stood there with a strange look on his perfect face, almost laughing and at the same time trying to work out what the hell I was talking about.

Sioni let out a laugh as he understood what the problem was then rushed into my arms giggling and squirming against me.

"I'm ok Ben,it's the last day of school so we've only got a half day"

"You should've told me this morning, you gave me a hell of a fright just then,I thought you'd been hurt at school"


"No I'm ok, sorry for worrying you, I didn't think of it but I will next time ok, my palangi?"

"Ok, next time."

He took his pack into the bedroom and removed his uniform folding it neatly and placing it in the dresser drawer, sliding off his briefs he wrapped a clean lavalava around his waist and came into the office asking if I'd had lunch yet.

"No not yet, but now you're here we can go out and have something by then it'll be time to go and see Collin about the house, ok?"

"Ok, that'll be good"

I didn't have a lot to finish so I told him half an hour and we would be out of here, he looked at me from underneath his eyelashes a glint in his eye.

"Can I stay and watch you work?"

"Of course you can, grab a seat and I wont be long."

Now if I have ever made a foolish statement in my life that was it, a flash of caramel skin and colourful lavalava and he was on my lap arms around my neck and his mouth next to my ear.

"Can I have this seat my palangi?"

Butt wriggle,neck hug,gentle blow in the ear.What the hell, I could finish work later,I slipped one arm around his shoulders and the other under his knee's and stood up holding him against me as I moved toward the lounge a smile coming over my face.

When I reached the lounge I looked down into his eyes smiling as he cuddled closer.



"Could you just take your arm away from my neck for a minute?"

He looked up into my face a with a questioning look, as he removed his arms he asked.

"Mmmmm, why?"

"Because of this."

As I spoke those words I dropped him butt first onto the recliner chair laughing out loud at the hurt look he gave me.

"Thats to teach you to not scare me half to death then trying to get the best seat in the house."

He broke out laughing and squirming on the seat, his head back on the chair rest showing his beautiful neck slender and strong while he rocked his head side to side.

"Ok my palangi, you win,I love you."

"Love you too, mischief maker."

I let him settle there while I went to find something for him to drink and then with the glass of milk in hand went back to sit oposite him in the other chair.

"So what do you want for lunch?"

"Uhm, do you think we could go to the mall for some island food?"

"Sure, today you can have anything you want."

"When you've finished the milk you go get changed and we'll head over there."


When he was finished he wiped off the milk moustache took the glass to the kitchen and after washing it and putting it in the cupboard headed for the bedroom to change.

I glanced up as he returnd to the lounge and gasped at the vision before me, he had put on his open sandals and pulled on a tiedye t shirt of many colours pulling it down over the top of his lavalava and if you have never seen a young islander in his normal form of dress then you have seen none of natures beauty.

"Have you got your briefs on under there?"

"No, they don't feel good in a lavalava." (giggle)

"What if the wind blows?"

"Then I'll have to hug you to stop my lavalava from opening." (giggle)

"You trying to get me into trouble?"

"Yes" (giggle)

"Come here Mr. mischief"

Sioni slipped onto my lap and hugged me tight.

(giggle)"You like?"

"To much,but I think lunch about now would be good"

One more snuggle from him and he was on his feet waiting for me to get up and move to the door his hand on my arm, his sandals slapping softly on the floor.

Finding a parking place at the mall was not easy on a friday with everyone out shopping and school kids all over the place, it was not my sort of place during the day as I'm not the sort of person that likes crowds but it was for him and I didn't mind at all this day.

The sights and sounds of the mall and the open air stalls selling produce from all over the place gave the feeling of bustle and ergency but on closer inspection you could see that everyone was moving at a comfortable pace, stopping and chatting to each other laughing at the antics of the younger kids around as they dashed from one stall to the other calling out to parents and each other.

We approached a food stall manned by an island women, the smells of cooked banana's chicken, pork, kumara and all the foods that the islanders like so much wafting out over the area, as Sioni looked up to me questioningly.

"What ever you want Sioni, but just a little for me you know I don't eat much during the day"

Sioni nodded his head and started to order his lunch while chatting to the women, I noticed at one stage she looked up at me then back to Sioni and back to me before nodding, smiling at me then talked again to Sioni as he looked over to me smiling again.

When Sioni had all he wanted he left the stall and came over to me and we made our way to a small trestle table set out in the sun for people to use as they looked or ate or just chatted to each other.

"Ok mister what was that all about?"

"Oh that was the wife of the pastor from my church."


"She just asked me if I was your friend."


"I said yes and she said that you look right for me and you would look after me well"

"How does she know that?"

"Because she's very wise in the island ways and she knows about people"

"So she doesn't think it's bad for you then?"

"Oh no,she said you were meant to find me and that everything is going to be good for us."

"Well you're good for me anyway, I know that much."

"Oh my palangi we're meant to be together, she said so."

We sat and ate our lunch and sitting back at the end of it licked our fingers and sighed as we looked down at the remains of our lunch sitting in the foil plates, I had eaten a lot more than normal for me as the food was just to good to stop and there is something about the food that was natural and made you want to keep eating.

We rose from the trestle table and as we began to make our way back to the car I glanced over at Sioni as he looked behind us and the sheer terror on his face made me turn around in time to see a large islander looking a little drunk heading toward us, behind him a very large women and two younger boys about 16 or 17 years old.

"Hey yous palangi"

Sioni began to shake as he pulled closer to me he muttered.

"My uncle, he's drunk"

Now although I'm not large and I'm getting a little older I feel that my time in the army had given me enough training to handle most things so i gentley pushed Sioni behind me as I balanced myself on my back foot turning slightly sideways to the approaching man.

The woman obviously did not want to be there but she had no power to stop what the man was doing and the boy's seemed to be enjoying the whole show, after all their dad out wieghted me by a good 20 kilo's and 3" in height.

"Hey yous palangi yous want to fuck that fafafini yous gotta buy him"

The words were slurred and loud enough to be heard for quite a distance, a hush came over most of the assembled people some with looks of distatse others with anger and others with a look of pity for Sioni.

I looked into his eyes straight on showing no sign of anger or fear to let him know what I was thinking but reached down to Sioni's shoulder holding him close and firmly.

"How much do you think he's worth?"

This made him stop and think as it was the last thing he expected from me and he became a little flustered trying to sort out what was said in his boozed mind.

"Yous gives me $2000.00 and takes the fafafini for good"

Sioni was trying to pull away from me and I looked down to him and gave a small shake of my head. I looked again at his uncle and nodded my head.

"Ok, but I don't have the money here, you come to my home tomorrow morning and I'll have it for you."

"Where yous live palangi?"

I reached into my pocket and took out my card handing it to him.

"There you are,be there at 10.00 in the morning, ok?"

"Yeah, yous have the money or I's takin the fucker home."

"You be there is all ok?"

"Yeah I'll be there."

Gotcha ass hole I thought to myself and then there was a yell and the crowd began to part like the red sea for moses as the woman from the stall came through pushing people out of the way as she headed for the uncle yelling and screeming at him waving her arms, a formidable force to be reackoned with by the look of it.

She glanced over to me and gave a little nod indicating for me to take Sioni out of there which I was only to glad to do as he was shaking in fear and worry.

"Hey Sioni, don't worry ok, everything is now going to be ok, I have the bastard where I want him, he'll never be able to do anything to you again."

"Ben,Oh Ben, please I don't want you to buy me."

"Come on Sioni don't you worry, he'll never get a cent, but if I had to I'd pay anything to keep you, but now don't you worry your head, this's just the thing we need to get you free and start a new life."

"But he'll be there tomorrow and I don't want him to hurt you, it's better if he takes me back."

"Hey I said don't worry, I love you and you don't have to go anywhere but where you want to go or do anything you don't want to do, now buck up let's go look at the new house."

We reached the car and as I pulled out of the parking place I gave myself a small smile at how things had worked out and the fact that with a little planning this was going to fix things up right for Sioni once and for all.

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