Castle Roland


by Arthur


Chapter 12

Published: 17 Dec 15


By Arthur

I had made plans to take Sioni out for the weekend on the boat and spend some quality time away from the city but now with the appearance of his uncle I would have to rearrange the schedule a little, but I was still determined that we would get the better part of the time out there.

Looking across at my little lover scrunched up in the passenger seat my heart went out to him as I saw so many emotions runing over his features,the worst of them being a look of total defeat so I reached across the seat and gripped his hand in mine trying to convey a little hope for him.


"Yes Ben?"

"Come on buster, everything is going to be ok, just remember I love you and I would never let anyone hurt you, not even your own family."

He gripped my hand a little harder and looking over at me I could see a small spark of deternination come back into his eyes as he lifted his head a bit higher jutting that perfect chin out, then giving a little nod of his head as though all was reconciled in his mind he smiled at me and the day became brighter for the effort.

"Thank you my palangi,I love you too,what're we going to do now?"

"Soon we go home,but first we've got to go and see the house, then we're going to make a couple of phone calls and get set up for the meeting tomorrow."

"Ok,I trust you, now I know it's going to be alright."

"Yes Sioni' everything is going to be fine, tomorrow you're going to be free."

"You're not giving him money are you?"

"Definitely not,slavery is illegal,but I want that bastard to pay a price he'll never forget."

At last we were on our way to look at the bungalow that Collin had found for us over in the bay, the day was beautiful, the sun beating down a light breeze ruffling the water beside the marine parade as we drove with the windows open, the smell of the salt in the air and the disc player booming out the 1812 overture (just love the finale and the cannons).

As we approached the address that Collin had given me I could see his car parked by the side of the road waiting for us so I pulled up behind it and looked over to the bungalow he had said was perfect for us.

Collin came out of the door as we pulled up, the smile a mile wide on his face, we got out of the car and made our way toward him.

Collin approached and his first words surprised me a little as he turned to Sioni and ignored me as he put out his hand taking Sioni's instead.

"Hello Sioni, what do you think of your new house?"

"Hello Mr. Collin, my house?"

"Yes your house, you like it don't you?"

"It's a nice house Mr.Collin but it's not mine."

"Course it is Sioni,you just don't know it yet, oh and don't worry about that old bugger he'll do what he's told."

I put on my best 'hurt face' and tried to ignore the reference to my age as I watched the toe digging and embarresment on Sioni's face as he clasped his hands in front of his beautiful crutch trying to keep the breeze from lifting his lavalava to much.

"So this is how you do business is it Collin,con the young ones and let the old ones pay for it?"

"Yep, works every time, so what do you think?"

The bungalow was a spralling hacienda style house, the gardens were immaculate and the house itself was well maintained, the location was perfect, right on the esplanade with the beach just across the road looking over the bay and down to the marina.

"So what's the set up inside Collin?"

"Three bedrooms,all with there own bathrooms, lounge and dining room combined, looking right out over the bay,and all the usual other bits plus double garage out back and a small granny flat at the back of the section if you want to have boarders."

"Well it's certainly what I would like but I think it's a bit out of my range, price wise anyway."

"You thinks so,well I think we could make a deal if you're really interested?"

"How so?"

"Well I know for a fact that the people, a young couple,are in over their heads on this one and it's due to come up for a mortagee sale soon if they can't find the money for the bank and they still need accomodation in the city for their work."


"First of all, how serious are you about Sioni?"

"How serious? you know how I like to go window shopping when the boy's are out and about? well since he's joined me I haven't even seen another boy, even when he's not around, all I can think of is him and what I can do for him, and how my day is empty when he's not around."

"And it's not just a lonely old man with the hots for a young horney guy then?"

"No Collin, I know it's not, he's great to hold and all the rest but it's something inside of me, it's like finding a soul mate, he just feels right, you know down inside."

"You got it bad eh?"

"Collin, we've known each other for many years."


"You ever seen me like this before?"

"Never, but I wish I had, he's made you look ten years younger and you've got a spring in your step again."

We had been inside the house wandering around looking at the various rooms and the settings, Sioni close behind listening and looking at everything.


"Yes Ben?"

"Do you like it?"

"It's awesome."

"So you want to live here with me?"

Looking shyly up at Collin then back to me, the heat rising into his face he replied.



After a quick and shy look at Collin he grabbed me around the waist, put his head on my chest, arms tightening and nodded his head, the beginning of a tear starting in his eyes.

"Ok Collin,lets deal, what do you have in mind?"

"Lets sit down in the lounge, looks like someone wont be able to stand for much longer."

We went through to the lounge, Sioni with his arm around my waist, a small blush now and again when he saw Collin smiling at us, after sitting down Sioni glided into my lap and tucked his head on my shoulder, I'm sure I could hear a purring coming from him but then again maybe that's what I wanted to hear.

"You look good together, he's really the one isn't he?"

No hesitation,no prevarication ( and if you know what a Libran is like you know how hard that is to avoid)


"Well the only thing left is, what is Sioni going to do when you give up the ghost, you're no spring chicken?"

"Hell thats no problem, if I take the house he gets his name on the paper work as co,owner."

"You sure about this?"

"Damn sure, I've never been more sure of anything in my life."

"Good,cause the way I feel is if you hurt the little fella, or leave him high and dry I'll come and piss on your grave after I bury you."

I let out a burst of laughter but the look in Collins eye said he just might be serious.

"Ok tough guy lets hear your deal?"

"Ok,they have this place on the market for $265,000 your place is valued at $195,000."

"Yep, so?"

"Can you get your hands on $30,000 in cash?"

"Mmm, yes I think I can do that."

"Well the deal is this, they take your apartment free hold, you give them $30,000 in cash and take this place free hold, the $30,000 clears their loans and gives them a little on the side, sound ok for you?"

"You mean we can have this place for a mere $225,000 free hold?"

"Thats it, you'd be insane not to take it, and I know you aint that."


Collin reached for his brief case on the floor and pulled out some papers.

"Ok, you sign here and Sioni signs here, then the same on the other pages."

"You bastard, you knew I'd want him to have this place incase anything happened to me."

"Yep, saw it the first day I met him, you think after thirty years I don't know you."

Collin sat back in his chair and laughed after pushing the papers in my direction.


It was all I could say as I asked Sioni to move to the chair beside me and sign the papers as I handed them to him.

When all was done and the arrangements for when we could move and how he would sort out all the paper work for me, I told Collin that I would have the money for him Monday and that was that, we were now the owners of a house in Halfmoon Bay.I reached for Sioni's hand and we went and stood at the large picture window overlooking the bay.

"You like our new house bub?"

"Oh my palangi, it's a beautiful house."

"Do you understand the papers you signed?"

"Not really."

"Well they say that if anything happens to me the house is yours, you are a part owner as of now,so it's our house now."

He threw his arms around me as it began to sink in that he was the owner as well and as he hugged me hard I could hear the soft sobs coming from him and I carressed the hair on his head as his hips rubbed into me and something reminded me how he felt.

"Ok you love birds, I got to go, I've a meeting soon with some one more important."

I looked over to Collin and I knew that he could see the look in my eyes and the sincerity that I meant.

"Thanks Collin, for everything."

Collin knew I meant more than just the house as he looked down to Sioni clasped around my waist.

"My pleasure, you two belong together, even I can see that,just dont you ever hurt him granddad."

"Never, sonny."

With that Collin left us together looking out over the bay, Sioni's future home assured and a little bit of a start for him.

When we were seated in the car we had a final look at our new home and a squeeze on my hand made it feel so much better, then turned around and headed back to the apartment to make arrangements for our visitor next day, this I was looking forwad to with great anticipation.

Saturday morning dawned and Sioni gave me a wake up call and a hot coffee with extras that left my knees feeling like jelly and as he set about getting the apartment in order I set up for our meeting in two hours.

At 9.50 there was a knock on the door and I went to talk to the person who was there explaining what I had in mind for the meeting, to which he agreed and then returned to the lounge to wait. At 10.05 came a loud knock on the door and I told Sioni to sit where I had told him the night before and went to open the door for our 'guest'.

I opend the door and the uncle stood there alone, a scowl on his face.

"Well palangi, yous got the money?"

"I dont talk business on the door step, come in and take a seat."

He sauntered into the flat not even removing his shoes beforehand, and I knew this was meant as an insult as it was impolite in there society not to do so ( you going to pay for that one too buddy).

"Take a seat."

"Ok, yous got the money?"

"Yep, it's a bank certified cheque, couldn't get cash so quick, just got to fill your name in."

"I says cash, palangi."

"This is the same as cash, you can change it anywhere."

"Hmph, ok, but dont yous go fuckin with me palangi"

"No problems, just give me your name and it's yours?"

"Panila Famalini."

"Ok,Panila, and this two grand means that you're selling the boy to me forever, that right?"

"Yeah, Yous gives me the money for the fafafini's ass and yous gets to keep him."

"And you have no more claim on him, no more giving him the bash or kicking his ass?"

"Nah, sides he don't even scream anymore when I gives it to him, you keep the fucker I don't care."

I made to reach into my pocket for a cheaque, this was the agreed sign for my other guest to come out of the office room.

"Right only one more thing."

"What, just gives me the money and I'm gone."

By this time my other guest was standing behind him and spoke up much to the surprise of Panila.

"Mr.Panila Famalini, I'm Constable Nichols, I'm placing you under arrest for attempted child slavery,extortion,threatening to assault,battery and assault, I will ask you to stand and place your hands behind your back."

To stunned to even think he rose to his feet as Bob Nichols(Another friend of many years) began to put the cuffs on, then Panila woke to the fact he had just been done he began to look around trying to understand it all.

I could not resist the temptation to show him how easy it was to get him.

"Look above Sinoi's head on the bookcase,thats a web camera and beside it is a microphone, it's all hooked up to my computer in the other room where constable Nichols was waiting so you're taped and recorded,I hope you enjoy your holliday for the next seven years and your return to the islands after that."

He tried to make a move toward me then at Sioni but Bob had a good grip on him and as Bob had three kids of his own Panila was not going to have an easy ride to the station, tuff.

Bob swung him around toward the door looking back over his shoulder and giving me a nod of understanding as he lead him out.Sioni flew out of his chair where he had been sitting quietly as I'd asked him too, then with a vice like grip around my waist he said.

"Oh my palangi, you did it, you did it."

"No my love, 'WE' did it, now you're free and I'm afraid that you're stuck with me now."

"I love you my palangi."

"I love you Sioni, forever."

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