Castle Roland


by Arthur


Chapter 13

Published: 24 Dec 15


By Arthur

Now that our 'guests' had gone and it was nearly 11.30 I asked Sioni to prepare a little light lunch for us both as I had some packing to do for us.

"Why are you packing, my palangi?"

"Because my lovely little island spirit, we are going fishing until tomorrow afternoon."

"Are we, really, truly, I love the sea and fishing, how did you know."

"Easy, because I love you and I love fishing, so, you must love fishing too."

"I love you too, but sometimes you can be silly my paLangi."

"Ok then you do lunch, I do packing, and then we are out of here till tomorrow."

With that said I headed to the office room where I stored most of the gear I kept at home for fishing trips, and then to the bedroom for extra clothing while Sioni was busy in the kitchen with lunch.

When I returned to the kitchen lunch was ready and as usual Sioni had prepared just the right sort of light lunch for the occasion, just cold meats and salad with a little fresh fruit, but as a little extra surprise for me he had poured out a glass of chilled chardonay, I often wondered if he realised how much he was spoiling me with these little thoughtful surprises.

When we had finished lunch I set about filling a chilly bin with the food supplies we would need as he washed up and cleaned the kitchen, I was always embarressed when he would not let me help to do the cleaning around the house but he would just insist that it was his duty and would not let me lift a finger, sometimes going to the extent of giving me a small scowl as I tried to interfere.

We left the apartment just after 1.00 o'clock to go to the marina and pick up the boat which of course Sioni was unaware that I owned and I don't think crossed his mind as to how we were going to go out fishing, he just accepted that because I had said that was what we were doing then that was good enough.

When we arrived at the marina I parked close to the gate and as Sioni unloaded the car I went in search of a dock barrow to haul everything down to my berth and as soon as it was all loaded aboard Sioni realised that it was a little strange that I had just walked up to the boat and began to load and prepare it for sea.

"Ahh, Ben?"

"Yes Sioni?"

"Who's boat is this?"

"Our's of course."


"Well it used to be mine, now it's our's."

"You had this all the time and only now you tell me, sometimes my palangi you can be very bad."

"Yeah but it's a good bad, don't you think?"

"Yes, it's a good bad." (giggle)

Sioni stood back for a minute to have a good look at what I now considered was 'our' boat,it was a 27' Pelin Emperess powered by a 190 hp caterpiller diesel, with good accomodation but at the same time plenty of free space for my favourite hobby.

"Come on Sioni we have to go so no time for looking, I'll just get you to untie those two lines from the dock and then jump on and we're away from here."

Sioni went forard and released the bow line then to the stern and did the dame before jumping lightly into the cockpit and coming up to stand beside me as we pulled away and headed out to the channel.

"Can I go and sit up the front in the sun and feel the wind?"

"Yes of course you can, you will be safe up there."

Without another word he stripped off his lavalava and I had to look quickly thinking that he would be naked underneath as he never wore anything with his lavalava's, but my mind was put to rest and also aroused when I saw the brief speedo's in pure white against his caramel skin, god I could stop the boat right here in mid channel and do naughty things to him when I saw what he was wearing.

"How do I get up there?"

"Just open that hatch in front of you and you can step right out onto the deck."

"Oh, ok, thank you, love you."

"Love you too, have fun."

My plan was to head out the main channel past Rangitoto and spend the night at Kauwau Island and do most of our fishing out at flat rock or trolling the Hauraki gulf and then sleep in one of the many bays around Kauwau for the night.

Once clear of the channel I opened up the boat to 20 knots and with the 15 knot north westerly the water just had enough sea running to make the boat perform at it's best, it was so great to be out here again especially with Sioni to share it with.

That evening we went ashore at mission bay to the restaurant for dinner and then back to the boat for an evening fish finally calling it a day about 10.30 and found a small bay to anchor up for the night.

It must have been the relaxed nature of the day and the problem of the morning being resolved that made Sioni more tender and loving than before, we did not go into a full sexual fenzy but instead we were both satisfied to just hold each other and caress,hold and kiss tenderly in a show of genuine love and respect for each other.

Although we both got very, very hard it seemed that all we wanted was to be together without the need for release, I think that this was one of those very special nights when you can comunicate to your partner how much you love them without the need of words or sex.

We returned to the apartment tired, relaxed, happy and even more in love with each other, it was just one of those times, a final bonding that made unbreakable ties between two people, Just a perfect day and a perfect lover.

Monday morning and I had to go into the office for a short time to get the final papers for my meeting and to check that all had been made ready for us in Wellington for our trip the next day, Sioni decided to stay home and prepare the apartment and to begin to pack ready for our move to the new house when we returned on thursday, even though I had told him that the movers would do it all he insisted that he look after anything that was fragile.

My secretary cornered me in the office and demanded to know all about Sioni and how I felt about him and when at last I had answered all her questions to her satisfaction (talk about the inquisitonn thye have nothing on her when she wants to know something) she then told me in no uncertain terms what my life was going to be worth if I ever let him down or did not look after him properly, (I'm glad I love Siopni and not her)

10.30 am tuesday found us lifting off from Auckland airport which was a first for Sioni if the grip he had on my hand was any indication I was going to have very sore knuckles by the time we landed.

It was when we got to the hotel that I realised how narrow minded some people could be to people who were not the same as themselves and although I do not like to get angry or upset with people trying to do their jobs I do have a breaking point and today was going to be one of those days.

Sioni was dressed perfectly and looked quite the little gentleman in light tan slacks, brown shoes,pale blue open necked shirt and a giovani brown leather dress jacket and with his caramel skin tone and deep brown eyes he was a sight to behold and turned many heads as he accompanied me through the foyer to the reception desk.

My company had been using this hotel for the last 12 years and we always had a large suite on the top floor with a view over the harbour.

When we approached the desk the duty manager looked up at me and smiledm then over to Sioni and the smile immediately disappeared and he gave a small cough in his throat as he looked back to me.

"Yes sir, do you have a reservation?"


I gave him the name of the company and he began to look down at his list.

"Ahh, yes sir, I have that here but I'm sorry I have to point out that it is the policy of this hotel not to allow the guests to entertain,..ahm.. how shall I say this..ahm.. escorts in their rooms, I'm sorry but I can not allow this..ahm person to accompany you to your room."

Although my blood by this time was at full boil I looked at Sioni and could see by his face that he had not missed any of the insinuations, I reached out my hand to his shoulder and gave a small squeeze to let him know I was there and not to worry.

I briefly closed my eyes to compose myself and then looked up to this upstart.

"Can you tell me why you think this young man is an escort?"

"Well sir it is quite obvious, I mean to say he's and islander and just by the way he's dressed he would not normally be able to afford those types of close, it stands to reason."

"Oh really does it, mmmm, and there's nothing you can do?"

"No sir, I'm sorry, it's the hotel policy."

"You do know who I am, don't you?"

"Yes sir I have the name of the company you represent."

"Tell me do you know anything about the company?"

"Well yes sir, I know it has aninternational reputation and it's listed on the stock exchange, I even have some of it's share's."

"So even knowing that there's still nothing you can do?"

"I'm sorry sir but his type are not permitted on the premises."

"Mmmm ok, tell em is Robert Newman in the hotel?"

"The owner, sir?"

"Yes, the owner."

"Well yes sir, I believe he's in the penthouse at the moment."

"Ring him."

"Ring him, sir?"

"Yes, ring him"

"Very good sir, but it will make no difference that boy will not be allowed in."

"Ring him," "NOW"

this last word was said loud enough to be heard out on the street, it was now time to show this little nobody that you should not make hasty decsions, Robert and I went a long way back and we both happen to admire the finer things on life, mainly a very handsome and loverable young man.

"Excuse me sir, Mr. Newman."


"Yes fine thanks and you?"

By this time I could see the look oon the desk manager starting to wonder if he just may have made a mistake, good you little bastard, sweat.

"Ah Bob listen I have my young man with me."

"Yes Sioni."

"Thats right, he's with me this trip."

"Well it's like this Bob, this bloody little upstart has accused him of being a rent boy and wont allow us to go to our room."

"I'm damn sure thats what he said."

"Yes you know I don't make a mistake like that."



"Right, just a minute."

I looked up to the manager and handed him the phone.

"Bob wants to talk to you."

As he put the phone to his ear I could see one of the older managers heading toward the desk and then I heard Bob's voice on the phone even from where I was standing it was obvious that he was not happy.

"Yes Mr. Newman, it's me."

Then I heard it from the other end of the phone.


The manager stood there like a stunned mullet shaking as he looked over to me and all I could do was return a nice sweet smile and a wink, Oh revenge is so sweet.

The other manager took over as our stunned mullet shuffled off toward the staff enterance, head hung on his chest.

"Now sir, you and your young man are booked into your normal suite, if you would care to go ahead I'll have the bell boy bring up your cases, and my sincerest apologies for the trouble you were caused."

I turned to Sioni and asked him.

"Well Sioni do you accept his apology, you were the one insulted so you deserve the apology?"

"Yes Ben Thank you, I accept."

"Well there we are, he accepts, I'm sure it wont happen again, will it?"

"Definately not sir."

"I'm sure you will inform the rest of the staff that Sioni will be accorded the same respect that every other guest is accorded."

"Yes sir it will be done."

"Thank you, come on Sioni lets have a look at the room."

The rest of our stay in Wellington went smoothly, and I may say profitabley and so on thursday we made our return to Auckland and by friday we would be in our new home and at last some peace and quiet with my Sioni by my side.

The next two days were a frantic rush, trying to omve into the new house and get things sorted for our permanent future together. Sunday was of course a day of rest, and cuddles, and kissing, and touching, and feeling, well you get the idea and if you dont I'm not going to teach you.

On monday Sioni and I sat and discussed where he wanted to go to school and then rang around to find a good and suitable one for him which turned out to be only a ten minute walk from the house and he would be able to enrol at the end of the hollidays in two weeks time, all I had to do was to get the required uniform for him and he would be set to continue with his education.

It was Sioni's birthday in two months and I began to make plans for him and to make sure it would be one that he would remember for a long long time, he had become more and more affectionate and loving as we spent more time together and even the staff at work could see how much he meant to me and would continuously tell me to go home to him or would ring before I went into the office and tell me to stay home as I was not needed that day.

Have you ever had that feeling of not being wanted, well thats how I felt when I was uncerimoniously told to get lost by my staff and partners, anyone would think I worked for them instead of the other way round.

As Sioni's birthday arrived I gave a party at the house with all of the staff in attendance and on the following day gave another one for all of Sioni's friends from school with a BBQ acroos the road on the beach so they could run a little wild, god he has some fine looking friends at school but of course none of them compared to him in my eyes, it was a very tired lover that came to bed that night.

As we lay beside each other propped up against the head board and as he snuggled into his usual place with his head on my shoulder and one hand across my chest, I looked down at him and thought now would be a good time to tell him what I had for his birthday present, I had not given him anything until then as I wanted it to be special and without others around.

"Sioni, you know I haven't given you your present yet?"

"Yes you have my palangi, you have given me the best present I've ever had."

"Really whats that?"

"The first birthday party I've ever had, not one party but two parties and all your friends from the office came just to see me and they were so nice and all the presents they gave me, then you let me have all my friends from school today, oh my palangi you can't give me anything more than what you already have."

"Oh that's a shame, I suppose that I'll just have to throw these other things away then."

"What other things? you don't have to give me anything more, I have everything now."

"Well not quite, there's just a couple of things you don't have yet."

"What woulf they be?"

His tongue on my neck was hard to resist but with a mighty effort I managed to reach into the cabinet beside the bed and hand him an envelope.

"Have a look inside."

Sioni open the envelope and when he saw that it was a voucher for a full driving course plus the added courses which would allow him to get a full lisence a full year earlier than normal he just about went wild.

"You going to let me drive, Oh my palangi you always know how to make me happy."

"Ahh just a moment, don't drown me yet, there's this oone tom open too."

"Ohh, is this for real?"

"Yes it's for real, I'm now your legal guardian, all signed and sealed."

"Thank you,oh, thank you, now we will never be split up, ever."

"Never my love, nevr, you got me forever now, and I almost forgot, there's this one too."

"More, this is to much, you do to much for me."

"Wh..what's this one?"

"Thats a copy of my will, if anything happens to me evrything goes to you, I want you to be protected and looked after just in case."

"But my dearest palangi you cant give everything to me, what about your family?"

"Sioni my love, you are my family, all of it, so it will all belong to you."

"But, but,but,Ben I'm only an island boy, you can't give all you have to me."

"Sioni, you may be only an island boy, but you are my island boy and I love you more than anything I have so it's rightfully yours."

The tears that ran down his face at that moment i did not know if they were from joy or from love but I didn't care he was happy and that was the main thing and if anyone deserved happiness it was my Sioni, he may have had a hard start in his life for the first 14 years but I was going to make damn sure he did not have to suffer anymore in the rest of it.

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