Castle Roland


by Arthur


Chapter 14

Published: 31 Dec 15


By Arthur

After Sioni's birthday we had both settled comfortably into our routines, Sioni with school and home, myself with work and planning how to best take care of my lover as he deserved to taken care of.

Christmas will be here in two weeks and today is the last day of exams for Sioni and having seen how hard he'd worked, both at school and at home, I just knew he was going to do well, so I began to make plans for something special for him and all his efforts.

Unless you live here you would not probably be aware how difficult it can be for a young Islander to make a go of it in the school system and in fact even out in the business world, although Sioni would have the advantage of working for my company if he wished to when his schooling was complete, it can still be a tough world for him.

I had allowed him to use my computer at home to play around with after his home work was finished and I was pleasantly surprised one evening when I walked into to watch him to find him designing tapa paterns and not playing one of the many games I had downloaded.

I stood entranced by the meticulous art work, the patience he showed as he color filled and redrew when a mistake occured until he was fully satisfied, then to my surprise instead of saving his outstanding work he just hit the delete button and destroyed it all, it almost brought tears to my eyes to see that work of art disappear, the color and precision gone forever.


"Oh, hello my palangi."

"Sioni my love, why did you destroy that?"

"Oh, I didn't want to fill up your computer with that stuff, it's just playing about."

"Sioni, it was so beautiful, you're really so tallented, you should have saved it."

He looked up into my face, a shy blush arising on his cheeks as he wriggled his lavalava covered butt on the chair, his caramel skin taking on a glow from the overhead lights as I moved in close behind him, placing my arms around his chest from behind I lay my head on his shoulder.

"How many have you done of them, love?"

"Oh, I don't know, I do a couple each night, it feels good when I do a nice one."

"Ok honey, from now on you're going to save them to a CD disc and then we can keep them to look at, sound ok to you?"

"Do you really like them?"

"Of course I loved it, it's so natural and flowing, I want you to save everything you do so that we have a record for later, it can be your portfolio for the future, ok?"

This also solved a problem I'd had about his xmas present, well part of it anyway, the rest of it was going to be a combined xmas and reward for his efforts during the year at school.

I was sitting out on the deck when at last I heard the words that brought joy to my existence as the front door closed and the running feet could be heard on the tiles of the enterance way.

"Hello my palangi, I'm home."

"Out here my little love."

His greeting each day never varied in word or intensity, it was like the first time, full of love and caring and need, it was his special greeting, then his arms were around my neck as he gave me that special butterfly kiss on the cheek.

"I love you, my palangi."

"I love you too, Sioni, now, how did the exams go, or is this to soften me up for a bad report?"

Sioni knew I was joking by the smile stretching over my face as he came around to be in front of me and sat at my feet on the deck, his lithe legs folding under him as he handed his report card to me, still I saw, sealed in the envelope untouched, even though he was quite entitled to see it if he wished, I knew he had saved it for me like a gift.

"Sioni, this is marvelous, you passed with a 96% pass rate, oh honey I'm so proud of you, I know how hard you worked, I think you deserve something special for doing this."

His beaming smile said it all, his hard work had paid off, his devotion to his school work had now given him a chance to be one of those that would make it in life.

"I had to do it for you, my palangi."

"Sioni my love, this is for you, you don't have to anything for me, just having you beside me is enough for me."

There on the deck as we looked out over the ocean before us he reached forward and leaned into my arms and kissed me with his soft pliable lips, not deep and demanding but lightly like a whisper of wind brushing over hot skin.

I hugged him close and to hell what the passers by thought, I loved him and they could go to hell with their little closed minds, My young man can do no wrong in my eyes and if he wanted to kiss me then thats what was going to happen.

We broke apart and as I looked into his eyes I was sure he could see the pride in mine at his accomplishment.

"Sioni honey, have you ever had a dream to go some where, you know to travel over sea's?

"Mmmm, well yes, sort of, but it was only a dream."

"Well if you could go any where you wanted, where would it be?"

As I already knew the answer by looking at the sites he had been watching on the computer, I'd given him full access to the internet just to see what he would do, and found he had no interest in the usual type of porno sites, in fact had never even tried to enter one, but he had been investigating one site over and over and this had given me the idea for his graduation present.

"Well my palangi, if I was ever lucky enough, I'd love to go to the states."

"Hmm, america,.. hmmm.. yes,..hmm well thats a long way from here."

"Yes I know, but it was just a dream."

"Hmmm, ok, anywhere in particular that you liked over there?"

"He,he,he, yeah."



"Oh yes, hmmm, lots of people seem to like that place, don't know why though."

"It's just a dream, my palangi, but it does look like fun."

"Yes I suppose it could be, honey, could you do me a favour?"

"Of course I will."

"On my desk in the office, beside the computer, there's a parcel, could you get it for me, please."

"Ok, wait here I'll get it."

"Thank you, honey."

Within thirty seconds he was back, the large brown envelope in his hand.

"is this it?"

"Yes, that's it, why don't you open it? save me having to move from here."

Sioni curled himself back down by my feet as he began to open the envelope, once opened I'm sure the result could be heard in the central city eight kilometers away, even with the noise of the traffic.

After he settled down a little he looked up at me tears of joy running down his cheeks.

"Oh my palangi, you did this for me, how did you know?"

"Ahha my sweet love, us old men have our ways."

There again on the front deck I was covered in hugging, kissing boy.

"Thank you, thank you, my beautiful palangi, you're so good to me."

"Sioni my love, there's nothing that I wouldn't do for you, to watch you work so hard all this time made me so proud of you, I thought you needed something special for all your work and the love you've shown me all this time."

"Oh my palangi, I love you so much."

Needless to say that christmas in the states was a gas, and to see my love turn back into a 12 year old as he ran and yelled around Disneyland and toured around the sites was so heart warming that I felt twenty five again trying to keep up with him.

It became also a bit of a joke between us for him to turn up at breakfast in the hotel restaurant in his lavalava (au natural underneath) and tee shirt of many colors, much to the consternation of the staff.

I really think though that many of the young men on the staff would liked to have removed said lavalava given the opotunity, of course Sioni acted with the utmost decorum and only wriggled his butt now and again as we left the restaurant, then would reach out and touch my forearm as he looked back to see the results and to let them know he was mine alone.

There's definately a little of the devil in my little lover.

We spent our New Year's eve in San Francisco which was Sioni's desire, not really my scene but it was for him and there was no way I was going to deny him his dream, on the 2nd of Jan we departed for home and a nice couple of weeks lazing around to get over our 'holliday'.

On the flight back as everbody slept and with the jet at 30,000 feet Sioni decided he would like to join the mile high club, so who was I to deny my love, but damn those toilets are small when you have 140 lb's of wriggling passionate boy in your arms, mind you the hostess gave us a beatiful, if somewhat knowing smile when we returned to our seats.

When we had returned to the house, I showed Sioni his other xmas gift that was waiting for him, I'd had the staff assemble a Pentium iv beside mine in the office, fully setup for his own use and unlimited access to the internet as I knew I had no worries about his common sense use of it.

Toward the last of the vacation, just before he was due back at school for his sixth form year, we sat out on the deck and I decided to ask what he would like to do after school was over, he could of course go onto university if he wished but I somehow gathered he did not want to go onto further inane education that gave him only a peice of paper but not the true skill's he would like to have.

"Sioni, at the end of this year you can leave school, right?"


"Do you want to go onto the seveth form next year?"

"No I don't think so."

"What would you really like to do then?"

"I'd like to learn to draw properly on the computer."

"I see, you do realise to do it properly you would need to be taught at another type of school?"


"Do you want me to arrange for you to enter The Institue of Technology for next year?"

"Can I?"

"Yes I'm sure they would take you, the artwork you have done on your computer and mine so far, is truly excellent and I'm sure that if you were to do a course in computer graphics you would really enjoy it and, it would set you up for your future, how does that sound?"

"Oh my palangi you'd do that for me?"

"Of course, I love you and I'd do anything for you, but it has to be what you want, not what I want."

"Yes, yes, I'd love that, how long is the course for?"

"It takes three years but the qualifications at the end when you graduate are really solid and will stand you in good stead in the future, sound ok?"

"Oh yes, I'll try to make you proud of me, my palangi."

"Honey, I've always been proud of you never doubt that."

So now I felt that his future had a little more certainty in it and could start to relax a little and now turned my thoughts to his next big event, his sixteenth birthday, yes you can probably guesse what I had in mind for him for that one, sixteen and a full drivers license, what would you get the one you loved more than life itself????

Sioni became a good solid and carefull driver, no hooning around like some of his counterparts at school, and of course there were the side benefits, like watching him every saturday out on the driveway, naked except for a pair of very brief speedo's, washing and polishing his car.

Why did I spoil him with an RX7, well I reconciled it in my mind that he would need a good reliable car to get to the institute next year for his courses, 'yeah right' but he did look so sexy in that car and he never had his stereo blasting out like the fashion seems to be with the kids today, in fact he seemed to have taken a liking to mid eights R&B.

What were his results for his last exams this year, yep, I was over the moon for him 97% average pass rate, what I thought may have been a distraction to him in his last year (the car and the computer) had only seemed to spur him on to do better, god I love this boy more and more each day.

As I lay here at 3.00 am christmas morning, spooned into him his back pressed hard against me, feeling his smooth butt cheeks tight against my groin and my rod buried deep into him like he enjoyed to sleep, I thought of what an empty life I had lived before I met him on that cold wet night one and a half years ago.

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