Castle Roland


by Arthur


Chapter 15

Published: 7 Jan 16


By Arthur

Well as I sit here out in the sun on the deck it think about how the time has flown and yet it was only yesterday that I had asked a wet and shaking forlorn little figure to get into my car on a winters night in the city.

Is it really six years, they passed almost unoticed, my little angel, my Sioni would be twenty tomorrow and only now do I begin to understand the nature of true deep and unquestionable love that has held us together, as each day passed it only became stronger.

I thought of the pride I felt as he went off to the institute that first day, his head up proud but not arrogantly as he waved and smiled at me from the car as he reversed out of the driveway, The first return home from that day and the,

"Hello my palangi, I'm home."

Every night I would sit and wait for him as he finished his home work sometimes at 11.oo o'clock and then those arms would surround me with a soft butterfly kiss on the cheek and a quiet, "I love you" by my ear.

Now he was working at the company as a graphics artist and had been since finishing at the institute last year, we had created the new department to allow the company to grow in new directions (and of course so I could see more of Sioni) and he had made it his own department much to the delight of the other partners.

When involved in a special project he would stay and work till late but always be home in time so we had 'our' time together and then every morning as he had done for so many years there would be the morning coffee beside the bed and the full body smooch to wake me up.

Sioni now was even more magnificent as he had matured into a very handsome man and had not taken on the heavy and overweight look of many of the islanders due to the plastic food served by the fast food outlets, he seemed in fact to not want it at all and to try to get him to eat pizza for a change was almost like starting world war three but without heat.

He would simple say that he liked the way I cooked and did not need plastic to live on, such a wise head on young shoulders, god how I love him, well today I shortly go into the office to arrange and sign up the last thing I can do to really make sure he never has to worry about his future again.

Tomorrow we're off for two weeks in asia for his birthday present and this time he knows we are going unlike that fantastic trip to the states and the fun of watching him be 12 yrs old again.

To see him now and the change that had taken place over the years only endeared me more to him, he now stood 5' 8" a beautiful strong 39" chest well developed but not bulging like a weight lifter, narrow 29" waist with a six pack that rippled as he moved, just asking to be handled and those slim youthful 32" hips still as enticing as the first night I saw them, his legs longer but still lithe but more defined.

Sioni had a natural dress sense and was always immaculately dressed even in the speedo's he still insisted on wearing while washing the car and in his lavalava's he looked like a caramel version of adonis but somehow smoother more gentle and loving.

At work he showed a tallent and work ethic far beyond his years and was respected for his opinion and devotion to the company to such a degree that the other partners had readily agreed to my proposal to make him a partner with the responsiblity for the graphics department.

I knew that today he was going to only work a half day, then we would have time together before going out to dinner for his birthday, so I would have to leave very soon to go to the office and get it all sorted so that I could give it to him tonight as the ultimate present.

All the papers for full partnership had been drawn up and only needed our signatures to make it legal and I had just finished proof reading them to make sure that he would never go without what I felt was rightfully his, not only as a valued employee but also as my lover, my friend, my sanity, my very soul.

Never did I think, that as I approached my mid fifties would I have such a beautiful man as my lover, never asking for anything, never demanding or possesive, never a harsh word just his total love and trust.

Ah, here he comes, home a little earlier than I thought he would be but that only makes it better, I will get to see him before I go to the office after all.

"Hello my palangi, I'm home"

"Hello my love, you're a bit earlier than I thought you would be?"

"yes I hurried and completed the proposal for that advertising picture so I could be here with you."

"I'm so glad, but now I've got to go to the office for just a little then I'll be back."

"Ohh, my palangi, do you have to?"

"Well my love I don't want to but this has to be taken care of today and I wont be long, I promise."

Sioni moved into my arms again and kissed me deeply and as with much passion as that first night when he surrendered himself to me just six years ago.

"I love you my island boy."

"I love you my palangi, forever."

"Forever Sioni."

"Well my love I better get a move on or we will never get to dinner tonight."

"Ok, I'll have a shower while you're gone and get a little lunch ready for when you get back."

"Ok honey, bye for now see you soon, love you."

"Love you too."

It all went well once I was in the office the partners glanced at the papers and signed without comment, they knew that Sioni was an asset to the company and that he would never let us down, so as I made my way back to the house the feel of the bright sunshine on my face was a sign of things to come for us both.

I looked around at the others on the motorway hurrying here and there, fools dont they know they have the rest of their lives to live and I wondered if they had found a love like I had, after all look at that bloody stupid truck driver all in a hurry, his load not even strapped down properly, bloody dangerous like that, oh well thats his problem, for now it's back to my one and only loved one and a heavenly trip to mysterious asia.

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