Castle Roland


by Arthur



Published: 7 Jan 16


By Arthur


tALOFA: friends of my palangi, I am Sioni and I have come to tell you that my beautiful palangi left me three days ago, I am so sad and lonely without him.

I do not understand why he left me, I think it is because I did not love him enough but I know I tried so hard for him.

Can you please tell me why he left me, I miss his gentle hands when he stroked me all over and I miss his tender arms holding me when I am sad.

My beautiful palangi always my protector, my teacher who gave all to me, how I miss the nights and days when his hands would caress me with soft touches sending ripples over my skin as he gave his love to me, filling me with his spirit and strength.

I have promised him never to sell our house so that I will always have his memories close to me, oh my loveliest palangi why did you go?

We had only six years together and now I am alone in this bad world, I do not know if I can go on without your gentle touch and soft words, your caring nature that made me a man and a lover for you to be proud of.

Now many friends of my palangi it is time for me to go and do what must be done, even though my heart is broken by his going this thing I do will help me in the end.

The policeman said the truck driver will be charged for taking my beautiful palangi from me, and now I must take this small box out to the sea and spread the soul of my beautiful palangi on the waters so that I may everday see him as I look out from our home and know he is there to protect me from harm.

Thank you all, friends of my palangi



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