Castle Roland

Terra Nova

by Arthur


Chapter 2

Published: 26 Oct 15


Copyright © by Arthur

As my Shuttle hovered at 60,000 feet above New York, I listened to Aarons message once again. He had sent it to the UN last night their time and it asked for all representatives to be in the UN this morning for an important visitor. We had purposely not told them who or where we came from. I wanted a certain shock effect to try and convince them they were not on solid ground in this case.

At precisely 1300 hrs earth time my pilot Layn sent out the first message.

"New York tower, this is the Galactic Command Shuttle 01. We are landing VTOL at the UN building in three minutes, please keep the air space clear around the UN for five Kilometres. Any flight vehicles in this area will be in danger, acknowledge."

A sceptical voice came over the speakers.

"What? Who are you, you are not cleared for this airspace and we don't have you on radar so you can cut the bull shit and clear the channel."

"New York tower, this is Galactic Command Shuttle 01, follow instructions, we will not be held responsible for any events if the air space is not cleared as prescribed."

"Get off the channel kid; this is no longer a joke."

"New York tower, this is the last warning. We are beginning descent and will land in 2 minutes 38 seconds. Galactic Shuttle 01, out."

Layn cut the channel and concentrated on his landing although this was not that difficult as most of it was automated. Outside the clear screen view at the front of the Shuttle I could see three of the five Needle fighters that accompanied us as an escort. They were not really needed as my Shuttle had enough firepower on its own to cause problems for most of the US air force. The fighters were mainly for a show of force if needed and for the members of the UN to see that we were really a long way ahead of anything they had.

I was dressed in my best formal uniform, it was a silvery grey skin tight one piece uniform with a minimum of red and black piping. My wrist cuff was also in silver with black inserts. All my personal weapons were, as usual, concealed within the suit. My guards would be in full battle armour which left only the lower half of their faces revealed. It also was of active Byridium. Their weapons were the three foot staff, a battle knife and a personal side arm concealed in their control cuff. Their armour had a thin red piping to make the usual pattern of Command Guards.

Teac stood by my side as we waited by the doorway for the Shuttle to finally land. The fifty guards would go out first and form a double line from the shuttle to the steps of the UN entrance, most of this was for show, the people that worked in the UN had shown for years that they could be easily swayed by pomp and ceremony. If that didn't work then they could be relied on to accept hidden bribes, but that was not going to happen today.

We hovered at 1500 feet above the UN building. Only once was there a near miss by a roaming helicopter but the fighter was easily able to avoid it in time, we were still under our cloaking device and would not deactivate it until we were almost ready to land. Again it was for the shock factor.

The area surrounding the UN was busy with vehicles and people. We had measured the size of the area and were sure we could land right in front. Three fighters would stay hovering 100 feet above the shuttle, the other two would land just to the front of the shuttle where the pilots would take up a position as a guard and to let the people see they were human and not little green men.

Once the fighters were in position we would then open and leave the shuttle. I was really going to enjoy the looks of those around the UN that day. As we descended, I saw what I had expected. On the steps of the UN were about 100 security troops, their stoic faces soon held looks of disbelief as we came out of cloaking and were right there in front of their faces at only 50 feet.

There was a pause in the human and vehicular traffic as we appeared. Then, as though a button had suddenly been hit, they realised we were:

A: very big.
B: not of this world.
C: going to land right where they were standing or driving.

The resulting mad rush to get clear was almost fun to watch. The area around the front of the UN cleared very quickly amid a lot of flashing lights from cameras and shouts of terror. When we were only centimetres from the ground the shuttle stopped and hovered, the rumble of the crowd began to subside as they waited expectantly for something to happen. The UN security guards had completely forgotten they were armed as they stood open mouthed at the display before them, just the reaction I was looking for.

At the nose of each fighter, the hatch descended and quickly the two pilots, one Asian and one Latin, stepped from their seats and took up their positions on the ground facing the security guards on the steps. I should explain the means of entry into the fighters so you can get a better picture.

The fighters naturally were a single seater. On the outside they were perfectly smooth and of course looked like over grown needles. Their armaments were concealed in the forward body of the ship and would only been seen when they were about to be used. A panel under the front body of the ship would drop down like a small ramp. Fixed to the ramp was the pilots chair. He would step into it and the ramp would close, adjusting the angle of the chair to what was needed for the pilot to fly the ship. Compared to our other ships, the fighters looked very flimsy but they were very tough little ships and could take an amazing amount of fire before they were in danger of breaking up. They also had speed on their side as well as manoeuvrability and hover ability. The range of their six laser cannon was in excess of 10,000 kilometres when in space.

The fighters were in position and apart from the clicking of many cameras to catch a picture of the pilots, there was almost total silence as the ever increasing crowd waited for what was to come. At a nod to Teac, who was also now in full armour, we opened the Shuttle door. The guards ran out and took up their positions leading up to the steps. I then stepped out but not in armour, just my fancy uniform. Teac was by my side as I made for the steps and the doors of the UN.

The security guards were still standing with their mouths open as we approached. I hope there's no flies around today. We both went up the steps and ten Command Guards, five on each side, acted as our escort. Still the security guards were unable to take in what they were seeing and we were well inside the UN before they came to their senses. But by then it was to late. We were already heading towards the forum where I could hear a lot of loud babbling and shouting going on. Nice, the place was in an uproar.

At the doors of the forum stood two armed guards, they had automatic weapons in their hands and were blocking entrance to the forum. Teac, in his usual manner took over. I wondered what the security were thinking as they could only see his small blue chin under the visor, maybe they will have nightmares tonight. No green men, but definitely a blue one. In fact from what they could see of my ten guards, they could see eleven blue small men/boys, they didn't know which at this stage.

"I am Teac, Guard Commander to Envoy Murray, Commander of the Galactic Seeker 004. Stand aside, he is expected."

The two security guards stood there with their mouths open. Teac had run out of patience. Walking forward he pushed the two larger men aside with little effort and opened the doors to the forum. Inside the whole room was packed. It was also very silent as the doors were pushed open with force. The collection of diplomats and representatives all stood up to get a better view as we all came in.

We strode up to the end of the room where the movers and shakers sat at the long bench like table behind the speaker's dais. Without acknowledgement to them I took a place behind the dais and immediately started the speech Aaron and I had conceived; there was an immediate hush in the room, mostly from shock I think.

"World Representatives, my name is Commander Murray of the Galactic Seeker 004. I am here as an envoy of the Kerrivan people of the planet Kerrivan of the star system of Mentos. I am here to offer you one chance to change the way you are governing your world which we call Terra Nova IV."

I looked around at the stunned faces of the members, I then continued.

"For the past fifty plus years, you and your predecessors have sat back and watched your world collapse into one form of chaos or another. You call yourselves the adjudicators of world affairs and yet, you sit here and do nothing when you should be acting. You have allowed dictators to commit the worst types of genocide. You have allowed multi national companies to make huge profits at the expense and suffering of others. When a natural disaster happens you have sat back discussing it and never done anything to help until it was to late. Members of the United Nations, you have been and still are nothing more than a self perpetuating beaurocracy with the one single aim to indulge your own personal desires regardless of the expense to others less fortunate."

Again I looked around the room, the returning looks went from shock and hate, to guilt and fear. I waited for a few more seconds before continuing.

"Members of the United Nations, you have fifteen minutes from when I leave the dais, to write your resignations and leave the building. As of this moment, the United Nations no longer exists in its present form. There will be no further discussions by us, you have been warned. You have fifteen minutes."

I stepped down from the dais and we all left them to it. The uproar was as predictable as I thought it would be. What I had to do next was not taken lightly but we had to make an example very quickly and to defuse any ideas we were just a crack pot group. From this moment on there was going to be some very hard decisions made, and unfortunately there was going to be loss of life and property in the likes of which they were not prepared for.

I knew that they would start a debate over their options and waste the fifteen minutes given them. It was a forgone conclusion before I even gave them the speech. It was just a warning to others that they now had a real enemy on their door steps. One they could not over come and that it would be better for them and the people of Earth to accept that they had to make some very drastic changes before they would be allowed to really travel the stars.

Within five minutes we were back in our ships and sitting at 60,000 feet once more. But this time we were not cloaked. The ground radar could easily see our six ships. The rest of the small fleet still sat cloaked outside the atmosphere waiting for the order to come through.

Aaron kept a close watch on all the various news feeds the short visit had caused, as I knew it would. An uproar world wide in only a few minutes. The UN still had three minutes left. I contacted one of the Commanders of an Attack Cruiser.

"Commander, Pulse Cannons live, target is as agreed at briefing. Count down now in effect, two minutes twenty seconds and counting."

"Confirmed Commander Murray, two minutes twenty seconds and counting. All Pulse cannon armed and sighted."

As the final seconds ticked away and still no reply or action from the UN as expected. I got ready to give the order that would set the stage for the near future of Terra Nova IV.

The numbers clicked over to zero.

"The command is, Fire on target as briefed, Commander."

"As ordered, Commander Murray."

Immediately three bright red pulses of energy ripped through the atmosphere, and in a micro second, the UN building was no more. Where it had once stood there was only a very large hole that went down into the earth for fourty metres. The surrounding area was left untouched by the pulses. That was the biggest advantage of using Pulse Cannons. They only destroyed what they hit and there was no peripheral damage. Had they fired one of the two Neutron Cannons they were also armed with, then most of New York would now be a large hole but that was not my intention. Oh yes, fear was a part of it but the plan was to make sure that all over the world they would know they were outgunned if they wanted to start a war with us. Hopefully it would be an example that would not have to be repeated. Although, I had my doubts with some of the countries we would be talking to.

I sat back in my command chair and watched the reports coming in from Aaron, as he scanned all the worlds TV and internet news sites. Yep, we had opened a can of worms this time. Every country that had representatives at the UN was in an uproar and so the bickering started as who was to blame. As usual, the narrow minded Christian bigots said it was God's payment to all sinners. Muslim Clerics blamed the western Shaitan. China blamed America. England blamed the European Community. Russia blamed China... and so it went. No one would accept responsibility. Well how could they? But it was almost amusing to see them all trying to find an answer to what had already been shown to them. I ordered the Shuttle and Fighters back to the Cruiser, while we waited for them to vent their respective spleens. Tomorrow would be another day of surprises for them.

On the following morning after the event at the UN, I watched with detached amusement as the news channels ran hot with suppositions. At a signal from me, Aaron interrupted all channels at the same time, which to his abilities was a piece of cake to do. There was not a means of news reporting that didn't carry his message to the world. Had they had a form of holographic TV like the Kerrivan's used, then it would have been even more effective.

"This message is from the people of Kerrivan to the leaders of Terra Nova IV. At 1300 hours two days from now, you will all meet at the town of Alice Springs in Australia. You will come without any advisors or other counsellors. Your safety will be guaranteed by our own guards. Those who do not wish to attend will be deemed as enemies and will be dealt with in the appropriate manner. Any show of force by any country will be destroyed on sight. The meeting is for leaders only. Commander Murray of the Galactic Seeker 004 out."

With the coverage supplied by Aaron, there was no way that everyone concerned did not see it or would soon hear of it. Now all I had to do was sit back for 52 hours and let them get on with it. The reason for selecting such an insignificant little town like Alice Springs was to make it easier to over see all and any landings. The barren surrounding desert would make it easy to detect any interference from those who should not be there.

As we waited for the time to go back to the surface, the last of the boys arrived from the Med Beds. Each boy had been mentally mapped and was assigned the correct place in the crew for his abilities. While I had set most of the features for the boys appearance I had left a few things for them to select for themselves. It was almost amusing to see what they picked for their own improvements. Practically all of them selected to have their boyhood expanded in some way. Some elected to have their foreskin replaced or removed but one thing they all had in common was the increase in their size. Although, some had to be cut back as they wanted a penis that would make it almost impossible for them to carry. I mean, who's ever seen a 13 year old boy with a dick that was 30 centimetres (12 inches) long and as thick as your wrist? Silly boys!

Most of the last boys were from the Asian contingent. Physically they needed very little work apart from making them stronger but still keeping their slim figures. All of the Earth boys had been given enhanced mental abilities and full training while they were in the Med Pods so that when they emerged they were fully trained and ready for their positions. It remained only for them to be shown their respective places in the ship and allow them to have a little live practice. Way out in space, the defence gunners had a great time practicing their marksmanship on drone targets sent out by Aaron. They also had fun in the Holograph deck playing the many variations of games that Aaron could come up with.

The boy's quarters were well appointed and they lacked for nothing that Aaron could not supply. If they wanted ice cream for breakfast, then that was what they had. Even the youngest was now fully sexually active and all their preconceived conditioning from Earth had been wiped away. They now liked only other boys. This led to some very interesting connections among them, and in the sleep cycles there were many couplings with each other. It had been implanted in their psyche that any form of jealousy was not allowed. They were able to see each other as total equals and if one boy said no then he was respected for his decision with grace and understanding. On this ship there was no room for dissention among the crew or officers.

The boys were allotted rooms in the area they were working or very close to it. For the tech crew they had two boys to each room. They could, at any time, change their room mate if they wanted to. As long as it was reported to their officer. For the military boys, they had four boys to a room. Now while this may seem that the boys were pushed into smaller dorms that would be far from the truth.

The double rooms for the techs were about the same size as a two bedroom apartment. They had a large lounge fully equipped with all the mod cons of the ship. If they wished, they could have meals in their rooms or go to the nearest galley for meals. Their bedroom was very large, about the size of two normal bedrooms placed together. They had the option of a single king size bed or two double size beds if they wished to sleep separately. Most voted for the king size, why not? They were young teens in the throws of perpetual sexual desire and need.

The Troops rooms were similarly sized but to accommodate four boys. They had two bedrooms instead of one but the lounge area was a lot bigger. The techs and troops were not kept apart. If they wanted to sleep with a boy from another ship section, then it would be arranged between them and their fellow roommates. There was also the option of a few spare rooms that were kept empty just in case some of the pairings wanted some privacy.

The rules were set that if two boys decided to become a couple then they were off limits to any others. If at some stage in the future they wished to separate then it had to be done with the agreement of both boys and that no animosity between them would occur. It was a sound rule and all the boys readily accepted that there would be separations once they found out they would live a lot longer than their cousins down on Terra Nova IV.

As with all organisations that were so large, some boys showed definite advantages over other boys, even with their enhanced brain capacities. These boys were of course promoted to junior officers and were responsible for either Centuries (100 men) or Groups (500 men). In the case of the Techs, they were promoted to class levels. Level 1 was a normal tech. They worked in squads of 10 boys overseen by a level 2 tech. Ten level 2 techs were then overseen by a level 3 (110 techs). The last of the officers in the tech level was level 4. They had to report their tech groups to the senior officer who of course was a Kerrivan tech officer. The level 4's were responsible for 440 Techs and junior officers.

The Tech crews were responsible for all the engineering, hydroponics, air filtration systems, power supply and all the myriad other needs of ships like the Galactic Seeker. Even to the cooks and bottle washers. Each and every boy was well aware that he was a very important cog in the large machine. All were treated as special by everyone on the crew.

For most of the mundane work on the ship like cleaning and servicing of the toilets and other nasties, there were the Servo bots. These little robots were always running or rolling around and always seemed to be about to collide with one person or another but miraculously always missed. Loved those little buggers. Aaron was always in control of all automated systems and his gigantic positronic brain had no trouble in keeping up with everything and everyone.

At last, the time of the meeting was approaching. Again I decided a presentation of force would be a good idea. To this end I prepared four Groups of troops to be aboard one Cruiser, twenty Needle Fighters and twenty Needle Bombers in another Cruiser. I and my immediate officers would be in another Cruiser. All three Cruisers would come to Earth, mine and the troop Cruiser would land and the Fighters would be ejected at 1000 meters from their Cruiser which would then also land. Again it was for the shock effect. The Fighters would stay in the airspace above us and had orders to fire on any and all aircraft that tried to breach the airspace.

As we descended towards the town of Alice Springs it was plain to see all the extra aircraft at their airport. My Cruiser was also carrying a container which had an erectable conference room. This could be assembled by the Servo Bots in a matter of minutes. It was also armoured and soundproofed. This would be set up in an empty space where we would land outside the town itself.

As arranged, at a 1000 metres, the fighters were ejected and took up station over the area we had selected. We then began our descent to the area we had selected. The troops hit the ground first and secured a large area. All of them were in full battle armour and their laser rods were held at the ready. Inside their helmets, the heads-up displays showed everything around them for as far as the eye could see, both in normal light and infrared. Next were my personal guards and then finally the rest of the three Cruisers landed. I stepped from my Cruiser just as the Servo's came scampering out and began to erect the dome. The whole landing had taken less than five minutes. I did a final check with Aaron and then walked over to the quickly enlarging dome to watch the final seconds of the construction.

Once the dome was up and secure, the Servo's began to move in the furniture that would be used. While we were seeing to this I glanced at the large crowd being kept back by the troopers. Cameras and TV reporters were everywhere, not that it made any difference to us. Aaron was blocking all signals out of the area so they were wasting their time, even the phone cameras had no signal, Aaron did great work when he wanted too.

By 1245 hours, everything was ready for the meeting. Long tables had been set up facing a single dais at the far end. Comfortable chairs were provided for all of the leaders. How many took us seriously we would soon know. Aaron had collated all the leaders stats and every one was known by the recog panel at the entrance, if someone not on the list tried to enter he was in for a very big surprise.

The first of the vehicles carrying the leaders could be seen approaching the area, each car was stopped just short of the dome by the troops and only the professed leader was allowed to exit and walk towards the dome. A few tried to object but they were told to go alone or leave. If they left they would be considered as prospective enemies.

As the hour reached 1300, there were only 186 leaders present. As instructed, they were now alone in the dome. Old enmities were obvious and newly forming friendships were trying to be made. It was an amusing sight that would do them no good at all. Of the leaders who decided not to attend, we would take care of them when the time was right. Aaron told me he was now hooked into the world networks and would send the pictures and vocals of the meeting world wide.

I walked from the doorway to the dais in almost silence, the leaders present were in no doubt that this was a message and not a debate. When I got to the dais, I stopped and looked at the people below me. There was silence all around. After a short pause I began the speech prepared by Aaron, the officers and myself.

"Leaders of Terra Nova IV, I see that some of the wiser ones of you decided to come. Those of you who did not, will be visited by my people at a later date. We are not here for a debate. I am going to set out the rules, you will follow them or you will not. The decision is yours. Terra Nova IV has been under surveillance for more than 100 years by the Kerrivan research ship Galactic Seeker 004. In that time you have been subjected to continued scanning. You have, in those years, shown that you could be capable of space flight. While some of you have attained a small part of that dream, you were not ready for what would be needed to make it happen to its fullest extent."

I paused to let that information sink in and then continued.

"All of you present have only been concerned with your own little part of the world. It is time to change that. We are here to offer you a way to join the Galactic Community. We will provide you with the technology and means to build real deep-space ships. We will also provide new ways for you to power your homes and businesses as well as make it easy for you to do away with your dependence on fossil fuels, but all this technology will come at a price."

Again I looked around to make sure they had taken that on board. The look of horror on the faces of those from the oil producing countries was almost comical.

"The Galaxy and other Galaxies far beyond yours have a total of 576 inhabited planets. Not all are humanoid but all have a functioning planetary system of government. If you are prepared to make the needed changes to your world, then you will also have a place in that government and your representatives will be elected to join it on Kerrivan. Terra Nova IV will become the newest Galactic member. There is however some changes that need to be made before we can get to this stage. The changes are, and will not, be easy for you or your people but they are necessary and in some cases will mean disruption of the status quo as you know it today."

I waited for the mumbling and grumbling to subside as they began to see some of the possibilities that could and would arise.

"Firstly, you are the elected leaders of your respective countries. You are the only ones we will talk with. Over the next thirty days you and you alone will take charge. You are to weed out the corrupt and greedy among your governments. You will dispatch all so called advisors and spin doctors, for those of you who listen to the many lobbyists in your system, get rid of them. You will enact laws to weed out the corruption in the banking and finance companies of your countries and bring your people back to believing in you the leaders. If you are incapable of doing this, then we will do it for you in thirty days time. In many countries you have very old men trying to run a modern country. Retire them. They are only a drain on the countries reserves and all to often are the center of your corruption problems. That is all we have to say at this time. You have thirty days, good luck gentlemen."

I immediately left the dais amid loud shouts and cries for more explanations. I ignored them all and left the dome for the waiting Cruiser. Ten minutes later and we were airborne and on our way back to the Seeker. The dome would stay as it was, just in case we needed it again. Also it would be amusing to watch the many scientists trying to work their way through it and to find out how and what it was built of. Not an easy job to do when they wouldn't even be allowed access to the inside. The Recog System wouldn't allow them entry and they did not have the tools required to break into it. That's another mystery for them to work on.

Back at the Seeker once again we all settled down to wait for the thirty days to pass. All the boys set about their respective duties and training. There was still the matter of the leaders who did not show up. I was not worried about them as Aarons coverage would have got to them any way. They had thirty days to make up their minds. Most of the absentees were from dictatorships and were already on the to do list when the time was up.

During the thirty day wait, the troopers were given their final training in the mobile armoured units. These resembled a large tank without tracks. They used the same power system as the ships but on a smaller scale. They were armed with a small version, approximately 20mm, of the pulse cannon and backed up with a pair of quick fire laser guns, similar to a heavy machine gun. These units weighed in at 150 tonnes each. They had a very low profile and the driver sat toward the front and below the main cannon which sat in its own low profile turret. A separate revolving turret held the laser guns, both could work independent of the other and were operated by the gunners at a console in the main body of the tank.

They were armoured in the same fashion as the ships and as far as Earths equipment went, were totally invulnerable to any attack. As well as the tanks were the Auto Units. These looked much like a flatbed truck. The drivers cab was a small bubble at the front and the rear body was a flat plain looking surface about four metres thick and five metres wide. Along the lengths of the rear body were a lot of small round trap doors. From these could be discharged the attack Servos. These were a computer guided weapons platform. They could be set to select certain features and then sent out to hunt for those selections. They looked like small silvery round balls about 100 centimetres in diameter. They were armed with six small lasers that could be fired independently of each other and were again computer guided. These were sent out as scouts or used where the enemies numbers were to big to be handled by the troopers themselves, not a very likely event.

The troop shuttles were set out as carriers. They could land VTOL as all the ships could. The troopers were in seats inside and when the shuttle landed, the sides would open completely and the troopers could dismount from their seats in one action, all at the same time from both sides. When the first row was on the ground, the seats collapsed and the next row would move to the dismount point. This went on until the shuttle was empty. The shuttles shields protected the troopers on the ground until they were all ready to move out. Each shuttle could carry six groups, that's 3,000 troops at once, an effective force for any occasion.

Practice went on for the full thirty days until the troops could be dismounted in under four minutes. For the armoured units, the shuttles were a little bigger and could carry a full troop of tanks mounted in racks like the needle ships in the Cruisers. These shuttles carried forty tanks or thirty Auto Units, they also could be on the ground and in operational readiness in under six minutes.

Aaron had kept a close eye on all the goings on down below. As I thought they would, most countries spent their time talking about what to do and very little time actually doing anything. The populace had as usual been ignored by the politicians and very few had been asked for their opinion. It was the same old system all over again.

While they all agreed in one fashion or another, that something had to be done about us, none of them could come up with anything that would make sense to all. The military, as usual, wanted to shoot us out of the skies. The lobbyists wanted to buy us off. The politicians wanted to talk it over, and the religious crazies wanted to bring gods wrath down upon us. How I don't know, but they thought they could. The Muslims wanted Jihad and continued to blame the Western countries for bringing us here.

To be able to sit back and watch the turmoil going on was almost exactly what I expected. There would have to be some very hard lessons taught before they could be brought together in one overall governing body, but until then, there were going to be some very nasty things done to bring them to their senses.

During each sleep cycle, which was a time that was set by any who wanted it, as galactic time was far different from Earth time due to the fact we did not need as long to sleep as ordinary people did on Earth. But when we did, there was always plenty to keep you happy. Well, if you were me and had at your disposal 52,000 sexually active boys, would you sleep alone? And if you wanted variety, well that was easy to fix. Although I was the Commander, it was strictly understood by every boy on the ship that they could say no. It was their privilege and their right to select whom they wanted to spend time with and even the Commander could not break that rule.

On the morning of the thirtieth day I sent out a signal to all of the countries and asked for their reply, not that I expected one of any consequence. At the same time I set in motion the plans for the rest of the day. Aaron began his preparations and the troops mounted up in their shuttles. All attack and defence ships were made ready for what I knew would have to come.

The replies started to come back quickly. Nearly all of them asked for more time as was expected but would not be allowed. Only most of the small countries and Island states agreed to our terms. They were marked off as friendlies and would receive the first of new technology from the Kerrivan. The others were told they had used up their time in needless discussions and committees and were now asked to stand down all military units. Any resistance would be seen as an act of war against us and would be dealt with appropriately. Now the threats started from them. Their military went onto immediate alert and those who had nuclear weapons began to arm them in readiness.

At the first sign of them arming their weapons of mass destruction, I gave Aaron the order to activate all ships and attack systems. Firstly a shuttle was sent to the Mir Space Station. There the cosmonauts were asked to en-ship to the shuttle for their own protection. The situation was not their fault and there was no need to make them pay for others mistakes. Strangely they all agreed within seconds. Besides they were going to get the chance to see something they could only dream of. For this time I had had the Command Ship, Galactic Seeker 004, moved to within 3,000 kilometres of Earth. All Cruisers were now above the atmosphere and all fighters were out and hovering around the main fleet. They were all still under cloaking and so were unseen as yet by Earths systems.

Once the Mir Station was empty, I gave Aaron the go ahead and he sent a beam from a pulse cannon at the station. It disappeared from the space it had occupied for all those years. Next came the military satellites. The fighters were allowed to use them as target practice, which the pilots took up with enthusiasm. Within thirty minutes there were only civilian satellites left, and these were then subjected to Aarons scanners until they were all configured into his system and under his control. To all intents and purposes, the Earths military was now blind and could only use the civilian satellites for communications. Which of course, Aaron could listen in on. Those who used GPS were going to be very disappointed this morning when they couldn't get a signal. They would have to go back to road maps!

Now was the time for a world wide message to be sent. So I opened up a communication link to the civilian satellites, knowing that it would be translated in Aaron's vast system so that every country could hear it in their own language.

"Leaders of the Earth, we have taken note that many of you have decided to fight us. This is not a wise decision. For those who have agreed to assist us then they will be protected. For those who have armed nuclear and other weapons, you have thirty minutes to disarm them and to stand down your troops and all military forces. I seriously warn you not to start a war with us. You can not win. If you persist in readying weapons we will strike at all your military and political targets. Your civilian population need not be alarmed, We do not make war on civilians unless provoked by them. Your thirty minutes starts now."

Much to my surprise, only Israel stood down it's military. For the rest they just went on in their old ways in the belief that they were the masters of the universe. After thirty minutes I gave Aaron the second command. Immediately and invisible to all except Aaron, there went out a fast pulse via the remaining satellites. Seconds later and all nuclear and other mass destruction weapons were in-operable. Their computer systems fried to a cinder. The weapons remained in their bunkers but were now useless. A sense of panic began to take hold, but the military in it's usual wisdom, decided it was going to continue on it's way. Planes took to the air over most aggressive countries. Warships were brought to full alert. Land based units were all on maximum alert and making tracks to their various defence areas. For the first time in history, all countries were now more concerned with their own defence rather than trying to start trouble with another country.

While the Seeker stayed outside the atmosphere, the rest of the fleet went into action. Each attack cruiser went to it's selected city and hovered at 20,000 metres. Each had it's own Needle Fighter escort. The Attack Cruisers readied their armaments while the Defence Cruisers readied their Shuttle Bays. I then sat back and waited for the response from the Leaders of earths countries. All Cruisers were now uncloaked, and they could all be seen by any who looked. Even by the average small telescope from the surface.

North Korea was the first of the paranoid countries to make the first move. It's so called secret missiles were useless and so it launched a large number of its fighters up into the air space above them where one of my Cruisers sat waiting. The resulting melee lasted less than five minutes as my fighters picked them off before they could get within range of the Cruisers. The twelve fighters used in the defence proved to much of a match for the sixty that were sent against them. That should have been the end of it but for two things. North Korea was so secretive that their losses were never allowed to make it out to other countries and secondly, they stupidly persisted in sending up another 120 fighters. The result was as expected. North Korea had now lost most of its air forces. What little was left were only light trainers and in most cases unarmed. While this action was only small, it did attract the attention of other countries. Although they had no idea of North Korea's losses, they knew that we had been attacked and so most went to do the same. They just would not learn. The order was given.

"All forces prepare for attacks. Attack Cruisers you have the order to fire at pre-arranged targets. Defence Cruisers, prepare for landing at pre-arranged sites. All troops, good luck and remember, only military targets. No civilian casualties unless fired upon by them. All Fighters, maximum defence of all Cruisers. You may fire at will on all attacking targets."

Like a smooth working piece of machinery, everyone went to their stations and readied their equipment. The political and military destruction to come was not going to be nice or pretty. It was that time in history for a complete change to the thoughts and attitudes of those who wanted to be the only power on Terra Nova IV. There was no longer a place for power grabbing and greed nor for militarism or its ideals. Earth was at a turning point in its history. It was time for a major change before it could join the Galactic family.

All those small Island nations that had agreed to our original terms were put under the protection of a small force of needle fighters that hovered above the islands in a state of readiness to defend them if others tried to attack what they would see probably as traitors to the international community. Of the others, only Israel had come over to our point of view so they as well were sent protection from all of their neighbours that had a bone to pick with the small country. In a few days there would be no more religious sects of any kind to try and control the populace of the world.

At the "Go" command, in every country that had wasted the time given to correct past wrongs, all military targets were attacked by the heavily armed cruisers. Using only pulse cannons to minimise peripheral damage, the armed stations were soon no more than piles of debris and large holes in the ground. Of the few attack aircraft that made it into the air, they became no more than training exercises for the fighter pilots to see to.

Within thirty minutes of the start of the attack, it was over as far as airborne attack and defence went. Without the use of their archaic missiles, the once proud and well armed countries were now at the mercy of a new and powerful race of people that had no pity for the fools who would have led the world to eventual destruction through their own greed for power and position. Their time was over.

At a predetermined signal, all the forces due to land went into action. First to unload from the Landers were the attack servos. These had been set to fire on any person carrying a weapon. Behind them came the armoured units which dispersed around what was the main bases of ground troops including the earth armoured units and artillery camps. Up until this stage, there had not been a single civilian hurt as the firing had been so accurate as to take out only military targets.

The political rulers were now in a no win situation. They had only ground forces left to defend their way of life, and as usual, they were swayed by their military advisors to keep up the defence of their own hold on power. All troops and servo's had been instructed to fire only on those holding weapons. At first it must have seemed an unequal fight as well trained troops saw, what to them was young underage boys disperse from the troop Landers armed with nothing more than a metal stick and wearing nothing but a shiny body suit. But the inequality was on the other side and they did not think nor see it.

Behind the shields of the Troop Landers, the armed boys could not be seen until they were all formed up in their ranks and ready to go forward. To the troops watching the Landers, all they could see were the large ships sitting immobile on the ground for five or six minutes. It was after the boys were set that the Landers shields dropped and the worlds troops saw 3000 armed and ready young boys in ranks and within seconds moving towards them. It took only seconds before the troops realised what the silver rods could do as small beams of blue light shot forward and into their own ranks.

The flashes of the blue laser rods were not indiscriminate, each and every blast was well aimed through the HUD unit on the boys helms. Their own shields protected them from any amount of fire that the earth troops could send their way. Ballistic weapons were no more than flea bites to the boys shields and their return fire was very soon taking a toll that the earth troops could not reconcile with. Throughout the attacks world wide, the boys were led by the original Kerrivan officers. Their orders were, as predicted, followed to the last word. Every care was taken to avoid civilian casualties.

As expected, the political movers and shakers were quickly in their reinforced bunkers and as they thought, well protected from any fall out while their people were left to their own fate. Unknown to them were Aaron's abilities. As each leader went underground, Aaron followed them with his massive technology, once they were well ensconced in their so called "safe havens", Aaron went in and took over their systems. They were now effectively locked in their own prisons. It took no time at all for them to find out they had no outside contact with their forces or their bases of power.

In countries where the opposition was made up of guerrilla units, such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and some of the high mountains of India as well as the middle East, the ships troops sent in Servo units to pick off anyone armed with weapons. With the use of infrared sensors, the servos had no problem finding any who thought they were beyond sight. Fanatical religious armies were decimated in hours. Their communications systems were followed by Aaron and their leaders locations passed on to the servo's.

The great wastes of Russia took a little longer than most of the European countries but with the number of extra Landers sent to that country, it soon became evident to its hidden leaders that the fight was lost. There would be no comeback like in the old days of W.W.2 against the Nazi invasion. They had the man power but were totally out gunned in all areas.

The fighting and mop up went on for more than a week but in the final analysis it was over before it began. It was only the stubbornness and pride of their leaders that allowed the short war to start in the first place. As each country fell, their leaders were contacted by Aaron as they cowered in their bunkers, they were asked to surrender immediately and order all their armed forces to lay down their arms. Any further form of resistance by their country would result in their annihilation.

This was a new time and there would no place for old ways of thinking and even less toleration for their habit of going back on anything they had said previously as they had done in the past. To become members of the Galactic family, there would be no place for liars and thieves. What awaited them out in the far reaches of space would not take kindly to personal ambitions.

The short war on Earth soon brought the short comings of their representative to the general public. Countries that once held all the power were now left in shattered pieces. Those that had taken the advice to not fight were unharmed and were now in a position of safety. They would also be the first to start to receive the many benefits of the Galactic worlds. It was to these that we sent our first support.


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