Castle Roland

The Prince of House Vladd

by Arthur


Chapter 1

Published: 11 Jan 16


Copyright © 2010, 2015 by Arthur

All the usual restrictions and legalities pertaining to these stories apply, including copywrite, and age restrictions. This story is a work of pure fiction and can not be copied without the express permission of the author in writing. Any similarity to Vampires, both living or dead is purely by design.

It was the 8th of October, Peter Vallison stood on the steps of his high school at the end of the school day thinking about what his father had said to him the previous evening.

"Tomorrow is your 15th birthday my son, so for you I have arranged a very special night for your party. Don't make any plans and come home straight after class, ok?"

"Yes Dad, it's not like I have anywhere to go anyway."

"I know it's not been easy for you Peter, but after tonight I'm sure you'll understand a lot better why it was necessary for us to move to this city. Now I've got to go to work, I'll see you tomorrow evening; good night son."

"Night Dad."

Peter was a nice looking boy, not one of those beautiful boys that everyone talks about, just a nice looking young teen. His hair was somewhere between dark blonde and light brown, deep green eyes under thin eyebrows, an evenly shaped nose and soft lips rounded off by a nice jaw line. At 5'7" he had a slender body that had the potential to fill out as he grew older.

His family had moved to this city two years ago and as yet Peter had not really made any close friends. While he was acquainted with any number of his fellow students, he was close to none of them. Peter reached up and rubbed his upper lip as the strange tingling began again. It had been happening a lot over the last five days and was driving him crazy for the few minutes that it lasted. His gums felt tender and he was sure he had a loose tooth in the front.

With a deep sigh he made his way down the steps and went to look for his bike. His book bag seemed to weigh heavily on his shoulders as he mounted the bike and headed towards home. On arriving home, Peter dropped his bag in the hallway and walked through to the kitchen where his mother was sitting at the breakfast bar sipping a coffee.

"Hi Mum!"

"Hello son, how was your day?"

"Just the same as all the others, is Dad up yet?"

Peter's father worked night shift and slept most of the day. Peter knew better than to awaken his father before he was ready to make an appearance. His father worked seven days a week and needed all the rest he could get. His mother looked at him with a doting softness but at the same time there was a strange sadness in her look. Peter smiled at her and reached into the refrigerator for a bottle of juice.

"Well son, today you're 15. How do you feel? All grown up?"

"Just the same as yesterday Mum."

"Well your father has something special for you tonight so I'm sure you'll feel older after it's all over."

Peter thought he detected a slight sadness in his mother's voice but he wasn't sure. Maybe it was just the blues from knowing that on his 15th birthday he had no friends to invite to a party, in fact he had no party to invite his nonexistent friends too.

Peter went to his bedroom and lay on his bed. He was not in the mood to do homework, play on his old computer or go online to see what was there. The tingling came back again making him almost jump at the sudden sharp pain in his gums.

'Darn I'm going to have to see the dentist soon' Peter thought as the pain faded away.

It was nearly 6:30pm when Peter's eyes flew open as he heard his father moving around in the room down the hall.

'Must have dozed off' Peter thought.

Peter pulled himself off the bed as a soft knock came on his door.

"You awake son?" His fathers voice sounded from the other side of the door.

"Yeah Dad, I must have dozed off, come in."

Peters father walked into the room carrying a black garment bag, he was dressed in what appeared to be a tuxedo. Peter had never seen him wear anything like that before. Laying the bag on the end of Peter's bed, his father smiled warmly down at him.

"Why don't you go have a shower and then put this on, son?"

Peter looked at the bag again and a small frown formed on his brow, he'd never had a suit in his life, what was dad up to.

"Uh... um... yeah... ah, thanks Dad."

"Take your time son the car won't be here for another hour yet."

A car! His father never spent money on things like this. They all lived a very modest lifestyle, they were not poor but they never wasted money either. A small shiver went through Peter's body at the thought of what his father was doing for him. Peter went into the bathroom and started the shower; stepping under he began to thoroughly wash himself from head to toe. If his father had gone to all this trouble for his birthday, he was not going to spoil it for him. After drying himself off, Peter returned to his room and slipped on a pair of black briefs. Next he unzipped the garment bag to look at his new clothes.

Inside was a plain black long sleeved shirt, a pair of black trousers, black sox, a white tie and sitting in the bottom of the bag was a pair of highly polished black pumps. The outfit seemed a little Goth for Peters taste but never the less he donned the clothing out of respect for his father's wishes. Once he was dressed he looked into the mirror and gasped. The shirt fit him like a second skin, the trousers sat nicely over his slim hips and formed perfectly over his thighs to then drape evenly to the tops of his black pumps. The effect of the white tie against all the black almost made his features shine.

"Peter? The car's here are you ready?" His fathers voice floated up the stairs.

"Yes, coming." Peter took a last look into the mirror. A small smile crossed his lips as he thought 'Even I would take you out'

As he made his way down the stairs his gums tingled again and the stab of pain almost made him stumble on the bottom step. 'Damn got to see the dentist tomorrow' Peter walked into the front room where his father waited patiently for him. His Mother was seated in a chair in front of the old TV.

"What about you Mum? Aren't you coming too?"

"No son, you're 15 now and a young man. This is to be a men's only night for you. I'll be ok, you can tell me all about it some other time, ok?"

"It won't be the same without you Mum."

"I'm sure you will have a lot of fun dear, just do as your father says and enjoy yourself, ok?"

Peter nodded but had a strange feeling as he saw the wistful look in his Mothers eye as she glanced at his father with a small smile. Her shoulders drooped slightly as Peter walked over to his fathers side.

"Well son you look really handsome, are you ready for the biggest night of your life?"

"I think so Dad, as long as my tooth ache doesn't get worse."

"Oh I'm sure there will be too much happening tonight for you to worry about a simple tooth ache."

Peters father gently took his elbow and moved towards the front door. Peter looked over his shoulder at his Mother as the front door opened and again he got the strangest feeling about his mother as she sat there. Peter wasn't sure but there might have been a tear in her eye as she gently smiled in his direction.

Sitting at the roadside sat a black limousine. The driver stood by the rear door holding it wide open as they approached. As Peters father gently guided Peter to the rear seat, the driver bowed his head as he slid across the deep leather. His father followed close behind and the driver closed the door and moved to the front of the vehicle. Within seconds the limousine was moving away from the curb.

A million thoughts rushed through Peters mind as the limousine glided silently through the streets of the city. A movement beside him made Peter turn to look at his father. He was opening an oblong box that he had taken from his pocket. Confusion continued in Peter's mind as his father took two large gold rings from the box. One was solid gold, the top was engraved deeply with a design of a snake and an eagle intertwined. This one his father placed on his right forefinger, the second was also solid gold but had a very large blood red ruby set in the top. This one his father placed on his right ring finger.

"Uhm, Dad?"

"Yes son?"

"Uhm, I've never seen you wear stuff like that before, why now?"

"Because it's your birthday, son."

"But I mean, I didn't even know you had jewellery like that."

"Oh these I keep for special occasions like tonight."

"Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise, sit back and enjoy."

Not one to argue Peter reclined back into the deep seat of the limousine and tried to relax as the drive continued. Thirty minutes later they had left the city and were driving into the nearby countryside. Again Peter looked across at his father leaning back in the seat. Ten minutes later the limousine pulled up at a set of large heavy iron gates. A high stone wall stretched in both directions as far as Peter could see in the dark.

The gates slid open smoothly without a sound. The limousine moved smoothly forward and in the headlights Peter could see a gravelled driveway stretching into the darkness. The overhanging trees created a long dark tunnel in front of them as they drove. Peter began to feel slightly nervous at all the secrecy surrounding him. His father reached over and squeezed his hand in comfort as they drove onward.

As they rounded a final bend in the driveway Peter got his first look at the house he was being taken to. It was a huge grey stone house, somewhat gothic looking. It towered over the surrounding grounds, fully sixty feet high at its tallest. There were four stories of windows, all showing light shining through the glass. The entrance had a cathedral look about it. The front doors were of some dark wood so highly polished as to reflect the light shining down on the driveway in front, the doors were at least twenty feet tall and looked solid enough to stop a tank. Peter had never seen anything like it before.

The limousine pulled up beside the wide stone steps and the driver quickly came around to open the rear door for his father to get out. Peter followed immediately behind him. At the top of the set of eight stone steps stood four young men in some type of servant's livery. Peter had read about such things in his history books but thought it went out a long time ago.

As he and his father reached the top step, the four men bowed low and parted to allow them to move toward the giant doors. Just as they reached the doors, they opened silently apparently of their own volition. Inside was a very large reception hall, their steps echoed on the black marble floor as they entered. The hall was empty apart from eleven people standing at the far end. Five were adults, all looked to be in their thirties. The other six were younger boys, perhaps in their late teens, about 16 or 17 years old.

Each teen stood beside an adult, it was then that Peter saw the similarity in the adults and the teens. They were a diverse crowd. One father and son were obviously Asian. Another was Latin, yet another was of Negro decent and the last three were European descent. One boy had the high cheek bones and clear complexion of Slavic descent, the other two were twins and looked more like a couple of large farm boys. All six boys were between 5'8" and 6'0". The twins were well built with large bulging muscles and thick strong legs. The other four were more slender but still looked to be very fit. Peter didn't know why they were there for his birthday he had never met any of them before.

As he and his father approached all six boys bowed low until the two of them were standing in front of the group. The five adults gave only a slight nod towards his father. For the first time in his life Peter heard his fathers strong authoritarian voice. He had never spoken like this before in front of Peter.

"These are the guardians?"

"Yes my Lord."

"They are fully trained and know their duties?"

"Yes my Lord"

"Who is the senior?"

"Sin Yu, my Lord."

By this time Peters mind was a runaway train. His gums were aching, his head was spinning, he could not make head nor tail of what was going on. His father was some sort of Lord. These people all took notice of him, what was going on? Why was he here? This was all becoming to much for him as he began to shake. A calming hand rested on his wrist as his father gave him a gentle squeeze to steady him and smiled gently at him. The anxiety began to leave his body as his father spoke again.

"Sin Yu, step forward."

The young Asian teen stepped in front of his father.

"Yes my Lord?"

"Do you and your men know your duty?"

"Yes my Lord."

"What is that duty?"

"To defend and protect the Prince unto our death, my Lord"

"Do you all agree to this duty?"

"Without reservation, my Lord."

"You will form your men behind the Prince. As of this moment in time and until your death, your duty starts."

"Yes my Lord."

The six young men immediately formed two lines behind Peter and his father. The adults bowed at the waist again and left the hall towards a set of solid double doors at the far end of the hall.


"Yes son?"

"What's going on? What's all this about? Who are you? What am I doing here?"

"This is your birthday party my son, I'm sorry but for now you must try and be patient for me ok?"

"I... I'll try, but all this is getting to me. I just want to know what's going on."

"I know it's all confusing for you son but please, just a little longer and then you'll know everything I promise."

Just as his father finished another sharp stab of pain hit him from his toothache bringing a sharp intake of breath from Peter.

"Now son, as this is a surprise party, I'm going to have to blindfold you. Don't be scared it's just to make this a real surprise. Whatever you do or hear, don't be scared, just remember I'll be right beside you all the time, ok?"

The turmoil inside Peters head was now making it almost impossible for him to have any coherent thoughts. Everything was happening so fast he couldn't take it all in. All he knew was that his father was there to look after him.

His father took from his pocket a black silken cloth and with a smile, placed it over his eyes tying it behind his head firmly. Peter stood now in darkness a slight shaking in his knees at the unfamiliar situation. Something soft was thrown over his shoulders and he could feel something else clip in front of his chest.

Next his right hand was clasped lightly and a hard heavy band was pushed onto his fore finger; next the same feeling on his ring finger. As this was taking place he could hear movement and shuffling behind him.

"Ready son?"

"Uhm, yeah I think so."

Peters father took hold of his left hand and led him forward. At first Peter stumbled slightly at the unfamiliar conditions he was in but the firm hold on his hand gave him a little confidence to move as his father led him forward. The sound of the six boys behind him giving him a strange feeling of security. Shortly Peter was stopped by his fathers hand. He stood in the blackness and waited nervously for something to happen. He did not have long to wait.

There came suddenly three loud knocks as something solid and heavy struck thick wood. A voice sounded from somewhere in front of Peter, somehow muffled and distant.

"Who would seek entrance into the inner sanctum of this house?"

The voice that answered Peter recognised as that of the Asian boy Sin Yu.

"His Lordship Stefan Vladd; Lord and Liege of the house of Vladd the Impaler."

"Who walks with his Lordship?"

"Prince Poitr Vladd. Prince Day Walker and Heir Apparent to the house of Vladd the Impaler accompanied by his guardians as prescribed by the laws of this house."

"All assembled here this night will take a knee and bow to his Lordship Stefan Vladd and Prince Poitr Vladd of the house of Vladd the Impaler."

Peter heard the doors open and his father led him forward the six teens close behind him. Peter could hear the steps of the small party echoing around a very large room. Not another sound could be heard as they walked forward. After what seemed to be an eternity, Peter's father gently pulled him to a halt. The feeling of space enveloped him as he stood still; his knees now shaking a little at this unforseen event. His tooth ache seemed to be getting worse and it was all he could do to stay standing without crying out. Peter felt his father lean close to him.

"I'm going to give you a small drink. I want you to drink it all down; it will stop the tooth ache."

Peter felt a glass touch his lips and tilt slightly. The liquid was warm and thick, slightly salty and had a coppery taste. Almost immediately his tooth ache stopped.

"Now my son, the six boys are going to place their wrist to your lips. I want you to close your mouth on them tightly, ok?"

This was getting way beyond strange, but Peter trusted his father. He had no reason to do otherwise.

"Yes father."

No sooner had he spoken when he felt the first smooth skin touch his lips. He closed his mouth onto the tender fresh smelling skin. Suddenly there was a sharp stinging pain in his gums that almost took his breath away and then there was the same warm, salty, coppery taste in his mouth. The smooth liquid slipped down his throat and he had an image in his mind of the young Asian boy smiling at him. There was love and devotion in the picture in his mind. The taste in his mouth sent his brain spinning. All he wanted was more of the fantastic taste, His fathers voice rang in his head.


The sudden command made Peter pull his mouth away from the fantastic taste in his mouth. His whole body was singing. He felt as though he could fly to the moon, jump any obstruction, lift any weight, his body hummed at all its centres. Each time there was a wrist put at his lips he bit down and saw a picture in his mind of the boy and that boy's feelings as he bit down until his fathers command to stop.

"Now my son, only this last one and you will see all that you need to see."

With that another wrist was resented to his lips but this one was larger and had an older skin to it. Peter bit down and as the liquid flowed down his throat he saw it all. The history of the House of Vladd the Impaler, his position in that House and the position of his father. HE WAS A VAMPIRE. Not only that, but a new breed of vampire. He and two of his guardians were the first vampires to be able to walk in daylight. They were the first to be born into this world of darkness. The other four of them were still of the old breed of vampire but the uniqueness of Peter and the twins were the future of their sinister world of shadows.

The salty taste in Peter's mouth from the blood of the boys and that of his father sent shivers through his body. A VAMPIRE. How had he not known? Being gay he had known about for the last two years. That was the main reason he had been afraid to make friends at his school. That sort of information was not meant to be spread around a school yard. Well not unless you wanted to be a target for every bully in the school. But a VAMPIRE... this was way too much.

Peter let these thoughts fly through his head as he stood in the darkness of his blindfold. Admittedly his body sang with strength, more than he had ever felt in his entire 15 years. The feeling that he could face anything or anybody and beat them was deep seated and also comforting in a strange way and now he had six good looking, and if he truly admitted, rather sexy boys to follow him everywhere. Peter felt the nearness of his father as he contemplated his present situation.

'Now son, I'm going to remove your blindfold; I want you to just stand there for a few moments. Things are going to seem pretty out of tune for a few seconds until your eyes adjust. Don't be afraid, just give yourself a little time to settle first, Ok?'

'Yes dad' It then hit Peter....he hadn't spoken a word nor had his father. The instructions had just formed in his head the same as his answer had. This was getting way weird. Peter felt the blindfold being loosened as he tried to make sense of what had just happened in his mind. The image of his fathers face formed again into his head.

'That's right son. As one of the ruling members of a House, you have the ability to send and receive other people's thoughts. You'll find it comes in very handy at times. Other people like us that are not of the ruling class can only receive thoughts. That's how they know who to feed on. But only we can send thoughts to others. Now let's remove this and you can have a look around.'

The silken blindfold slid off Peters eyes; the first shock was the sense of vertigo. Next was the strange tinge of red everything had. Finally the acuteness of his vision; he could see every nook and cranny of the massive room, even into the darkest corner. Every crack in the stone wall stood out with a clarity as though spot lit. Peter also took note that the room seemed to contain hundreds of people. All were down on one knee except the five adults he had seen in the outside room. These stood in a line only a few feet in front of himself and his father.

The six boys were now lined up the same, each stood close to his presumed father. Peter's father stepped to the front of Peter. Not a sound was heard from the hundreds kneeling in the huge room.

"Fellow members of the night." Peter's father began. "Tonight I bring to you my son on his 15th birthday. Tonight he is a man and henceforth he will be accorded the rights, privileges, and titles of the Heir Apparent to the second house of the Empire of the Night, the House of Vladd the Impaler. Ladies and gentlemen of the night, my son, Prince Poitr Vladd, Heir Apparent, Day Walker and the future hope of our kind."

As the full weight of what his father had just said penetrated Peter's mind, there was an instant outburst of cheers from the hundreds inside the room. Peter's father held lightly to his elbow to hold him in place as the cheering continued until his father raised his hand for silence. Peter noticed that his sight had cleared and now he had almost normal colour vision but could see in greater detail everything around him sharply and very clearly. Every movement caught his eye immediately. Every shadow stood out like before; only the reddish colour had faded away. His father's voice sounded in his mind again.

'Feels great doesn't it?' Peter could almost feel the smile in his fathers words. His father continued but now he was speaking out loud to every one in the room as Peter saw the first of the adults that had been waiting approach where he stood.

The adult was tall, close to 6'3", he looked about 35 years old, the skin was pale but projected an inner strength. His eyes were very dark, practically black. The dark suit and flowing black cape on his shoulders gave him an austere and sombre look. He had a hand on each of the twin boy's shoulders as he guided them towards Peter and his father. His father was the first to speak as the crowd became silent.

"My son, let me introduce Count Viktor Drakula, Lord of the First House of the Empire of the Night, ruler of the European Empire."

Shock went through Peter as he realised that the man standing in front of him was the true dracula that Bram Stoker had made famous in fiction. Here was the real 'living' specimen of every child's nightmares. The hero of countless tales of the macabre and the standard of true horror stories. As though reading his thoughts, Count Drakula smiled down at Peter, it was almost friendly.

"Greetings Prince Poitr, congratulations on your birthday and I offer to you these two boys as your Guardians. They are sons of my blood mixed with the blood of a human woman. Like you, they are Day Walkers. As you have tasted their blood so they are bound to you for all eternity." The two boys were gently pushed forward by their father. They immediately bowed to Peter and took up a stance behind Peters back. Peter admired their physiques. Their black body suits moulded themselves to the boy's muscular bodies. Across their backs could be seen a slim sword, the handle of which stood just above their right shoulder. In their right ear lobe was a sapphire stud, without reason Peter glanced down at his right hand and started as he saw the two rings on his fingers. The one on his ring finger had a deep blue sapphire set in the top just as the boys had in their ear.

His fathers thought came into his head. 'That is the symbol of your position; theirs is to let everyone know that they are bound to you. This gift and the others from the heads of each house will bring us all together in our new world. The future for us all could be very bleak but for the three of you. Don't worry about it for now my son, tonight just enjoy.'

As if by instinct, Peter bowed low to Count Drakula. The Count gave a smile and a small nod of approval as he returned to his place by the other four adults. Next to walk forward were the Asian man and his son.

"My son, let me introduce Lord Che Sin Yu, Lord of the Third House of the Empire of the Night; ruler of the Asian Empire."

Che Sin Yu bowed low unlike Drakula; it seemed that Peter's house was superior in the order of things; his father's thought told him he was right.

"Greetings Prince Poitr. I also congratulate you on your coming of age and tender to you my son, Sin Yu, to be your night guardian and instructor. By his blood he is bound to you for all eternity."

Sin Yu bowed low and took his place behind Peter. Che Sin Yu also bowed and returned to his place. There followed the other three houses with the same greetings and handing over of their respective sons for his safety.

Lord Ivan Detrinov of the Fourth House, Lord of the Russian Empire and his son Dmitri.

Lord Inamya Mbekla of the Fifth House, Lord of the African Empire and his son Mbeda.

Finally Lord James Becker of the Sixth House, Lord of the Pacific Empire and his son Jason.

All six boys were a prince in their own right and this confused Peter as to why he had been given the honour of being in the first place above them. After all he was younger than all of them by at least 2 or 3 years. Again his father's thoughts entered his mind. 'All will be explained shortly my son, or should I say, Prince Poitr.' his father smiled down at him as the last Lord returned to his place.

His father took him by the hand and led him up to a large table set at the top of the hall like room. The other Lords followed in order of seniority. His guardians took up a position behind Peter to stand immobile as the elders took their seats at the table. Peter was placed at the centre of the table with his father on his left and the Count on his right. The other Lords took their seats on each side of the two men.

Once they had been seated, Peter's father gestured out to the crowd and what seemed to be an unending line of vampires approached the table. With a low bow each Vampire placed a gift on the table, bowed low again and went to take a seat at one of the many tables spread around the hall. The procession went on for more than half an hour until the last guest had made his presentation and returned to his own table, His fathers words reached into his mind.

'Sorry son, but you have to make a small speech of thanks to everyone. Take a couple of minutes while everyone is settling down to compose your thoughts then let me know when you're ready.'

The thought of making a speech in public terrified Peter as he looked out at the multitude of people in the hall. With a deep gulp he tried to think of what he should say, how do you make a speech to hundreds of Vampires without any preparation? Especially as you've just found out that you are one of them? Not only that but you're some kind of special prince. The thought of all this night's activity nearly brought Peter to a screaming mess. There was just so much to take in and try to understand and now he had to make his first speech in public. He almost wished he hadn't had a birthday that it would all go away in a dream and he could wake up and go to school like any other day.

A reassuring hand clasped his and he turned his head to the right. Count Drakula was smiling with encouragement at him and softly whispered, "Don't worry young Prince, anything you say will be more than enough for everyone."

Peter felt a small tightening of the cold hand and sighed. So what could they do if he fucked up, kill him? Not likely he was now already one of the living dead. With that thought it all came home to him, who he was, what he was, what he could do... suddenly he knew that his destiny lay here.

There never had been anything for him in the normal world that he had been raised in previously. Now he knew why his mother had that look in her eyes as he left home tonight. Taking a deep breath, Peter squared his slim shoulders and stood up from his chair. The hall became instantly silent as he took his feet, his knees shaking but hidden by the height of the table.

"Count Drakula, Father, Lord Che Sin Yu, Lord Detrinov, Lord Mbekla, Lord Becker. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Empire of the Night. I thank you all for being here to help me celebrate my birthday and help me in this revelation of my nature. I also thank you all for the many gifts. This is without a doubt the most surprise happening in my entire life! Thank you all."

Peter nearly collapsed into his chair with exhaustion and breathlessness as his speech ended. The hall erupted into loud clapping at his first attempted public speech. Somewhere at the rear of the hall a band began to play, lights in the high ceiling came on and shafts of colour ran through the room and over the large crowd, as many of them rose and began to dance. This was party time.

As Peter looked out at the mass of people he began to notice small differences in some of the bodies. Mainly in the way they all moved to the music or in a few cases, how they walked and even stood.

As he concentrated on the mass his view of them began to change. Most of the bodies began to change into forms of deep blue light; similar to an aura. Others took on a more orange/red colour. Peter continued to watch his private light show and noticed more and more variations. Some of the blues had a darker colour; almost to being black at the centre. A few of the orange/red colours showed dense spots of scarlet at the centre. Without thought Peter sent out a query to his father.

'What is happening?'

'You're seeing every ones life aura, son.'

Peter changed to vocalising with his father. "But what do they all mean?"

"Well lets start with our people first. The blues are vampire. They project no heat that's why they show up as they do. The reds are of course human. It's their heat signature. In other words my son, you are seeing them all in your own personal version of infrared. It's another of our small gifts. It helps to show us who we are dealing with at all times."

"The Reds, they are human? How come they don't tell on us? How come no one attacks them here?"

Count Drakula leant in a little closer to Peter as the music had become a lot louder as the party warmed up.

"Young Prince; there are many humans that know about us. All of them help us in many ways to keep our secret. In return we help them in other ways. Let me show you."

Count Drakula looked around the dancing mass below them then turned to one of the twins and spoke in a strange language that Peter had never heard. The twin looked at the Count and then turned to Peter and spoke in English.

"With my Lords permission?"

"Ah... oh...ah, yes, ok."

Peter sat stunned for a few minutes trying to work out what had just happened until Count Drakula continued to speak to him.

"Excuse me Young Prince, I did not mean any offence by asking your guardian to fetch one of the humans. He is bound to you that's why he asked for your permission to leave. Shortly we will all adjourn to another room while the party continues. There is much for you to know before the night is over."

Peter and the Count looked up as the Twin returned to the table with another young man trailing him. Peter looked at the man and then almost jumped from his seat. The new visitor smiled at Peter and then bowed low as he stood at the front of the table. It was Peter's high school English teacher. He was dressed in a tuxedo but the jacket had been removed and Peter could see the damp spots under the arms where the sweat from dancing had soaked through. His shirt sleeves were rolled up and small beads of sweat ran down his face as he smiled at Peter.

"Hello Peter, or should I say, Prince Poitr? Nice party you have."

"He...hello Mr.Tanner, I...I...thank you."

Peters father took over from the Count.

"John is one of our human helpers Peter. Could you lift your right wrist please John."

John Tanner smiled again at Peter and lifted his wrist for Peter to see what was there. Peter then saw a small tattoo, an exact copy of the crest on his ring. John smiled again at him as he bowed and left the table for the dance floor at a nod from Peters father.

"Each and everyone of our human helpers has a tattoo of the house they work for. You'll get to know them all soon. John was at the school to make sure you were protected at all times during the day. From now on you will not need to worry about school. In our own libraries there are a millennium worth of history books and everything you will need to know about ruling our part of the Empire."

Peter looked out at the pulsing crowd. It was then that he noticed that only the red glows, or humans were eating. All the Vampires were drinking from bottles and flasks that were set on all the tables. It was now that Peter noticed he was not hungry. Although he had not eaten since lunch time, 8 or 10 hours ago. As if in answer to his unasked question, Peters father smiled at him.

"We don't get hungry Peter, except for once a month when we have to feed our lust for blood. You however can, if you wish, eat a small quantity of food. Not a lot but enough to satisfy any day people if you need too. The same as the Twin guardians, but you will still have to feed once a month like the rest of us as well."

From deep in Peters mind a shudder went through him but was soon replaced with a strange feeling of anticipation that led to a small quivering in his chest and a tingling in his gums. Now that the tooth ache had gone, the tingling felt almost sexual as it sent its message through his body until Peter felt it deep in his groin. Instantly he was so hard his trousers felt as though they would burst the zipper, Peter blushed deeply and hoped no one would notice the change in him. His fathers thought reached into his mind.

'It's ok, it's quite normal during the change over. I'll give you a minute to get settled and then we all have to leave to go to another room, there's a lot we have to tell you tonight.'

Peter sat in discomfort, trying vainly to push his rigid member down but it only made matters worse until he finally relented and just reached down to his crotch and eased his hard muscle straight up towards his belly, it stayed hard but at least now it was more comfortable and just a little less noticeable.

The music came to a halt as Peters father, and then the other adults stood up. With a slight motion of his hand, his father indicated for Peter to follow suit. In the silence his father spoke to the mass of people and Vampires down on the floor. Peter watched as four of his Guardians wheeled a large trolley to the front of the table and began to place all the gifts and the many black envelopes in it.

"Thank you all for coming tonight, please continue to enjoy yourselves, we unfortunately have some business to attend to but will join you all again before the night is out."

With the end of the short speech, his father indicated for Peter to follow the six adults from the table as the music blared out once again. His father led them through an unseen door at the rear of the table area; two of the Guardians followed close on Peters heels as the others rolled away the trolley in another direction. The two Guardians were Jason and Mbeda.

Peter was led into another large room, there was plenty of light and the stone walls seemed warmer than the great hall they had just left. There were great tapestries on the walls and a thick deep blue carpet covered the stone floor. In the centre was a huge oak table that looked as though it would seat ten or fifteen people, soft comfortable chairs were arranged around the table evenly with one at the head and bottom of the table. Facing each chair was a laptop computer and a large desk pad with writing materials set out beside each one.

Peters father took the top chair and indicated for Peter to take the bottom one, his Guardians stood directly behind Peter as the other five leaders found their seats along each side of the table. Peters father looked down the table at him and smiled confidently at his son.

"Thank you gentlemen, for coming this evening, it means a great deal to have you all here together as we open up my sons mind to his new status in life. Peter, there is much we need to tell you tonight so we will all be taking part in telling you everything you need to know from here on out. First, as you now know we all have our own Houses to administer and our own parts of the world that we are responsible for.

"This stemmed from our need to work together or all die out one by one. In our long history, of which you will get to read about in the future, we have many times come to fight each other for territories and for our food supply. Fifty years ago we began to realise that we were doing ourselves more harm than good. We were trying to kill each other off one at a time. That's when the Count called a truce and we all agreed to meet together and try to mend our differences.

"It turned out that we all had the same problems, how could we continue to exist without the humans finding out about us and totally destroying us in the process. The answer we came up with was quite simple. We needed to find some humans we could trust and in positions that would help us and in return we would help them to attain their own dreams."

Peters father nodded to the Count. The Count continued.

"Your father was the first to see the way for us to survive, after convincing myself of the benefits it offered, I joined with him in contacting the other houses and eventually they all agreed to form this council of the Empire. All of this is written in our libraries so you can get more details at your leisure. Now, as to yourself, we could all see a future when we would be found out. A secret is only a secret when only one person knows it. You are the only real prince to be born as a Day Walker, this means that you can go out during the day and not be affected as badly as we would.

"You will find that on a very bright sunny day, you will become a little uncomfortable in the heat and light, but it will not hurt you like it would us. The twins as I told you are of my blood, but not directly. They are also Day Walkers but their Mother is a vassal of you own father. They are a distant relative of mine and have spent the last ten years training in my country to become your Guardians. The other four Guardians were born of both vampire fathers and mothers. They cannot follow you during the day, only at night. They also have been in training to protect you for over ten years. They are all the best of the Empire. You will be as safe as we can make you."

The Count then nodded at Che Sin Yu to continue.

"My Prince, my son, Sin Yu, will help with your training in battle tactics and weaponry. He has also been commanded to lead your Guardians. He will see to every detail of your security and also any comforts you may need. With your agreement, he will help select your house staff and any companions you may desire. With your agreement, he will assist you if you need it, to select your blood donor each month until you feel secure in yourself. It is here my Prince, that a delicate matter must be raised. None of us at this table, nor any of your Guardians, find fault in you or your desires. At no time do we or will we ever place the burden upon you of having to reveal your sexuality.

"It is already known by us alone that for you to be a true Prince and Day Walker for our Empire, that your genes would declare you to prefer someone of your own sex. It is not unnatural for you to be so. In fact, were you not as you are, you would not be a day Walker nor a Prince at this table. Your Guardians are all of the same persuasion and can therefore understand your needs and desires so there will be no need for you to ever be embarrassed in their, or our presence."

Che Sin Yu then nodded to Lord Detrinov to continue.

"My Prince, the Guardian twins will be your teachers in the other forms of your special abilities, these include such things as being able to levitate, wall walk, to use your enhanced sense of smell and sight, and your advanced form of mind control. There are many forms of blood and flesh eaters in this world. The main ones are the Canine; werewolves to you. The Feline, those who can change into cat forms. And the Avian, those who take the form of various birds of prey. Now all of these other creatures of our ways are not big in number and if it came to a war between us, we would out number all of them by a considerable amount. So we therefore keep to ourselves but at the same time, when we occasionally meet, we show each other respect. The only time you must be on your guard is at the full moon, it's the one time when the Canine group are a danger to all of us, including the Feline and Avians. The Canines are aware of this and on the very rare occasions that we come across one of them at this time of the month, we try to avoid them. If it happens that we have to kill them, then we come together after the full moon with the Pack concerned and make a form of restitution for them. That way we avoid any unpleasant war with any faction. The twins will teach you how to recognise all of the other minor groups in your training."

Detrinov turned to Lord Mbekla to continue.

"My Prince, our major problems will be with some of the human groups. This has been a problem for many centuries. When it was only the various religions it was not too bad as we had a distinct advantage in that their followers could be lead astray by fictions and tall stories or myths. As you will undoubtedly know, the writer Bram Stoker made a Legend out of our esteemed Count Drakula with his books. What none knew was that our friend Bram Stoker was himself a vampire and wrote the stories under instruction from our esteemed Count. The misleading information in his stories is the main reason that we are here today. For instance, garlic has no properties that can harm us; holy water has no more effect than to make us wet; the power of the great cross is non existent; it is a figment of the imaginations of a few desperate religious fanatics. Silver however, will have an effect. But not as bad as you may think. If you are stabbed or shot with anything silver, it will literally hurt like hell, but it will not kill you and you will heal a little slower than is normal for your metabolism. The only true way to kill one of our kind is by decapitation and to totally destroy the body. The blade must have a content of silver, such as those blades carried by your Guardians. Your Head Guardian Sin Yu will instruct you more on that later."

Mbekla nodded towards Lord Becker to continue.

"My Prince, only one other problem remains for us, it is the different governmental agencies, some but not all of them, have a few of our people in them. Most are human Symbiots. Those are the humans who have, for various reasons of their own, agreed to help us in one form or another. Such as your high school teacher and others you will get to meet at some time in the future. Back to our government agencies. Due to the leaps in technology many agencies have started to take an interest in our ways, in one form or another. Some are looked upon as crack pot ideas but some, admittedly only a few, are taking more interest than we would like. There are only three agencies that are really a threat to us as they have somehow got a hold of some inside information that they should never have. We are not sure, but we think that they have got someone, either human or Vampire to infiltrate our Empire. At this stage we are in no direct danger but I and the other Lords are sure that it could become a very real threat in the future. Now that you are of age we feel the need to protect you at all costs as it would be you that they would try to capture or coerce into helping them. That is why the six Guardians were formed for your protection and why you must have them with you at all times, even here in your own home."

Peter looked at his father with a startled look on his face.

"Yes Peter, this is your new home. The whole estate is in your name. Everything on the surrounding fifty acres of land is yours. Now my son, this is the hard part for you. Your mother will come to visit once a week unless you are away doing something else. I will be here off and on to give advice or to help with any problems that may arise, but you will be the master of this place. I know that at fifteen some would say you are too young but in our world you are a responsible adult. You have your Guardians to help you in anything you may need or want. You have many hours of training and learning to do so I'm sure you will at times be to busy to notice the time of day or night. Now my son, before we return to the hall I need to tell you about the Symbiots. Each house as you have been told, has its own mark, ours is as you saw on John Tanner. Count Drakula's is a bat with a sword in its claws. Lord Che Sin Yu's is a dragon. Lord Detrinov's is the Russian bear with a sickle in its paw. Lord Mbekla's is the elephant with chain in its trunk and Lord Becker's is the five stars of the southern cross with a dagger in the centre. Each of these signs you must memorise. Any human with these signs can not be killed or fed upon. They are sacred vassals of their owners. Any Vampire who hurts or kills a Symbiot is given to the sunrise. These humans are very important to us all and must be protected at all costs. Now my son, I'm sure there will be many questions arise that you will want answered, but I hope they can wait until your Guardians can take over your training tomorrow because for now, we must join our guests in the hall to celebrate your manhood."

Peters head was spinning with all the information he had been given, he almost stumbled with the weight of it all as he stood to follow his father out to the hall. He felt two light hands touch his shoulders and glancing over his right shoulder, he saw the smiling face of Jason. The quick tightening of Jason's fingers on his shoulder gave him a sense of small comfort.

When they had returned to the hall, Peter began to look around more intently. It soon became obvious to his new form of sight, the differences in both human and vampire physiology. Most humans were in the mid twenty to late fourty year old range while most of the vampires looked a lot younger from the occassional pre teen to early twenties. Only a small number of vampires were older looking. After a little practice, Peter began to notice that vampire auras also varied in the density of colour, they ranged from a very pale blue to a very deep dark navy blue. The human auras stayed pretty much uniform. Turning to the now returned Sin YU, Peter asked, "Sin Yu, why is there so many different auras for the vampires but all the humans are near the same?"

"My Lord, the darker the aura in a vampire, the older he is. For example, your aura is middle blue with a surround of red. The blue denotes your position, it is darker than newly turned because you gain through your blood, all the knowledge of your forbears. The red is new of course for a vampire but it denotes that you are human in some parts so that you can move around in the sun in the day time. Have a look at the twins, their aura has that same tinge of red at the edges where as no other vampire in this hall that has the same redness. Tomorrow night we will go to the city and I will point out the different auras for the other blood feeders that we share our world with."

"Thank you Sin Yu. It's starting to make a little more sense now."

"You are welcome My Lord, it is my duty."

Peter looked out on the writhing mass of people on the dance floor. The music thumped and the mass of bodies twirled and jumped to the pulsing beat. With a sudden start, Peter's sharp eyesight caught a flash of movement in a far off corner of the hall. By concentrating harder, Peter saw a young teen who appeared to be trying to hide himself in the darkness. His aura was very pale with barely any blue tone at all. Suddenly Peter's sense of smell seemed to zero in on the shadowed corner. A slight whiff of fear, then something made Peter think of confusion and shame came from the darkness. As he stood Peter turned to his father. "I want to go out into the hall and mix a bit, is that ok father?"

"My son, this is your house. You don't need to answer to anybody here. It's your party, you do as you wish."

The smile of confidence on his fathers face thrilled Peter. He was really being treated like an adult and head of his own house. Peter's chest swelled as he thought of his growing independence. As he moved from the table, Sin Yu, followed by two other Guardians, came behind him. As he reached the floor area every body he passed nodded a small bow but continued to dance with or without their partners. Peter slowly made his way towards the far corner where he had seen and sensed the young teen.

Finally Peter spied the teen leaning back against the darkest part of the corner. He could see the confusion and feel the fear in the young teen as he motioned for his Guardians to stay back a little from them both. The boy seemed to try to sink into the stone of the wall as Peter neared him.

"Hey, how do you like my party?"

The teen was shaking, his confusion was getting deeper as Peter talked to him. "It's ok man, don't sweat it. You look as though you're gonna jump out of your skin. You can settle down you know. No one here is going to hurt you, you're with friends."

Peter tried to settle the teen's fears as he talked to him. "Are you here alone?"

The teen shook his head in the negative, apparently to afraid to speak.

"Where's your friend then?"

The teen made a nod towards the dance floor, still trying to shrink into the stone wall behind him.

"It's ok man, I'm not here to hassle you. It's just I saw you on your lonesome and thought you might like some company. After all, this is a party not a funeral. Can you tell me your name?"

A soft whisper came from the teens lips, " Lordship."

"Oh you know who I am then?" Peter said with a smile on his lips to try to make the teen relax, the teen nodded. Just then Peter felt a new presence join them in the corner. Before he could react, Peters Guardians had stepped in front of both Peter and Simon and faced out to where the new presence came from. Approaching them was a young man who seemed to be in his early twenties but Peter could see by his aura that he was far older than what he looked.

"Good evening My Prince, I see you have met my new turning, he's quite delightful, is he not?"

"And you are?"

"Forgive me My Prince, Jackson Metz, I run the City Lights Motel out on I76. Simon here was alone on the road when I met him. It seemed such a waste to just feed on him and leave him on the side of the road, so I gave him the choice of becoming one of us or being a meal. He chose to follow in our ways."

"It doesn't seem much of a choice for him, Mr Metz."

"I'm sorry my Prince, but truly, it's the way of things."

Peter turned again to Simon. "What do you think Simon, was it much of a choice or, would you have preferred to have lived your life as before?"

"I...I'm not sure, Your Lordship, it's all so new and different, I just feel...well feel... I don't know."

Simon blushed in confusion and uncertainty as he tried to hide from everyone. Peter reached out and laid a hand on Simons shoulder.

"Mr. Metz?"

"Yes My Prince?"

"Would I be able to take Simon for a dance?" Peter could feel his own blush creep up his cheeks. He had never done anything like this before, it was almost scary to contemplate the possibility of rejection.

"It would be our pleasure and honour, My Prince."

Metz looked askance of Simon and nodded towards Peter. Peter turned and faced Simon while reaching out his hand towards the teen.

"Would you like to dance with me Simon?"

Simon dropped his head until he was looking at Peter from lowered eye-brows. He gave a small, barely perceptible nod and reached for Peter's hand. Peter's Guardians moved back a little to give the pair some space but, at the same time they were close enough to keep their eyes on their charge. Peter led Simon onto the dance floor where they began to dance with each other. Once the rhythm was established between the two boys, Simon seemed to relax more and a small smile moved across his red lips.

The smile was enough for Peter to also relax and start to enjoy his time with the teen. In only a matter of minutes they were talking to each other as though they were old friends. Small similarities began to emerge from Simon as he began to loosen up with Peter. Soon the beat of the music took total control of the two teens and the night took on a new shape as they danced with each other for set after set.

Suddenly a thought from his father entered his mind.

'Peter it's nearly time to call it a halt. Sunrise is only an hour away and these friends need to make their way home, can you come and make the announcement, please?'

'Yes father.' he sent back.

Looking down at Simon, Peter made a decision he had been contemplating since he had seen the boy in the dark corner.

"Simon, it's nearly dawn...ahm...would you like to...uhm...stay here tonight?"

Simon blushed a bright scarlet as he looked at his dance partner.

"I'd like to, but, well, I don't know if Jackson would let me be away from him so soon."

"Ok, I'll just have to ask him for you then, won't I?"

Peter smiled at Simon, the smile held far more than just being nice. There was something about Simon that Peter liked more and more. A strange fuzziness seemed to take a hold of Peters senses as he looked into the deep green eyes before him. Peter grasped Simons hand and led him towards where Jackson was dancing with another twenty something vampire.

"Excuse me Mr. Metz. I would like your permission to invite Simon to stay here tonight. Apart from my Guardians I'll be alone and Simon is my first friend here."

"My Prince, I have no hold over Simon's actions except for my duty to teach him our ways. He is free to do as he wishes."

Jackson seemed genuinely open about Simon's freedom to make his own decisions so Peter turned to the teen with a look of askance.


"I would really love to My Lord."

"Great, but first thing is, you can call me Peter. No more of this Lordship thing, it gets tiring and seems stuffy."

Simon smiled and blushed as he looked at Peter.


"Great, ok come on lets go."

Peter took Simon by the hand and led him towards the top table. Peter could feel the hesitancy in Simons pace.

"Hey, it's ok, this is my party and my house so, I can have anyone I want up at the table. You'll see, it'll be ok, come on."

Simon stayed carefully behind Peter as he worked his way to the top table. The adults watched as he made his way towards them, each had a faint smile on his face as Peter asked one of the Guardians to find a chair for Simon and place it beside his own. His father smiled at Simon and held out his hand for the teen to grasp.

"Welcome young man, I see you have captured my sons eye, congratulations."

The chair arrived and Simon gingerly sat down beside Peter. His father turned to Peter.

"Now son, I want you to look over at the band leader... good... now focus on him alone... good... now tell him to stop the music... that's great."

At Peter's insistence the band had become silent. The band leader bowed low to Peter and began to get his members to pack up their instruments. At the silence of the band. The masses below Peter turned towards the top table. Peter stood and held out his hands, Palm outwards. The masses became quiet instantly. Peter looked at the multitude on the floor below him.

"I would like to thank all of you again for coming this evening. Unfortunately the sun will rise in a little less than an hour and for your safety, I think we should call a halt. Thank you again."

Peter took his seat. Then without a prompt, the crowd began to sing 'Happy Birthday' to him. At the end of the song, everyone bowed low to him and began to leave the hall. Peter looked at Simon and felt a blush creep up his face as his father stood followed by the other Lords.

"I will see our guests to their accommodations my son. Sin Yu will take you and your friend to your own quarters. Good night son, and congratulations."

The others began to leave the table as Peter and Simon also stood, Sin Yu taking the lead, to take them down to the hall floor and towards the main doors. Just before reaching them he turned to the left towards the dark corner. With a push on one of the stones, a door slid open to show an elevator.

"This My Lord is your private entrance to your quarters, if you would like to place your hand on the panel it will take us to the top floor. This is the only direct way to your apartment. There are no stairs so anyone wanting to get there has to use this elevator and it is set to your hand print and DNA. When we have a full staff here they will have access only at your wish, it is the safest way we can make it for you."

"Thank you Sin Yu, but what about you Guardians?"

"We of course have access my Lord, but most times we will be accompanying you so it will operate with any of us."

The elevator stopped its upward movement and the doors opened into a small reception hall. The walls were lined with oak panelling, the floor was dark marble with a thick strip of deep carpet running down the centre. On each side of the short hall were two doors.

"Which room is mine, Sin Yu?"

"All of them My Lord. These four here are for your Guardians. At the end of this hall are your quarters. If you will follow me, My Lord."

Sin Yu lead the way to the end of the hall. With a sudden realisation Peter began to feel a nervous hesitation creep up on him. The events of the night were seeping slowly into his subconscious, and this was reality. A sudden shiver went through Peter as he gripped the hand he held. It was no longer a dream of make believe, it was all real. He was really a Vampire Prince; he was really fifteen and holding hands with his first boy; he was really a live/dead blood sucker; a myth; a make believe story character. Now he was separated from his Mother, his Friends, such as they were. No more childish pranks or tricks at school. He was now meant to be an adult, "at fifteen".

The tension continued to build inside him as he neared the end of the hallway with Simon and Sin Yu. As the hallway ended Peter saw that the room in front of him was huge. The floor was covered in an obviously very expensive carpet, the walls were covered in tapestries with solid stone blocks behind them. The windows went from floor to ceiling, some 15 feet above them. In the middle of the room stood another large solid wooden desk with a large black leather office chair behind it, around the desk were a number of comfortable looking lounge chairs and small tables.

On the desk top were a set of pens and a blank grey panel built into the desk. The room had to be at least thirty feet long and twenty feet wide and it seemed to emit an aura of power and authority.

"This is your office and reception room, my Lord." Said Sin Yu. "If you will follow me I will take you to your private quarters."

Peter followed Sin Yu through the room to the far end. Then after opening a double set of doors in the end wall, Peter and his retinue walked into Peter's quarters. The lounge was huge, about twenty by twenty feet. His feet sank into the beige carpet as he moved further into the room. The furnishings were all of black or dark brown leather. All the tables were painted in a black laqueur with heavy gold inlays. On the far wall was a huge TV screen and underneath a full sound system and audio centre. The room oozed wealth, comfort and luxury. A small smile crept over Peters face as he looked around at his own quarters.

Pointing to another door at the end of the room, Sin Yu began to tell Peter what lay beyond. "My lord, through that room is your bedroom and ensuite, next to that is two smaller rooms for any guests you may want to stay over with you. All the wardrobes have been filled with your clothes and any extras you may need for formal occasions. Your bathroom has been set out to suit your needs but if there is anything not to your liking we can change it for you. When you have business it will be held in the other room and we will escort any applicants up to you so that you don't have to keep running up and down the floors.

On the next floor up are the cells where, if you wish, you can keep a food supply or anyone that is to be punished."

"Thank you Sin Yu, it's all a bit much just now but I hope in time I'll get used to it" Peter replied with a grin.

Suddenly dim red lights began to flash and as they did Peter noticed that Simons hand, which he still held, was growing colder. Then with a loud crash, metal shutters began to fall over all the windows. Peter jumped at the sudden noise but then heard Sin Yu begin to explain, "It's ok my Lord, the lights are to warn of the rising sun and the shutters are to protect us from the sunlight as well as from anyone that may try to enter the house while we sleep."

Suddenly Sin Yu let out a huge yawn and Simon began to sink towards the floor. Peter also noticed that he was feeling tired but not as badly as his two companions.

"Sorry my Lord, but I must retire for the day. Your friend needs to be put to bed as he is going into his day sleep. The twins will attend you until you wish to sleep."

With that said Sin Yu ran off to the hallway as the twins appeared beside Peter. One of them picked up the now comatose Simon and with Peter following, led them to the bedroom. Again Peter noted the large room. A massive bed sat at one end that was large enough to sleep at least six people without touching each other. The twin lay Simon on the bed as Peter smiled down at the cute looking teen. Even though the boy was as pale as death, he looked so cute laying on the red silk sheets.

The twin looked at Peter. "My Lord, do wish him to be undressed?"

"No, it's ok I think I can do it." Peter could feel his cheeks smarting as he realised he was going to undress a boy for the first time.

"Very well my Lord. My brother and I will be in the next room should we be needed."

"Don't you need to sleep?"

"Not really my Lord, a few hours later in the evening is enough for us. As you will find for yourself, you will need very little sleep unlike other vampires that have to sleep during the day, we have the best of both worlds, my Lord,"

The twin turned and left the room as Peter looked down again on the cute boy in his bed. With slightly shaking and tentative hands, Peter began to loosen the buttons on Simons shirt, finally slipping the shirt off he took notice of the slim chest. Then it struck him, Simons chest was not moving. Peter lay his ear over the boys heart, there was no heart beat, no sound of lungs being filled. At last he understood the fullness of the world he was now a part of. Simon lay as though dead, in a sense he was but Peter knew that when the sun died, Simon would again live. With a sigh Peter loosened the belt on Simons jeans and then slid them down the pale legs. A smile came over Peters lips as he saw the cute tight little blue briefs that Simon was wearing. His small package making a neat mound over his pubic bone. There was the start of a faint pubic trail leading under the waist of the briefs. Peter felt the throbbing in his groin but also knew he could do nothing while the boy slept.

Finally Peter felt the long day and night catching up with him and so he finally shed his own clothes and slipped under the sheets and pulled the cold body close as he slipped into a deep sleep. Within minutes Peters subconscious took over and his first dreams as a vampire took over, somewhere in the deepest recesses of his mind he thought that vampires didn't dream.

'Strange' with a small shudder he sank into a deeper sleep, his first night as a vampire finally over, his new life just begun.


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