Castle Roland

The Prince of House Vladd III

by Arthur


Chapter 3

Published: 22 Sep 16


Copyright © 2011, 2015 by Arthur

Jake was standing outside the door of the newly built club, Peters brother had wasted no time in making some changes and bringing his clubs up to a new standard, the one thing that he never changed was the underground fight rings for the Canines, these had in the past, proved to be too much of a draw card and turned him a nice profit.

Peter along with the twins, joined Jake at the door, with little thought or need to worry, the small group made their way inside, Peter's brother was once again behind the bar and the new club was filling quickly with those wanting a night out and the Canines looking for a fight.

As before, Jake scooped Peter up and threw him over his shoulder then, with long strides, made his way to the door that led down into the fighting arena, the two hapless twins close behind, they had no idea what was going on but as yet Peter had not said to stop the exhibition so they just followed along.

As they came into the light of the cellar, the heavy testosterone filled air brought back memories for Peter of the first time being taken to one of these places by Jake, as he bounced along on Jakes thick broad shoulder, he felt a smile creep over his face at the memory, it had been too long since he had been able to take the time to do something totally silly.

Jake carried Peter to where his pack was standing around a table, large glasses filled with beer were all over the table top, some full and some almost empty, it appeared they had been here for some time, with little ceremony, Jake pulled another table over and deposited Peter on top so he could see, just as he had done the first time they had been to a fight.

Jake's pack by now well knew Peter, with the casual lift of a hand or a smirk on their lips, they all greeted Peter, only the youngest of the pack looked at the twins with some interest but they were quickly told by Jake to "Pull yah heads in pups" and the group settled down for a night out.

Peters hand was quickly filled with a long glass of pure blood, the usual ribald remarks were sent his way and he joined in the verbal sparring as the mood lightened.

"Who's the first fight Jake?" Peter asked.

"Couple of young pups, as usual they can't agree on some little bitch that's coming into heat, it won't be that much of a fight, they're still young but, where they don't have the skills yet, they will both want to win so it should be quite a little scrap for pups."

Peter took notice that this cellar was bigger and more fitted out than the first one he went too, it looked as though his brother was doing ok, the cellar was now packed with mainly canines, but here and there were the occasional Feline and even a couple of young Vaga Vampires, everyone seemed to be quite happy to mix and not cause any trouble.

Peter looked to the large square cage in the centre of the cellar, it looked to be quite new and was even more sturdy looking than the original one he had seen so long ago, at the entrance gate of the cage sat the huge black figure of Ned, his pups were close by ready to take bets, at a call from Ned, the room went silent.

"Right gents and others, first fight is Buko and Sam, boys, time to get it sorted, step into the ring, you all know the rules, last man or wolf standing is the winner and I settle any rule breaks, right pups, lets get this started."

From the packed room stepped two young men, both were well built but obviously young, wolves, unlike vampires, did age but very slowly, these two looked to be just entering their late teens so they would probably be into their late twenties or early thirties, in wolf terms, still just young pups.

The two pups entered the ring and looked each other over, it was apparent to the onlookers that there was little love lost between these two, Ned closed the gate with a loud clang, within seconds the bell for round one sounded and the two young wolves went at it.

Peter watched as kicks, punches and choke holds were used in the attacks, neither one seeming to get the upper hand, it was not as vicious as the first fight Peter had seen all those years ago, but the determined intent of both pups was there for all to see, the loud yells of encouragement filled the area with sound as the two fought on.

By close to the end of the second round, it looked as though it would go the distance where the two could use the full change, there had to be less than a minute left when one of the pups managed to get fully behind his opponent and put him in a choke hold that was well clamped in, by wrapping his legs around the other pup, the choker could not be broken, as the pup began to slide to the floor almost unconscious, Ned called the bout won and rang the bell, the winning pup stood up and held his hands high in the air as the crowd clapped and hooted at his victory.

Peter was now really beginning to enjoy himself, it had been a long time since he had been able to get out and not have to think of his problems, the next fight was to be between two Felines, Peter had never seen them fight in an arena before, by their aura he saw they were both Leopards, when the fight got underway, Peter saw the distinctively different fighting styles between the Felines and the Canines, the Canines were more brute strength, the felines were more tactics and they used their feet a lot more in very acrobatic kicks with high leaping spins, the use of their hands was way less than the Canines.

When the fight had gone two rounds and still no winner, it was time for the open fighting of the third round, as the bell rang, Peter watched as the two changed into sinewy slink Leopards, their muscles rhythmically sliding under their black spotted yellow fur, they continued to circle each other waiting for an opening, there was hardly a sound in the room as the two tried to find an opening, it was as though everyone was holding their breath at the same time, when the action started, it was so swift that Peter almost missed it.

It was as if a signal had been given that no one else saw, suddenly both yellow cats were in the air and charging each other, as they clashed together, they tried to get the better grip with their jaws while all the time trying to rip the soft underbelly of their opponent with their rear claws, fur and screams were filling the air as the two cats tried to out manoeuvre each other, they were now both lying on the floor of the ring, their jaws clamped tight on the wind pipe of the other, their hind legs tearing strips of flesh and fur from their belly, the blood was now really flowing as neither wanted to give up, it was easily obvious to all there that this fight would only end in the death of one or the other, or both if it was allowed to continue, Ned rang the bell and entered the ring.

With an ease and speed that belied his enormous size, Ned grab each of the snarling and screaming cats by the soft fur at the nape of their necks and pulled them apart, holding one in each massive hand as they still tried to get at each other even though they were now bleeding badly from their wounds.

Peter turned to Jake.

"Those two really hate each other don't they, what's it all over, any idea?"

"Not really, they are brothers so it could be anything from stealing a female to blowing your nose with those two, they get it on about twice a year for no apparent reason, it usually ends like this with Ned pulling them apart, one leaves by one door and the other leaves by another one, in a couple of days they will be walking along with an arm over each others shoulder as though nothing has happened, that's why Ned stops it when enough blood has been spilt."

"It sounds pretty crazy to me; you'd think brothers in our world would watch out for each other."

"Yup, you'd think so but not those two."

Peter watched as the two boys changed back and one left the ring while the other just stared at his back, when the first boy had disappeared, Ned released the other one so he could leave, Ned's pups were busy cleaning the blood off the floor so the next fight could get underway.

As they waited for the next challenge, Peter felt a large presence nearby, looking back in Jake's direction, Peter saw a large man come to stand in front of Jake, the look in the man's eyes was one of arrogance and threat, he gave Peter a quick glance followed by a sneer then turned back to Jake, the tension in the air increased immediately.

"Why you got one of them Homo Vamps down here with real men, Pup." The man asked a scowling Jake.

Peter heard a deep throated growl coming from Jake as he looked the man up and down, it was almost as though Jake's hackles were rising, as they would have been had he been in his wolf form.

"Back off Bill or you'll get more than you can handle."

"Fuck you Jake, I don't like our air filled with the stink of little queer Vamps."

Jake began to show his fangs as he pushed his face in close to that of the other man.

"You know where this is headed, right Bill?"

"You got lucky last time, you want to go for seconds then be my guest but, before you do I'm going to get rid of that little Homo so step aside."

As the man, Bill ,made the threat, four of Jake's men stepped in front of Peter as the twins closed in on the sides, Peter looked the man over, as he did so he let his mind slowly and very lightly enter the werewolves head, it was like sending a faint mist into the mans mind, there he saw the fear in the man, he was under threat from one of his young alphas and was looking to prove he was still top dog in his pack, suddenly Peter felt the man close his mind, he had detected the faint incursion, looking up at Peter standing on the table, Bill said.

"You fucking little queer, try and read me will you, I'm gonna open you up from your girly ass to the top of your queer head you little fuck."

As Bill tried to move forward he felt the presence of someone behind him, next second, a large black hand closed down on his heaving shoulders as Ned grasped him hard.

"You got problems boy, you know how and where to fix them."

Jake bared his fangs in a challenge and Bill followed close behind saying.

"When I've gutted you Pup, I'm going to screw that Homo Vamp then eat him and his two Nancy boys."

Peter looked at the two large wolves baring their fangs, in a sudden insight he interrupted Jake.

"Hold on Jake, he's insulting me, it's my challenge and my honour he's trying to ruin, I want to take the challenge."

Jake looked up at Peter where he still stood on the table.

"No, he's mine, he doesn't come here and insult my guests, besides, you know what will happen if he beats you, you have a lot more to lose than I do."

"No, Jake, he's mine, you know damn well I can't back down to this house dog, he wants to play then he can play with me, it's my honour he's calling out."

"You know you can't take any weapons in the ring, it'll be just you and him and he has size and strength over you."

"Doesn't matter Jake, this is my fight, if I go down then you watch my guys."

All this time Bill was looking at Peter as though he was his next meal, he saw that the little vamp was half his height and less than half his weight, once he got his hands on the kid he would crush him with little thought, if, by luck it went to the third round then the kid would stand no chance against his wolf.

Bill looked back to Jake.

"What's the matter Pup, scared your little queer Vamp is going to get fucked by a wolf?"

Jake moved with lightening speed, all Bill knew was that his chest was now opened and bleeding heavily as the three deep gouges showed through his shredded shirt, Ned moved faster than anyone could believe, with a heavy back hand he sat Jake on his ass and stood over Bill with a pair of very long sharp fangs close to the mans face.

"I told you boys how we do things here, now what's it to be?"

Peter spoke up before anyone could say a word.

"I challenge that dog to the ring, no holds barred and no prelim rounds, he can go straight to his wolf, last man standing wins and the other resigns his lead to his pack or house and no weapons, you want me dog boy then here I am."

Peter stepped down off the table and looked up to the face of the man he had challenged, Bill was as wide as Jake but another two inches taller, beside him Peter looked like a small thin doll, with a determined look on his face he removed his sword and the five hidden Suriken from inside his jacket, with hardly a look at the fuming Bill, Peter turned and walked towards the ring, around the cellar there was a hush as everyone watched the small vampire step into the ring.

Jake got to his feet as Bill stormed towards the ring where the little Homo waited calmly, Bill's chest already healing as he tore his shirt off, Jake called out to Peter as Bill stepped into the ring and faced the calmly waiting Vampire.

"You shouldn't do this, it's considered interspecies and is not legal, you can walk away and no one will think anything of it."

"No Jake, this is about my honour, I won't hurt him too badly."

Bill stood and snarled at Peter's comment.

"You, you think you can beat me fuck boy, I'm going to spread your legs and fuck you till you bleed then eat your liver Fag."

Ned stepped into the ring and looked at the young Vampire, Ned knew well who Peter was but as he had called the challenge there was little he could do now.

"You both no there's no rules, you go until one of you calls out of the fight, only rule is no weapons, on the bell go at it."

Ned turned away and left the ring, Peter took the time to strip off his jacket and remove his shoes and socks, for this fight he needed to be able to feel every grain and wrinkle in the ring, his one saving grace was his size and speed as well as his extra abilities as a vampire, Bill was larger and stronger and his recuperative powers were very fast, Peter knew he would have to cause multiple injuries to slow down the healing ability.

As the two faced each other waiting for the bell, Bill for the first time, looked at the boy before him without the red haze of anger, the first thing that struck him was the boys aura, sure, it showed the blue of a vampire but the faint red tinge surrounded by green was something new, as he got ready to change into his seven foot tall wolf he saw the boy raise his right hand and turn it so Bill could see the ring on the boy's finger, suddenly, Bill felt very ill, this was no ordinary little vamp Homo, he was facing one of the few Vampires that could really do some damage, already Bill knew it was too late, he had to go for the kill or he would not survive the night.

Peter smiled at the man as he showed his house ring, it was another of his ploys to unsettle the larger man who would soon be a very big and powerful wolf, every little thing Peter could do to give the man second thoughts was an advantage, now all that remained was for him to use every bit of training Sin Yu had put him through.

Bill was still thinking about Peters house ring as the bell rang, that fraction of a second before he changed into his wolf was all the advantage Peter needed, half way through his change Bill felt something strange, it took him only two seconds to change and yet he was already injured, he looked for the boy as he felt the blood run down his chest, neck and face, his left eye was blank, there was no vision at all on that side, of the boy there was no sign.

Bill staggered as he completed his change, for his left eye there was no repair even though the four deep gouges in his chest were healing rapidly as were the ones in his neck and face, still he could not see the boy anywhere, suddenly, from behind him came a young voice.

"Over here puppy."

Bill's wolf turned around with a snarl and saw the young vampire standing waiting for him, as he moved forward, the boy disappeared again, this time he felt the heavy smashing blow on his wind pipe and a heavier blow to his manhood, then the boy appeared on the other side of the ring leaning back on the wire cage as Bill tried to regain his feet, his large furry balls were aching like never before as he tried to get his breath back.

With these apparent attacks on his body, Bills' wolf howled then charged at the smiling boy, just as he got within reach of his taunting target, the boy disappeared again and Bill ran full into the wire cage, bending the uprights and knocking him back onto his butt, as Bill lifted his head to find his antagonist, he heard a soft boyish chuckle from behind him again, the more Peter taunted him, the angrier Bill's wolf got.

Peter watched as anger rose in the werewolf in front of him, Sin Yu's instructions ran through his mind, against a wolf he had to use speed and multiple attacks and keep out of the wolfs reach, Peter watched as the wolf rose and charged again, Peter let his long claws harden as he went low and swiped behind the wolfs ankle, there was a loud scream and Bill collapsed onto the floor of the ring, his Achilles tendon torn through and this sort of injury could not be healed, he was now blind in one eye and unable to stand on an even footing, Bill's wolf forced him to stand, the fact he had not even touched the boy yet was eating away at his confidence.

Dragging his leg behind him, Bill tried for one more time to get his large clawed hands on the smaller boy, he had taken only two stumbling steps before he felt and then heard the boy close behind him, the smaller boy's clawed hands close to his throat.

"Call it now puppy or you will never leave this ring alive."

Bill's wolf snarled, he knew he was beaten but could not admit his defeat, with one last superhuman effort, the broken werewolf reached back for the body of the boy, this was his last chance and the boy had made the mistake of getting too close, the long sharp claws flashed to the boy behind him, Bill felt nothing but air as he started to choke and splutter through the torrent of blood gushing from his open throat, his last convulsive sight was that of the smaller young vampire looking down at him with contempt, Bill's eye closed and he then only had darkness for company.

As Peter watched the werewolf die in a pool of his own blood from the torn throat, he heard the bell ring and then the gate opened, as he turned to leave he saw another large but young man come through the gate and towards where he stood, Peter readied his defences as the younger werewolf stopped in front of him.

"Who are you Vampire?"

From outside the gate came the strong voice of Jake.

"He is Prince Vladd of the House of Vladd, he is your Lord, if you want to keep your pack and your health, then bow a knee to him and swear your oath."

Peter stood in the ring with the dead body of Bill still at his feet, every person in the cellar also stood in silence as the younger man knelt before Peter, in a loud strong voice, the young wolf said.

"My Lord, we, the Southern Pack vow allegiance to your house, if you need us at any time you only need to call and my pack will come to your aid."

"Thank you Alpha, what is your name?"

"Simon, My Lord, we are at your service and your call."

"Will you and your pack join us upstairs, we need to talk?"

Simon stood up and stepped aside for Peter to leave the ring ahead of him, as Peter left, Ned sent two of his own pups in to clean the ring, the Twins joined Peter and Jake as they led the way back upstairs where they claimed a table big enough for the others to join them, Simon joined them quickly, the pack of ten young wolves close on his heels, for peter it was time to take a deep breath and think about what he had done and what the consequences were going to be.


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