Castle Roland

Brave New World

by Charles Bird


Chapter 6

Published: 8 Apr 14

BRAVE NEW WORLD SERIES A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure in the Canadian Forest

Book 4

Charles W. Bird

© 2013

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be copied by any means without my express written permission.


Paul Cormier: For the idea of such an adventure

Dr. Robert Vallier, Ph.D.: His input on the construction of this story made it possible.


This story is dedicated to the memory of Colonel Richard Dagget O'Donnel, United States Marine Corps 1937 – 2009 A wonderful friend from my own childhood


Sky Whistle was seated in the amphitheater that was once his Uncle Fox's Meeting Place. A life-sized bronze statue of Grand Shaman Fox was newly erected depicting Fox as a young boy, struggling against a snowstorm, carrying a small bundle.

Sky said to his Grandson, Henry Whistle, "You see that small bundle, that was me as Uncle Fox saved me and brought me to the Father-Chiefs and safety!" Sky choked up, tears flowing from his eyes, remembering those times and his love for Henry's namesake Father-Chief Henry and also for Father-Chief Peter.

The small child replied, "Gampapa, did they really do those things the big boys talk about?" Sky hugged the small boy and said, "Yes, Henry, they were the greatest men ever, without them we would have never survived!" They were only ordinary men, like you and me, but what they did was super-ordinary! He went on to tell the boy of his life at Colony and how the Father-Chiefs kept them alive, fostered their hopes and fulfilled their dreams. How they recreated Canada and laid the foundations for a better world!

The two sat in the warm sunshine with their hands entwined. Both were mind-speakers and they communed silently, comfortably, one mind to the other. Suddenly, a wave of attention crossed their minds, "Sky, where are you? This is Robert, we must meet!"

Henry, amazed that he had been included in the alert, asked, "Who is Robert?" Sky smiled and replied, "That is General Robert Brinks, a long time friend. He is a retired now but he knows a lot of people and he sounds very worried!"

Sky replied to Robert's mind-call, "We are at Colony, please come and join us here." The reply came, "I come, wait for me!"

The two continued enjoying the warm sunshine and their comfortable companionship. Suddenly a squad of Colony Cadets surrounded the two and a young Cadet Captain saluted Sky saying, "Sir, we have been called that we are to protect you! SIR!"

At that moment, the Great Drum, the traditional signal of danger that dated from the early days of Colony, began to boom its slow, thunderous beat! At the High School, Colony Cadets came running from all directions and began to form into Companies and the Cadets from the New Colony University soon joined them. The two groups were not yet completely integrated, but this was a real alert and they would cooperate to the fullest!

According to long standing traditions, the Cadets closed the gates leading to Colony and stationed armed guards to protect those within. They were locking Colony down tight!

Armed guards appeared at the Big House and the Hospital, suddenly the street corners were manned by Cadet Squads, the town was completely "locked down", no person, nor thing, could enter or leave without the permission of the Cadet Commanding Officer!

A convoy of official vehicles drove up to the gates, seated in one was Retired General Robert Brinks, now Security Advisor to President Ricardo Ammons, Sky's adopted brother.

The Cadet Officer in charge of the gate detail properly vetted the General, even though he knew him personally, before allowing him entrance. The car raced to where Sky and his Grandson were seated and the General leaped out to hug Sky.

He shook young Henry's hand and then faced Sky, "Sir, we have terrible news from the West Coast, three Tlingit Villages have disappeared, the houses destroyed and people are gone!" He continued, "Ricardo begs you to lead the investigation!"

Sky dropped back to his seat, many thoughts racing through his mind. He reached out and mind-queried his visitor, "Slavers? Pirates? Tribal Warfare?" Robert sent back, "Sir, we know not, but, please, assist us, we need you!"

He said aloud, "A special train waits at Three Mile Station, ready to take you to Vancouver!" Sky jumped up, shouting to his Cadet Protectors, "Are you prepared to travel?" The young Cadet Captain replied, "SIR, Yes SIR, Cadet Captain Basil Jones III, reporting for duty, SIR!

Sky mind-swept the young cadet officer and discovered he was the grandson of his old friend, Basil! He asked him, "You mind-speak?" Cadet Basil Jones smiled and sent to Sky, "Yes Sir and also I am a fast mover, like yourself, SIR!"

Sky turned to his grandson, "Henry, you may come with us or you may remain here in safety." In reply, Henry mind-shouted, "LET'S GO!"

Sky knew that young Henry was both a mind-speaker and a levitator and, while he was very young, his powers were strong. He suspected the boy had even more abilities that he had not yet demonstrated to his Grandfather!

Sky hurried into the house and collected clothing and necessary items for himself and his Grandson before jumping into the car with Robert. The Cadets loaded into a troop transport and the convoy headed for Three Mile Station.

When they arrived, a single passenger car was sitting behind a locomotive. The locomotive's boiler simmering at full pressure and the engineer had his hand on the throttle, ready to depart as soon as his passengers had boarded. As they loaded into the passenger car, the engineer began admitting steam to the powerful pistons and the train started to roll to the sound of screeching drive wheels slipping on the steel rails.

The tracks had been cleared, so the engineer opened the throttle wide and they raced down the tracks, sparks flying from the drive wheels as they grabbed the steel rails.

The train sped through towns and countryside, stopping only to take on fuel and water for the locomotive. Cadet Captain Basil Jones stationed his cadets at both ends of the passenger car and made sure his men would not fail to shoot anyone attempting harm to their charges or attempt to delay the train.

They arrived in Vancouver and were met with babel and confusion, finally Sky shouted, "ENOUGH!" He turned to Cadet Captain Jones and said aloud, "Consider you and your men to be Regular Army. I have the authority of The President!"

He continued, "Contact the Port Captain, I want a fast destroyer and I want it NOW!" He then sent only to Captain Basil Jones, "Commandeer vehicles and get us to the Navy Base!"

They commandeered cars and trucks and raced to the Navy Base. The Navy Captain in charge of the base refused to acknowledge the instructions Captain Jones had relayed to him, Sky was furious! He turned to his Guard Detail and instructed them to arrest the Navy Captain and locate his second in command.

The Captain screamed, "You have not the author…" Captain Basil Jones had him gagged and bound.

Lt. Commander Richardson was located, the Second in Command of the base, Sky said to him, "On my authority, you are promoted to Full Commander, now, GET ME A FAST DESTROYER, NOW!"

The officer was a competent mind-speaker and he mind-screamed for a destroyer to be brought to the pier immediately. He then escorted Sky and his party to the pier.

Sky's military detachment was taking no chances, they had him surrounded by armed young men who made it plain they would accept no interference with their charge!

As they boarded the destroyer, Captain Basil Jones had his men cradle their rifles and he drew his pistol, he made it plain that no interference with Sky and his needs nor threat would be accepted!

The ship's captain, an old War of Restoration veteran, recognized Sky immediately and was also a mind-speaker. He smiled at the young officer, sending, "Son, put your weapons up, we support Sky Whistle 100%! Let us all go to the bridge!"

As soon as the ship passed the harbor breakwater, the Captain ordered Flank and the ship groaned as its powerful turbines spooled up to full power. They turned north, heading for the Tlingit Villages.


The first village they came to was still smoldering, the smell of burned wood and spoiled food was nearly overpowering. Everywhere they looked, there was destruction, but not a single fallen villager was to be found. The village was entirely devoid of life, not even a dog or cat remained!

A suspicion began to form in Sky's mind, but he needed more evidence before he would be certain. They retreated back to the ship and Sky ordered the Captain to head for the next village.

When they arrived, they found the same desolation and destruction. Nothing living remained. Captain Jones set his men to sifting through the wreckage, still finding no clues.

Young Henry had formed a friendship with Captain Basil Jones and he accompanied him as they searched the wreckage for clues. Henry began using his mind to levitate objects to examine.

He levitated a board out of his way and discovered lettering scratched onto the back side of the board, Henry mind-screamed for his Grandfather to come at once.

The boy's scream was of such power, all those sensitive came running to his summons! Henry was holding up the plank he had discovered, on it was scratched the word, "ADAK"!

The ship's Captain recognized the word, it was a small island off the coast of Alaska. Sky wanted to visit the third village, just in case there was more evidence, so the ship charged northward again to the last Tlingit village.

The same destruction met them. Henry again sent his mind through the wreckage, searching for any clue. He suddenly screamed and raced for a pile of debris.

As he dug through the pieces of lumber and trash, he spotted a piece of strange leather. He held it up and saw needle marks and thread holes in it. He showed it to Sky, who identified it as part of a shoe.

He looked closely, it was whale hide! The nearest folk who hunted whales were those living on the Island of Adak!

All of Alaska had once been the Territory of the Americans, but they had abandoned it during the crash and had been unable to return it to their jurisdiction. He shared his thoughts with his guard and they were unanimous, the perpetrators must be sought out and destroyed!

The destroyer again charged northward, towards the Aleutian Chain of Islands, where Adak was to be found. When they arrived, they again found nothing but ruin and destruction, so recent that the fires were still smoldering. If the folk of Adak had not committed these crimes, then who did?

The Captain of the destroyer told Sky that they would have to return as fuel was getting low. Sky replied, "I have not the power to reach Vancouver to request a tanker."

Henry was standing beside his Grandfather and said, "Gampapa, I can reach Vancouver." Sky looked incredulously at the young boy, "You can?", he exclaimed. Sky knew the boy was powerful but could not believe he could reach to Vancouver!

Henry smiled, "The tanker will meet us half way, Gampapa!" As the destroyer sailed south to meet the refueling tanker, Sky called for a conference of those who had searched the ruined villages. He told them, "We are missing something, but what?"

Henry asked, "Gampa, if they wanted us to go north, would that mean they wanted us to go away from where they are hiding?" Sky looked at Henry and thought, "Out of the mouths of children!"

He then requested the Captain bring the charts of the west coast of North America and South America. They spread the charts out on the table, all the lands south were inhabited, except……. Sky screamed, "BAJA!" Mexico evacuated Baja California during the crash and has left it uninhabited!


The tanker met them off the coast and the destroyer refilled its fuel tanks before continuing its run south. The tanker Captain agreed to follow behind them to insure they had sufficient fuel.

They sailed down the coast of North America, passing the American states of Washington, Oregon and California. They were now the United States of West America as the old country had divided into three independent nations.

As they approached Baja California, they slowed their speed, searching for any sign of habitation. As they passed the large Bay of San Quentin__*__, the lookout spotted smoke rising from the hills behind the bay.

Sky was ready to run ashore to investigate, but Captain Jones restrained saying, "Sir, first let me assemble my men and ask the Captain for the use of his Marines!"

The ship's Captain readily gave permission for the young Army Captain to take command of his Marines and the party made ready to go ashore. They used powerboats to ferry the armed party to the beach, there they discovered gouges in the sand and rocks indicating that many boats had landed there.

Captain Jones dispersed his command, creating a shield around Sky and young Henry. Two hours later, they came over a low hill, overlooking a ramshackle village and heavily guarded stockades. They recognized it immediately as a slaver compound, anger ran high among the troops, but their discipline held.

They had 50 Marines and 30 former Colony Cadets, now regular Army. The young Captain Jones sent a messenger back to the ship telling them of their need for the wheeled guns. He hesitated to use mind-speech, fearing there might be sensitives among the slavers.

It was nearly darkness when a work party of Sailors arrived with four 5 inch wheeled guns and cases of ammunition. Sky elected to wait until the compound had turned in for the night and about 2 am, they began shelling the living quarters of the slave camp.

They avoided the stockades in fear they might injure the captives. Using star shells to illuminate the area, they reduced the slaver's living quarters to fiercely burning wreckage.

Captain Basil Jones led the charge on the compound, so great was their anger, few slavers survived. Those who did survive feared the anger of the soldiers and remained quiet as church mice. It was good they did, had they so much as let out a peep, they would have had holes in them that could not have been survived.

Medics from the ship's company had accompanied them on their march and they went to work immediately treating those unfortunate folk who had been held in slavery. They found their own Tlingit people, the folk from Adak and a number of captives taken from the coast of United States of West America!

The slavers were tried and hung before they left the slaver fort, but it was two weeks before those freed were recovered enough to make the trip to the ship. The Sailors and Marines carried the small children and Soldiers assisted the frail and elderly on their journey back to the destroyer.

As they were boarding the ship, David U'luhak, the Chieftain of the Adak Folk stopped Captain Basil Jones and asked, "Who do I need to speak with about Adak becoming part of your nation?"

The young officer smiled and replied, "Sir, you should ask that question of Mr. Sky Whistle." He then mind alerted Sky of the request. Sky whispered to Henry, "Are you able to reach your Uncle Ricardo from here?"

The young boy smiled and told him he could and that he had already relayed the request to his Great Uncle! He concentrated for a moment and said, "Uncle Ricardo will meet us in Vancouver!"

When the Chieftain approached Sky with his request, Sky told him that the President of Canada was coming to Vancouver to meet with him.

After all were boarded, the ship was quite crowded, but no refugee complained. However crowded it might be, it was far better than the slave compound! The destroyer proceeded northward, up the coast of West America. They stopped at San Francisco to return those who were native to that country.

The Governor of California thanked the Canadians on behalf of a grateful nation. The crew and the Marines and Soldiers were feted ashore and Captain Basil Jones was awarded the Legion of Merit on behalf of the President of West America!

The tanker refueled the destroyer and they proceeded to their homeport of Vancouver. As they entered the harbor, fireboats and tug boats screamed their greeting, the entire city turned out to welcome them home!

Captain Basil Jones thought, "Well, its back to being a Cadet again" Sky caught his thought and decided to speak with Ricardo about an idea he had.

The returned former slaves were taken to the health facilities for a thorough check out and the ship's crew was granted liberty. Captain Basil Jones marched his Soldiers and Marines off the ship and was about to dismiss them when a cavalcade of official cars drove up, all flying the Canadian Flag.

President Ricardo Ammons stepped from the lead car and Captain Jones immediately ordered his command to attention and he saluted the President. Ricardo returned the salute and then said, "Captain, place your men at ease."

The young Captain did so, but he remained at attention before his President. President Ammons began to speak, "Soldiers and Marines of Canada, on behalf of a grateful nation, you are all awarded The Silver North Star for Heroism and Service to Canada!"

He turned to his aide and removed an object from a box the aide carried. Turning back to the young Captain, be spoke, "Captain Basil Jones, REGULAR ARMY OF CANADA, I present you with the Canada Medal of Honor!"

He turned and spoke to the crowd, "Captain Basil Jones was a Cadet when all this began, he stepped forward as a man, taking charge of a military operation with confidence and skill. He protected my emissary, Sky Whistle, he created and commanded a military operation against slavers in a foreign country in the finest traditions of our nation! He is a credit to ourselves, his Father and also to his Grandfather, who also is a Hero of our Nation!"

He then spoke directly to Basil and his men, "You are hereby ordered to remain in the Regular Army while you finish your education. At that time, you will assume command of the Colony Battalion, Army of Canada!"

A somewhat bewildered Captain Jones saluted his President and said, "Sir, yes Sir!" and dismissed his men, who crowded around him, shaking his hand and congratulating him.

He suddenly sensed a commanding presence, as he turned and he was confronted by his Grandfather, Retired General Basil Jones! The old General, a hero of the War of Restoration, hugged his son in pride, tears flowing freely down his old face.

The young Captain and his men would complete their High School Education and several would continue on to the University. Captain Basil Jones would graduate from The National Military College with Highest Honors. He would go on to serve his country for many years, finally retiring, like his father and grandfather before him, a General and as Chairman of the Army General Staff!

The Marines who served with him all asked to be taken into the Canadian Army and they served out their career as part of the Colony Battalion. The Captain of the Destroyer, Patrick Mahoney, retired shortly after this incident and lived in Colony and taught young Cadets Naval Tactics for many years before passing away.

The Adak Folk entered into negotiations with Canada and were eventually granted admission to that country. Slavery continued to be a problem until a joint operation between Canada, West America and North Mexico finally wiped them out.

__*__pronounced San Kin-Teen


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