Castle Roland

The Glory Years
Book IV

by Charles Bird


Chapter 3

Published: 1 Oct 15





Charles W. Bird

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be reproduced, copied or redistributed without my express, written permission.

From Chapter 2; Dillon spoke kindly to the gathered folk, "We are not Gods, nor are we special folk. We have merely been tasked by our Master, The Lord of Wolves Above Us All, to care for your children. The children are our future and, without them, our race will die. No child should live in fear, nor hurt, or torment. All those we save shall be our sons and daughters to be loved and guided into adulthood. I swear to you all, there shall be no child left to live in the swamps, eating garbage and wearing trash for warmth." As the onlookers watched, trembling in their own fear, for this was the first manifestation of their Deity, The Great Lord of Wolves, to have ever taken place in all the recorded history of their civilization, they saw two golden beings, over ten feet tall and shrouded in mists of golden haze, pick up the healed children and carry them off.


Smiling WolfThe Wolf Folk of the Star Worlds were not militaristic, nor were they pacifists. If they were attacked, they would fight back and win, but it was not in their nature to conquer others merely to expand their Empire.

The planet Earth, now called SOL III, was admitted to the Star Wolf Empire without reservation and both Dillon and Jeremy were invited to visit the worlds of their brethren.

It was hard to define dates, those who traveled via worm holes in space could never be sure whether they had been shot ahead in time or had fallen back to a prior age. All they really knew was that their ships would adjust as they returned to their home world.

The science of their ships was a gift to them from a prior folk, who had invited them to the stars a millennia before. That folk were known as the elders and, while revered mightily, they were no longer among them.

The Elder Race had also been Wolf, but they had departed, leaving the Star Worlds to those now living there as a parting gift, urging them to do the same with youngling folk who were beginning their own climb to the stars.

Trade began between the Empire and its newest member, Sol III, first whole ship loads of the fruits, Oranges and Apples were sent.

Those who sold those kinds of things among the stars, could not keep a supply on hand.

Soon after, other foodstuffs began to flow from Sol III. The simple potato was wildly popular and common vegetables, like squash and melons, the humble cucumber, along with nuts and berries flowed in a steady stream outward to the stars. They all contained some essence not known to the star dwellers and those who ate of those things were, forever, changed. They became stronger, attained greater mental powers and they lived longer!

When grapes and wines were introduced, they nearly caused riots and those who first carried them and sold them to the Star Folk retired, wealthy beyond their most wild dreams! The alcohol in the wines did not affect the Wolf Folk, but they enjoyed the musty taste of the fermented juices and, again there was some property in both the grapes and the wine that made changes to the Star Wolves.

Meats from Sol III were not as popular, until certain processed meat products showed up. Salami became nearly as precious as gold was on Sol III and various similar types of Sol III sausages could not be kept on the shelf in the markets and stores!

The homeworld of Dillon and Jeremy became wealthy as her products gained favor among the stars and it's folk. They found themselves able to care for all its citizens and a child going hungry at night was no more!

Dillon and Jeremy traveled among the Star Worlds, their mission was to protect the children. They did not consider themselves anyone or anything special, but the folk of the Star Worlds saw them differently!

None but they were cloaked with the Lord of Wolves, Above Us All's Golden Mantle and none but they were gifted with the power of healing, far speaking and coercion.

Nor was the gift of foretelling even known among those who lived among the stars. They had legends of such beings that could change a non-wolf to wolf and who could shape shift, those who could transmit themselves from one location to another and who could change their own appearance, but none of those powers had ever been known since their own civilization had begun.

To be able to snatch a sword from empty air smacked of magic and was not believed until they saw Dillon grasp a sword from empty air and wade into a group that was collecting abandoned children to be sold!

He laid waste those who were collecting the children and gathered the children unto himself, transporting them to his own home world by the power of his mind alone!

He left behind an angry Jeremy, who threatened death and awful destruction upon those who had tried harming children again!

They were on Argus I, and news of the occurrence spread around that world in minutes and out, into the stars, before anyone had realized it.

When it reached Alpha Centauri IV, Ambassador Jeremiah Tate laughed and said, "These things are known on our world and these two are the best we have ever produced. What Dillon and Jeremy do is for the betterment of the Wolf Kind and will make us all a finer folk. Attend them and learn, all you Star Dwellers, for those two will lead us all to the Lord of Wolves, Above Us All!"

Wherever Dillon and Jeremy went, they were followed by children, wanting nothing more than a hug and a kiss. Neither would turn away a child for any reason, they were often discovered sitting in the middle of a street, holding a child on their lap and listen intently to all the child had to say.

It was the children who first told Jeremy and Dillon of The Browser, a being that was snatching children found on the streets and they were never seen again! Their anger was beyond anything the Star Folk had ever before witnessed, the very ground they stood upon shook in fear!

The pair left immediately in the small ship the Star Council had provided them and began chasing down the story the children had told them.

From planet to planet they chased, following up every lead they could obtain. All the evidence pointed to a rogue world, somewhere beyond Aldeberon I.

By the time they reached the furthest world in their Star Culture, there were twenty star ships in their van, their Warriors at the ready to go to war as soon as Jeremy and Dillon pointed the way!

Out, into uncharted space they traveled, searching for clues. Dillon ranged his mind far out ahead of them, further than any detection device could reach. He was stretched out on a recliner, Jeremy tending his every need. Dillon had sent his mind so far, Jeremy feared for his Mate's sanity.

No Wolf had ever sent his mind as far as Dillon was ranging.

Suddenly, Dillon's body stiffened and it began to groan, but Dillon was not in his body, he was with his mind, searching for the fiends who sold children. At his furthest reach he found what he was looking for and Jeremy was kneeling beside his Mate, tears flooding down his face as he begged Dillon to come back to him.

Dillon's body began to twitch and Jeremy gathered it up and held it in tender caress, praying that Dillon would come back to him. Jeremy crumpled to the deck as his mind surged after his mate.

Their pilot saw what was taking place and he screamed to the other ships, "SEND YOUR MINDS, LORD DILLON AND LORD JEREMY ARE IN TROUBLE AND THEY WILL DIE WITHOUT OUR AID!"

The pilot sent his own mind trailing the marker that Dillon had forged. Every wolf in the pack that had followed them sent their minds chasing after the pilot and Jeremy and Dillon.

Dillon had taught them how to range their minds and they began a chase halfway across yet another galaxy. Another mind joined them, it announced, "I am the Progenitor, as these two saved me, so also will I lead thee in saving them!"

Those chasing the trail felt a huge surge in power and they felt themselves closing the gap with their objectives. The force of so many minds lit up the darkness between the stars and those who hid there, fearing discovery by folk better than they, fled to the deep darkness beyond the stars.

They caught up to the two Great Warriors of their kind just as they approached a world covered in swirling darkness, its atmosphere so clouded with darkness, no light could reach its surface. It was here that the being that called itself, The Browser, had made its lair, feeding from the life energies of the children it had stolen.

The being was neither male nor female, it just was. It sensed Dillon and Jeremy approaching and it sent up a wall of energy to block their approach.

The Browser felt his energy being sucked away as Jeremy and Dillon flung it aside. Right behind them, the being known as The Progenitor flared and wove the minds of those who had followed him, into a barrier the Browser could not penetrate.

As they sucked the Browser dry of all energy, Dillon and Jeremy swooped in and snatched the children, they transmitted the children's bodies back to their ship, where their pilot awaited them.

Their pilot had feared that Dillon and Jeremy would expend so much energy, they would not be able to return. He heard in his mind, "Do not fear, Pilot Cos, I will return them to you safe and without harm!"

He knew it was the being that called itself the Progenitor. The Pilot suddenly found the ship filled with frightened children and he began at once to care for them, the food processors were running at full power, seeing to it that the starving children were fed. In the midst of the children, suddenly Jeremy and Dillon appeared, with a young man at their side.

He held them both and Pilot Cos saw the mark upon the young man's forehead, he knelt down, he was in the presence of the most beloved being known to them, The Progenitor!

The youngling laughed and walked over to Pilot Cos, pulling him to his feet. The pilot saw the mark of Dillon's kiss glowing upon the Progenitor's forehead and he cried. He knew he was in the presence of one loved by their Deity, The Lord of Wolves, Above Us All.

The Progenitor calmed Cos and held him, whispering in his ear, 'Do not cry for me, rather, hold these children so that they know they are loved and cared for."

The Progenitor suddenly disappeared, leaving Pilot Cos to help the children operate the Food Processor, and Jeremy held Dillon so he could recover from his ordeal.

As soon as they had eaten, Cos led the children to the crew's berthing area, where the crew had given up their bunks so that the children could sleep. Not a few of the crew had determined, already, that they were going to have a new son or daughter and Cos, being the Pilot of the ship, could sign off on their adoption requests.

He signed every one of them!


Both Jeremy and Dillon knew what was ahead, the Progenitor had told them the Time was drawing near for the cycle to begin anew.

The Wolf Folk had their time under the eye of The Lord of Wolves, Above Us All, the time was nearing for a new folk to arise on the Mother World of all Life, Sol III, for it was this world that all life had originated.

Those of this age, had been promised passage to a new level and new realms, leaving their bodies behind, they were to exist as beings of pure energy and they would join their predecessors on the Wheel of Life. Only the Guide, the Progenitor and the Protector would remain to channel the new life forms already being created.

Without being told, all knew that Jeremy would be the Protector of New Life and Dillon would be his Guide.

The Pilot, so nearly overcome with grief, sat before the controls of their vessel, unable to even start the engines. Dillon came to him and sat at his side, "Grieve not Pilot Cos, thee and all our folk will not pass from this life as an ending, rather, they pass on to a new life form and join those who have gone before us. You will be a true being of space and energy shall be your substance."

Dillon stood and took Pilot Cos by the hand, leading all the wolf folk through the hull of the star ship and out, into the universe beyond. They felt the souls and minds of millions upon millions of others, some so incredibly ancient, that they had witnessed the original creation of space and substance.

The essence of all those living upon the worlds of the Star Folk followed them, their joy knew no bounds as they were greeted by those who had gone before them.

Those who had so recently become true star dwellers looked back to see those who had led them to get to this point, standing back waving to them.


The new Star Folk watched as the three golden beings returned to the ship, denied the opportunity of being part of the continued Cycle of Life.

The Progenitor sat in the pilot's seat and set the controls to return them to the CRADLE OF ALL LIFE, Sol III.


So the Cycle of Life begins once more and the three Golden Beings, The Progenitor, The Protector of New Life and The Guide return to The Source of All Life, EARTH, where they will guide and protect those whose place is next on The Wheel of Life.

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