Castle Roland

The Glory Years
Book IV

by Charles Bird


Chapter 4

Published: 8 Oct 15





Charles W. Bird

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be reproduced, copied or redistributed without my express, written permission.

The time has come for life to be renewed once more, in accordance with The Great Wheel of Life. The Protector, The Progenitor and The Guide have returned to the world upon which they had been born to perform the duties assigned them by The Lord of Wolves, Above Us All. Their task, so solemn and great that they are denied their place on the Great Wheel of Life, they are, never the less, consumed with great joy as they stride through the grasses of their native world, towards their objective.


Wolf PupsThe three golden beings strode through the grasses and small trees, each noting the clean air and delicate smells of the primeval forest around them.

There, only the small sounds of birds and insects in the air and small animals of the forest were to see them. The delicate song of the birds and the chattering of the small animals held no fear of these beings. Even the burrowing reptiles paused and watched these three golden beings as they made their way through the young forest.

The small creatures watched as the light began to fade, the Golden Beings made camp and eat of their food rations they had brought with them.

As it became night, they sat in front of a small fire they had made for themselves and watched the stars in the heavens march across the darkened sky, each wondering how their friends and fellows were faring.

That they were not allowed to join them caused them no sorrow, their task was set upon them by thousands upon thousands of years it took for the Wheel of Life to make its revolution. They were the culmination, the very essence of all those who had preceded them.

They slept soundly that night, the warm air and gentle breeze caressed their last night of freedom, they shall not know sleep again until the next revolution of The Wheel of Life releases them.

The next morning, the three ate the remains of their food from the preceding night before resuming their trek.

As the sun rose in its morning glory, the small animals and birds of the forest sat quietly, as if expecting a great moment, the entire forest was holding its collective breath, that no sound, however small, might escape the attention of the three Golden Beings who were making their way upon the forest floor hand in hand.

Suddenly, there was a sound, a sound so innocent and devoid of fear, that it brought tears to all who heard it. Even the trees were hushed, that they might be part of the EVENT.

It was the cry of an innocent pup and was answered by the sweet song of its mother, so soft and gentle that the three Golden Beings were moved to tears.

They approached the Mother and her Babes, the Father was standing Guard, as if to protect his mate and children. He turned to the three approaching visitors and knelt, "My Lords of Protection and Safety, I knew thee would come, be welcome and join my mate and my pups that we might be with the others of our kind, for we are all Wolf."

So begins the next revolution of the Wheel of Life.


Author’s noteLittle did I realize when I began this tale of the Wolf Folk back in June of 2011 that it would grow as it did. What I had envisioned as a simple story about a young Wolf Boy growing up in the woods of North Carolina, the scion of those who had been hunted and scourged across three continents in twenty thousand years of hate and murder, would become a tale that would take us to the very edge of the Galaxy and the end of that revolution of The Great Wheel of Life.

Our own Deity, whom we call, simply, GOD, has many names and appears to those who honor HIM, in a likeness similar to our own. It stands to reason, then, that a Wolf would honor THE GREAT LORD OF WOLVES, ABOVE US ALL as their own Creator.

Thank you all for being so patient, it has been a long journey and many false starts before I could formalize my thoughts into actual words on paper. I hope you have enjoyed my efforts as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you. May you all be blessed by THE GREAT LORD OF WOLVES, ABOVE US ALL.

Charles W. Bird
June 14, 2015

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