Castle Roland

Prince Tosco
Book II

by Charles Bird


Chapter 2

Published: 16 Apr 15




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Charles W. Bird

Wolf Pair

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may not be reproduced, copied or redistributed without my express, written permission.

From Book 1: There was absolute silence, only a few of the Wolf Folk had known of the close ties that Jeremiah had forged with the Cherokee and they were stunned at the absolute support the Cherokee People were giving to them in their effort of reclaim the Wolf Folk around the world.


The first ever Great Conclave of Lords Alpha of all the clans finally closed with promises to search the Clan Records for any hints of where to start their search for their lost folk. Jeremiah set the Chief Archivist, Sarah Temple, to gather her staff and search both the Southeastern Clan record and the Family Ced records.

While that effort was being repeated throughout the Wolf Clans of the West, Jeremiah set about leaving his Clan and setting up the Office of The Lord High Alpha Wolf. In this, he was leaving friends and Family and, without the assistance from his many sons spread throughout the Family Ced, he would have never survived the emotion laden transition.

Young Lords Alpha and Princes Alpha from Canada, Korea, Japan and both North and South America remained in Charlotte to assist him. He had a new office built close to his childhood home in Cashiers, North Carolina.

Jeremiah's Mother, Helen, was delighted that he would be so close. Even though she was wolf, she had lost the ability to change when she bore a Prince Alpha and would be forced to live out her long life as a human.

As soon as Jeremiah's new home was livable, Helen moved in as Mistress of the new Lord High Alpha's household.

Jeremiah was astounded, he had never witnessed his Mother's strong side; wolf members of Jeremiah's staff and household walked quietly and swiftly in her presence and to track muddy footprints on HER floors would send everyone running for cover!

Jeremiah spent many hours in the record room, both at the Family Ced Repository and the Southeastern Clan Library. Both were at Greystone Manor, now occupied by his son, Lord Alpha Tosco and his consort, Prince ChoFan, who had escaped being murdered by the North Koreans and subsequently fell in love with his rescuer, now Lord Alpha of the Southeastern Clan of Wolves and Senior Lord Alpha of all the Wolfkind in the new world as well as Lord of Family Ced, the Senior Family of all wolves in the world.

It took nearly two years and a staff of twenty Wolf Archivists to go through the records. There was not much, but a few starting points were identified. Ulaan Baatar and Dornod in Mongolia; Kedongzhen in China; Lake Baykal in Siberia; Khasannovka in the Republic of Khakassia; Tomskaya, Peka, Chukachoy and Moct, all in Russia and Kynona in Tartarstan were all mentioned in the ancient records.

Many of the records were no longer legible and all were in archaic language, but there was hope that more records might be found among the other Clans. In Faro, Yukon Territory they hit a treasure trove of ancient records in the care of Family Jep that noted all the places already discovered and also Arkhangelskaya, Kostroma and Tverskaya all in Russia.

Jeremiah was anxious to begin tracing the descendants of their ancestors. It took some doing to convince those governments that Professor Jeremiah Franklin Tate was a legitimate Archeologist and Anthropologist tracing the origins of mankind. They did not need to know that he was not of that race but rather, a race of cousins to Humankind.

When they finally had all their documents, permits and travel papers, another year had passed and saw Jeremiah and his party loading onto the Red Wolf, under the command of Chief Wolf Pilot Paul Tate, another grandson of the High Alpha's Family.


Tosco began his administration by holding a Family Ced Conclave before Jeremiah left on his search for their ancestors. Jeremiah had already transferred the ring to Tosco and it had accepted him.

At the Conclave, each Clan Lord Alpha made formal submission to Tosco and then he laid out his plan to improve each clan's businesses. He established scholarships at the State University School of Business for any wolf in the Family Ced to attend and scholarships to be made available for study that would improve any clan enterprise.

The response was immediate and Chub's Father, the University Provost jokingly accused Tosco of trying to take the University over!

Tosco replied, "Oh No, Uncle Jerry, we wolves must learn to live with our cousins, what better way is there than going to school with them?" He continued with a sly grin on his face, "Or showering with them after Gym Class?"

That cracked up everyone in the room and there were a few red faces that Tosco noted, but did not follow up on.

Like his father before him, Tosco was always on the move, he usually had ChoFan with him and ChoFan was particularly fond of visiting the Mexico Clan. The Lord Alpha of Family Ced was the traditional Liege Lord by adoption of the Mexico Clan.

ChoFan had discovered a fondness for the native food and he loved the new resort at the hot springs. Tosco noticed that his mate was getting a little restless, so he suggested they make a visit to Carlos and spend some time soaking in the hot springs.

Peter was not to be left out and he demanded of his nephew to be included. Tosco had learned long ago to never challenge Uncle Peter, it was neither wise nor safe!

Peter Tate, brother to Jeremiah, had once been the Prince Alpha of the Southeastern Clan. On his first transformation, he had been unable to return to his human and was trapped forever in wolf form. Jeremiah had rescued his older brother from a life of misery and brought him back to the loving folds of clan and family. He would remain in wolf form for the remainder of his long life, but he was a highly respected wolf and he had learned mindspeak to an extraordinary power.

Tosco contacted Carlos and they agreed upon a date for Tosco and his party to arrive. Carlos was delighted that Tosco wanted to come, Carlos was justifiably proud at the progress his Clan had made, he was still "officially" the Prince Alpha, but his father had not participated in any management function of the clan since Jeremiah had to rescue them from rebels seeking to overthrow the Family.

Carlos put together entertainment for his visitors and made reservations for one entire wing at the new hotel at Magdalena Hot Springs Spa.

He contacted Tecito down at Cancun and Tecito promised Carlos that he and his Warriors would be there to greet their Brother and his new mate.

Carlos sent his own Warriors to scour the resort area, he didn't want anything to mar the visit, what they turned up horrified Carlos and he quickly mind-sent to Tosco what they had found. The hated drug slavers were working the area again! Tosco nearly crawled through the mind-link, Carlos could sense his anger from over two thousand miles away!

He also contacted Tecito, who promised he and his warriors would come right away and help clean out the slavers and drug peddlers.

Tecito and sixty of his Warriors arrived the next morning on the Golden Wolf from Cancun, his warriors crowding the door to begin weeding out those they hated most, Drug Dealers and Slavers!

Tecito's Warriors were all handpicked for size, strength and intelligence and all had been trained by the Great Lord Warrior Wolf, Jonal, himself.

Tecito, at six and half feet tall was among the shortest Warriors on the flight, in fact, only the pilot, who was also a Warrior, was shorter than Tecito!

When Carlos saw the Warriors all grouped at the foot of the accommodation ladder, he couldn't help his giggle and he let slip a mental word, "BIG FOOT" and all the Warriors turned to him and scowled! Carlos walked very carefully for a while until the Warriors had forgiven him, he hoped!

Before daylight of the next day, the combined force of Maya and Mexican Warriors departed from the hot springs under the joint command of Tecito and Carlos and headed towards the old abandoned village of Tosco's people.

It was a replay of when Tosco had been rescued by Jeremiah and Peter, the combined force was over one hundred and fifty warrior giants and they quickly surrounded the village. Not a single slaver survived, but they found twenty young boys, some as young as five years old, tied up in an old shed.

The boys told them that a group of slaves had been sold the night before and been headed for Tapajulata in Tabasco State. The two Wolf Princes led their Warriors at a fast pace, hoping to overtake the slow moving group, leaving twenty warriors to guard those boys they had already rescued. Peter led them all, a snarl on his muzzle, he hated all those who would hurt his folk and those they cared about, the humankind.

At dusk, they had caught up to the slavers and their captives. Carlos and Tecito waited until the group had bedded down for the night, leaving only a few guards on duty.

Thinking they were safe, the guards dozed while on duty, they never woke up when a wolf with razor sharp claws slit their throats. After the guards had been taken care of, the sleeping slavers followed their already slain brothers to the gateway to Hell to be greeted by their master, Satan!

They collected another twenty-five boys, ranging from about seven to fifteen years of age.

The oldest human boy, Jorge knelt before Carlos and Tecito and said, "Lords Wolf, I know of thee and thy folk, my own folk were killed by these foul slavers and I am alone in this world. Could thee find it in thy hearts to make me as yourselves, I would find my revenge in the protection of the innocents like these children who are my companions."

Carlos replied, "My Leige Lord, Lord Alpha Tosco of Family Ced comes, you must ask him for such permission."

Jorge agreed and spent his time caring for the young children who had been enslaved by the now dead slavers. The young children had no fear of this young man, horribly scarred and lamed from the torture inflicted upon him by the same slavers as had captured them.

Carlos and Tecito returned to the Hacienda, bringing all the rescued boys and leaving a guard force of fifty wolf folk to maintain the security of the entire wing of the resort that had been reserved for Lord Alpha of Family Ced, Lord Tosco. Warrior Master Wolf Jose de Montoya was making sure security was not breached, this was his first time in command and he would rather die that let his cousin, Prince Alpha Carlos down.

He stationed two Wolf Warriors on each floor of the building. Two more warriors were on the roof and one on the emergency exit at the rear of the building. Five of the largest Warrior Wolves, who had come with Lord Alpha Tecito from Cancun, were stationed in the main lobby and all five were armed with ceremonial swords as well as modern firearms.

The Warriors stood in the entrance rotunda like living mountains and most of the visitors concluded their business at the main desk and made a hurried retreat to their rooms.

Any one of them would be a major threat to anyone trying to enter the wing without permission and, combined, they could be a threat to many whole governments! The only humans allowed to wander freely around the hotel were the children and, somehow, the children saw through their façade and knew each warrior would willingly sacrifice his own life for him or her.

The day of the Grand Arrival of the Lord Alpha of Family Ced, Lord Tosco and his Consort, Carlos and his Warriors took over the airport at Puerto Vallarta and watched as the huge airplane, the Famed RED WOLF, landed gently under the steady hands of Chief Wolf Pilot Paul Tate.

The first to exit the plane was Lord Warrior Wolf Daniel (Chub) Tate, cousin, lifelong friend and principal advisor to Lord High Alpha Jeremiah Franklin Tate, and Chub's understudy, Leo. The two would act as Proxies for Lord Alpha Tosco Jeremiah Tate until Leo was fully trained.

There was a crowd of onlookers, most humans in the area had become aware of the Wolf Folk living nearby over the years and had no fear of them. More than a few of their children had been rescued from some misadventure by a Wolf Warrior.


All the Wolf Folk bowed, as did many of the humans who had benefited from the care and protection afforded them by the Wolf Folk. They felt no shame in doing so, if they felt anything at all, it was gratitude.

There were twenty plush resort buses lined up to take the visitors to Carlos' HACIENDA de MONTOYA. As the Warriors were getting settled in the buses, Tosco and his mate, ChoFan were greeting Carlos and Tecito as brothers, which they were, in truth. Among the wolf folk, there was no shame for two males living as spouse and spouse.

The trip up the mountains was led by Carlos' limousine with Carlos, Tecito, ChoFan and Tosco as passengers. The caravan arrived at CASA LOBO in Hacienda de Montoya Lobo several hours later, after a calm and leisurely drive into the mountains of the interior.

The Wolf Folk of the village were out, lining the streets in greeting for their illustrious visitors, both Tosco and Tecito were well known to them. The villagers insisted the group come to the Plaza, where their children were to put on a program of local dances.

Just as he was sitting down, Tecito received a mental call from the Master Wolf Warrior, Jose, who they had left in charge of the Warriors guarding the resort, "Lord Tecito, a man has checked in to the resort, his mind says that he is the chieftain of the slavers, Sir."

Tecito's eyes went blood red and his fangs began emerging, his anger was like a purple aura, all those who were Wolf, spotted it immediately and more than a few of the local villagers were wolf senstives. Tecito conferred quickly with Carlos and then they begged excuse from their guest, Lord Tosco that they might take care of a slight problem.

Tosco smiled and said, "Go take care of your Slaver Captain problem, then we will have our own meeting." Both Tecito and Carlos had a guilty look on their faces, but they headed off at a dead run, transforming into their wolves as they headed to the Resort.

The man in the hotel could have no idea how short his life had become! He had always dismissed the stories of the Wolk Kind as stories to frighten children and the peons.

Tecito's Elite Guard had followed on their heels as they followed the two Alphas into the Resort Lobby. The Manager, also of the Wolf Folk, was waiting for them and he gave them the man's room number and the pass key that would open any door in the building. He asked only that they do not destroy too many doors.

They charged into the room, cutting down three associates of the Slaver Captain, who was in the shower. Tecito dragged the man out of the shower, dripping water all over the floor. As Tecito entered his change, the man's bowels suddenly spasmed as he discharged a distasteful mess on the floor.

Tecito had the man by the neck, holding him up, he demanded the man tell him of all his activities and what he was doing in the resort. The man tried to bluff he way out of trouble until he was confronted, face to face, with a huge furious wolf with blazing red eyes and dripping fangs. He last thought before he passed out was of the small boy he had enjoyed the night before.

The man never woke up, in his anger, Tecito had not merely slit the man's throat, Tecito had severed it completely from the man's shoulders!

The Resort staff was called to the room to take out the trash, some of the staff members were human and they shuddered at what they saw.

Tecito noticed their fright and he said, "Our good friends, waste no pity on this trash for they so fouled the young boys they had enslaved that those boys must be turned Wolf in order to save their lives! These men stole their humanity from those children in their desire for sexual gratification!"

The humans on the Resort Staff had not known that the Wolf Folk had that power and there was one young man who started thinking. As the cleaning staff was leaving the room, Tecito was standing at the door. He took Pedro Santiago's hand and said, "If you desire this and you are truly deserving, I will ask permission of My Brother, Lord Tosco, the Junior Heir of all of Wolfdom."

The young man dissolved into tears, "Sir Wolf Lord, the slavers killed all of my family and left me lamed." He showed Tecito his leg and how the scar tissue had twisted his ankle.

He then continued, "If your Lord would have a lamed boy as one of his wolves, I beg you to ask him, I would give all that I have, all that I am to be one with you and to be able to save other children from the horrors that were inflicted upon me."

Tecito held the stricken young man as sobs racked his body. He whispered into the boy's ear, "I Know my Brother will do this for you, let us go and tell your supervisor that you are coming with me and we will go see Lord Alpha Tosco Jeremiah Tate right now."


Prince Alpha Carlos led the Warriors back to Casa Lobos, where they were treated to lunch and shown a place where they could relax as they were still pretty well worked up over what they had witnessed. Of all things abhorrent to their Folk, Child Slavery headed the list and the newer warriors had witnessed it for the very first time! To say they were shaken, would have been a gross understatement.

Tecito led young Pedro Santiago along the path that led back to the Hacienda and he had mind sent ahead to his brother, Lord Alpha Tosco, what was needed. Tosco agreed and was waiting for the pair at the door to the Hacienda. Poor Pedro was shaking like a leaf in a high wind, this young man was a LORD and he was but a peon.

Tosco turned and faced the shaken young man and said, "Young Pedro, before the Almighty Lord of Wolves, Above Us All, we are all the same, you, I and Lord Alpha Tecito here."

At that, Pedro was trying very hard not to pass out, he had asked a real live Lord to help him!

Tosco figured he had better do something fast, before the poor young man lost it all. He turned and faced the pair, "Lord Alpha Tecito of the Maya Yucatan Clan, SeƱor Pedro Santiago de Montoya, I give thee my leave to perform the Ceremony of Change. You are a good man, young Pedro, rest assured that all your infirmities shall be gone after thy change. You will sleep for a week and awaken as one of us. You may keep your old name or you may choose a new one as you will be a new being upon awakening."

The shaken young man answered, "mmmMMMay I keep my name in honor of my father?"

Tosco smiled and replied, "Certainly you may, you shall be known as Wolf Warrior Pedro Tecito Santiago de Montoya."

Carlos led them to an unused storeroom and Tecito led the young man inside, closing the door behind them and locking it. He then instructed the youngster to remove all his clothing and to lie down on the mat. Tecito then began the week long process of changing a human into one of the wolf folk.

Contrary to popular myth, it is not a single bite on the neck, but rather a complicated process involving the trading of blood back and forth and imposes considerable danger to both participants. Only Pedro would sleep during this period, Tecito would sit as sentinel, guarding him as he slept in change.

Tosco ordered a guard placed at the door with instructions to let none enter until Lord Alpha Tecito unlocked the door from the inside.

Prince Alpha Carlos and all his guests enjoyed the delights of the resort and Prince Consort ChoFan had eaten so much Mexican food, only his wolf metabolism kept him from bulging out like a balloon!

They lay in the warm sun and played in the warm spring waters of the Pools of Magdalena for a week of relaxation. This was the first true vacation ChoFan had experienced since his escape from the Red Star gangsters of North Korea. He no longer jumped at loud noises and he was beginning to relax in the presence of strangers.

They had all been there for a week, taking advantage of Carlos' generosity when Tosco announced at breakfast, "This morning we shall welcome a new Wolf among us, Wolf Warrior Pedro Tecito Santiago de Montoya shall emerge and join us. It is time to welcome him."

Tosco had worn his Clan Alpha Ring and the huge green emerald, carved in the likeness of a Wolf's Head, was shining brightly, its inset ruby eyes were pulsing like a heartbeat.

He led them to the closet, for the first Transformation Ceremony in many thousands of years. As Tosco stood before the door, his ring gave off a blinding pulse of light and they heard the lock click open from the inside. Tosco said in a formal voice, "COME FORTH WOLF WARRIOR PEDRO TECITO SANTIAGO DE MONTOYA OF THE MEXICO CLAN. COME FORTH AND MEET THY CLAN PRINCE ALPHA CARLOS de MONTOYA."

He motioned for Carlos to stand beside him as the closet door began to open. A handsome young man stood there, completely free of blemish or injury.

He knelt before the two Wolf Princes and said, "I, Pedro Tecito Santiago de Montoya of the Wolf Folk do swear upon my immortal soul to remain faithful to my Clan and its Leader, Prince Alpha Carlos de Montoya. To you, Lord of Family Ced, Lord Alpha Tosco Jeremiah Tate, I give thee also, my complete loyalty and, upon my immortal soul I swear that I will obey thy orders for so long as I shall live. I dedicate my life and my body to the protection of the children, whom I once was one with, and I shall oppose those who would hurt a child unto the end of time itself. SO HELP ME GOD."

Tosco stepped forward and raised the young wolf to his feet and kissed him on the forehead. Carlos hugged him and welcomed him into his Family of Wolves.

Pedro had not yet attained his full growth, he would become the largest and most powerful wolf anyone, now living, had ever seen. He would become the slavers' and pimps' worst nightmare.

Like so many of the wolf folk, the children saw through his terrifying appearance and he was never without a trail of children following him. Pedro would sit under a tree and tell them stories and allow the small ones to ride on his back.

The children loved to watch him enter change and had no fear of the huge thousand pound wolf who gave them rides or allowed them to curl up against him in the shade of a tree on a hot summer day.

Pedro was the first human in thousands of years to be changed, but, unfortunately, he would not be the last, as those of the wolf folk and the humans who had protected them for more than ten thousand years are discovered by Lord High Alpha Jeremiah when he begins his search, it will become necessary to save many human lives and to save many of the wolf folk from a lifetime of misery.

Young Jorge also begged to be changed and, again, Tosco gave his permission. When the lamed and scarred boy emerged, he was the most beautiful young man and wolf that the Wolf Folk had ever seen. No trace of his injury remained and he did as he swore, Wolf Warrior Jorge Carlos de Montoya became the scourge of those who would be slavers.

He would never be as large as other wolves but few who lusted after the children could sleep nights worrying about how soon El Jorge was coming for them! He was discovered to be an exceptional telepath and Tecito was pretty sure he had inherited some, if not all of the Ancient's Powers!


Lord High Alpha Jeremiah Franklin Tate begins his search for those Wolf Folk who had been left behind in the Great Migration ten thousand years ago.

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