Castle Roland

Prince Tosco
The Rebuilding
of a World
Book III

by Charles Bird


Chapter 7

Published: 9 Jul 15




© 2015
Charles W. Bird

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced by any means without the express, written permission of the author.

Howling Wolf

From Chapter 6; The return to their home port of New Port was calm, until the first line went over the side, the spectators were out on the pier yelling and screaming their support. They were the wives, mates and children of the Wolf Warriors who had rescued the children! The Chinese Children were introduced to Mothers, Brothers and Sisters they never knew they had and they were ALL Wolf-Folk! The stream of vehicles carrying them all home to Cashiers was miles long and, before they got there, the children had faded, but they were carried into their new homes and gently placed in a bed and at least one wolf guardian, a new brother, a father or mother, or even a doting uncle. No child went without a wolf guardian that first night, nor any night thereafter! The Chinese Farmers who had originally come to learn about the new farming methods ended up staying and they took up farms on the worn out lands that could no longer support crops. Jason and Carl saw to it that their soils were treated and thousands of acres were returned to food production. The Business Cartels fought against the "foreigners" but their power was waning rapidly. It would not be much longer until they became just a footnote in history. Kevin and his girlfriend, Melia, brought two Chinese children into their new family and, early on, Jasper and Marsha decided that they would ask the Great Wolf Lord to make them both Wolf!


Edgar Meese, the Secretary of State, had called, asking for a meeting with Mr. Jeremiah Tate on a matter of great urgency.

Jeremiah always had time to meet with representatives of the American Government as there had been a close relationship between them ever since the American Government had been formed.

His Father, Lord Franklin Jeremiah Tate, had assumed leadership of the wolf kind more than sixteen hundred years earlier and had begun the relationship with General George Washington at the time of American Revolution.

The Wolf Folk had saved American Rebel Soldiers on the battlefields, provided intelligence to the rebel army's leadership and carried food to them during their winter of starvation.

Now, Lord High Alpha Jeremiah Franklin Tate was ending his first one hundred years as the leader of the Wolf-Folk and he had continued the practice of cooperation with the American Government.

It was a two-way street, the American Government had provided a safe haven for the Wolf-Folk and had done all in its power to maintain their secrecy and prevent harassment.

Jeremiah decided that they would perform all the pomp and dignity the man deserved, so he told the man that he would be happy to meet with him the very next day.

Jeremiah asked Kevin if he would provide the ceremonial guards for the event as he had the largest and most powerful warriors of all their kind.

Kevin told Jeremiah that he would and that he would lead the detachment of warriors himself.

He had recently married his longtime sweetheart, Melia, and they had adopted two Chinese orphans, Jasper and Marsha. Both younglings had asked permission of their parents to be changed to wolf and were told they had to wait until they were fifteen.

Jasper was the bolder of the two and he demanded of his Papa that he be allowed to help during the upcoming State Visit, he wanted to be a Military Aide to his famous Papa, Warrior Master Kevin Tate Dennison.

Kevin smiled at his son, recognizing in him, himself at that age. He stood straight and said to the youngling, "Kneel before me Jasper Kevin Dennison and prepare to take oath."

The youngster knelt before his towering father and said, "Lord of Wolves, above us all, make me fit and strong that I may serve my father in all his needs."

Jasper bowed his head and waited for his father to begin.




Jasper rose and saluted his Commander Father by pounding his chest with his right fist, tightly closed. He then marched to his father's side, taking up his station as Aide to the Warrior Master, Kevin Dennison!

The youngling would be busy, he still had to go to school as well as be aide to his Papa, he knew that his father would allow no slacking off in school work.

His Grandmother, Shirley, was Lord Tosco's Administrative Assistant and she was looking out the window of Tosco's Office and saw all that took place. There was a little rivulet of tears running down her face as she watched her beloved grandson become a Warrior. She had raised the young wolfling as if he were her own pup when his father had been called to serve The Lord Alpha.

Tosco came up behind her and said, "Shirley, take the day off and you and Kevin take that youngling to the tailor and get him all decked out, there are important visitors coming tomorrow and both he and his Daddy are going to be on parade.


The next day dawned bright and clear and Kevin and his son were decked out in ceremonial kilts, Jasper had a dagger at his belt and Kevin had his famous walking stick, with the club end down on the pavement as they waited for the cavalcade of automobiles bringing the Secretary of State to see Lord Jeremiah.

Tosco had had "loaned" Warrior Master Kevin Dennison to Jeremiah for the ceremonies and Jasper had heckled his father until he was allowed to miss school and stand beside him.

The youngling's chest was swelled in pride as the limousine pulled up to the portico of Jeremiah's new residence and Office Center, and he marched in step with Kevin and the Ceremonial Guard formed on either side of the walkway that led into Jeremiah's home.

When Kevin snapped a salute to the Secretary of State, so also did Jasper and the two of them fell in behind Secretary Meese as they all marched into Jeremiah's office.

Kevin went to parade rest just inside the door to Jeremiah's Office and Jasper stood beside his Father, also at Parade Rest.

Jeremiah smiled and introduced Kevin and Jasper to the man, as his Grandson and Great Grandson. Little Jasper's chest swelled out even more. Kevin was sure that Jasper's shirt buttons would be ricocheting around the room at any moment.

Jeremiah asked that some more chairs be brought into the room and Jasper came to attention, saying, "Immediately, My Lord High Alpha Wolf."

While Jasper was getting the extra seating, Jeremiah was telling the Secretary about Jasper and how he and his sister had been rescued from Hainan Island.

Secretary Meese said, "Yes, I heard about that operation, I understand your son, Tosco, led that expedition and you saved many folks and their children from some awful conditions."

Jeremiah replied, "Mr. Secretary, you can have no idea how horrific the condition those children were when our forces got to them. They were hardly alive and it is by the Grace of The Lord of Wolves, Above us all, alone, that none of them died.

Mr. Meece asked, "Is that small boy a wolf?" Kevin chuckled and spoke out, "Not yet, Mr. Secretary, but he has high hopes to be one soon. He is but fourteen and I told him I would consider it when he is fifteen. He will be fifteen in two weeks, I expect he will be upon me that very day."

The Secretary asked, what about his sister?"

Kevin replied, "All Wolves are Warriors, should she wish to be changed when she becomes of age, her Mother and I will allow it."

The chairs were brought in and the meeting began.

Both Kevin and Jasper remained standing, guarding the door. Jasper asked his father, "Papa, does this man speak for the American President?"

Kevin started to reply, then it hit him, Jasper had asked his question with mind-speech! He has not yet been changed! That cannot be!

Kevin's reaction frightened the child and he began to shake, trying desperately not to cry, "pppPapppa, aare yuoooo not pppleased?"

Jeremiah held up his hand to quiet the Secretary and he watched intently as Kevin was attempting to calm his son down, while he, Kevin, was shaking in his own boots.

Jeremiah said aloud, "Lord of All Wolves, Above US ALL, this human child has made a spontaneous conversion. Something that has not happened since our folk fled Europe more than ten thousand years ago!"

Poor Mr. Meese was forgotten as Kevin sat on the floor while his son called forth his wolf! His brand new uniform ripped and shredded as a large, tawny brown wolf emerged.

Secretary Meese's eyes bugged out as Kevin hugged the wolf before shedding his own clothes and making change to stand beside his son.

There were two wolves standing there, one a tawny brown and the other, a deep rust red of a Royal Wolf! One wolf was somewhat smaller and the other, a huge wolf of frightening proportions

The huge wolf sat before the smaller one and all could hear in their minds, "My son, you have done well, now it is time to call forth your Human, you must do this to make the change complete, otherwise, you will be trapped forever as a wolf, like Uncle Peter."

Kevin changed easily and there was a naked human man sitting in the floor holding a smaller wolf as a human could be seen shimmering in and out of phase with the wolf.

Slowly, and with an obvious struggle, a human Jasper emerged from the wolf and stabilized. Man and boy were hugging each other and they both had tears running down their faces.

Word spread rapidly and first to arrive were Shirley and Amelia. They both tried to come through the door at the same time, Jasper screamed, "Mama, Grandma, I have no clothes on, turn away from me!"

Both women laughed and hugged the two naked men and led them away so that they could get some coverings for their modesty.

Secretary Meese sat in his chair and turned to Jeremiah, "My Lord Wolf, for centuries our people had wondered about this and, now, all is answered. You are all Wolves and also Humans! I understand now why our two peoples are so close! We are both descended from the same folk."

Jeremiah replied, "Yes, Mr. Secretary, our ancient legends tell us that, when we were given this gift, we were told that it would be our duty forever to protect the Humans of this world, allowing no righteous and just Human to come to harm."

He continued after checking that his quests had not fainted, "We have tried our best to fulfill that commandment over the ages. Today, that Commandment is just as valid as when The Great Lord of Wolves, Above Us All, gave us charge over your welfare."

Edgar Meese sat in his chair as a great sadness came over him, he asked, "Where were you when my son was in battle in Iraq, all we ever recovered was his tattered clothing?"

Jeremiah sat in his chair, debating whether to expose one of his Wolf Warriors or not. He mind-called Warrior Leader Jimmie Meese and asked him to come to his office, it was time.

A Wolf Warrior came into Jeremiah's office, his face a maze of horrible scars, so horrible that his own mother would not recognize him. He walked with a pronounced limp as he marched up to Jeremiah's desk and dropped to his knee, "Command Me Lord High Alpha Wolf Jeremiah."


The Warrior Leader turned and knelt before Edgar Meese and said, "My Father, forgive me, for I am wretched and horrible to look upon. I could not face you and Mama as I am, ugly and frightful."

Realization came to Mr. Meese as he screamed and hugged the young Wolf Warrior. Tears were flooding down both of their faces.

He reached down and pulled the Wolf Warrior to his breast, "Jimmie, Jimmie, your Mother and I have prayed daily that someday you might come home to us."

Jimmie Meese replied, "My beloved father, this is my home now, the Wolf Folk pulled me from the pile of corpses and nursed me back to life. They could not restore the horror of my face, nor could they save my leg."

He pulled up his trousers and showed his father the prosthesis that allowed him to walk.

He then continued, "Father, DAD, I honor and love you and Mom beyond all others, but I could not inflict this horrible face upon either of you. These Wolf Folk took me in, healed me and gave me another life with purpose and honor. I am content here and I am a Warrior Leader of Wolf Warriors, I have dedicated my life to the protection of Human Kind and also the Wolf Kind, I am doing what I always dreamed of, I AM A WARRIOR AND I AM A WOLF!"

Holding on to his son's hand, Edgar Meese turned to Jeremiah and said, "Lord Wolf, I know not your traditions and styles, but, PLEASE allow me to take my son home for a while, that his Mother might be eased of her sorrow and grieving."

Jeremiah said, "What say you Wolf Warrior Leader James Edgar Meese Tate?"

The young Warrior again dropped to his knee and said, "My Lord High Alpha Jeremiah, it would please me greatly to be allowed the comfort of my Mother's embrace and the love of my Father, but you are both my savior and MY LORD, it was you who pulled me from that pile of bodies and it was you who sat with me as I was healed. It was you who held me as I made my first change and it was you who guided me back to my human during my that change. I ask YOU, MY LORD, may I have permission to make a visit to my parents' home that I may love my father and comfort my mother?"

Jeremiah stood and said formally, "Warrior Leader James Meese Tate, thou hast my leave that you might enjoy your Family. Know thou that your place and home with us remains for you for so long as you wish it. Thy Wolfdom shalt never be challenged!"

Warrior Leader Tate said humbly, "My Lord and Leader, I will return in two weeks, so help me God!"

The Father and Son parted, the son telling his Father that he would meet him when he was ready to depart. The Elder Meese sat down again to catch his breath, before continuing his discussion with Jeremiah.

It was decided that the Wolf Kind would assist in protecting certain Embassies around the world and in the safety of the Humans assigned to those embassies.

Mr. Meese asked two more favors, one official and one personal. He asked if he could have a Wolf Warrior as an aide and he asked if he and his wife Miranda Meese could come and visit Jimmie, their only son, once in a while.

Jeremiah replied, "You are not concerned that he is now a Wolf?"

Edgar Meese laughed and replied, "Lord Jeremiah, you could make him a dancing toad, but he is still our son and we would learn to love dancing toads!"

Jeremiah had another idea, "Mr. Meese, could Wolf Warrior Leader James Meese Tate be your Aide?"

Mr. Meese stammered, trying to get his words out through his rapid panting, "yyYYYes, Lord JJJJeremiah ttthat wwould be wwwonderful!"

Jeremiah smiled and replied, "That is great, when he reports to you upon his return from leave, we will outfit him in the uniforms of our kind and he AND his entire command will report directly to you!"


Jimmie's home visit was exhausting, his Grandmother, Jennymae Meese spotted his wolf right off and demanded to know EVERYTHING!

Jimmie was surprised that his grandmother knew of the wolves and she told him of her meeting them when she was a small girl and had become lost in the mountains of North Carolina. A huge wolf came upon her and wrapped his body around her, keeping her warm through all the night. The next day, that wolf took her to a small cottage, where a lady fixed her a meal after speaking to the wolf as a person.

She called the wolf, Prince Peter.

Jimmie told her that Prince Peter was the brother of Lord High Alpha Jeremiah Franklin Tate, their King!

The old lady looked hard at Jimmie and asked, "You have made change, and came back?"

Jimmie laughed and replied, "Yes, Gramma, I can change without problems and I am a Wolf Warrior Leader. Think of me as a Battalion Commander. I command one hundred and eighty warriors so fierce whole armies run when we are mentioned!"

His Grandmother just waved her hand and replied, "Jimmie, I don't care if you were a dinosaur, you are my grandson, my ONLY Grandson, and I love you dearly. Now, tell me about this new job you haveā€¦"

Jimmie explained as best he could about being assigned to the State Department as a protection detail for his Father.

The old lady asked, "Is that necessary?"

Jimmie said only one word, "YES!"

She shivered and asked, "Do you mind speak like the wolf folk are said to do?"

Jimmie told her that he did, and, suddenly he heard his Grandmother in his mind!

She said, "All the folk in my family can do this, your Dad can also!"

Jimmie decided to experiment, "He called his Father, using mind speech and got an immediate response from his very surprised father.

Jimmie then concentrated hard and called for Lord Jeremiah. Jeremiah answered immediately, surprised that Jimmie had that much power to reach him from New Hampshire.

Jimmie explained that mid-speech ran in his family and that his father had the same ability.

Jeremiah made an instant decision, "Warrior Leader James Meese Tate, thou art permanently assigned to thy Father, even should he no longer be in office. The Family Meese is welcome among us at any time and may take refuge with us ever should it be needed."

Jimmie went on to have a wonderful visit with his family, none were repulsed by his disfigured face and he discovered several others in his father's family who regularly used mind-speech.

With his leave up, Warrior Leader Jimmie Meese Tate returned to Cashiers rested and at peace with himself at long last. Even the terrible scars on his face seemed to have faded as they were barely visible.

For the first time since he had been disfigured, he felt accepted by his Human Family and Honored by his fellow Wolves. He no longer felt that he was a freak!

He was to be the first wolf in modern times to represent his race to The American National Government; he was the appointed Guard Commander to the Secretary of State of The United States of America! Out in front of the Human Kind publically as a Wolf Warrior! Lord Jeremiah had new uniforms made up for Jimmie and all his warriors.

They reported to him on the morning of their departure for Washington kitted out in red and black kilts with black shirts and silver buttons.

They each had a red beret on their heads with a sliver wolf's head pinned on the front. Across their backs, each wore a huge sword that was anything but ceremonial and each carried two side arms of the latest design as well as a razor sharp dagger at their right ankle.

Each Warrior's dagger could also be used to shave with!

All were powerful mind-speakers and none were less than six feet tall, each weighed in at over 250 pounds of pure wolf muscle. They were all polished and the morning sun sparkled off their silver buttons.

They had their own buses, red and silver with "SOUTH EAST CLAN WOLF WARRIORS" painted on the side.

It was not a long trip to Washington and they arrived early afternoon of the same day. They were directed to enter the grounds of The White House and unload there.

All one hundred and eighty warriors formed up on the White House lawn. Wolf Warrior Sergeant Major Duncan Luden saluted Jimmie and reported, "ALL ACCOUNTED FOR, SIR!"

The secretaries and workers from inside the White House came out to watch the show.

They had been told that some very special military men were being posted to the Secretary of State. One secretary looked on and murmured to her friend, "I wonder if they are allowed to date?"

Her friend replied, I heard they are all wolves."

The first secretary laughed, "Oh, I surely hope so!"

The second woman said, "No, I mean REAL WOLVES, like grrrrrrr." The first woman promptly fainted.

Secretary of State Meese was standing out in front of the building and Jimmie marched up to him and said, "SIR, WOLF WARRIOR GUARD COMMANDER JAMES MEESE TATE REPORTING FOR DUTY WITH ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY WOLF WARRIORS, SIR!"


Edgar replied that he would like to meet his Guardians, so Jimmie led him through the ranks, asking the Command Sergeant Major to accompany them.

Edgar asked the Sergeant Major, "Are these swords real or are they just ceremonial?"

Sergeant Major Duncan Luden replied, "You can shave with them SIR, no they are definitely not merely ceremonial, SIR"

When they had finished, Mr. Meese stood in front of the Warrior formation and said, "I welcome you to Washington and I am confident you will protect me and all those whom I hold dear."

He then continued in mind speech, "Yes, I mind speak as all you do, I am not Wolf, but I am the proud father of a Wolf, your Commander, Wolf Warrior Guard Commander James Meese Tate is my much loved son! You are Warriors, not servants, nor errand boys! We have reason to believe there are those who wish myself and the President dead. I ask that you Warriors make sure they fail. Barracks have been established for you in the basement of this building, The White House. I am temporarily living there also, along with my wife, James' Mother. Please think of me as an Uncle and I promise I will learn each of your names. I have never been so impressed with a group of Warriors as I am with you, the Warriors commanded by my only son! Welcome to Washington!"


What adventures await young Wolf Warrior Guard Commander James Meese Tate? Will he succeed in keeping his Father and The President of the United States alive? As the Wolf Warriors become known, how will the public respond to having beings straight out of medieval stories of fright and horror, living among them?

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