Castle Roland

Prince Tosco
The Rebuilding
of a World
Book III

by Charles Bird


Chapter 12

Published: 13 Aug 15




© 2015
Charles W. Bird

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced by any means without the express, written permission of the author.

Howling Wolf

From Chapter 11: John was stretched out in the seat beside Jeremiah, he was exhausted, both mentally and physically, he had never dreamed he would become an adult, a leader and a companion to their King, all in a few short days. Little did he know he would be met in Cashiers by boys both Human and Wolf Folk, all wanting to become Knights Keeper! The order would grow and become an important force in the affairs of the Kingdom. They would become the diplomats and the negotiators that would keep the peace between the Wolf Folk and the Human Kind far into the future, as both races came upon their maturity.


It was a long flight back to America from Edinburgh, once their hunger had been satisfied, the children who had secreted themselves aboard The Red Wolf found a comfortable lap and curled up.

Within minutes, they were all asleep, at last safe and with full tummies, something most of them had never before experienced.

The disbelieving boy had subsequently identified himself as Daniel, was having trouble sleeping. Something kept prodding him into action, an action that frightened him as much as the voice he heard in his head.

Finally, he could not ignore the voice any longer, he got up out of his seat and went forward to where the man, who said he was the King, was sitting with the man who directed all the warriors he had seen marching around outside the plane.

Daniel followed the instructions the voice in his head gave him, he knelt on his right knee before the man everyone was calling Lord of Keepers, Prince John, and he recited the words that he had been given, "Lord Prince, I am a poor lad, with neither kith nor kin in this world. I ask thee to lead me that I may learn to serve thee as thy Squire. I beg thee, that if I please thee, thy will see fit to allow me to become a Wolf as thyself."

John looked down at the kneeling youngster and replied, "Would thee serve me in all things, learn of our laws and obey those set above thee? Will thee attend school and gain knowledge of our kind as well as that of those whom we live among, keeping thine own counsel and relate to none of those things that will occur in mine presence?"

The youngster put his hands in John's and replied, "Yes, I will do all those things thou hast put upon me. I will do all that thee ask of me and report thy affairs to none without thy leave."

John stood and placed the Sword of Truth before the child, "Daniel of Dainispidal, I create thee Squire Daniel in the service of Prince John, Lord of The Keepers."

The youngster fainted!

John picked him up and settled him on his lap, when David came back among them, he looked up at his new master and smiled.

He then snuggled deeper into John's lap and slept better than he had ever slept before, he felt completely safe for the first time in his young life.

Lewis was seated immediately behind John and he watched all that took place, he knew he had to make his own move soon and he had made up his mind to do it that same evening, after they returned home.

The Warriors onboard the Red Wolf had each taken one of the refugee children and held them on their laps, the cabin was filled with the gentle sounds of contented children in peaceful sleep, a sleep most of them had never before experienced.

Many new families were bonded on that flight, those who had been close enough to observe John accept young Daniel as his Squire, followed his example and it spread all over the plane, like childhood measles. (an illness that did not affect the wolf folk)

Finally, Lewis could stand it no longer, he must follow the urgings he heard in his mind! He rose from his seat and knelt before John, "John, would you accept me as your partner in life, your mate in all things? I love thee and only thee, thou art my life choice!"

John smiled and replied, "Lewis, I have loved you since the first day I saw you and never dared hope that you would ever be mine." He drew Lewis to him and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek as he said, "Would you be willing to start a family with me, with Daniel as our son?"

Lewis stood there, leaned over and, with tears flowing down his face, he could say only one word, "YES!"

Daniel was awake and he heard everything John and Lewis had said, without letting either of them know that he was awake, there was a huge smile of contentment on his face, he now had two papas and he was Papa John's Squire!

The King said so!

The flight was ending, The Chief Pilot, Prince Paul, flipped on the cabin lighting and announced they were approaching Charlotte International Airport, they would not need their passports, this was The King's Flight!

The Red Wolf landed and taxied to their private part of the airport, The King's Pipers were massed and, as King Jeremiah stepped out onto the accommodation ladder, the Drum Major raised his staff and the Pipers stepped out, marching towards the plane, playing the King's Anthem, a tune not heard since the days just before the Great Migration.

They crossed ranks and split, lining the walkway to the private terminal as Jeremiah disembarked the plane.

He was followed by Prince John, The Warrior Keeper of their most ancient legends.

Beside John was Lewis and marching directly in front of them was a young human child, who looked like he was acting as their Squire.

The crowd gasped when they saw what was hanging from John's waist, right out of their most beloved legends was the Sword of Truth!

Then the light struck Jeremiah, and some of the women fainted, the Ancient's Crown of Wolfdom was on Jeremiah's head and there was a glow coming from John's chest. Some of the older wolves recognized it immediately and they whispered to their friends, "He bears "The Eye of Scotland! The Ancient Prophesy has been fulfilled!"

They all knew of the Great Prophesy, they had kept it dear to their hearts for the last ten thousand years and now, it had, at last, been fulfilled! Their centuries long wait was nearly over.

The young Laird of Dainispidal came next, the crowd went wild, Lord Jaimes was the last, Clan Dainispidal was the last clan of Wolf Folk who had been left behind during the Great Migration, all their folk were home now!

Wolfdom was again, complete! The Great Heart of Wolfdom has been healed!

The Bell of Castle Dainispidal followed, carried by six Danispidal Warriors. It would be rehung in their new home as soon as they arrived.


The arriving folk were placed in temporary quarters in Cashiers and Jeremiah tried to pick up the pieces he had left behind when he went racing to Scotland.

James settled in as the Chief of Warriors and made Jonal his Field Commander, they had a Wolf Army of twenty thousand Warriors standing in uniform and reserve forces of over one hundred and fifty thousand Warrior Wolves.

The few criminals who remained in North America shuddered and began making plans to get out of the country, as fast as they could purchase tickets to somewhere else, anywhere would do, so long as there were no Wolf Folk living there!

Boys of both races, Wolf and Human kind, began pressing for an organized Corps of Cadets in their high schools and the Cashier High School Wolf Pipers nearly outshone their older brothers, The King's Own Pipers.

They held concerts on the weekends and, soon other high schools around the country began challenging the Cashiers High School Pipers, the local pipers had to work hard and practice long hours to maintain their premier status!

It was a friendly rivalry, kind of.

They began an annual "Battle of the Pipers" contest and they persuaded King Jeremiah to act as judge. Not only did Cashiers High School Cadets field their own Pipers in competition, they had drill squads and they began holding an annual encampment in the forest behind Cashiers, each summer, the woods were full of Young Warrior Cadets practicing field maneuvers and learning the responsibilities of command. By that time, the population of Cashiers was completely Wolf.

The Pipers were practicing in hope they might oust the last year's Pipe Champions! To their parents, some of whom were old enough to remember the "old timers" stories of the ancient times and the sound of the pipes brought back many fond memories that had laid dormant in their minds for thousands of years.

Juvenile pranks, once a source to amusement to the adults, became almost a thing of the past, the youngsters were just too busy. Some of them were in BOTH the Cadet Drill Teams and their High School Pipers!

James arranged for a public ceremony joining John and Lewis, they were both Wolf Princes and their son, now their Squire, had begged King Jeremiah to allow him to be changed and become one of the Wolf Folk.

Jeremiah had finally agreed and the boy would emerge in two days as Wolf Folk.

John and Lewis had planned a public ceremony and both Warrior Masters Jonal and James would officiate, it would held under the Arch at the entrance to Wolf House, King Jeremiah's Residence.

Jeremiah had promised that he would elevate the boy to the minor nobility, that of Royal Squire to Prince John.

Both John and Lewis knew "something" was up, but no amount of eavesdropping and suggestive questions could pry the information out of anyone.

They were hesitant to query the King, but everyone else was asked and all they received in reply was smiles.

Saturday morning rolled around and John thought it strange that James asked that both he and Lewis get dressed in their full regalia and that John was to wear the "Eye of Scotland" and the Sword of Truth. They ran back to their rooms to get the required items and then hurried to the outside door.

They were met by their son/squire, Daniel, who was all smiles as he refused to divulge what he was smiling about, but they heard the Pipers, so it was time for Parade!

It was Daniel's first public appearance since his conversion. They hurried out the door, ready to take their place among the warriors, when David held out his arms and stopped his Fathers.

They were shocked, There was Lord Prince James, Lord Jonal and the King, all standing there. All three went immediately to their right knee and bowed their heads to the King.

King Jeremiah received the Great Wolf Sword from Prince James and the huge crowd went dead still, silently holding their breath as the King began, "Young Daniel of Cashiers, thou hast successfully made change and thy human returned from his wolf. In recognition of this, I name thee Royal Squire to Prince John and Prince Lewis. Squire Daniel, attend thy Princes!"

Daniel had been practicing for two days, he turned on his right foot and stood in in front of his Fathers, John and Lewis. He announced, "Wolf King Jeremiah, I announce Prince Wolf Warrior Keeper John and Prince Wolf Keeper's Warrior Lewis to thee!"

King Jeremiah said, "Princes John and Lewis, kneel before me."

They both stepped forward and knelt before their King.

Jeremiah continued, "Prince John and Prince Lewis, inasmuch as thee hast agreed to be joined as one in family, I name thee both, PRINCES ROYAL. Prince John hold thy mate's hand."

Jeremiah had a huge smile on his face as he continued, "Do you, John, Wolf Prince Royal of the Wolves, take Wolf Prince Royal of the Wolves Lewis as thy mate for so long as you both shall live?"

John managed to squeak out, "I Do".

The King then turned to Lewis and asked, "Do you, Prince Royal Lewis of the Wolves, take Prince Royal John of the Wolves as thy mate for so long as you both shall live?"

Lewis shouted out, "I DO, I DO take John as my mate!"

Jeremiah then said, "According to the laws and customs of our kind, I declare thee MATES for all time, may the Lord of Wolves, Above Us, All Bless thee and all thy folk."

The King's Pipers began to play and the workers from the kitchens brought out food and drink for all.

Both John and Lewis were a little woozy from all the excitement and Daniel said to them, "Pretty neat, HUH?" John started to say, "And just how much of this did you……

Daniel yelled over his shoulder, "Gotta go Dads, I'm on the Drill Team!"

The two new parents soon learned that having a teenaged son was no picnic, it took the both of them just to keep track of Daniel.

It was not that the boy was a troublemaker, it was just his natural vibrant energy seeking release. Daniel had his own circle of friends and they had their noses everywhere.

The next morning, just as John and Lewis were trying to come fully awake, Daniel came racing into the room, panting and breathless, "Papas, come quickly, there is trouble, there is a wounded wolf boy down in the infirmary, his Papa brought him in and the boy dripped blood all way the down to the infirmary."

Daniel shouted, "He needs help, Papas, I can hear his mind!"

John and Lewis quickly dressed and hurried downstairs to the infirmary.

Two Wolf Surgeons were working frantically, trying to stop the blood flowing out of the young wolf laying on the table.

John could feel the Eye of Scotland begin to charge with power, he warned the two doctors just in the nick of time, a blast of radiant energy pulsed from the Eye, covering the injured child in a vivid glow of light, sparks were jumping from the youngster's hair and then the light faded away.

The two doctors were not dismayed when they checked their patient, all his injuries were healed, without any scars to even tell where the injuries had been. They were familiar with the Legend of The Eye and had a pretty good idea what it could do.

The youngling wolf lay on the table, tears were flowing down his face. He looked up at John and Lewis, and tried to straighten himself out, he said, "Lord Keeper, I tried to stop them, honest I tried, but there were too many of them and they took it all away."

John gently probed the youngster's mind and his anger rose up as his wolf tried to take command! The child screamed, "Honest, my Lord, I tried, I tried, but they cut me down like the weeds they were collecting!"

John turned to the others, The Eye of Scotland was pulsing an angry red light and John's face was mottled red so great was his anger, "Someone is growing marijuana in our fields, they shall not survive long enough to collect that which they have already cut!"

John sent out a mental call to their own, personal, Warriors, this was a Family Affair, their son had claimed brotherhood with the injured young wolf!

Warriors from all over Cashiers answered their Lord's call, the two companies of The Keeper's Warriors formed up in front of Wolf House, Command First Sergeant McGuiness stepped inside the Residence and reported to John, "Sir, the Warriors are ready, all are present and armed, lead us against those who poison children with their vile drugs, SIR!"

The elderly Sergeant eyes went wide when he saw that John was carrying the Sword of Truth into battle!

John leaned over the youngster and asked, "Son, are you well enough to lead us to where you found the humans gathering the noxious weeds?"

The youngster replied, "Yyyyess, SssSir, III cccan dddo that!"

The injured youngling's Father asked, "My Lord Keeper, may I be allowed to accompany you and assist my son, he was sorely injured?" Lewis answered, "Certainly you may, grab a sword from the rack in the Entry Vestibule so that you may protect your son from harm!"

The father stood straight and saluted Lewis, "Sir, Wolf Warrior Duncan Tigh reporting for duty, sir!"

With his father assisting him, young Duncan, Jr. joined the group assembling outside the King's Residence.

The boy tried to shout, but coughing overtook him, he finally gurgled out, "The Corn Field in the southeast square, they cut a path into the center of the field and they planted their drug bushes where corn should have been growing! The path begins in front of the great oak tree on the south side of the field."

The youngster bravely held his Youth Dirk high and yelled, "Follow Me!"

It was obvious the youngster was still hurting, but neither John nor Lewis were interested in destroying the youngster's spirit, they followed him at a slower pace, the two Companies put out screen Warriors to each side and they all headed for the corn field.

As they approached the corn field, they spotted a group of men carrying large bundles of vegetation, emerging from the field.

Young Duncan, Jr. screamed at them and pointed his dirk as he charged them, running all out to stop them from getting away. The men pulled out their harvesting blades and started swinging them at the approaching boy.

Command First Sergeant McGuiness shouted, "Company A, WOLF WARRIORS OF THE LORD KEEPER, CHARGE!"

All the members of Company A opened the clasps that held their uniforms on and went into change, seconds later there were thirty angry wolves racing towards the men, their teeth bared and claws extended!

Within seconds, all but the leaders of the drug crew had been reduced to a pile of body parts and pools of blood soaking into the thirsty soil!

The four leaders of the group were herded back to where John and Lewis were waiting, Sergeant McGuiness shouted, "Ye drug fiends and child molesters, stand for justice, Lord Prince Royal, John of the Royal Family of Wolves, shall judge ye!"

John and Lewis went to confront the four men who tried to bluff their way out of trouble. John flashed their minds with harsh power, knowing that they would know what he was doing.

He held up The Eye of Scotland in one hand and the other held The Sword of Truth. He continued, "Answer with the truth, otherwise you die right here!" Their leader began, "We were merely cutting forage for our cattle, just weeds to feed the cows."

John said, "YOU LIE!"

A sheet of fire jumped from the Sword of Truth and instantly reduced the man to a small pile of ash! John said, "Who is next?"

The remaining men tried to bolt and run, the Wolf Warriors cut them down before they had taken two steps, the men's parts joined the pile the Warriors had begun earlier!

John asked his Warriors to make change and bring forth their Human. They all got dressed and reformed their ranks. John called out, "Keeper's Royal Cadet Captain Duncan Tigh, Front and Center!"

Young Duncan had that look, "Who, me?" on his face as he hurried to report to the Prince Royal.

He stood at attention before Prince John, his knees were shaking, not in fear, but in excitement. This Prince was becoming known for his rewards and kindness.

When Duncan was standing before them, John commanded, "Duncan Tigh, ATTENTION TO ORDERS! Thee shall return to school this day and thee are commanded to tell thy School Principal that thee shall organize and COMMAND a Corps of Cadets at thy school. When thou hast fulfilled thy assignment, thee and thy cadets shall report to Command First Sergeant McGuiness for further training as THE KEEPER'S ROYAL CADETS!"

Duncan's Father hurried to his son's side, to keep him from falling to the ground.

John had Sergeant McGuiness dismiss the Warriors and they all walked back to The Residence as friends and neighbors. As they walked past the bundles of marijuana the men had dropped, a bright light flashed from the Eye of Scotland and the bundles burst into flame to be totally consumed by the flames in seconds.

Young Wolf Warrior Duncan Tigh and Wolf Squire Daniel were seen walking back to the High School each holding the other's hand. In doing so, they were announcing to all that they were a couple.


Jeremiah was getting "cabin fever", he missed his forest adventures and time spent in his wolf. He finally could stand it no longer and he headed for the door to the outside.

As he headed for the door, he was joined by a grinning John, "My Lord King, I was instructed to meet you here for a "run in the woods". Jeremiah looked at John and was about to ask him just who had told him that he wanted to go on a run.

Before he could ask, John tapped the side of his head and smiled as the Eye of Scotland began to glow. Jeremiah understood, he was getting used to the precious objects John had reclaimed from Scotland.

They both took their clothes off and made change. While Jeremiah's wolf was a rusty royal red colored wolf that stood nearly six feet at the shoulders, he saw John's wolf appear, he was pure white and stood almost as tall as Jeremiah's wolf.

Jeremiah saw the Eye of Scotland still around the wolf's neck, glowing softly.

John sent, "Well my Lord, shall we run?" The two wolves ran joyfully towards the forest nearby, followed by a platoon of wolves following them, led by a gnarled old, grey wolf, who, Jeremiah was sure held Sergeant McGuiness.

They were joined by Peter, King Jeremiah's older brother, still trapped in his wolf.

Peter had made change in his younger days, but had been unable to call back his human, thus trapped forever as a wolf. He had been rescued by his younger brother, Jeremiah, many years earlier and was treated with great respect by all who knew him.

He contained much wisdom and was often consulted by King Jeremiah.

The three wolves ran happily into the woods, doing their best to ignore the pack that followed them. They were met in the back country by another wolf, Lord Alpha Tosco, Jeremiah's son, had decided to join them.

Soon, the woods were filled with the sounds of joyful play of the wolves. Some would stop at a ridge and let out a howl that could be heard for miles.

In Magee Valley, Retired Chief Wild Ox and Chief Running Deer heard the howls and grinned at each other, they knew they would have visitors soon.

Both were getting too old to chase the wolves any longer. Running Deer gathered up several sets of clothing, knowing his visitors would need body covering should they wish to bring forth their humans.

As the group tumbled and played, they were joined by a young wolf, he identified himself as Squire Daniel, here to serve his Lords! The large dark gray wolf that accompanied him was immediately recognized as young Duncan Tigh, Daniel's life companion.

They were amazed to see how young Daniel had grown, he was still lean and lanky, like most youths, but he had already attained his full height, He was easily the tallest wolf among them! Jeremiah thought to himself, "When that youngling gains his full growth, he will truly be a wolf to be reckoned with!"

Their run had brought them to the mountain that overlooked the village of the Cherokee, Jeremiah decided to pay a visit to them and introduce John to them, little knowing that they had already sensed the presence of The Keeper!

The group ambled down, into the Valley of the Cherokee and began to cross the village square, hoping to catch Chief Wild Ox or Chief Running Deer without causing a commotion, however, there was no chance of that, the Cherokee had heard them and were waiting for their visit.

Jeremiah's history with the Cherokee went back to his boyhood, he had helped them in a time of great need and had seen to it they thrived and were able to care for their young. Chief Wild Ox was standing at the edge of the square, beside a pile of neatly folded clothes.

He recognized Jeremiah's Wolf and bowed, "Welcome, King Jeremiah, old friend. We have clothing that you may cover yourself, we wish you to join us in our mid-day meal."

Squire Daniel brought forth his Human and, with as much dignity as any naked young man could muster, he said, "Lords Chief of the Cherokee People, I present to you His Highness, King Jeremiah Franklin Tate, along with their Highnesses Prince Peter Franklin Tate, Lord Alpha Tosco Jeremiah Tate, Prince Royal Lewis Jeremiah Tate and the Lord Prince Keeper, Prince Royal John Jeremiah Tate." He continued, "Prince Royal Duncan Tigh and his consort Prince Royal Squire Daniel, Commander of Wolf Warrior Cadets are attending the King this day."

The two Chiefs bowed low and replied, "We greet our friends of the Wolf Folk and we look forward to sharing our meal with you."

Just then, a bright light was emitted by the gem that Prince John wore around his neck. The light touched both Chiefs before it faded away.

The Elderly Chief, Wild Ox was in tears, "Our Folk have waited for more than ten thousand years to be forgiven our trespass. Lord Prince Keeper, I want that thee and thy stone know, should I die right now, it would be in joy, knowing we would be accepted by the Great Spirit and The Lord of Wolves, Above Us All. Our sins have been forgiven, never to be spoken of again. May The Great Spirit keep and guide you all."

It was as if a great weight had been lifted from the folk in Magee Valley, they were a different people. There was a spring in their step and a happy twinkle in their eyes, joy was evident in every person they saw!

The Royal Wolves were all invited within the Youth Lodge, the Carved Wolf, holding an injured child across its forelegs stood proudly in front of the door.

An elderly Indian man came up to them in welcome and pointed to the carving, "Lord King of The Wolves, I was that boy you were carrying. To you I owe my life, had you not come and saved us from that cliff, we all would have perished."

He motioned for a small Indian Boy to step closer, "King Jeremiah, this is my grandson and heir, he carries your name in honor, he is Jeremiah Long Branch and will, someday, be Chief of our folk!"

Jeremiah knelt down and shook the child's hand. The child, in complete trust of this strange white man, said, "Mr. King, I invite you and all your folk to attend our Celebration of Release, my Papa says that we are forgiven our trespass of ten thousand years ago. Please, Mr. King, join us and sit beside me, I like you!"

They walked into the Lodge Room and found a great feast had been laid out, the members of the Youth Lodge were lined up to serve their guests.

Gone were the fearful and distrustful faces, the youths and adults alike were smiling and their joy radiated out from them like a summer sun!

For more than ten thousand years they had carried a burden that was now gone!

Chief Wild Ox and the younger chief, Chief Running Deer, helped the old Chief kneel before John, the old man spoke clearly so that all present could hear and understand, "Young Leader of Warriors, your folk know you as the Prince Keeper, but to us, you are the Bringer of Freedom. More years ago than we can count, our forefathers marched across a barren waste of snow and ice in company with your forefathers. We knew your folk and what they were, but many of us feared your folk. In the middle of the night, our forefathers deserted your folk, who were burdened with many small children, children who perished in the snow and cold. Your folk did not curse us for our betrayal, nor did they wish us ill. The Keeper of the Stone you carry, stood before us, saying that we would be our own punishment. That Stone threw out a great light and cursed us. When we could again see, The Keeper and his stone had disappeared, as did all your folk. Our Ancestors finally made it to safety across the narrow strip of land that connected two continents. We watched as the Wolf Folk followed us across to the new land, but, before all could cross, a great shaking of the land took place and the strip of land sank beneath the salty waters. In shame and fear, those of our folk who remained, continued their journey into this new land, forever looking for that which we had thrown away, peace and friendship. Many generations would pass before we again found friendship, the wolfman you call King Jeremiah brought us friendship at last, but we had not the courage to admit to him what our ancestors had done. Yes, we knew young Jeremiah and his companions, they treated us with courtesy and respect, although we deserved it not. He saved our young folk from a life on the streets of poverty and despair. He led the wolves on a search for our lost youth, training for manhood. One of those youths is the father of this youth, Jeremiah Long Branch. Yet again, we had not the courage to admit what we had done. The Wolf Folk continued their assistance to us and made it possible for our people to remain in this valley and thrive. Our legends told us of the Keeper of The Stone and that it was The Stone that would forgive us. We prayed to the All Father that our suffering might be ended, but we understood it was His Stone that would forgive us. Some months ago, we felt the Stone come alive in our hearts, our forgiveness was coming to us. When the wolf-man who you know as Lord Prince John, the Lord Keeper, came here, we knew he was the Great Spirit's Messenger of Forgiveness. When he entered our valley, we all knew that forgiveness was at hand, but we dared not say or do anything that would anger the Stone. When you, Lord Keeper, Messenger of the Great Spirit, arrived and the Stone shone the Light of Forgiveness upon us, our centuries of sorrow fell from our shoulders and we again knew the Great Spirit's Companionship." He paused for a few moments and then began, "In the name of my People, I pledge our unending friendship with the folk of the Wolf, never again will we abandon you nor shall we cause your young wolves hurt or fear. We are thy companions on this world for so long as the sun shines and the moon crosses the night sky. Should again, some of our youths ask to be made wolf, we shall not shun thee and abandon the trust between us, we shall bring them to you that they might be made wolf."

The Eye of Scotland was shining like a great beacon on John's chest, the light was pure and clean and lit up even the dark corners of the room.

Little Jeremiah Long Branch was seen whispering in his Papa's ear and his Papa nodded his head in a "yes", the child came up to Jeremiah and said, "Please Mr. King, may I be made a Wuff like yourself?"

Jeremiah scanned the child's mind and saw the raw determination behind the request, it was a force so strong, even though the child was very young, he dared not say anything except, "YES!"


The young Cherokee Warrior is still very young, but his determination is overwhelming, he WILL BE WOLF and from him will spring a new Family of Wolves, holding allegiance to both the Cherokee Brotherhood and also to the King of the Wolves. More Cherokee Boys will follow young Jeremiah Long Branch into Wolfdom. The Cherokee Lodge of Knight Keepers shall come into being, also.

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