Castle Roland

Prince Tosco
The Rebuilding
of a World
Book III

by Charles Bird


Chapter 16

Published: 10 Sept 15




© 2015
Charles W. Bird

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This story is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced by any means without the express, written permission of the author.

Howling Wolf

From Chapter 15; The Wolf Forces took up the entire Plaza Central with their Warriors. As the Warriors performed their routines, they found little boys and a few girls marching alongside of them, grinning and faces full of envy. More than one child wormed his or her way into a heart of a Wolf Warrior, during their stay in the Argentine, and the Sergeants gave up trying to prevent their Warriors from bringing a child onboard the aircraft as they loaded for departure. When the Sergeants went down the aisles, counting heads, the Sergeants reported that nearly every Warrior had a child sitting on his or her lap! Many Warriors had two children on their laps! King Jeremiah laughed and said to his staff, "Let them be, both are happy in their choice and are causing no harm. That child will have a happy home and most any future he or she desires. There will be no more hungry nights nor sleeping in an alley and, if they wish Conversion, we can handle that, also!"


A deputation of business men, farmers and fishermen arrived to speak with the Prince Regent of the Argentines. They were desperate, the small nation of Uruguay was broke and there was no credit to be had from any source. Even their usual lenders, like the Chinese, had cut them off and they had nothing left to sell, all their national treasures had already fallen to usurious lenders.

They had stood by, watching the Argentines recover their country and change their government to that of Regency. They did not exactly understand what had taken place, but they figured anything was better than starvation.

James met them in his private office, where two fierce and loyal Pages stood guard. The visitors shivered when they saw those two Pages, they did not know who or what they were, but they knew they would die if they made a single misstep in their negotiations with this strange man.

James asked them, "Are you sure you want to do this thing? Do you know exactly what you are getting into?"

He turned to one of the pages and commanded, "Prince Kenneth, show them!" The horrified men watched as a frightening apparition began to appear, in the place of the young Page, there stood a fierce wolf, standing on his hind legs, with glowing red eyes and dripping fangs." As suddenly as the horror had appeared, it was replaced by a young human page with a huge smile on his face. The only sign of what they had seen was the ripped and torn clothing on the young man as he stamped his feet in frustration that he had destroyed another pair of trousers!

That young Page then said, "I am Prince Kenneth, My Father's Son, and this is my Brother, Prince Richard. He also is my Father's son. We are Wolf Warriors as well as Pages to our Father, The Lord Keeper and Prince Regent, Lord Prince James of the Wolf Folk, who is a son unto our King. We mean you no hurt, nor will we allow others to prey upon thee. If thee and thy folk wish communion with our kind and guidance as we have guided those of the Argentine, thee need only to ask of our Father."

The visitors were shaken to their cores and were so shaky, they had to sit down, otherwise they would have fallen. James sat there with a huge smile on his face, he had not known that his son, Kenneth, was so forward and dynamic, nor so eloquent a speaker. He suspected he had his Co-Regent right there in his own Family!

With a little assistance, Prince Kenneth could manage the small country of Uruguay. He heard in his mind, "Yes, Papa, we could do that, my Brother Richie and I. With your guidance, we can do anything!"

James gave the men copies of the documentation of what had been done in the Argentine and told them to go back to their own country and discuss the matter with their people, hold a plebiscite and get their people's input on the matter.

He said, "We will not come to you as conquerors, but we will be pleased to ASSIST your folk in recovering that which is theirs! We answer to the Lord of Wolves, Above Us All and to the Great Creator, who made us what we are. We could no more harm you than could we divorce our souls from our bodies."

One of the men spoke up and said, "Sir eeer ah Lord Wolf, we have many criminals who came to our country many years ago at the end of the last great War in Europe, they bought up most of our important businesses and have taken our finest farming lands. They hold our people as serfs, while they wine and dine as great lords and royalty."

James stood up and let his wolf come forth, he growled, "Do thee really think they can stop me or any of my kind?"

The visitors shivered in their seats and each silently vowed never to anger this being, unless they had a true death wish!

James reseated himself and smiled at the men, he had "flashed" their minds and knew they were earnest in their desire to help their people. He had already decided to assist them and King Jeremiah had concurred.

He said to them, "We will assist you and set up a Regency Government, if your people approve. We would never force such an arrangement on anyone, they must approve it before we will step in. In the meantime, let us set up a new corporation to act as a holding company to prevent these criminals from acquiring any more of your country's assets."

The leader of the group replied, "Sir, you know these people are third and fourth generation German Nazis, left over from the last Great War, they will not give up easily. How much can you afford to help our people?"

James picked up the telephone and asked for Mr. Honorio Louise Albertania, Governor of Banco Nacional del Argentine.

When Honorio came on the line, James put the telephone on "speaker" and asked, "Honorio, how much money do we have in that special fund we spoke about?"

They heard on the speaker, "My Lord Regent, there is a little more than one hundred and eighty billion US dollars in the account right now, do you need more? I can lay my hands on another twenty billion if you require it." (America had returned to the Gold Standard and a dollar was worth much more than it had been before)

James replied, "Please send a messenger over here right away with a Demand Transfer for Fifteen Billion US Dollars, we are setting up the Uruguay Regency"

The men from Uruguay were speechless, that transfer was greater than all the funds they had in all their banks combined!

When the messenger arrived with the Demand Transfer, they created a Uruguay Nacional Regency Trust. He told them that he already owned the Splendor Hotel on Aveniedo Soriano and they were to set up offices in that building. They were to begin the process of calling for a Nationwide Plebiscite to form A Nacional Regency.

One man, Hernando Tomas, asked, "What about security, Lord Prince? Won't the Nazis attempt to kill us?"

James smiled and replied, "I think not, come to the window and tell me what you see." The men crowded to the window and looked out at the plaza below.

The Plaza was filled with uniformed Wolf Warriors. James said, "There are four thousand Wolf Warriors down there, all armed with both traditional and modern weapons. Your enemies would have a better chance at storming the Gates of Hell than defeating those Warriors!"

The Wolf Invasion of Montevideo began that night!

After his visitors had departed, James sat down, wondering if he had done the right thing. Princes Kenneth and Richie could feel the worry of their Papa and Kenny stepped out into the hallway and brought a ragged child into Prince James' office. He bowed to his Father and said, "My Lord Father, ask this child if thou hast done this deed correctly!"

James lifted his head and saw a ragged child cowering before him, his heart went out to the child and he scooped him up, holding him tenderly in his arms.

He asked the child, "Why are thee afraid, I would not hurt you for anything in this world."

The child spoke very little English, but he tried to answer this man who was holding him, "Me 'Beto, be toyboy of Prinz Hans, he hurted sir me yus Princes safed me."

James looked as Kenny and Richie, demanding an explanation, Kenny replied, "Papa, we found this child down at the Montevideo Ferry Pier, he had run from the ferry. As near as we can discover, this person he calls Prinz Hans is his owner. Look at his back, Papa, and then tell me what you see."

James lifted the child's shirt, it was obviously not his own as it was clean. He nearly screamed, the boy's back was a mass of welts and bleeding cuts, he had been whipped, almost unto death! The child's anus had been brutally assaulted!

From the old scars, it was obvious that it was not the first time! Prince James' temper went flying out the window, the Eye of Scotland was flashing dangerously red and the Great Sword of Truth, hanging in its stand beside James' desk was vibrating as the bells of the city began to ring!

The folk of Buenos Aires had already learned that when the bells began to ring on their own that their Lord Regent was preparing for war!


Prince James called his Adjutant into the office and instructed him to commandeer the four Montevideo Ferries and load the "Ready Troops" on them.

He turned to his sons and asked, "Are you prepared to take command of the Montevideo Relief Force?"

Both younglings dropped to their right knee and said, "Lord Father, with your guidance, we are ready to command. We shall follow your instructions and wrest control of that country from those holding it hostage."

As they were leaving, Richie hugged his Father and whispered in his ear, "Papa, Little Juan needs a family and we need a little brother."

Richard and Kenneth laid their Dirks of Office on their Father's desk and replaced them with swords the grizzled old Command Master Sergeant held out to them. He followed them downstairs and out to the steps in the front of the building.

Kenneth pulled his sword and raised it high, "Warriors, we go to help our neighbors, they have been taken advantage of by thugs who escaped their own failures in war. The people of Uruguay have asked our Lord Regent for assistance and a child named Juan, has asked our Father, Lord Regent Prince James, to make his people free. VIVA JUAN!"

The Command Master Sergeant called the troops to attention and the brothers, Kenneth and Richard, marched to the head of the troops and led them towards the waiting ferries.

The opposition in Montevideo had spies out and knew what was happening, but they could not believe that the Forces commanded by the fool in Buenos Aires, who was pretending to be a Prince, could get troops raised against them in less than a week.

They were totally unprepared as Wolf Warriors began marching off the Ferry Boats and into their Capitol City! As they were sitting down to their midday meal, there were Wolf Warriors roaming through the city, using their minds to detect Nazi intruders.

Many of them were beyond second generation and even some third and fourth generation or more and they thought of themselves as the Elite of Uruguay. Many did not even speak German any longer, although some of their elders still wore their father's war decorations on their civilian clothing.

The Warriors swept the city like avenging angels, rounding up protesting businessmen and land owners. In two days, the city of Montevideo was cleared of Nazi immigrants and they waited only for the plebiscite to be held, to rid the entire country of the parasites!

The Brothers set up their command post at the Hippodrome near the center of the city and began building up their forces, knowing the Nazis would retaliate as soon as their surprise had worn off.

The Plebiscite was scheduled for the end of the next week and the Citizens' Committee commandeered the local newspaper printing plant to print up the ballots. They began distributing them throughout the city and countryside immediately.

The Nazis tried terrorist tactics in an attempt to stop the vote, but, every time they tried, the invading Warriors were there first, waiting for them. The Hippodrome was getting full of captured Nazi Elites who had survived the assault of the Wolf Warriors.

To their horror, Prince James notified a group in Israel that specialized in detecting and the capture of Nazis from the last World War. They were delighted and sent several teams of investigators to interrogate those being held at the Hippodrome.

Whole planeloads of War Criminals or their descendants who had inherited the wealth stolen from those unfortunate people who had ended their lives in Nazi gas chambers were being shipped back to stand trial for War Crimes, in some cases, more than five hundred years earlier! Their children stood convicted of the crimes of their fathers!

Ken and Richie ordered the Nazis' wealth be turned over to the Citizens' Committee for their use. They did confiscate some of that wealth to purchase food and clothing immediately for the many homeless children wandering the streets.

A young Wolf Warrior Lieutenant mind-sent a message to his Princes Warrior Commander, telling him that they must come at once to the Railway Yards out at Panarol. They sensed the agitation of the young wolf officer and Richie and Kenny headed out to the Panarol District at a dead run.

The old Sergeant had been instructed specifically to watch over the young Princes Warrior. He was to protect them as their Father, Prince James, had requested. He lit out after them, trying to keep up with their young legs!

The two Princes went into a rage at what they found, railway freight cars were packed with young people, even small children. They were destined to be slaves on the farms out in the country.

Kenneth and Richie were ripping the doors from the freight cars with their bare hands, their anger giving them great strength.

In their anger, they brought forth their wolves, at first the children were frightened, but as these strange beasts began carrying the children from the cattle cars, the children would leap into their extended front legs with their paws turned upwards to cushion the child's leap. Each huge beast would deliver the child he or she had rescued from the boxcar before they returned for yet another load!

The frightened children found comfort and safety in the arms of a Warrior Wolf. For many of them, it was the first comfort and safe feeling they had ever before experienced in their young lives.

Other Warriors joined them in the rescue and followed the lead of their Princes. They brought forth their own wolves as they rescued children from those cattle cars.

Even the old Command Master Sergeant was seen carrying small children on his back to where the Mess Sergeant had set up his kitchens to feed the starving children.

They emptied thirty cars of children, some of whom had been there several days without food or water and were frantic. The Warriors set up several hose stations where the children could drink and cool off before they had their food.

It would have been a very poor time for any of the Nazis to come looking around. The Warriors were having a difficult time even being civil among their own kind!

The children had no worries if the Warrior bringing them their food slipped in his or her anger and the children saw a wolf flutter across their faces, they were so hungry and thirsty, they would have paid no heed even if their wolves were doing the serving!

Several of the Nazis did come to complain to the authorities about their property, the child slaves, were being stolen. They had paid good money to the catchers, for those children and they indignantly demanded them returned, immediately.

Those who made their claims did not survive, the Warriors lost whatever little control they had maintained and those who made complaint ended up as a pile of dismembered body parts.

Word spread rapidly among the Nazis and they were frantically trying to convert their holdings to cash and flee the country.

Prince Kenneth had earlier ordered the banks closed and all Notary Licenses were to be canceled. There would be no financial transactions until a new government was formed.

The youngling Princes were moving faster than their Father had planned, or even thought possible, he mind-sent to them asking why? Their reply was, "If we find just one more dead or dying child and none of them will have time to escape!"

That said it all! Prince James did not need to inquire further!

Even before the plebiscite was held, the "revolution" spread across the small nation and, where the Warriors had not yet reached, local Action Committees took charge and raided the land owners' properties.

Solid walls of men and women, all armed with clubs and a few ancient fire arms, would descend upon their compounds, sweeping guards and hangers on in front of them, the Nazis fled in terror, running for the nearest border.

Nearby Paraguay was flooded with refugees, most not stopping until they reached Brazil, where they believed themselves safe.

A deputation from Asuncion, Paraguay arrived at the two Prince Commander's Headquarters, asking to be included in the RevoluciĆ³n, both Princes agreed without even contacting their Father.

In three weeks' time, both countries had been cleared of the Nazi landowners and business men. Food and produce began flowing into the cities in quantities not seen in many years!

James was keeping King Jeremiah up to date on what was happening and, as both Uruguay and Paraguay began to settle down, King Jeremiah advised James, "Give them jobs in these new countries, let's see how they do!"

James did exactly that, he made Richard the Lord Regent of Paraguay and Kenneth the same position in Uruguay and told them to get their nations under control and made prosperous.

The two brothers were devoted mates to each other, as well as sons to their Father, and were powerful mind-speakers. They kept their two nations coordinated with each other and both began to prosper almost immediately.

The brothers used their own funds to bring in food, clothing and personal items needed by the destitute people. They had nothing, not even tooth brushes or even combs in which to make themselves presentable. The brothers cared little if they would be paid back, just to see a little child with a clean face and a carefree attitude was sufficient payment!

Many of the old records had survived and the old land owners or their descendants were located. Their land was returned to them and indemnity was paid from funds seized from the fleeing Nazis.


One by one, countries in South America saw the advantage of having a Wolf Regency. Those countries who had seen the "light" prospered greatly and their people loved their Warriors.

In rural areas especially, the Warriors were in danger of getting fat, mothers and housewives were always making cookies and treats to give to their favorite Warrior.

In the cities, many homes had open invitations to Warriors to stop by for a meal. Those wolves who accepted the invitations were in danger of becoming overweight, almost overnight!

Many of the children who had been slaves, were returned to their families, sadly, there were also many who could not be returned or their families could not or would not take proper care of them.

Those children were, perhaps, the luckiest of them all, they were scooped up by a Wolf Parent and adopted. Most ended up as converted wolves. It was not at all unusual to see an old, greying Wolf Warrior leading a parade of youngsters down the sidewalk, each of them calling him "Papa"! Many of the former slaves, who had passed their fifteenth birthday, were already converted wolves.

There were only a few countries in South America that rejected the offer of the Wolves to assist them, Venezuela, Peru and Bolivia all refused to even let a Wolf Warrior into their country. There were steady streams of refugees from those countries, people fleeing the rule of the tyrants who had taken over their lands.

Prince James debated whether to invade those countries to help its people or just accept the refugees from them and make sure they were cared for. He finally decided upon the latter, since the majority of the people living in those countries seemed to prefer their dictators to freedom.

A little Uruguayan boy wormed his way into James' heart and soon become another adopted son.

As soon as he came of age, he asked his Papa to be converted to Wolf and take the name of Juan. Prince Juan would become the Warrior Prince Commander of South America as the Regency Countries came closer together, finally forming a single combined nation.

Princes Kenneth and Richard would become the Lords Prince Commander of all Wolf Forces on the Planet and their Father, Lord Prince James, Lord Keeper, would be their advisor for the remainder of his long life.

Prince Tosco would finally succeed his Father, Jeremiah, as King of the Wolves and Jeremiah would retire to his beloved Mountains of North Carolina, where he would run the forests with his friends, the Cherokee Wolves.

Peace would rein for nearly four thousand years, until fear and hate raised its ugly head and the Wolves would face an enemy they were not sure they could prevail against, beings like themselves.

The End. (almost)

This tale of the Wolf Folk is not yet completed, it shall be continued in "The Glory Years", where they finally prevail against those who would undo all they have accomplished and set fire to the lands and works of the humans they have protected for the preceding sixteen thousand years.

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