Castle Roland

Chapter 14

Published: 8 Apr 14

On the sound of the word 'three' the two teens threw off their covers and ran to the urinals each taking one as they were located on the wall that formed the shower stall. Both boys gave a sigh of relief as their bladders emptied into the well placed facility. They also took a quick peek at each other’s equipment and saw they were about the same in the 'standing tall' department. They both laughed when they caught each other looking.

In the past when Ryan stayed before with Collin he had never taken a shower the next morning. It was always an over night stay and he knew he would be home later that morning and it never dawned on him to shower when Collin did. Now both boys had their equipment hanging out and the question was would they take a shower together this time? Even though they had been in the chlorinated pool water most of yesterday and should be considered clean they knew sleeping gave them morning hair and that funky 'bed smell'.

"Hey, you gonna take a shower?" asked Ryan as he looked at his friend standing there with his penis still in his hand. "There are four shower heads in there so we don't have to share one, like if we were in the school showers."

"Yes, of course," shot back Collin. "I always take a shower in the morning. You going to join me this time or are you gonna chicken out like before?"

"Hey, I'm no chicken. We changed in the pool locker room yesterday and you didn't see me shy away like Danny did. By the way ... I think he was getting a boner, didn't you? Then did you see how fast he got into his clothes?" laughed Ryan. That said, both lads laughed out loud over remembering how Danny almost stumbled over the bench seat as he tried to get his boxers on and up fast.

"Ok, I'll get two towels and you go in and turn two showers on so the warm water gets flowing," yelled Collin as he went to the linen closet to retrieve two plush towels.

The teens got into the large shower room together and had left a shower head between them. They talked about this and that but before long they got to talking about their morning boners which then led to them talking about girls. Well, we all know what happened then. Both lads wound up with raging hard on s from hell and even though they tried to hide them from each other they knew it was a lost cause and they just gave up and turned and faced each other. This was the first time in a long time that Ryan had seen another teenagers' dick standing tall and proud. For Collin the last big dicks he remembered seeing were those man sized hard erections of Mark, Dean, and Ross just before they penetrated his ass.

"Ryan do ... do you know what ... what actually happened to me during the time I was kidnapped?" offered Collin, speaking in a low voice.

"Ahh, Collin ... ahh ... I kinda think I know but ... ahh ... I didn't want to ask you ... or ... or say anything to you ... you know it's ... it is something personal and I ... I didn't want you to think I needed to know ... you know what I mean?" responded Ryan.

"Yeah, Ry, I know what you're saying. ... Ah ... you know I will have to eventually tell everything to the doctor ... everything that happened, you know, to me while I was being held captive. You know ... a psychiatrist kind of doctor. I've ... well I've told Mr. Ken practically everything and ... I am sure he can fill in the blanks."

Collin then paused for a moment trying to get his thoughts in order and then said, "Ryan, what would you say to someone who ... who you know had stuff done to them they ... they didn't want to happen but ... but after a while began to ... you know ... began to kinda ... like it?" Collin quietly asked his friend, hoping, no praying, he would remain his friend after learning the truth.

"Collin ... hey man, no one could ... could know what was going to happen and ... well, there wasn't anything you could do to stop them was there? I mean ... shit man ... you were their prisoner ... what could you do? I bet they kept you blind folded so you couldn't see their faces. They probably didn't even feed you much to keep you weak. At least that is what they do in the movies. ... Shit man ...I don't mean to say what happened to you was a movie but ... but ... well that's all I know about that kind of stuff. That and ... that they do sex stuff to them and rape them. Oh ... oh SHIT that what happened to you, Col?"

Finishing what he just said Ryan saw that his friend had his head down and he couldn't tell if his buddy was crying again or not so he went over to Collin and hugged the boy to him not caring they were both naked and now only partially hard due to what they were talking about. Collin upon feeling both arms wrapping around him leaned into those warm and inviting arms and began to softly cry. Collin cried for a few moments but then he brought his arms up and began to hug Ryan back and then thanked him for listening and not taking offense at what he had just revealed.

The two teenagers stood there hugging each other for a few minutes, enjoying the closeness and friendship the two had established between them over the previous many weeks. Then Collin asked, "Ry, are you not mad that I ... I kinda liked the stuff they did to me? You know I ... I was with them for three months. At first they didn't do anything to me. And they did keep me blindfolded, like you said, and they moved me around a lot. I guess it was because we moved around so much that in the beginning nothing ever happen.

"But then we were at this last place for some time and this one guy, his name was Mark, he came into the room one night and practically tore my clothes off me and ... and then he raped me! He didn't use anything. ... My arms were still tied behind me. He force me down on my back and ... and he raised up my ... my legs. Then ... he just stuck his hard dick into my ass. He began to pound his dick in and out and in and out and then he came inside me. That first time there was nothing I could do. It hurt like hell!

"Then Dean, one of the other men who kidnapped me knew what Mark had done and came in and helped me with the pain. Dean talked to me and put something on my burning ass and that helped some. I also felt him put his fingers inside of me but that wasn't anything like what Mark had just done to me. A few days later, after their leader, a man named Ross, would leave, they both began to fuck me. Dean would bring in something called KY and that made their dicks slick and they would slide in easier. They fucked me every chance they got and they had lots of opportunities.

"Ry ... have you had ... you know ... any kind of sex ... you know with your friends like playing or jacking off each other and ... and maybe sucking each other? Both Mark and Dean made me suck them but then Dean would suck me too and I really liked that. I guess after a while I got to like what they did to me. I kinda liked it more ... ah when Dean did stuff with me. He would let me do stuff to him once in a while, too. Dean let me fuck him one night after Mark finished and had fallen asleep. It was something I ...I don't think I'll ever forget. Dean told me it was just like fucking a woman except, you know, the person can't get pregnant. My dick wasn't any where’s as big as theirs, but it sure felt great sliding in and out Dean's butt hole and, and when I shot, I was ... it was as if I wasn't there for that moment.

"I got to the point that when either came into the room I just took my clothes off and waited for them to do the same. In the beginning, Mark would beat the shit out of me and fuck me anyways so I just went along with it. What was I supposed to do? At least I was still alive I thought," stated Collin as he hugged his friend close.

"Bro," began Ryan, "I do not blame you, I CAN NOT BLAME YOU for what they did to you, Col. You were at their mercy for heaven's sake. I don't know if I could have ever dealt with any of that. I don't know if any of my friends could have either and some of them are tough as nails at times. ... Collin, I am not going to stop being your friend just because ... well because of what those men did to you and made you do. You were under their control, so what could you do? And if you ... well, if you ... you like some of those things now after all that time, who am I to say they didn't teach you to ... well to enjoy it. Col, you are like a brother to me, now. I know we aren't related but ... well neither is Mr. Ken to me. What I mean to say is ... there is something between us now. I can't put my finger on it, but it's ... it's there. I don't want for you to ever go away. Just like what I told Big Bro in the hospital the day he was shot. I feel the same about you!"

The two boys remained hugging one another as the water continued to flow over them keeping them warm. Their dicks weren't nearly as hard as they were a few minutes ago before they began talking but they were touching and that contact kept them a bit 'puffy'. The two were enjoying each other's closeness and they didn't care that they were wasting water. The only thing they cared about right then was each other.

"Ry, thanks for saying what you did. I was afraid that when you ... you found out about the things they did to me you'd ... that you'd drop me and tell the other guys and when I started ... you know, started school I'd be picked on and rejected. I don't think I could deal with that right now, Ry. Like I said I ... I did begin to enjoy some of that stuff they did to me. But ... I also began to like doing it as much as having it done to me. After some time when Dean did things to me he was gentle and he seemed to care. He made the sex we did together feel good and fun ... and not rushed just to get off as Mark did."

"Col, I hear what you are saying, but it doesn't matter to me, and I am not going to tell the other guys. It will be up to you to tell them when or if you want them to know. Just know that they will probably think the same way as I just did. They may say stuff to you out of ignorance or they may try to trick you into telling them what happened to you, but they will be just a bunch of jerks so please know that. They are a good bunch of guys Col, and like most people, they will be curious as to what did happen to you. So just be careful when you are around them and also be careful of what you say to them, and besides ... so what if you enjoyed doing some of that stuff? Who am I to say it is wrong?" and Ryan hugged Collin a bit tighter just then.

"But Ry, what if ... what if there were ... you know someone I wanted to do that with? What would you say then? What would you say if I ... I wanted to do ... do that ... that with you?" Collin asked meekly with his head looking down.

Hearing that, Ryan hugged the boy closer and harder to his own body. He could feel the heat between them now and he knew it wasn't from the water. He could even feel Collin's dick begin to raise some; then in a few moments, he could also feel the beginnings of his own dick beginning to rise, too.

"Col ... I'll be honest, I haven't done much with any of my friends especially lately, but yeah, we've played with each other’s dicks. Back when we were like twelve and thirteen, we did stuff but we haven't done all that much together since. Oh, I've had a few shooting contests with Damon and some of the others a few times, but that's about the extent of my sexual experiences. I did have a friend once, though, who when he was twelve sucked my dick. I was only eleven then. He did that a few times and you know what? Yes, it felt good! It felt damn good having my hard pecker in someone's mouth! What I'm trying to say here, Col, is ... if you want to do some stuff ... you know ... some stuff with me then you'll have to ... you know show me. I think I know what to do, but ... well I ... I personally never did any of that, what those guys did to you, before."

"You will?" an incredulous Collin asked moving his head up and looking straight into Ryan's eyes.

"Yes, I will, Col, and I don't want it to be just you doing it to me. I want ... well, it will only be fair if ... if I did some ... you know some stuff to you, too. Would that be O K?"

"No, you won't have to! I just want to do some of that. I've been waiting and wanting to do that for the longest time. Can ... you know ... you know can we do something ... maybe today? Maybe NOW?" Collin asked from the bottom of his heart.

Ryan diverted his eyes and looked down between the two boys. Collin, seeing what his buddy just did, also looked and he too saw a beautiful sight. Both saw that each other’s' dicks were now standing straight up and leaking a clear fluid from the slit at the top. Both teens' dicks felt harder than ever and they began sliding a little against each other and that touching caused some electric discharges to be sent up to both boys brains.

Then looking up from their entangled sex organs, Ryan asked, "Does this give you your answer, Collin? My dick is so fucking hard right now. I bet if you stroked it, it would blast off all over you!"

"Yes, yes I see it and it ... it looks beautiful. And if you don't mind I'd like to see how quickly I can make you blast off like you said!"

Not getting any negative vibes from his best friend, Collin gently reached down and slowly took Ryan's hard dick into his hand. As soon as Collin touched him, Ryan immediately jumped back some. This was the first time in a very long time that he had that warm feeling of someone else's hand wrapped around his boyhood appendage. After Ryan settled down from the initial overload sensation, Collin began to slowly stroke the very hard member up and down. Then, taking his other hand, he slid it underneath the hard shaft and lightly began to roll the two 'twins' in his palm. Ryan, with his equipment in another person's hand, began to stand on his toes from the 'electrified' feelings he was now experiencing.

In order to experience the sensations to their fullest, Ryan had closed his eyes, but he knew he wanted to reciprocate and so he reached his hand down and found Collin's hard dick and he began to stroke his best friend in the same manner. It didn't take Collin long to make his buddy reach that overload plateau and soon Ryan forcefully shot his load. And true to what he said, Ryan's juices flew up and about and all over the stomach and chest of his manipulator, Collin. A few moments and a dozen or so strokes later Ryan sent his friend over the brink and watched as his spunk shot out like a pistol and it too also landed all over him and its creator.

Both boys held onto one another for a few more moments while they basked in the afterglow of the sex they just shared. Each gave the other a final big hug, and then they smiled at one another with the understanding of what they had just shared. They then went to their own shower and cleaned off any and all remaining evidence of their just completed fun. Now, cleaner than ever before they toweled off then got dressed and joined Mr. Ken in his Study.

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