Castle Roland

Chapter 15

Published: 8 Apr 14

"There they are. I thought you two were going to sleep the day away. So, what do you guys have planned for today?" asked Ken, as the boys entered his Study and sat in the plush leather chairs.

"It's only noon time, Bro," answered Ryan. "We teenagers need our sleep since we don't get enough in school," and both boys laughed.

"So, Bro," inquired Ryan, "have you looked any more into what we three talked about the other night? You know, building a restaurant and maybe an amusement center, with go-karts, and a miniature golf course? You know this area sure could use something like that. You saw what we had to do to get pizza the other night, and that is what all the other families out here have to do, too. So what do you say? You gonna build a nice teen hangout for us?" All the while Collin sat there waiting to see where this was all going.

"Funny you should ask. I did do some preliminary checking and there is a good sized piece of land, not too far from here. Actually, it is the whole corner, and then some, to include all four areas adjacent to that intersection where we turn left to go out to the major highway. That is what I am interested in purchasing. Are you going to lend me the money to buy it, Ryan? I only need about $1.55 million for about 65 prime acres, plus development costs. I could start taking it out of your weekly paycheck," replied Ken, back at Ryan.

"I don't think so! I need every penny you pay me for my first car. But at the rate I'm going, I will need a raise, a substantial raise, mind you, if I am to afford it plus the insurance and gas. So what do you say? Am I in the zone for a raise yet?" chided Ryan right back.

"A raise? We'll have to sit down and negotiate after the holidays are over. Right now we, yes us three, and your mom if I can convince her to help, have a lot of work ahead of us. We have to make sure the house is totally decorated, top to bottom. On top of that, we have to plan a Christmas Open House party with foods and entertainment and we have to get invitations out, too.

"Then, in order to end the Holidays in an all-out 'over the top' extravaganza, I want to plan two New Year's Eve parties – one party for the adults and one party for you teenagers. We are going to be really busy these next two weeks," Mr. Ken informed his two teenaged Holiday Elves.

"What? We have to help plan the parties and decorate the house and ... and ... did you say TWO New Year's Eve parties? Like in one, two buckle my shoe parties? You gonna plan a party for us kids? Bro ... that would be soooo awesome!" Ryan couldn't say it fast enough and jumped up and hugged the man as tight as he ever had.

Just then the front doorbell rang and Chief got up and headed in that direction and Collin followed to see who it was. In a few moments, Chief came back into the room and voices could be heard coming down the short hallway.

"There's my wayward son! I hardly ever get to see him these days, and so I thought I'd better come over here and see if he needed any clean clothes," Mary Taylor spoke, as she entered the Study and grabbed a hug from her son.

"Mah-hoom!" cried her not so little boy who eagerly accepted his mom's hug.

"Mom, Bro here has been saying he's gonna have two New Year's Eve parties and we get to help plan them, but he needs your help. Can you help us? Pleeazzzee!!! This is gonna be the best holiday ever," the young, now out of breath, teenager pleaded with his mom.

"What's all this about, Ken?" asked Mary Taylor. "You're going to rope us into doing all your holiday party planning while you pretend your arm hurts? You'll have us do all the grunt work and you get all the glory?" Everyone laughed at what she'd just said. Then after a pause for effect, "Okay, when do we start?" Mary kiddingly teased Mr. Thomas.

"That's the Holiday Spirit, Mary, I am glad to have you on the team. We just began to talk ..." and he never got to finish when Collin broke in.

"Yea, he was telling us about some property he wants to buy, so he can build a restaurant and fun place for the families around here, so we won't have to drive so far," spoke the other teen youth in the Study.

"Whoa, whoa there, Tiger, planning a party is one thing, but I don't think I am ready to plan building a restaurant. Get it built and I'll decorate it ... but that's all from me," asserted Mary.

"Okay everyone, hold all your horses. The boys asked the other weekend about the possibility of me buying some property and putting in a good place to eat and maybe add an arcade or some other types of entertainment for the locals. I did find some property that I am interested in, but for now, that is on the back burner. My representative is negotiating the price and we won't know until we know. Then, if I get the parcel, and right now that is a BIG if, I will have to make some assertions and find an architect, and make a Business Plan. This could well be two or threes years down the pike.

"But for now, I need to start planning for the holidays. The holidays came up way too fast for me and ... well, with everything that was going on I just didn't get at the planning stage soon enough. As the boys so eloquently explained, I do want to plan two New Year’s Eve parties, but I would also like to have two Christmas Holiday Parties as well. The first party I see it as being for the local neighbors, you know, as an Open House running from about 6 until 10 PM. It will be focused on families and I'll serve light finger foods and soda and have a few games and with a Santa giving out small presents to the littler kids.

"The second party, I will want to be for my business associates and the local politicians and other special VIPs. This party should be from let's say 7 PM until 11 PM, or later if necessary. That one will be adult orientated with an open bar and better foods and a live ensemble playing holiday music. I hope the weather will cooperate with me those two nights, as having the backyard would be great to spread the people and foods out onto. We can discuss the New Year's Eve parties later on. If we can't get these first ones sorted out, and fast, there probably won't be any New Year's Eve parties.

"So, what do you all say? Can you guys help me? The invitations are going to be the key. I can get the parties catered, so that's not going to be a problem, as I see it. I also want the invitations to read - By Invitation Only. I don't want just anyone coming to the house, and so the invitations will have an email address, that's where you boys come in. The people will get their invitation activated through you, and that way we can get a fair head count for the planning of the food etc.

"All I have in my mind right now is the most superficial ideas of a plan. What I need from all of you is to help start brainstorming with me. You know, giving me ideas of what to serve, and how to handle parking, and getting the invitations out and whatever else you think is important."

Within minutes of his pronouncement, the four dug into planning two Holiday Parties, which in essence, were going to be the same, except each with a different focus. After four hours of working, they knew how the invitations would read for both parties, and the boys set up the e-mail address - - and a way to activate the invitations.

Seeing the time, Mr. Ken announced it was time for dinner and asked them all to freshen up so they could brainstorm some more as they ate at a restaurant. Again, it took a good 45 minutes for them to drive to where nice eateries were located. Recognizing they lost two precious planning hours during the drive to go eat and return, Mr. Thomas decided he would go forward with his plans for the frontage properties if he could seal the deal.

It was close to 8 o'clock when they got back to Three Finger Cove. Mary said they needed to get home as Ryan had school, and she had appointments in the morning. They all said their goodbyes and Ken and Collin went into the Study to copy the evenings' discussion notes into the computer file they created. Then the two went to the Theater to watch some TV before bed.

"Bro ... this was the best time I've ever had," began the young boy. "I wasn't allowed to have friends over, before. That is unless they were the same social class as ... well... as my family was. That was my dad speaking. Mom tried to get him to allow me to have some friends visit, but once I turned thirteen, he would hear none of it. He told her he wanted me to be around winners not losers. That's how he saw people, Mr. Ken. I never could understand it. Mom tried to explain it, but ... well; I just never could get it.

"Will I grow up to be that way, Mr. Ken? I sure don't want to."

"Collin ... I can't say how you will turn out, but I do know one thing. If you didn't like what you saw while growing up, you sure won't want that to happen when you are older. When you have kids, you'll probably make sure they have lots of friends who are allowed over 24/7," answered Ken.

"Ahh, Bro ... ahh, what about ... about you know ... kids? What if I don't want kids? You don't have them, and look how successful you are," asked the lad as he had his head on Ken's chest and being held by the man's good arm.

"Little bro, I can't say anything about that, you know ... you and kids. You are still quite young to be even thinking about having kids. I'd hope you would wait until you finished college and maybe graduate school before you'd think to get married and start a family. And I hope ... during the interim, you'll be careful not to let your over-sexed hormones get the best of you. If you make a mistake there, you will be sorry for the rest of your life."

"That's just it, Mr. Ken. Right now I don't even think about girls when ... ahh, when I ahhh ...," and Ken stopped him there.

"Collin, I think I know what you mean. Everyone has to deal with their own sexuality as they mature. It sounds like your dad held you back in some areas like having close contact with boys and girls your age. That could mean the lack of being around girls might have not given you enough 'drive' towards them, even at this late age for you. That is something you need to talk with the doctor about when you meet him."

"Yea, but ... but the stuff I ... I had to do with Mark and Dean. You know I ... I got to like some of that. It's what I want to do, now. I told ... well I told Ryan this morning about that... while we were taking our showers. We were talking and ... and I figured I needed to find out if he was ... was going to stay my friend. I knew he'd find out eventually what happened to me ... you know ... when I was held captive. So, I told him. ... Everything! ... Was I wrong to do that?"

"Ahh, buddy, that ... that is a very interesting question. I guess it all depends on how Ryan took the revelation and of course exactly what you told him."

"I ... I told him those guys fu ... ahh, they did things to me. I explained how Mark came into my room and ... well, and raped me and how Dean came in and ... helped the pain go away. I also told him that I ... that I kinda ... kinda began to like what they did to me after a while. I explained to him that I had already I told you about everything. I asked him ... if ... if he'd do some stuff with me."

"Ohhh, Okay now I think I got the whole picture. How did Ryan take that revelation? I am supposing he was OK with what you told him, as you two seem to be as tight as ever."

"Ah ... he ... ah... he ... I mean we did something to each other. You aren't mad at me are you, Mr. Ken? ... I mean we both wanted to do it and we didn't do anything but, you know, ahh ... we stroked each other and you know ... ah ... sort of shot our stuff! I hope you aren't ... mad at me."

Then not hearing a quick answer from Mr. Ken, Collin quickly added, "I won't do it ever again if you let me stay here; I really like it here. Please Mr. Ken ... please let me stay here. Here, I ... I feel as if I am somebody. I have friends now and you told me they can come over! It is so good to be able to do that now I'll be good! Please Mr. Ken don't send me away."

That all said, the lad began crying and hugging Ken as hard as he could. He was now afraid he messed up by telling what he and Ryan had done, but he knew he had to let the man know what he was doing because it was the right thing to do.

"Hold on there, Collin, first of all, I am NOT going to send you away for doing what countless boys are doing all over the world. What you and Ryan did was ... well was natural and nothing to be ashamed about. I sure wouldn't let any of your other friends know what you two did together, and I hope Ryan won't say anything either."

"He said he wouldn't and I trust him!" a still sobbing teen got out.

"Then ... as far as you promising you won't do that again, I know that it will be all but impossible. I was your age once, too, you know ... and I know how many times a day I took care of my ... my urges. (Mr. Ken then laughed.) So, let's not go there, OK! ... Collin, if you and another person want to have sex, then it is going to have to be up to you and your partner to decide how far you want the sex to go. Mutual masturbation is not a bad thing when the two people agree. It is, when one person forces the other, like what happened to you, that it is wrong and if Ryan wants to help you, and participate, and also enjoy in the outcome then all the better. How does that sound?"

"Yeah, that sounds great. Are you sure you aren't mad at me for doing that? I mean I don't want to do something that will make ... well, make you send me away. I do not want that!"

Giving the lad a big hug and a few jostles with his right arm as it held the boy tight to him, Ken told the boy, "Collin ... we will probably have a few problems between us as time goes along. But please understand ... we are human beings and we want what we want and damn those who get in our way. I know it took a lot of courage to tell me that you told Ryan. And, by the way, I am glad you told him. It will be easier for you now that he knows. He'll be better able to help you if you go into a state that you are frozen or petrified by someone's actions or accusations.

"As for you ... well, you are an active teenager with sexual urges and I'd suggest to you ... that you just go with the flow and don't fight them. But please ... please don't force yourself on anyone, either. Okay? ... Now ... I think it is getting late and you have school in the morning. You also have your doctor appointment Wednesday, and we have to finish planning the Holiday parties, all four of them. Good Night, my little brother, sleep well!"

The two shared one last hug and they both proceeded to their respective bedrooms. Collin thanked his 'lucky stars' that his Bro wasn't mad at what he and Ryan had shared.

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