Castle Roland

Chapter 17

Published: 8 Apr 14

Saturday morning everyone slept in, for the most part. It had been a long previous night and they had one more Holiday Party to go. But this particular Party was going to be the Best Party of ALL Holiday Parties, if Mr. Ken Thomas had anything to say about it.

"Morning, boys," Mary said to Ryan and Collin as they entered the kitchen.

"Morning, Mom," said Ryan and went over to get a hug.

"Morning 'mom'," said Collin as he too went over and got a hug.

"Morning, boys," Ken said to the boys, and continued with, "Do I get a hug, too?"

"Naw!" both boys said in unison and then laughed at their benefactor. Collin did go give him a hug, though.

"Thank you, Little Bro, for that wonderful hug. How do mine compare?"

"I like Miss Mary's, as they are nice and soft and warm. Like a mom's are supposed to be. Yours are manly and tight and make me feel safe and I like those, too. Now if you start hugging me like Miss Mary does, then I will have to reevaluate them," a laughing Collin got out. But before he could get away, Ken grabbed him and began to tickle him.

"Help, I'm being attacked. Help me, Ry, Help," Collin yelled to no avail as Mr. Ken had him good, and continued to tickle him mercilessly.

"You boys, I am sure glad I don't have you three at home. One is surly enough," Mary half-heartedly laughed as she spoke to the 'men' of the house.

The four enjoyed a late breakfast and then Ryan and Collin went outside to check for any 'damage' which might need to be cleaned up before that evenings Holiday party. They found the usual thrown cups and napkins and a few garments, but overall, the estate grounds looked good to them. Anyway, at night you can't see the grounds all that much but with all those lights shining, it was best to pick it all up and make the place look nice and neat and clean all the time.

Ken kept his arm in the sling most of the day, in order to rest it. All the previous evening's handshaking and extra movements had tired the arm out; even though it was his right hand and arm that did most of the work. Now he needed to try to pamper it so he would not have to wear the ugly sling that evening.

Mary just relaxed. Her job last night was to serve as Hostess, which meant she was there to meet and greet many of the local families, answer their questions and just be everything to everyone. Tonight would be totally different. She would be on 'stage'.

The governor and many high ranking politicians and local dignitaries were invited and the majority of them were expected to attend. Mary would wear a more formal evening gown, tonight, as compared to the 'family' style holiday dress she wore the night before. Mr. Thomas paid for her outfits and didn't care about cost. She was doing him a great favor, by acting as his Hostess, and he wanted her to feel and look as if she was the 'queen' overseeing her subjects.

The day flew by for the four party givers. They discussed how they would meet and greet the dignitaries and how to keep moving about the party, so they would have a chance to talk to most of the attendees.

Before long, seven chimes rang on the grandfather clock, announcing the start of the 'Big Boys' Holiday Party. The five piece string ensemble, Mr. Ken found at the last moment to play, was extremely good, and filled the Great Room with festive holiday music. Mr. Ken Thomas and his Hostess, Ms. Mary Taylor, stood in the Entrance Foyer and began to initially greet the evening's guests. After some time, they decided to split up and began to mingle throughout the party areas, talking with as many guests as they could.

Collin and Ryan also acted as Hosts, but mainly for the teens and children who were attending with their parents. Their new friend Alex came along with Doc Rick Powers and the ever smiling pre-teen Eric arrived with his mom, Judy Turner. Other teens soon arrived and the evening for them was spent seeing parts of the home that were not open for that night's party, either. Collin knew it would be okay as he showed them the indoor pool and Theater. These were two areas Collin figured most kids their age would be most interested in, anyway.

"Collin," a distinguished man called out. "I've been looking for you. I have someone here I want you to meet." As Collin turned and looked, he found the smiling friendly face, of his new found friend, from the Juvenile Court greeted him. The man was accompanied by a beautiful lady who was holding his left arm. "Collin Wilkinson, I'd like you to meet my lovely wife, Kathleen Richards. Kathleen, this here is Collin Wilkinson. He's the young man I told you about a few weeks back," Judge Adam Richards said as he introduced the two to each other.

"Mrs. Richards, it is a pleasure to meet you. Judge Adam, I was hoping you would be here, tonight. You have done so much for me that I wanted to personally thank you for it. Oh, and thank you very much for those papers, too. Bro, oh ahh, Mr. Thomas was very much surprised when he saw them."

"Bro is it, now?" laughed the judge.

"Sorry. I call him Bro sometimes, just as my best friend Ryan here does. Ryan has known Mr. Ken for almost three years now and even works for him, taking care of the boats and beach and dock. Getting to stay and live here is awesome!" the excited boy finished.

"So, letting you stay here was a good decision, was it? See Kath, I do get one right every now and then," the judge said to his wife who laughed along at the judge's antics.

"Yes, Judge Adam, you did get this one right! I have never been so happy in my entire life! I have friends now, and they can come here almost any time, and we can have cookouts and sleepovers. I don't ever want to leave," expressed Collin to his friend the Judge.

"Come along, my dear. I am sure this youngster has lots to do for this party. Let's mingle and see who else is here," the judge said to his lovely wife as they walked away and descended down the staircase to the Great Room.

"Collin" a hurried young voice called out.

"Oh, hi there, Eric, I saw you come in, but I was busy at the time. How are you enjoying the party?" spoke up Collin, to the much younger lad.

"This is great, Collin. The house is beautiful all decorated like it is. I love the animated figures out back, too. And, I can't believe all the food and free sodas. I can get some any time I want. Mom says its okay, but I better not get sick. She'll tan my hide if I do. Oh, and I brought my swim suit, just in case," the small boy whispered to his teen friend.

Hearing what Eric said about the swim suit got Collin and Ryan both laughing hard. The last time Eric was there he didn't have a swim suit to wear and was too embarrassed to swim in either his undies or go nude with the older boys at the time. This time he came prepared!

"Ahh, sorry, Eric, I don't think this will be a good time for us to go swimming. There are way too many people here and Mr. Ken ... well, he'll want me around in order to talk to the governor and other distinguished guests. Also, if we went swimming we might miss out on Santa, later, and I am sure you don't want to miss out on that. I'll tell you what, though, Eric. How about sometime between Christmas and New Years I have you and Alex, and a few friends, over and we can have a swim party and cookout then? I think Mr. Ken will let us do that. What do you think about that?" replied Collin to Eric about going swimming.

"Okay, yea, I understand. Mom said that there would be a reason we couldn't swim tonight, but Mr. Ken said for me to bring 'em the next time, so I did," answered Eric.

Everyone laughed again and the boys split up and went their separate ways.

Deputy Sheriff Dan Fischer, along with Special Agent Bill Campbell and a few of the FBI agents who worked the security detail to protect Collin were a few of the VIPs who managed to attend that Special Holiday Party. Seeing them there gave Collin a good feeling and he made sure to go over to each and every one of them and personally thank them for everything they had done for him.

Close to 8 o'clock, police sirens could be heard in the distance. The evening's security knew that meant the Governor was on his way and they made sure the entrance gate was open and his special parking area was clear. Not many attending that night knew who was on the invitee list and when the sirens were heard, they were excited the Governor would also be attending the evening's festive Holiday Party.

Mr. Thomas personally greeted the Governor and his wife and welcomed them and thanked them for attending the Three Finger Cove Holiday Party. Ken introduced them to Mary and then to Ryan and lastly to Collin. The governor had often asked about the lad, and tonight, he finally got the chance to meet and talk to him. Ken took the man and his spouse and showed them around the house and pointed out details he wouldn't show just anyone.

As the three walked around, many of the state representatives, and local politicians in attendance, made it a point to be seen with the State's leader, and shake his hand. Most even found a way to get in a few quick words about certain pet projects. It wasn't uncommon that, even at a private party such as this, no topic was taboo and many people made it a point to talk politics.

Lively conversation could be heard everywhere. With the late arrival of the governor, Santa's arrival was delayed, but at 8:30 PM, Santa, and his beautiful Elves, arrived, as he had done the night before. The ensemble took a break and Santa again told the enchanting tale he spun the night before. Then with all the guests in close, Santa began to call up individuals by name. For this special night, Mr. Thomas had made arrangements with some moms and dads and husbands and wives to bring small gifts to be presented at this time. Now it was time for Santa to do his thing!

"Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas," said Santa. "I have a few special presents to give out tonight while I am here. I sure hope you won't mind receiving something a little early this year, ho, ho ho!

"Now ... the first present I have here is for (as Santa looks over the package) ... for someone whose name happens to be Eric. Yes, Eric ...where is that 10 year old fine young man? I saw him enter. The last time he was here he didn't have his swim suit and was too shy to swim in his ... ahh, ahh; well that's a story for another time. Hehehe, there he is. I'd recognize him anywhere.

"Come now, lad and sit on Santa's knee. Okay, I'm not going to embarrass you tonight, although I may already have, ho, ho, ho! Now, I could ask you what you want for Christmas, but I already know. You talked to me at the mall just last Thursday when your mom finally got some time off. And it was about time, too. Maybe you and I can talk to the governor before he leaves and make sure she gets some holiday time to spend with you. What'd you say young man?"

"Yes, we should!" loudly spoke up an enthusiastic young Eric. "She's been working more now than ever, and I would like her home more. I know she has an important job ... you know taking care of kids ... but I'm a kid, too and I'm just as important. Don't you think so, Santa?"

Everyone seemed to laugh at what the lad just said, but a few in the know were all too well aware of her extra duties and the why. Some had been talking amongst themselves about the problems at CPS. All of which were brought to the forefront during Collin's recent hearing. They also spoke to how well Mrs. Judy Turner was able to handle not only her primary duties, but also her extra responsibilities the Child Protective Services Supervisors placed upon her. Their hope was that after the holidays, they could make some permanent changes in the way that Services Department was run.

"Yes, Eric, I agree with you there, one-hundred and ten percent. OK, now ... now let me see what I have in this red magic bag for you," said Santa, as he reached back into the red satchel and pulled out a long thin present. "Here you go Eric. Here is a nice sized present for you. Go ahead, now. Open it and see what it is."

Eric took the gift from the Jolly Old Man and began to unwrap it, bow first. He then began to tear at the wrappings and finally got to the box. He quickly broke into the light cardboard box and pulled out an envelope.

"What do you have there, Eric?" asked Santa.

"Ahh, let me see. There are two envelops. The first one has ... has two Season Passes ... with both me and my mom's name on them for ... for Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Oh, thank you, Santa, thank you!"

Eric then took the second envelope and carefully opened it and then he saw what was inside the second envelop. "Oh Santa ... Thank you, thank you thank you so very much. Everyone, there are two more Season Passes for me and mom but ... but this time they are to Sea World of San Antonio. How did you kn ... oh, you did know didn't you. I told you last Thursday I ... I wanted one or the other. But ... but you gave me both! Thank you so very, very much! I Love you, Santa!" and with that Eric gave Santa a great big hug.

The crowd was enthralled along with the young boy who was getting something he truly wanted. They secretly hoped his mom would have the time to take him. They then heard Santa call out for the next person.

The next person went up to meet with Santa while Eric went over to his mom and showed her the two presents with both their names. She hugged him, gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and placed the documents in her purse. Judy saw Judge Richards coming in her direction so she asked her son to go watch Santa and see what the other people were getting from him. Eric went over and stood by Collin and Ryan.

Over in a quiet corner, Judge Richards talked to Judy Turner about her job and how things were going for her. They also talked about Santa's and Eric's little discussion concerning her increased workload and responsibilities.

"Miss Turner, Judy, if I may," the Judge began, "since I last saw you at the hearing I understand your supervisor's over at CPS have upped your case load, and added some responsibilities, that are theirs, for the most part. Do you think that has anything to do with your involvement in that situation?"

"Yes, Judge, you can call me Judy, and I can't say for sure if the hearing had any bearing on my extremely heavy caseload. I do know what Santa and Eric just said was true and that Eric isn't seeing me as much as he sure needs to, especially at this time of year."

"I take it then ... they know you know who emptied the folder. To me it only stands to reason why you have so much more work than any other Social Case Worker, there. They are trying to get you to mess up so they can fire you, as I see it," Judge Richards stated. "You do know who emptied the folder, don't you?"

"Well, Judge, I don't think it is my ..."

"Come on now, Judy, I've been around long enough to know what happens when underlings piss off, excuse my French, the bosses. The bosses make life miserable for that person, so they either quit or make a mistake, so they get taken to the tool shed for it. You are a well-educated woman, with a Master's Degree in Social Work. You have over 15 years’ experience in that department and can run rings around those pompous bumpkins. I know for a fact you should be running that place, or at least be the second in command over there. Those other two only got their positions through who they knew not what they knew! So, come on, admit it. You do know who emptied that folder."

"Judge, if I am called to testify under oath, I will tell everything I know. It was stupid for whomever to empty the entire folder of even the simplest things such as copies of his licenses and training certificate. Yes ... it is true. I am more educated with more experience than those two, supposedly running the show ... but I am only one person.

"The others there are afraid of the big guns. Most of them only have an AA degree and the ones with Bachelor's degrees don't want to go back to school to get their teaching certificate, so they put up with the stress and game playing," replied Judy Turner.

"Judy, what would you say to one day being one of those bosses? Do you think you could handle that job? You know ... you could change things over there and make it a better place to work, and of course, better for the children, who come through it. Think about the things you would ... no, could do. Make a list and check it twice, as Santa over there says. One day, and I mean soon, you may very well have that opportunity. Then Eric can have his mom back," the judge told Miss Judy as he eyed where his wife was and motioned her to come over.

"Oh, here comes my lovely wife. Judy Turner, please let me introduce my wonderful wife of 25 years, Kathleen. Kathleen, meet Judy Turner. She is Collin's case worker. Come along, dear. There is so much to see here. Nice chatting with you Miss Tuner."

The Judge and his wife walked away, leaving Judy to wonder what that last discussion was all about. She began to wonder if there was something going on behind the scenes there tonight. She always thought of what she'd like to change at CPS, but she figured she'd never get the chance. Wandering off to find her son, she began to replay in her mind her conversation with the Judge.

Down in the Great Room, another, "Ho, ho ho Merry Christmas," was heard. "Where is that young whippersnapper Alex? Where is that very special young man? Come on up here, lad, don't be shy," the jolly old St. Nick called out.

"Ahh, there he is," called out Santa as Alex approached the very old man. "What a fine young man I have here before me. Now, Alex ... how about you sit on Santa's knee? ... Come on, don't be bashful. I didn't bite Eric there and look at the big grin he still has on his face over there, standing with his lovely mom and his two friends.

"Now ... Alex ... I know you had some difficult times over the past couple of years. I also know that Doc Rick, standing over there, helped you work out many of those problems, and things haven't been all the bad, lately, now, have they, son?"

"No, Santa, Doc Rick ... he has helped me and my family a lot," responded Alex. "He's helped me with school ... and I have lots to eat, now. He even takes me places. He's my Big Brother, for sure," answered Alex, sitting tall and with a great big smile.

"Yes, I know all about that, Alex. Over the past three years, I watched you and I've seen you grow not only physically and mentally, but also as you matured, into the fine young man I have now before me. Now, I know for a fact ... there is a present in this big bag for you, so let me get it out for you."

As Santa reached back into the bag he made another large present materialize out of his seemingly small satchel. Some people were astounded by the size of the gifts to the size of the red velvet bag. They began to wonder how 'Santa' could arrive with a barely full rucksack and pull out such large gifts. Only those in the know knew.

"Ahh, here it is. What a nice sized present, too. I wonder what could be in such a large box. Go ahead, Alex ... take it ... open it and let everyone know what Old Santa has gotten for you this year."

Alex took the large wrapped box and began to unwrap it, bows and ribbon first. Then he took and ripped the wrappings right off, and he had his box. He quickly opened it and inside he found but another smaller but equally well wrapped present. Alex looked around and Santa nodded for him to open that present. Again, starting with the bow and ribbon, Alex tore them off and then the wrappings. He looked inside only to find he had another smaller gift.

"Santa, are you teasing me?" asked the exasperated lad.

"Go on, my fine young man. ... Large gifts ... can usually be found in small packages," replied Santa.

Alex, this time, just tore through everything not caring about the bow and ribbon and wrappings. He just ripped open that smaller box with brute strength and found an envelope with his name on it. Alex slowly opened the pouch, only to find a letter and a packet. Santa saw he had the letter and asked Alex to read the letter to everyone first.

"Dear Alex," the young lad began to read, "I watched daily how you worked hard, to do yourself and your mom proud. I watched your mom, and especially your mentor, Doctor Rick, look on with pride in the way you now conduct yourself. You brought yourself out of the doldrums of despair to achieve not only being an honor roll student, but also to change the direction you were headed with your life. You didn't like yourself at first, but you also didn't like people telling you what to do. You compromised by agreeing to treat others as you wanted to be treated and you found that it was more fun to be liked than to be hated. Your love for travel and to see new things brings you this gift. I want you to know your future is only hampered by the road blocks you yourself put up. Continue the path you are now on, and the world will be at your feet. Love, Santa!"

Alex then took the second envelope, broke the seal and meekly took out its contents. He found a brochure that said Disney Cruise Lines. He opened the pamphlet and out came a Gift Certificate for one teenager and one adult for a 7-Night Disney Bahamian Cruise with a stop at Key West and Castaway Cay. The Certificate included round trip air fare for two, Deluxe Stateroom with Verandah, and $500.00 in On-Board credit.

"Santa, this ... this is too much! What have I done to deserve all this?" asked Alex and then literally began crying from the overwhelming gift he just received.

"My boy, the letter says it all. You have worked miracles for yourself and deserve to be rewarded for all the hard work you put in to turn yourself around and become an upstanding member of society. Enjoy your vacation, young man."

Alex gave Santa a big hug and then left the Jolly Old Man and went to Rick and hugged the man for all he was worth. He began to cry some, as the enormity of the present sunk in. The two went to find a secluded place where they could be alone and talk.

Santa pulled out another gaily wrapped present and called for Ryan to come forth. As Ryan stepped up to the Jolly Fat Man, Santa reached for him and placed him on his knee. Everyone saw that and began to laugh, as the 15 year old teenager was quite large to be sitting there, but sitting there he was.

"Ryan ... I've been watching you, as well. You did an awesome job for Mr. Ken, taking all those pictures and videos of his house while it was being built. You also are to be commended for learning how to sail and take care of his boats and the beach. I also am aware of the tremendous service you did for the FBI, recently, in helping identify those involved in that nasty kidnapping case not so long ago. Now, here is a present for you. Open it and let everyone know what you got."

Ryan began to open his package and was surprised to find it was just one box. After undoing the wrappings he extracted an envelope and in it were a letter and a Gift Certificate.

Ryan read the letter out loud, "Ryan, you are a wonderful young adult and have given of yourself unselfishly and tirelessly in every challenge. You give the meaning of dedication a face to which people can look for when they need a definition. This Gift Credit Card, in the amount of $500.00, is for you to use in any or all of The Mall businesses. This is my way of saying Thank You, for being the wonderful teen you are, signed, Santa."

Ryan leaned over to Santa a hugged the red suited man and waved his gift over his head and smiled as he rose from Santa's knee and went over to his mom and got a hug from her as well.

"Ho, ho, ho, I see I have another gift here in my bag and let me see whose name is on this one! Ho, Ho, Ho ... the name ... it reads ... Collin, Collin Wilkinson. You know ... I lost track of this young man a few months ago ... and boy, am I ever happy that I now know where he is living. ... Okay, okay where is that young whippersnapper? I know he's around here somewhere. The governor wrote me personally about this young man. I made sure I brought him a special present, tonight. Collin, come on up here. I won't bite cha."

Collin walked up to the man but stayed just out of his reach. He tried not to get pulled to St, Nick's knee, but was pushed just a little from behind and Santa grabbed him and placed him on his large knee anyway. Everyone who saw that had a good laugh.

"Now, now that's better don't you think, Collin?" spoke Santa as he gave his merry laugh. "Collin, all young teens need to spread their wings. I know for a fact you didn't get much chance to try yours ... that is until just recently. The governor says you will be a 'force' to be reckoned with in time to come, but for now ... you need to exercise those wings and enjoy your high school years. The present I have for you will let you fly, but still stay grounded. Here is my gift for you."

Collin took the package and gently began to open it. Ryan yelled for him to rip it open and others encouraged him as well, but Collin was sitting there scared. This was all so new to him. Being out in front of so many people and sitting on 'Santa's' knee was all too surreal for him. He wanted time to think so he deliberately opened the gift slowly in the hopes that it would give him the time he needed. Eventually, the box was unwrapped and he saw a note and his gift. He read the note to everyone.

"Collin, this gift will allow you to spread your new found wings and allow you to enjoy the flight of renewed life. Those untried wings will soon call to you to spread them and to get out and about. Keep in mind, though, this gift will help keep you grounded and in touch with your friend and mentor and 'Big Bro', Mr. Ken. Grow in good health and experience what you missed and keep in touch, signed Santa."

Collin showed everyone it was a Verizon Wireless cell phone, blue tooth capable with all the whistles and bells. The young teen got up off Santa's knee and hugged the man. As he walked away, there were tears in his eyes and he tripped, not once but twice, as he could barely see through his watery eyes as he went looking for his mentor, Mr. Ken.

Santa continued to give out more and more presents and held everyone's attention with his wit and charm. While Santa held everyone's attention in the big Great Room, back in the Study, important men were meeting and discussing recent events. They specifically talked about the shoot out there at the Cove and then, too, the problem created by CPS when they tried to 'railroad' Mr. Thomas out of being a foster parent.

They also discussed how they planned to place Mrs. Turner into the second highest position in that department, if not into the top position if they could. They wanted someone with experience and education and she had both. They also wanted her to go in and make big changes in CPS' operations and also reel in the sloppy work from the field representatives and make them more accountable. Also on their agenda was to have her revise the processes and procedures and make them a straight forward and an easily worked tool.

The governor and the local elected state representatives along with the County Commissioners were all in agreement. The only notable figure absent from the discussion was Judge Richards. He couldn't participate, due to the office he held, but he knew, from first hand involvement, what that firestorm was all about. Just recently the CPS higher ups wanted Mr. Thomas ousted, as a Foster Parent, and called a 'special' hearing in front of him. There, he found someone had emptied the man's folder and it sure wasn't Mr. Thomas. He called for the culprit to come forward, within ten days, but he had yet to hear from anyone. He was biding his time and soon he would bring the curtain down. Everyone, for that matter, involved in the upcoming 'house cleaning' was content to let things sit as they were, for now.

By 10 o'clock, the Holiday Party was still going strong. Mr. Thomas met many important people that night and made a number of, he hoped, friends. He was a very young person to have so many powerful men and women at his home and all at the same time. Over time, this would prove to be his greatest asset. He could always be counted on to help those there that night, and at times, their friends, too, and would be well rewarded in the future for doing so.

Collin and Ryan were also kept busy talking to the teens in attendance. They had already given their guests a personal tour of the home, but now the young teens began to ask Collin about his kidnapping and the shooting.

"Collin," asked a 15 year old named Cameron, "What was it like to be, you know, kidnapped?"

"Cam, you know that is a very insensitive question to ask," his older sister, Samantha, yelled at the boy.

"Sorry! But you know ... it isn't something you hear that much of, and here is someone who had it happen. I just had to ask," finished Cameron.

"Cameron," said Collin, "I would love to answer that question for you, but there hasn't even been a trial yet for the men who did it. I was asked by the District Attorney and others not to discuss anything about that time, until after the trial. They don't want anything to get out and prejudice the outcome of the proceedings. I hope you and everyone else who wants to know understands."

"Yea, I guess so, but I bet you've told you best friend Ryan here," as Cameron persisted on getting his question answered.

"Cam, I'm not gonna say this but one time," angrily spoke up Ryan. "If YOU or anyone at school asks Collin here about what happened until after the trial, I'll personally make life miserable for you and them. DO you hear me, Cam? ... I don't want Collin to have to relive what happened to him 200 or 300 times as insensitive people like you only want to get your jollies. Think about being taken away from your home, for more than three months, and see how you'd like to answer the same questions over and over about it. Now ... get real and make sure people at school know what's what. You hear me, Cameron!"

"Yea ... I, I ... yeah I hear ya," replied Cameron as he sulked some.

The evening wound down and as people left, they gave their heartfelt compliments to their Host and Hostess and their Co-Teen Hosts. Santa was a big hit again and everyone loved the decorations. Even Mother Nature cooperated for the second night in a row and the openness of the patio added to the available space for guests to mingle.

Near the end, the Police Explorers and the other security people came inside to enjoy the remaining food and refreshments. Many of the Explorers knew Ryan and the gang who helped with busing and serving and, of course, the elves. They too got a special tour of the house as they hadn't had the chance to see it yet, either. Collin told them about the New Year's Eve party and told them he'd ask Mr. Ken if he could invite them as well, even though many were 17 and a few were 18 years old.

Midnight came and the last stragglers got the hint to leave, as the caterer gathered up the foods and began to pack everything away. Leftovers got carefully sealed and placed into the refrigerators for Mr. Thomas, as part of the service. Deputy Fischer came in and thanked Mr. Thomas for hiring so many deputies for the event, telling him the extra income would surely help the guys and their families for Christmas. They talked about the New Year's Eve events and Dan said he'd take care of it and then left for the night.

Mary and Ryan again spent the night. Ken crashed as soon as his head hit the pillow. Collin went to his room and waited for Ryan to say goodnight to his mom. All four enjoyed the evening as much as anyone, and would have loads of memories from that weekend's Holiday parties.

Upstairs in their bedroom, Ryan took his clothes off as soon as he stepped inside. He saw Collin was lying there stark naked and all boned up and he got that way in an instant. Ryan had looked forward to their coupling that night and was so boned up he had a difficult time taking off his tighty whities. The two joined up quickly and soon each had a hand on the other's hard phallus and lightly began to stroke it. They then found each other’s lips and began a tender kiss. That night the two experienced another sex filled romp that ended up with a mutual shower and more kisses and soft caresses and hugs. After they finished, they slept like new born babes through the night.

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