Castle Roland

Chapter 24

Published: 8 Apr 14

Sunday evening finally came and everyone, including Mr. Ken and Ms. Mary and Collin and Ryan, were totally drained from all their last minute preparations they attended to the previous two days. The Three Finger Cover New Year's Eve Dances and Parties were now ON! Both bands for the evening were now under contract and the caterer signed on. All the invitations had been sent out via express mail and the extra workers for the evening had their assignments. The end results from all the hurried activities was that everything was completely and utterly planned out and there wasn't anything left to do but wait for that 'special' night to get there.

Sitting with their legs propped up, the four people and one dog relaxed in the Great Room with some refreshments while light music was playing in the background. It appeared they all could take a nap, but just then Mr. Ken stood up and addressed them.

"Everyone, I want to take you all out for a celebration dinner. I know we are all very tired and don't want to get dressed up, so I won't press for anything formal. But I want to thank you all for sticking by me and working so hard to get these New Year's Eve shindigs scheduled by taking you all out for a nice sit down dinner. We can go as we are. Well, we could all freshen up a bit by washing our faces and combing our hair, but there should be no need to change clothes. What do you all say to that?"

"Honestly, Ken" began Mary, "I'm not up for going out. Sorry to burst your bubble, but what would be really nice right now would be a nice relaxing hot bath with some candles burning. I've been thinking about that ever since we began the final preparations for the parties."

"And Bro there isn't any good places close by worth going to. Remember, there are no close-by restaurants. It'd take us a good 45 minutes at least to go somewhere good enough. I vote for delivery pizza," expressed Ryan.

"I agree with Ryan," spoke Collin. "But even pizza will take a long time to get here. I say we raid the refrigerator and take our lumps from Momma Maria in the morning. What'd' you say; who's with me?"

They all laughed at what Collin was suggesting but then they all got this gleam in their eyes and they all rushed upstairs to the kitchen to see what was there. Getting there first and opening up the large industrial sized refrigerator, Mr. Ken found a note. He scanned it first and then decided to read it aloud for everyone to hear. It read, "Mr. Ken, I do know you work too hard too much. I know how hungry boys get all time. You need rest and relax. So, I hope you not mad I make all some dinner tonight. It not a lot but it fill your tummy. You find here beef and chicken wrap in flour tortilla, some beef and chicken taquitos and some beef tamales and cheese enchiladas and salsas and red and green sauce. I make desert a chocolate cake with white top. Please enjoy! Momma Maria."

Smiles came across everyone's face and after looking at one another, they all looked into the refrigerator at the bounty Momma Maria had left for them. Mary naturally took charge and told the guys what to do and how to do it so the food would all be heated and ready to eat at the same time. Momma Maria had left a huge amount of prepared food that was enough to feed eight to ten people but they heated it all. Their ravenous taste buds had their stomachs in great expectation of the forth coming Mexican feast. It only took them 35 minutes to get out, setup, reheat and serve all that wonderfully cooked food but only fifteen minutes to devour practically everything in sight. They were all too full to get up from the table, they had eaten so much.

"That was an awesome meal," Ken spoke as he rested back into his chair. "How does she do this? How does she know what we need and when we need it? That was what the boys asked me just the other day. I had no answer for them then and nor do I tonight. She surely knows how to take care of us. I am truly blessed to have the most awesomest, if there is such a word, cook in all of Texas. I am, no, we are, so damn lucky to have her!"

The foursome sat there for at least a half an hour after finishing their meal talking about the wonderful food they had just eaten. They marveled how well Maria can cook, not just Mexican foods, but also anything you ask her for. And she doesn't make everything taste Mexican but makes it the way the recipe calls for it to taste.

Looking around at all the dirty dishes and pans and the kitchen in general, Mary decided everyone had to pitch in and clean it all up so Maria wasn't forced to do double duty the next day. With four people helping, it didn't take long and everything looked almost as clean as they found it.

Seeing it was late, Mary thanked her host for the dinner he had promised and then politely excused herself for the night. Ryan quickly asked for and got permission to spend the night with Collin. Ken then walked Mary safely to her car and watched as she drove out the front gate. Returning inside, the teens approached him to watch a movie with them and the three all retired downstairs to the Theater.

It was about midnight when the movie was over. Ken announced he was very tired and said his good nights to the lads and headed to the Master Suite. The boys headed upstairs for bed but knew they would not go directly asleep.

Entering the room, they both stripped off their clothes and lay down on their shared double bed and began to mutually minister to each other’s hardening member. It didn't take them long to manipulate their baby makers so that they soon shot their loads. Not wanting to go to sleep just yet, Collin talked Ryan into taking a shower and the two headed to the large shower room big enough for six even though there were only four shower heads.

Taking position under just one shower, the boys unselfishly helped each other get cleaned up. Of course they spent more time on one piece of anatomy than any other which meant that before long, they were both sporting raging hard-on's. In the past, it had always been Collin who was the instigator of the majority of their sexual encounters. Tonight he had a new sexual position he wanted to show Ryan.

"Ryan, do you enjoy what we've done together? You know the sex stuff!"

"Yes, I've told you that. If I hadn't enjoyed everything we'd done I'd have said so. Why do you ask? What's going on inside that blonde headed brain of yours? You have something new you want to try? It's that, isn't it?"

"Yes ... you're right. There has been something I've been wanting to do but I was always afraid to well ... to try it. But now I want to. You remember me telling you that I got ... that I enjoyed doing some of that stuff I did with Dean? Well ... tonight, I ...I thought I'd like to show you something different. Something he did for me and showed me how to do it. Do you want me to tell you or maybe, you know, show you first?"

While Collin was talking to Ryan he was also manipulating Ryan's hardened penis and all Ryan could do was squeak out the word, "show". With that, Collin sat down on the bench seat built into the shower room wall and looked up at his friend. Seeing that his best friends eyes were closed Collin opened his mouth and slowly engulfed Ryan's six inch boner being careful to keep his teeth away from the overly sensitive member.

Ryan gasped as he felt something soft and warm encase his manhood. He looked down to see that his best friend had taken his rock hard dick into his warm, moist mouth and begin to slowly rock his head back and forth on his pride and joy. Collin took his time and performed a deliberate series of movements that would have him licking and kissing and slurping the hard shaft and sensitive head. His every lick and kiss and all his sucking all over the ever increasingly sensitive shaft and head was beginning to send Ryan over the top and he would soon blast his seed uncontrolled out the top of his shaft.

Collin was well aware of what he was doing. Dean had taught him a lot about sucking someone's cock and he was remembering everything, right then. He knew how to get the person to the brink only to allow them to settle back down so he could only do that all over again and again. After about twenty minutes of enjoying the feeling of the hardened but smooth soft shaft in his mouth, he was beginning to tire so he took things to their next level. Taking one hand, he slid it underneath Ryan's ball sac and began to write circles under the 'twins'.

As he did that, he had his mouth load up with saliva and then began to more forcefully suck on the super hard shaft, focusing mostly on the top third. His other hand worked on the bottom part of the shaft to keep making the skin taught and loose as he stroked it and then with extreme earnest, Collin went for the gusto. In a short time, he felt the shaft enlarge as it does just before it is about to release its seed. He also felt Ryan get up on his toes and begin moaning, a signal that the end was about to come. Collin was not afraid to taste and swallow the white juices . He had to take Ross' and Dean's man-juice many times before, so he knew what to expect. He was thoroughly prepared for that first powerful volley that would soon be there.

Ryan's full senses were now on total overload. He never knew his boy toy could ever be manipulated as much as it was being done to him right then and there. He remembered how he used to almost bring himself to the point of no return only to let it settle back before going to the brink again and doing that a time or two before he allowed himself to experience the final eruption. The thing was he never had ever felt the sensations that were now cursing throughout his dick and up into his brain. He was in full ecstasy mode at the moment and he knew he could not hold out much longer.

Ryan wanted desperately to shoot and feel those tremendous electric impulses he knew would curse throughout his entire body at the time of climax. Then, without warning, he felt a super sensation under his ball sac and along his butthole when everything pent up inside his ball sac went charging up and out his pee hole. Ryan knew he was shooting his load faster and harder and more powerfully than he had ever done so before. He was also feeling no pain and he never, ever wanted that stupendous feeling of climax to ever go away.

At the beginning of the explosion, Collin had been prepared. As soon as he tasted the first drops of semen on the tip of his tongue he let his circling finger slide back to the anus opening and began to circle it there. That was the final touch that sent Ryan over the top and then some. When Ryan felt that touch in his most sensitive area of his body, he shot that first powerful load that made Collin think the roof of his mouth had been blown off. Knowing there was a lot more of the same to come, he began to suck harder and swallow as much as he could all the while continuing to slide his mouth up and down the erupting shaft. The entire time he continued to circle his finger around and around Ryan's super sensitive asshole giving added impetus to Ryan's 'extreme sex makeover'.

Blast after blast and shot after shot Ryan was not mentally there. His mind had taken him to the most blissful place he had ever known. He stayed there for what he thought was an eternity but before long he knew he was back in the shower room with the water still cascading down and all around him. It was then all over. He knew his shots were not as powerful and his dick was beginning to become hyper sensitive.

Collin knew that Ryan was spent. He knew that the head would become so sensitive that it could cause Ryan to pull back fast and this could cause his teeth to scrap along the shaft. This he knew would cause the whole experience to become a bad trip, so he took his mouth off the shaft and just used his hand for the final shot of boy-cream. Kissing the head one last time he allowed the shrinking piece of 'man' flesh to fall back towards its owner.

Ryan was so wasted from the overloaded experience he was forced to grab onto Collin's shoulders just to maintain his balance. He had his eyes closed the entire time, but now he slowly opened them and looked down to his sexual partner. He smiled at Collin and then pulled him up and there they stood face to face. After a moment or two, Ryan so slowly leaned over and gently kissed Collin on his soft lips. Giving Collin that kiss gave him a taste of his own cream, bringing a smile to his face. Then looking back into Collin's eyes he leaned back in again and kissed his best friend one more time.

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