Castle Roland

Chapter 25

Published: 8 Apr 14

KEN: "Hello, Janice its Ken Thomas. I called to see how you were doing and to wish you a Happy New Year. I also hope you had a nice Christmas Holiday."

JANICE: "Oh, hi Ken, I had wondered if I would ever run into you after graduation. What happened to you after graduation? Did you have a nice Christmas?"

K: "Yes, matter of fact; I had a wonderful time this year. Oh, and I've been dabbling in real estate and some amusement properties. But then I just got started. It sure is time consuming looking and trying to develop a strategy."

As Ken was talking to a female friend from his college days, two still tired but very sexually satisfied 15 year old teenaged males sauntered into the Study and sat down. Seeing that Mr. Ken was talking on the speaker phone they didn't want to make any noise so they just waved to him and got the same in return.

J: By the way I did have a nice Christmas, Ken, and I just got back from a week's fun out in Aspen."

K: "Yes, I was wondering if you would stay home this year for the holidays after four straight years out there. But knowing that is what you did for your annual Christmas vacation, I kind of figured you might continue to spend your Christmas vacations skiing out in Colorado. ... Actually, that is why I hadn't called up until now. In reality, the reason I am calling is I was wondering if you made any plans yet to bring in the New Year."

J: "I'm sorry, Ken, I have already made some plans for that evening."

K: "You just got back from a week's skiing and I'm already too late. I'm real sorry to hear that, maybe next time."

J: "Actually, Ken, I'll be honest with you. I really liked being around you and with you. We were good friends in college and we had many of the same friends and we went to many of the same parties and all, but you're just not ... well, Ken, you just don't have the money like most of my friends do."

In hearing the woman say that she knew Ken didn't have any money, the two boys began giggling and had a very difficult time not laughing out loud. They knew if they did Bro would tan their hides and he was big enough, standing almost 6 foot 4 inches tall and weighing in at about 175 pounds, to do it, too.

J: "Ken, we're just not in the same league anymore. Now that I'm out in this big cruel world a woman needs to find her way to riches and good fortune. I remember at times you had a rough time even putting a few dollars in the party fund."

K: "Yes, I did have a rough time with money during college, Janice, but so did many others. I did at least put something in, and no one ever kept me out of the parties."

J: "You know, Ken, at that last big drunk fest just before graduation, people were telling me it was you who had paid for everything. I was really surprised at what they said and ... well, I tried to believe it, but when I realized how plastered they were, I just figured you gave more than usual and shrugged it off. But, no offense, Ken, I really did enjoy those few times that we ... well especially when we spent those nights together trying all sorts of crazy ... ah you know crazy sex positions. You really knew how to turn a woman on and bring her to ... ah, how should I say it, make her scream her head off, he he he!"

K: "Well, Janice, the truth be known, I, too, immensely enjoyed our late 'study nights' together. We had some great times together drinking and studying, and I for one sure won't soon forget some of those crazy late nights we spent together attempting some of those positions in the Kuma Sutra, if you know what I mean. And there's no doubt about it, you sure taught me a few new tricks about sex, too, you know. And as for that question about the 'drunk fest', the answer is yes, I did pay for it all. You know I had money problems those first years, like many others did. I didn't have the family support to help me like so many others did. I had to watch every nickel and dime that came my way. Then, close to the end of college, some extra money 'magically appeared' and it became available to me, so I did what every good college student does. I spent it on my fellow collegians and tried to make up for all the shortages I had in the past by paying for that entire last party."

J: "That is good to hear, Ken. I hope you've been able to save a few more of those since then. But, please take no offense, Ken, that ... you know, I won't accept your invitation to spend New Year's Eve with you. I know we'd have a nice time and afterward we'd have the best 'after party' sex anyone ever had but this girl needs to get out into the right social circles now. I have a friend who has been invited to thee New Year's Eve party ever and I'm trying to get him to take me. I heard there is this guy who owns this huge mansion along the lake and he has invited all the 'right' people. My friend even said he had this humongous Christmas party for the locals and then one the next evening that even the Governor attended along with judges and state reps and, ... well you get the idea. I wish I had been around for those. I maybe could have met the man of my dreams there. Who Knows?"

K: "Yes, Janice, I heard about those lakeside bashes and that one party had most of the state's Who's Who there. Meeting and hobnobbing with them for the evening was awesome, I'm sure. Well, I guess I should let you go, then, Janice. I t was great talking to you after all these months. I wish you good luck in finding that right guy. Keep my phone number and make sure you get me an invitation to your wedding, will you?"

J: "Yes, Ken, by all means. I hope you will find someone to share New Year's Eve with and maybe we can get together sometime in the New Year. What'd you say to that?"

K: "Yes, I think I'd enjoy that and maybe we can get a few others and have another 'college' party. You take care, Jan, and I wish you good luck in getting that invitation. Take care. Bye!"

J: "Bye, Ken, and take care of yourself, too."

As Ken hung up the phone, both boys couldn't hold it in any longer and they burst out laughing hard enough that even Chief began to bark at all their noise. Ken just looked over at the laughing teens, shot them the 'bird', and began to laugh himself.

"Bro, that lady sure doesn't know what she is talking about, does she?" spoke up Collin.

"Bro, it sounded like you two had some great sex while you were in college. I bet if she knew you were that guy who had those lakeside parties she would be over here in flash and make you forget about that injured arm," added Ryan. "It also sounded like you were some kind of stud the way you two were talking."

"Dang, Ry, I bet it was true," began Collin. "Have you ever seen the size of Big Bro's ... err ... ah equipment? ... Well, I have when I helped him with his showers after the shooting. He has nothing to be ashamed of that's for sure. I just hope I have that much when I am his age."

"What? Yea, right! I bet he isn't any bigger than what we are," laughed Ryan, as Collin said that.

"You're wrong there, Ryan. I bet Mr. Ken's stuff hangs down a good 4 inches plus and it's that or more around when it is soft," added his friend. "I bet it's huge compared to us when that thing gets hard and stands up," continued Collin while having a big smile on his face. He then looked over at his best friend and both boys laughed out hard again.

"Well, boys, I know when I was your age size did matter to me and my buds. And Collin is correct about my size. I'll have you know that in college I had ah ... ah a 'piece' that the women tried lots of ways to get me into bed with them. And I agreed to go with them and many a time I got my rocks off," explained Ken.

"Sure that girl said she enjoyed the sex you had ... but all guys brag about their lays and how big they get," chided Ryan.

"Collin saw me when I was ... well soft. And of course I saw him, too, and he, I'd have to say, is doing very well for himself and I bet he'll grow a bit more before he is out of college. Anyway, I'll have you know that I get ... and don't you two ever repeat this to anyone, especially your mom, Ryan, do you two hear me?" said Ken getting both boys attention.

"Yes we won't say anything, Bro. Will we Collin? We're not little kids anymore and we know all about 'guy talk' and not to say anything," said Ryan.

"Ok, I believe you, and I don't know why I am going to tell you two this, but here goes. Well, when I was growing up all us guys kept a chart of our growth, if you know what I mean. As I got into college, I kept mine up, my chart that is, get your minds out of the gutter, will you. Well, to keep a long story short, when I get aroused my ah ... ah, ah, what shall I call it ... ok, I'll call it my 'woman weapon' and when my 'woman weapon' gets going it gets to a respectable seven and one half inches long. What do you think about that?"

"No way, Bro," a disbelieving Ryan laughed.

"Way, Little Bro and it is a good five and ½ inches around too. That's why the girls love me. I was big enough that the girls would talk about me amongst themselves and they just had to try it on for size. And I'm NOT going to let you see it for yourself so don't get any ideas," said Ken as he laughed and looked over at Ryan. "Collin saw me naked and knows how big that thing is when it is just hanging there."

"I was hoping it would get hard, Bro, when we were showering together. I was having a har ... err ... ah difficult time keeping mine from, well, from ... ah standing up when I was seeing yours. I knew that thing had to be enormous when it got ... ah ... ah, I'll say it anyway ... when it got hard!" and Collin laughed at himself as he said that. "Sorry about that, Mr. Ken. I'm still a kid I guess and I still want to see how big a guy’s dick gets I guess."

"Well, Collin, to tell you the truth, I was afraid it WOULD stand up nice and tall myself. It has been a long time since I took a shower with another person, man or woman, and seeing you naked again, I was afraid being with you would make the ... the ... my dick get as hard as a rock," revealed Ken and more laughter was heard from the boys at his honesty.

"And, what about you two, no, not about your size, get real. I mean about getting dates for the Teen New Year's Eve Dance. I, at least, am trying to find someone and I think two very handsome studs like you should be out searching as well. It won't hurt to begin asking around and see who's available. ... Collin, I know you know only a few girls right now, but ... well, maybe Ryan here can get you a 'blind' date for the night. So, what do you guys say to that? You two should have reputations, you know, from being around that 'guy' on the lake and all," and Ken laughed at what he had just said.

"Yea, ok, I think we should have dates," agreed Ryan. "And my 'new bro' I'll see if I can get a date for you. That is if it is ok with you. I don't want to force anything on ya."

"Yes, that would be nice to have someone to be with for the dance. And hey, if I'm gonna live here I better have a good 'party' rep don't cha think?" a smiling Collin replied to Ryan.

"You two go on and get a move on. I've got a few more calls to make. By the way, Collin, go back upstairs and try on that suit, or better yet, try on the tux. Make sure it still fits and as the Host for the evening, you should look the part. And let me know if you get a date. We'll need to get her a corsage and you a matching boutonniere. Go on now, scat and get with me later."

"Wait Bro, wait, there IS a reason I came in here. I promised Eric I'd ask you if we could have a swim party before we went back to school. You know he had his swim suit with him the night of the Christmas party, didn't you? You told him to bring his swim suit next time he came and he came prepared. Anyway, I told him that maybe he could also bring a friend and we'd invite Alex and he could bring a buddy and then there'd be Ryan and me and maybe a few other guys. So what'd you say?" Collin hurriedly got out.

"Yea, that would be fun for him and Alex I bet. Ok, choose a date other than this Wednesday and tell them to bring two or three friends so there will be enough his age to really have some fun. Also, you two can be the hosts and then do a cookout for everyone as well. Sound like a winner?" offered Mr. Ken.

"Yea, I like that idea. That way there'll be more kids his age to have fun with. We'll do it and I'll let you know later about my tux and the date. Later, Bro," and both Collin and Ryan were off running to go back upstairs.

"And don't run," yelled Ken as he picked up the phone to call another lady friend.

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