Castle Roland

Chapter 27

Published: 8 Apr 14

Chapter Twenty Seven

"I'm glad you guys came down when you did. That was fun. We need to do that more often. What'd you say there, champ, or should I say chump, hehe," said Mr. Ken. The two boys then joined Mr. Ken in his laugh . "Ok, let's talk about the New Year's Dance first."

For the next 45 minutes they discussed how the two New Year's Eve dances were designed to be separate but equal affairs. The boys sat and listened as Ken explained how he envisioned things from the setting up of the bandstands for the music to the array of foods down to the NO ALCOHOL restrictions for the teens. He explained that the Police Explorers would handle parking, and all they needed to do was establish how and where their guests would be dropped off for the evening.

Ken then discussed about the tight security for that night because of who was supposed to be there and he explained he would not tolerate any shenanigans from the teenagers. He went on to explain how it was 'their responsibility' to keep things fun but under control. The final thing they collaborated on was who would show the bands where to set up when they arrived earlier in the day and that they would lie down and get some rest before they went out to get their dates.

Before they broke up their little meeting, the teens asked if they could use one of the limos to go pick up their dates. When Ken told them he wasn't too sure about using them, one of the boys used the argument that it was Ken himself who just recently said they "should have reputations, you know, from being around that 'guy' on the lake and all." They reasoned in order for them to 'have' a reputation for being associated with 'that guy' from Three Finger Cove, they should be able to use that connection, and what better way than for them to get to use one of the limos

Hearing his own words thrown back at him, he knew they had him, but he also knew they were correct in their reasoning. It was then that Ken realized he did indeed want his 'little bros' to have a reputation and indeed connections from Three Finger Cove and he agreed to the lads having use of the smaller, 8-person limo for the night.

"Boys, one last thing before you go. What do you say to us inviting the members of the bands that were not selected to play at the Teen New Year's Eve Dance? Maybe we can invite them as a consolation prize of sorts."

"Well, Bro, funny you should ask. Cheri and Shelley from Two X Two are going to be here already. Cheri has a date bringing her, and Collin is escorting Shelley for the evening. When I talked to Michael, he said he and Richard were gonna do something else that night. But you know what? That does sound like a good gesture. It would give them an option," surmised Ryan.

"What about that other band, Stinky Fingers, or whatever they were called?"

"Their name was Sticky Fingers, NOT Stinky Fingers," corrected Collin, and they all laughed. "The only one I'd even consider asking would be Lewis. He tried real hard to get his band together. He deserves this, so I vote to invite him."

"I agree, too, what about you, Ryan?" inquired Mr. Ken.

"Yea, Lewis did show he had his head together and he tried his best," answered Ryan. "He may feel a bit out of place, though, as most of the people there will be between 15 and 16 years old. But even so, if he only just observes how Ramblin' Rockers play and are organized, it would give him some ideas. So I vote with you guys. I'll call him and Michael and Robert when we leave. Is there anything else we need to discuss?"

"Yes, two things," announced Mr. Ken. "Let the boys bring a date if they wish and we need to order flowers for our dates. If you can get the color of the dresses they are wearing to me by noon tomorrow, I can order matching corsages. If not, then I will order white flowers and a matching one for our jackets. How does that sound?"

The boys went up to Collin's bedroom and made their phone calls. Lewis was ecstatic when he heard he could attend. He asked if he could bring one of his band mates as he didn't have a girlfriend yet, and Collin told him there would be no problem with that.

When Ryan called Michael and told him that he and Robert were invited to the dance, he too was flabbergasted. Then when Ryan told him they could also bring dates, Michael said he was 'blown away' by the turn of events. Michael explained he and Robert were just going to shoot off some fireworks and try to get some beer for the night, but that now things had just gotten totally better. He thanked Ryan profusely and got the particulars for the evening and said he would definitely be there and he figured Robert would be there, too.

The room got quiet after the boys made their phone calls. They had lain down cross ways on the bed and had their eyes closed, enjoying some solitude. All that could be heard was their breathing as they relaxed from an already interesting day. One of them moved and their hands had somehow touched and before long, those same hands began to explore the others owner. It began as innocent playful tickling and then the shoes were heard to fall on the floor as the two edged themselves up on the bed more. It didn't take them long to straighten out lengthwise on the bed and to cuddle up closer to one another.

Ryan was the one, this time, to place his arm around Collin's chest and initiate a hug followed closely with a kiss on his lips. Collin received them willingly and then slowly began to move sideways so he faced his companion. He then placed his arm around his consort and pulled him in for another round of kisses. T he two hadn't planned to do this, but seeing they had nothing else scheduled, it was the next best thing.

It didn't take them long to get aroused and soon their pants had tents in them and it became uncomfortable for the boys as they were. Without saying a word, the two of them each reached to the others belt buckle and top pants snap, undid them both and then pulled the zipper all the way down. This allowed their appendages more room to expand and straighten up so they were only encumbered by their underwear. All the while they were bringing relief to their partner they continued a passionate kiss.

Neither knew where these actions would lead them this time. They had shared a number of amazing trysts up to this time and were equally sexually aroused right then and there, and there was probably no turning back from whatever they decided on. Taking one last kiss, Ryan got up off the bed and walked over to make sure the door was closed. As he walked back to the bed and the awaiting Collin, he made sure his pants and shirt came off. Collin watched Ryan walk to the door and when he saw him taking off his pants and shirt, he too followed his example. Now both lads were lying on the bed encased there only in their tighty whities.

Ryan remained the aggressor and he got up on top of Collin and began to rub his body along the length of his paramour so they both could feel the hardness held within the white clothes. As Ryan slid down, his actions began to slowly pull Collin's covering off of him and began to expose his erection. And, as Ryan slid himself upwards, his covering also begin to slide off him exposing him, too. Both boys were feeling the effects of the rubbing and their manhood’s were as hard as ever before. Then something clicked in Ryan's brain and as he slid down this one time and instead of kissing Collin's lush lips he instead kissed his nipple and then ran his tongue in a circle all over the sensitive area. Upon feeling that contact, Collin's body shuddered as electric impulses of delight filled his brain. Seeing the effect, Ryan went over to the other one and performed the same exact ritual. Collin's body twitched even more from the second onslaught of new sensations and he pulled Ryan up to give him a kiss of approval.

Ryan was far from being done, though. He hadn't intended in the beginning to do what he now decided to do next, but as Collin reacted to the way he did to his ministrations, Ryan decided he would return the favor from the other night. In order to do that, though, Ryan again slid down along Collin's body and this time, he made sure he pulled the underwear totally off the lad. Collin had thought this was just the next phase of their sex play and figured Ryan would have his off on the way up and they could both then manipulate each other’s hardness and eventually to a climax.

What happened next caught Collin totally off guard. He didn't feel the wetness around his nipple as he felt before, but what he did feel was wetness around his exposed penis crown that an engulfing mouth provides. This feeling caused Collin's head to pick up just enough for him to see his best friend's mouth firmly sucking on his dick. And that wasn't the end of it. Ryan slowly allowed the hard member to slide into his mouth and down his throat as far as he could get it. As the gag reflex hit in, Ryan quickly pulled the shaft out only to stop with his lips kissing the top most sensitive area. He'd slurp around the top and used his tongue all over the top third and then engulf the shaft into this mouth once more. He took the shaft down his throat until he took it further than the last time. As Ryan slurped the shaft some more, Collin was beginning to remember back when Dean did the same thing to him and so he placed his hands on Ryan's head and began to help guide his buddy along the way.

Ryan got into a rhythm and as such he was also able to get more and more of the hard shaft down his throat that his nose soon firmly pressed into Collin's pubic hair. Feeling the dick that far in his throat gave Ryan an even higher excitement to what he was doing. He knew he was giving his best friend oral sex and all the while his brain was thinking how giving was just as exciting as receiving. The two boys stayed at it for quite some time. Ryan was totally getting into the act and Collin was reliving all those sex games he played when he was captive.

Young teenaged males, being as sexually primed as they are, cannot stay in a sexual stimulation game for too long a time. T here soon would be an ending to it all and they both could sense it coming. Collin's mind was going into overload from the intense sensations and mental images he conjured up and his climax would arrive very soon. Ryan for his part was anticipating the 'ends to the means' as he so wanted to taste the creamy juices as they flowed from his pal's hard cock into his waiting mouth.

Then the explosion occurred. Without warning Collin released a torrent of boy sperm that initially overwhelmed Ryan's expectations. Ryan gagged at the first shot of boy juice but immediately recovered and was able to swallow the rest of the shooting seed.

Collin was so engrossed in his mental imaging he initially thought Dean was actually there sucking his dick at first but upon opening his eyes, he saw it was his best friend Ryan who was causing his dick to shoot out his baby making cum and that was what brought him back to reality. Collin smiled down at Ryan as he was still sliding on the shaft and who then looked up to him. They both smiled at one another and then Collin had to pull his over sensitive dick out and away from Ryan's demanding mouth. T he two laughed and Collin pulled Ryan up so he could kiss him and thank him for the wonderful gift any friend can give another.

After their kiss, Collin reached down to Ryan's still hard throbbing penis and slid himself down to take the dick into his waiting mouth. Ryan didn't object at seeing what Collin was going to do, so he just got himself comfortable as possible on the bed and began to enjoy those same astonishing electric pulses that began to course throughout his body. It didn't take long after Collin began to slide his mouth up and down and all around Ryan's soft feeling, but very hard, manhood. When the already over sensitized cock began to climax it came in a fast series of spasms which brought Ryan's boy juices up and out his pee-hole into the waiting mouth of his best friend, Collin.

After the last spurting spasm, they aligned themselves once again and they kissed and hugged and hugged and kissed some more until they both fell fast asleep from the immense afterglow that descended upon them. They would sleep for two hours before Collin's cell phone woke them up.

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