Castle Roland

Chapter 34

Published: 8 Apr 14

Chapter Thirty Four

"I love your kisses, Shelley, Hmmmm. Please stop ... ah, come on now, stop that, as everyone will be watching us. Please don't ... wha what the?" said Collin as he opened his eyes and saw it was Chief who was licking his face and making him 'dream' he was kissing his date, Shelley.

"Chief, what are you doing? Get OFF of me! Did Bro send you up here to wake us up again? Get down and leave me alone," Collin yelled at his dog.

"Morning, bro, did you have an early morning kissing date over there?" asked a snickering Ryan of his best friend as he saw it was Chief who was giving the kisses.

"Geez, Ryan, I was having the most stupendous dream of my life and Chief had to ruin it by licking my face. I was dreaming of Shelley of course and we were ... were ah ... ah making out and doing things. ... Bro, I owe you for getting her to be my date," spoke Collin as he looked over towards the other bed in his room.

"That must have been some dream. Just look at the size of that tent," chuckled out Ryan as he laughed and pointed at Collin's midsection and the blanket with a high peak in it.

"Oh, Yeah, I'll say," replied Collin, while reaching inside the covers and rearranging his manhood so it wasn't sticking straight up.

"I haven't had a wet dream in years but if Chief hadn't wakened me I bet I would have. I was so tired last night when we laid down; I bet I was fast asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow."

"I can relate to that, Col. I never knew anyone could get that tired. I take it you and Shelley had a wonderful time together, especially when you two disappeared there for a while. So what did you two do? ... You gonna tell me or do I have to come over there and tickle it out of you?"

"Ry, you know we headed inside to talk to Bro for a few minutes, but as we passed the Butler's Pantry she pulled me in there ... and then she closed the door. She began kissing me right away and of course I kissed her back. ... You know I've never had a real date before and this was so exciting. A nyways, as we kissed ... I got hard and I think she could feel my boner because she placed her hand along it and began to lightly rub all along it. As she did that I ... I began to run my hand all over her breasts.

"We kissed even harder and pulled one another tighter and it felt so awesome. I was really enjoying her touching me and ... and I knew I was going to shoot and soon. Ry, I've never ah ... ah fucked a girl, or even seen one naked before. We got so hot after a while that I had to pull her hand away. I told her I was gonna shoot if she continued doing that. She smiled at me and asked me if I liked her doing that. I ... I just swallowed hard and told her it was incredible.

"Ry, she smiled at me with that incredible smile of hers and said she hoped I'd say that. Then she kissed me again and squeezed my very hard dick one more time. I was so ... so out of breath, Ry. I really wanted to bring her up here, to my bedroom, and ... and, you know, have sex with her. But ... but I didn't know how to even ask her. I was also afraid she'd slap me or something.

"After we finished kissing, I ah ... ah... turned away from her and reached inside my pants and straightened things out. When I turned back she had this cute smile on her face and she gave me a peck on the cheek and we walked out of the pantry and found Mr. Ken. ... Ry, she was so damn HOT!!! I think I may be in 'love', if that is what love is all about. By the way, how did your evening go with Megan? I saw the way you two were kissing, too. I was wondering if you were as lucky as me."

"Col, my man, it sounds like you got it baaaad! But if you gotta have it, there is no one, and I mean no one, better than Shelley. She looked so hot tonight. That's the first time I've seen her dressed up like that ... and Col ... the other guys were envious, very envious of you. Let me tell you something, bro. A few of the guys came over and asked me who that was, meaning Shelley. When they realized it was her they wished they had been the one who had been with her tonight," a smiling Ryan said back to his buddy.

"Yeah, but what about you and Megan? ... Man, she looked awesome, too ... all dressed up as she was. It was as if those two girls helped each other get dressed and wow, you saw how HOT they both looked. Ry, we were the luckiest guys there tonight and it wasn't because we know Mr. Ken. Our dates made us look ... look like winners."

"Well, Col, being with Megan last night was JUST awesome. We never dated before either, but when we went to the Mall with the girls, on Tuesday, I think that's what brought us closer together, if you can understand what I mean. To me, it was like that day was a new beginning and you know what else ... it was like there was something that happened between us. We kinda hit it off real good and when we were in the movies and she saw you two making out, she began making out with me, too. I t was great. I got so hard I thought it would break off because it was bent and I couldn't get it straightened out."

"Yeah, mine did that, too, but mine was free and Shelley began rubbing her hand inside my thigh. I was going crazy with her doing that and then her nails went along the entire length a couple of times. Damn, it felt so fuckin' good and if she had done that a time or two more, I ... I bet I'd have shot my wad right there in the theater."

"It's funny how the girls were so aggressive with us that day. It's usually the guys who try to get the girls all hot and bothered. When Megan saw you two walk inside, and even though she knew you were going to talk to Bro, it was as if she knew what was going to happen between you two. After you were out of sight, Megan pulled me into that large room just off the garage, the one I think Bro is going to turn into an exercise room.

"Anyway, we were in there and we began to make out, too, and she, too, got me all boned up. This time she used her whole palm and rubbed it up and down along the length. It was so fuckin' hot! Our kisses got deeper and as she played with me she let me get my hand up and inside her bra to one of her tits. I've never felt anything so damn warm and soft like her tits were! I wanted to pull them out and suck on them right then and there. ... I almost creamed my pants, too. We both were getting sweaty and then she said we needed to get back to the dance. We straightened up as best we could and went to find you two. I had the best time, Col, believe me."

"Ry, I need to take care of this and quick!" When Ryan heard Collin say what he did, he looked over, and saw his best friend had pulled the covers completely off and was lying on his back, stroking his hard cock. Ryan laughed and pulled the covers off himself, too, and said to his best friend, "Col, I think we both have the same damn problem," and then showed his equally hard member. "What say we help each other out and take care of these?" Hearing an 'Ok' from Collin, he asked, "You want to do it here or in the shower?"

"You bet! Helping each other out sounds like a winner to me," joked Collin. "Let's go to the showers. That way we won't make a mess in here and we can get our showers out of the way at the same time, too."

The boys jumped out of their beds and with their 'flag poles' leading the way. They ran to the shower stall not bothering to stop by the urinal to get rid of any 'excess water' that had built up over last night's sleep. They each turned on a shower next to one another and before long, the temperature was adjusted just perfect. Then without any coaxing, they both reached over to the other and lightly took hold of the other's hard phallus. They each began to stoke the others tube steak with an up and down and twisting motion. As the warm water cascaded over their bodies, it helped heighten the sensations that were cursing all throughout their bodies.

At first they watched their hands but something inside them took hold and they each looked up and into the other's eyes. They both then took a step or two forward, leaned in some, placed their lips together and shared a light kiss. Then another kiss was exchanged which brought them even closer together. Each lad then let go of the other's hard shaft as they pulled one other into a hug allowing their members to begin to slide along the other's body. They each felt the electricity from their contact and hugged one another tighter as they slowly rocked up and down on their toes helping provide the needed friction to eventually bring them to closure.

As their shafts continued to rub more and more against each other's skin, they then grabbed the other's buttocks, pulled one another tighter together and each kissed a bit harder. Experiencing the sensations they now were, they knew it wouldn't take much longer to bring them to the 'point of no return', as the increased friction was having the desired effect on their 'boy toy' sliding along their warm, soft bodies. Then, with tongues fighting and their breathing deep and labored, they both began to shoot their man juices up and onto the other's body. Squirt after squirt of hot cream shot up their shafts and onto their bodies, adding more lubrication that only increased the sensations they were already feeling.

It was as if they were trying to become one as they had pulled themselves in as close as one could. Then as quickly as it began, the electric pulses slowed. Then one last time they each reached to the others softening pillar and stroked it a time or two more in an attempt to get the last of the juices to dribble out.

Totally spent, they let go of each other's deflated tool, stepped back, and then lightly kissed one another for the last time. Breaking apart they exchanged a knowing smile between them and then turned towards their own shower and began to clean up as if nothing ever happened.

The boys finished their showers and got dressed while they talked about last evenings happenings. They carried on about who was there and how the band sounded and also the revelation that occurred in the Great Room. They talked as if their interlude, of just a few minutes ago, never took place. It never occurred to them that what they enjoyed together was wrong, in the eyes of many, but the two best friends had a deep, unwavering friendship and an unbreakable twin-like affiliation for each other. Their unspoken consent at what they shared was just that and only a means to relieve their sexual needs.

Walking into the Eat-in-Kitchen, the teens were surprised to find Mary Anne seated next to Mr. Ken, dressed only in one of his largest t-shirts. Big smiles came upon them and even Mary Anne had to snicker as she saw the boys begin to giggle. Mr. Ken came back with a pot of coffee and nonchalantly asked the kids if they slept well.

"We were wondering the same thing, there, Bro," offered Ryan who was always the one to tease his older friend about things sexual, no matter what.

"I slept like a baby last night, boys. I was so tired ..." and before he could say another word the lads burst out laughing and then Mary Anne joined in and then so did Ken.

Nothing was said for at least two minutes as the foursome giggled and smiled back and forth at one another. The boys were fifteen, soon to be sixteen, and they weren't naive enough not to know what happened when consenting adults spend the night together, especially, since after hearing what they heard Janice say over the phone to their Big Bro just a few days before. It was as if nothing more needed to be said and the four went about doing what they each needed to do for the moment.

"Guys," spoke up Ken in getting the boys' attention, "I know you were planning on having a cookout later today, for the lads coming over to swim, and they may very well be looking forward to that. But do you think they'd be upset if we served them some of the leftovers from last night? The caterer left us huge amounts of food and I don't want to waste it if I can help it.

"You both know what was served and I think the younger boys would like a taste of it as well. When the adults come over later today, I'm going to serve them that, too. It will be so much easier for us both this way. So, what do you say? Can we do that instead?" The boys looked at one another as if they were pondering the question then smiling, they said together, "No problem!"

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