Castle Roland

Chapter 35

Published: 8 Apr 14

Chapter Thirty Five

It was close to one o'clock when the first boys arrived. Chief, in anticipation of something happening, heard the door bell and ran to see who it was. She was beside herself, with her tail waging a mile a minute, when she saw it was a bunch of younger boys. She was very hopeful she'd get them to play with her.

As he opened the door and welcomed the people inside, Collin said, "Good afternoon, Doctor Powers, and who do we have here, besides Alex?"

"Collin, I think I'll let Alex do the honors. It will give him an opportunity to learn some proper etiquette," replied the doctor.

"Hi, Collin, hi Ryan," started Alexander, "these are my friends Todd, and Oscar, and over here is my other good friend Jeffery. This lady here is my mom, Kathryn, Kathryn Martin. Mom, guys, this is Collin and the other one is Ryan. They are our hosts for the day."

"Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Martin, let me take your coat and put it here in the closet. Boys would you like to hang up your things, too, so you know where they are. I see you all brought a travel bag of sorts. That must mean you all brought your swim suits and a change or whatever," said Collin. The boys just stood there not knowing what to do.

Ryan got them moving and showed the boys where to hang their coats and then everyone went downstairs to meet Mr. Ken who was now in the Great Room with Mary Anne. All the new boys were in awe from what they immediately saw. They had been looking forward to a day like this, ever since they heard Alex tell them about the place after he spent Thanksgiving Day there. Then, when they got their invitations, to be his guest and swim here, they couldn't wait for the day to arrive. Now their immediate dream was a reality.

Mr. Ken and Mary Anne were waiting just off the bottom of the stairs as the group came down to the Great Room. When they were all standing before Mr. Ken, Doc motioned to Alex to do what he did up in the Entrance Foyer.

"Mr. Thomas, I want you to meet my mother Kathryn Martin. Over here, this is one of my friends, Oscar, and this here is Todd, and this last one is Jeffery. You already know Doc Powers." All the adults laughed at his unintended faux pas.

"I am very happy to meet all of you handsome young men. The rest of the boys should be here soon. Why don't you all get a snack off the table over there, if you want, while we adults get to know one another a little better," suggested Mr. Ken.

Collin and Ryan led the younger boys to the snacks set up in the Great Room just as the doorbell rang again. The older teens quickly ran upstairs to answer it but were beaten again there by Chief, who was wagging her tail in anticipation of more people to play with.

This time it was Judy Turner with her gaggle of young boys. Collin welcomed them inside and showed the boys where to hang their coats. He figured he'd get to meet everyone after they all went downstairs. That way Eric would only have to introduce everyone once.

Once downstairs, Eric knew he needed to introduce everyone, as Collin told him he would, so he lined up his pals and began the introductions. "Mr. Ken, I want you to meet my friends Brad Sullivan, and Charles Symons and this here is Gordon Thomason. We all hang out together and are best friends. Thank you for inviting us to your home."

"Thank you, Eric, for that fine introduction," said Mr. Ken. "I'm sure you've told your friends all about Three Finger Cove and I bet you are all in anxious anticipation of having a great time here today, swimming and whatever. First, why don't you meet up with Alex and his friends and get to know them some. You can all also have a snack if you wish. I believe we are missing a few late comers, aren't we, Ryan?"

"Let me call and see where Danny and Connor are," replied Ryan.

"Hey guys!" yelled Collin to the younger boys. "Let me give you a quick tour of the lower level while we wait on the other guys. Come on, follow me."

As they began to walk towards the Theater, Mr. Ken spoke up and said, "Hey, Collin, they came to swim not tour the place. They can see it after they eat and that way they can let their food settle and digest. What do you say you take them to get changed and the older boys can catch up with you when they get here?"

A big, "Yeah!" came from all the young lads at the same time.

"Ok, I see I am outnumbered here. Ok, kids, get your bags and we'll go get changed."

The boys ran for their gear and they fell in place behind Collin as they went through the doors leading to the pool area and the changing rooms. As they walked along the pool side, Collin told Eric and his friends they could use the left side locker room and then he told Alex and his friends to follow him. When Eric saw they were going to use the 'girls' room he asked why they couldn't use the boys' room, too.

"Well, ah, Eric ... ah I thought ... ah that maybe you and your friends might be ... ah kinda embarrassed by changing in front of the older guys. Most kids your age are not used to having older boys seeing them ... ah nak ... ah undressed and I thought ... ah that you'd like a bit more privacy. That's all!" sheepishly replied Collin.

"I don't care if they see me. We're all boys, aren't we?" the 10 ½ year old Gordon Thomason spoke up. "We need to get used to seeing other guys and them seeing us. When we get to junior high, that's what will happen and this will be a good start. I want to go with you guys!"

"Ah ... I'll tell you what, then. You see the lockers are out here and we only use the changing room to, well, change, so you can all choose where you want to get into your suits. When you're done changing, just bring your stuff out here and place it in a locker and lock it of course and place the key band around your ankle. But don't get into the water until everyone is here. I need to see how well you swim first. Ok, let's get started!" With that said, they all headed into the boys' changing room.

Inside the changing room, the boys all seemed to cluster in their age groups. Collin saw what was happening, so he got in the middle of them and took out his suit and began to take his clothes off. He was down to his briefs and then noticed every one of the younger boys was watching him. He laughed to himself and he knew he had to get naked. So with a quick grab of his waistband, he bent over and pulled his boxers down and off and then stood up so they all could see him.

When Collin stood up, he made a point to slowly turn to find his swim suit so that all the lads could see him. He heard a few whispered 'Ooo's' and 'Ahhs' and then placed one foot then the other into the suit legs and tugged them up. Then he put his hand down inside his suit to adjust his equipment, making sure all the lads saw him do that. The whole time none of the boys moved a muscle.

With his suit now in place, Collin said in a loud voice, "Well ... what are you all waiting for? Come on now, you all get changed so we can go swimming." Collin picked up his clothes and went outside onto the pool deck. As he was placing his clothes into a locker, Ryan and Danny and Connor came walking up, and he told them what just happened.

The older boys now went inside to find that some of the boys had just begun to get undressed but were all skittish about getting fully undressed. Ryan knew what was happening and so did his companions, so they quickly threw down their bags and sat and took off their shoes and socks. The three older boys then talked to one another like that was an everyday occurrence as they went about and got changed.

"Hey Danny," began Ryan. "Do you remember when we were their age? We'd all be afraid to let anyone see our dinkus."

"Yep, sure do. I think I got over that when we all went skinny dipping back when we were like 11 or 12. Everyone saw what everyone else had and a bit more..." said Danny who stopped there and laughed as he stood up to take his pants off.

"Hey guys," spoke up Conner. "We all got to get undressed to get our suits on. Come on now, if you do it fast no one will be watching. Just don't change so fast that you fall flat on your face, otherwise everyone WILL be watching you. Now get those pants off. And I mean NOW!"

The littler boys all dropped their pants upon hearing that. The older lads just looked around some and Danny saw that and said, "That means all of you. Now don't be embarrassed. We all have the same equipment. Some of us are bigger down there and some are smaller, but we all were your age once and we know how embarrassed you feel. Just stay near your buddy and change. If you want to look that's Okay, but don't ever stare. That's a No, No! Over time you'll get to see all your friends, and then some, so just go with the flow.

Ryan then added, "I bet Alex and his buds have seen each other's thingy many times by now, especially at sleepovers. Haven't ya?" he asked. "I bet even some of them have a few hairs. I bet you all saw how hairy Collin was. He has nothing compared to Danny there. Give them a show will ya, Dan?"

"Sure thing, Ry!" With that, Danny took off his briefs and turned around slowly for all the boys to see. There Danny stood with hair all over his midsection. He was only fifteen but had the makings of being a 'Bear' when he was much older. "Now, come on, whose next? You older boys show the younger lads how to do it. Come on get those pants and undies off and give us a show."

By then, Collin had come back to the room to see what was taking so long but he stayed just at the doorway. Alex was the first to get naked and turn all around. He even pulled the skin above his penis up some to show everyone he had a few dick hairs. Oscar was next to get naked. He didn't parade around but he also didn't hurry. He just did it as Collin had earlier and when he was done, he picked up his things and went out to the lockers.

Soon all the boys had their clothes off and they all laughed as they did a 'once a round' and then got into their suits. Danny, Conner and Ryan did the same and there was some light talk about how easy that was and some laughs between the boys as they gathered up their clothes and bags and went out to grab a locker.

Soon, each boy had a thick rubber like band holding the key to their locker firmly around their ankles. Collin asked all the boys how well they could swim. He explained that if they could show they could swim reasonably well, they wouldn't have to hang in the shallow end the whole time. Since none of the boys wanted to do that, they each either jumped in or dove in and swam across to the shallow area. After all the younger boys made it across, Collin made his buds do it, too, saying it was only fair that the younger boys see that they followed the rules, too. Soon, twelve boys were gathered at the shallow end.

At first the boys kept to themselves and in the groups they came there in. Collin and Ryan saw what was happening so they each grabbed a boy and placed them on their shoulders and began a horsey war. Before long Danny had Todd on his shoulders and Conner got Eric. Ryan and Jeff, the 11 ½ year old, went down first. Collin had Gordon on his shoulders and they were a good team as they defeated Conner and Eric. The older boys kept choosing a different young lad so they each had a chance to play. When they tired of that, they then played a game of tag. Then it was Sharks and Minnows and after that it was a game of Marco Polo.

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