Castle Roland

Chapter 37

Published: 8 Apr 14

Down in the pool area, the boys were having a grand time. Four 15 year olds and four 12 year olds and four 10 year olds were all getting along very well, despite their ages, and were all enjoying the games they played. The fact is that for the eight younger ones this was their first time ever they had such an opportunity to swim in such a fancy indoor pool, and especially at Three Finger Cove.

The pool was huge and is what they call a 'free form' design and has aspects of many different designs incorporated into it. On one side there is a large wall of what looks like boulders. The boulders incorporated a diving platform and two slides as well as waterfalls that emptied along the mountainous wall. On another side there is what is called a 'beach' area. That area began with virtually no water and slowly angled down to where at three feet of depth there was a fall off into deeper water.

There is also a safety rope that stretches across the area as a warning to non-swimmers. Mr. Ken had this placed in the large pool to allow babies and smaller children to enjoy the water, too. At another end there is regular pool type wall which marks the beginning of a 25 meter swimming lane that runs right in front of the boulders. A lso on the pool deck are lifeguard stands so, if there were to be a large crowd of people swimming, Life Guards could be hired to offer protection to the swimmers.

As the boys continued to play and get to know one another, out in the water, where it was almost five feet deep, stood Danny and Todd. They were just talking and getting to know one other.

"Danny, do you get to swim here much?" asked Todd.

"Well, Ryan over there is Mr. Ken's main man. Ryan takes care of the boats and the outside beach area and whatever else Mr. Ken needs done. After the Holidays are over, Mr. Ken says he has a big job for me. Anyway, we've swam here a few times. We've even spent the night and watched movies in the Theater. This place is so awesome."

"It must be nice to live here. Do you know Collin as well as Ryan?"

"No, the only one who really knows Collin is Ryan. Those two are like joined at the hip. Where ever one is, the other is sure to be close by or just about. You know Collin was the kid the gunmen were after when the shootout happened here, back after Thanksgiving. Or do you?"

"No, I didn't know that. I did hear about the shootout. Who didn't? So ... those guys wanted to kill Collin? ... Why?"

"That, my little man, is the 64 thousand dollar question! Neither he nor Ryan will tell anyone. They say the District Attorney told Collin he wasn't allowed to. At the New Year's Eve Party, both Mr. Ken and Collin gave a little speech about what happened that day, but nothing about the 'why' they were after Collin. Ok, little man?"

"Hey, I'm not all that little. Sure, I'm not as big as you, but I can hold my own," replied a slightly upset Todd for the 'little man' remark by Danny.

"Yes, I could feel your ... ah what shall we call it ... ah your baseball bat getting hard against my neck as you sat on my shoulders earlier." laughed Danny at Todd after telling him that.

"Well, I couldn't help it. With you moving around like you did it ... well it felt good and made me get a boner. Just thinking of that is making it kinda wanting to straighten out now," an excited but bashful Todd revealed to Danny.

"Yeah, mine is getting a bit puffy, too, as I am remembering your boner on my neck. Actually, when you were on my shoulders, I did get one, too."

"Nice! ... Is it hard now? Could I ah ... ah touch it? You know ... feel how hard it gets?"

"I'm not sure. What if the other guys see you, or they find out? I don't want us to get into trouble."

"Look at them; their still over there playing games and having fun. So... ah, can I?"

"Hmmm, well, Okay, but don't make it look like that is what we are doing. Okay? And if you touch mine ... can I feel yours, too?

"Yeah, sure... I'd love that. I like it ... when someone else touches me. It feels hot!"

"OK, we'll do it at the same time."


"Yours feels so hard and thick, Danny, and it is long, too. I hope mine gets that big when I'm your age," exclaimed young Todd.

"Yours isn't too bad either, Todd. I bet it is almost five inches and you're only what, twelve? Are you shooting anything yet?" asked Danny.

"Yeah, big clear squirts! We all do now! When did you start?" asked the inquisitive younger boy. "Oh, and by the way, I just turned 13, thank you," finished Todd.

"I probably started at about your age or so. Hmmm, I love what you hand is doing to my dick. It feels sooo good."

"Do you think I ... could ... see it," asked Todd.

"Ah, if you want to, you can. I'll tell you what. I'm gonna go into the shower room to pee, but I'll wait for you. Wait about 1 or 2 minutes and then come in, too. We'll see what we can do then."

"Yeah, that sounds good. My dick even got harder hearing you say that. Go, I can't wait."

Danny climbed out of the pool near the shower/changing room so no one could see the state he was now in, and went directly inside. A few minutes later, Todd followed him there. Danny was waiting at the urinal like he was peeing and when he saw it was Todd; he turned and showed off his hard dick. Todd went right over and reached out and touched it. Danny asked him to take his suit down some so he could see and touch his. The two boys stood there stroking each other's boner when Danny said for them to get into a stall.

"This is better. W e can hear anyone coming in and they have to turn the corner to see this stall. I like the feel of yours, Todd. Nice and silky and strong," started Danny.

"I like yours, too. It is so big and thick. It is even leaking stuff. Do you and you friends do this?" asked Todd.

"We did, but not as much as I want to. What about you?

"Yeah, we jack off together and they'll let me do them but they don't like to do it to anyone else, any more. But I want them to. You doing this to me is gonna make me cum, and soon!"

"Yeah, when someone else does it ... that sure feels great; let's do it faster. Then we can talk more out in the pool."

With that said, the two began a fast and furious stroking action and soon Todd shot his boy cream. He had three good shots and they landed on Danny's leg. Danny put his hand down and wiped it off and put it to his mouth. Liking the taste he licked it all off his hand. Seeing that, Todd stroked his partner faster and Danny soon shot off five large streams of white boy sauce. The stuff that stayed on Todd's hand was thick and looked creamy and Todd did what Danny had done and tasted it. Liking the sweet and salty taste he then licked it all off. They then quickly peed and went back out to the pool and dove in and joined the rest of the boys.

Upstairs, all the adults were being briefed on what happened in the Study. Mary Turner was pissed and she had a right to be. It was her date who was the Benedict Arnold who ran to the DA. She was glad she found out so she could have a 'word' with him and soon. Judge Richards told the group he was going to issue a directive placing Doctor Powers as Collin's alternate guardian as soon as he got home tonight. Doc Rick and Ken both said they were fine with that. They all then talked about the course of events leading from last night's revelations to just then.

Mr. Ken than asked them all again to focus on the Four Corners project and said that whatever happens with the DA was beyond his control. Then, Bill Jackson said he'd call him Monday as soon as the meeting was over with Judge Barnneby and let him know what was going to occur. With all that, everyone decided to get some food and a drink and to sit down in the Great Room. Then someone asked about the boys. Mary Anne and Judy went over to the Pool Room door and opened it and went inside to find the lads playing a game of sorts.

The ladies asked the kids if they were hungry and of course they all said they were. The ladies asked them to get dressed and come to the Great Room. The boys all jumped out as fast as they could and ran to their lockers and grabbed their pants and shirt and ran as fast as they could into the changing room. This time no one cared if anyone saw them naked or not. They were hungry and nothing comes between a boy and his food, including having to get naked in front of your friends. So, they all stripped down and toweled off and put on their pants, without their underwear, and then their shirt, and proceeded to go back to the Great Rom when Collin shouted for everyone to STOP!!

"Ok, I know we are all hungry, but it would be better to dry our suits and towels so when we come back they will be easier to put back on. So, everyone, get your wet things and follow me."

Collin took them to a large room which contained industrial sized washers and dryers. He opened the dryer door and told them to throw everything wet into it. He closed the door and set the timer and then told the lads to stay as a group and go to the adults as 'gentlemen'. They all laughed at him for that comment, but they did as he asked, and entered the Great Room all together. Seeing that all the adults were already eating, they walked quickly to the serving tables, got themselves a plate full of food and a drink and they all went and sat on the stairs and used them as their table.

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