Castle Roland

Chapter 39

Published: 8 Apr 14

Friday morning found Collin alone in his bedroom. He had asked if Ryan could spend the night just before everyone left last night after the New Year's Day Swim and meeting but 'mom' said, "Not this time!" It was strange for Collin not to have his best friend there with him. It was as if they had become 'brothers' and lived together they spent so much time together as of late.

Collin had never had anyone who was as close a friend as Ryan was to him. Collin lay there thinking back on his growing up and the few boys and girls he had known. He never had someone he could talk to about everything and anything as he had now in Ryan. And he had never experienced any sort of boy-girl relations as he had with Shelley at the movies and at the dance.

He was trying to understand it all. He didn't think he was a bad boy while he was growing up. He did what his parents asked him to do and he got good grades at school as well. The one thing he just couldn't understand was why it was that with Mr. Ken, he had more of a life in the last three months than he had in his last three years. That was the way he felt. He felt more alive now than ever.

He tried not to blame his mom for the way he now felt, as it was she who did try to give him more freedom. He didn't think his dad was to blame either, even though, it was his dad who was the one who kept him from having any 'real' friends. Collin promised himself he'd talk with Mr. Ken about what he was feeling and he knew he could also talk to Doctor Jennings as well.

Friday morning was a busy time for Mr. Ken. He had to get in touch with Wayne Mitchell from Central Texas Decorating and get all the Christmas decorations down. He also had to settle up with the caterer and call Bill Jackson concerning the property sale, and of course, the bad vibes he was still feeling over the previous day's phone call with the County's DA, George Morris. Ken also had this kind of sinking feeling in his gut over the meeting he was going to have with Collin's family and business lawyers later on in the middle of the month. He was not looking forward to that one at all.

Collin took his morning shower and felt all alone standing there under all that hot water. He knew if Ryan was there that very moment, they would both be stroking away at one another and working each other into sexual release. Collin began to relive one of those occasions and his dick began to harden and stand up straight. He reached down and took hold of his penis and began to slowly stroke the six inch sausage. His mind began to visualize the time the two of them rubbed against each other while kissing and the friction that brought them to a full and complete climax. But as he was 'seeing' his dick sliding along the skin it turned into Shelley's smooth and satiny skin instead of Ryan's with its faint line of hair leading down to his manhood.

The warm water continued to cascade over Collin's body as he began to see himself as actually having sex with Shelley and not with Ryan. He had questioned his own sexual orientation and wondered if the sex he had with Dean made him destined to be gay. He had liked what Dean had done with him and he loved what he and Ryan shared in the way of their sexual release. Collin thought to himself that he needed to sort these feelings out. But this thinking had caused his penis to deflate some and so he redoubled his efforts to get it back up strong and hard.

This time he saw himself fucking Shelley with long and deliberate thrusts as his hand matched those thoughts. He began to see himself thoroughly enjoying the feelings and sensations of being with a girl or woman and his hand began to speed up his travel to the top of the mountain. At the time of climax, Collin was in a pure blissful state and his orgasm caused his first shot of boy juice to shoot across the shower room for at least eight feet. Altogether, he had five powerful spasms and three minor ones before his penile head got too sensitive to handle.

Collin relaxed under the warm water while he recovered from his explosions and then he proceeded to get fully washed. Once he was cleaned up and dressed, he went downstairs in search of Mr. Ken.

Both of them must have had the same thought as they both ran into one another as Ken turned the corner the same time as Collin.

"There you are, young man. I was coming to look for you."

"Yes, I was coming to look for you, too. What's up?"

"What do you say we split this place for a few days? Let's take those papers Judge Adam gave us and head to California and some sunshine and maybe to relax some. We've both had a month of unbelievable occurrences and hectic schedules and we deserve some free time for ourselves. So, what do you say, Collin?"

"Yeah, that sounds like a winner. Ryan said you've taken him and 'mom' to some awesome places. Do you think they could come along, as well?"

"Well, Collin, I thought that maybe it could be, you know, just you and I, this time out. Since you came to stay with me, we really haven't had a lot of 'brother' time to spend together, to get to know one another. Once school starts, we won't have this opportunity again for quite some time. You'll have school work and whatever extracurricular activities you decide to get involved in at school, and I'll have the new Four Corners plans to work on and I am afraid we'll never get the chance that we have now. So, what do you say, just you and me?"

"Yeah, that will be good. I mean, I like that and I agree with what you said. Everything happened so quickly, even though it was over the past three months, that we really only had Christmas Day to spend together. All the other time, we were fighting crime and decorating the house or finding bands, and we really never did get to know each other like I wish we had. Where do you want us to go?"

"Well, Collin, when I came into all this money, I began to look into amusement parks. I took Ryan and Mary out to California once and we looked at some parks, but I didn't let on I wanted to buy one just then. But now I want to go back and see if there are any that are just right for the taking. We'll make it a business and vacation trip. If I find something, I'll make a note of it and when we get back, I'll start the ball rolling.

"In the meantime, we can visit some amusement parks and maybe Disney or any other park you may have in mind. Or, we can just go lie on the beach or put our feet in the water. It might be a bit too cool to sunbathe. But bring you swim suit along, as there are loads of places we can go that have indoor pools, and the place we'll stay definitely has one. Now go get packed."

"Ah ... Ah, Mr. Ken, what do I ah ... use? I don't have any luggage. Remember, I came here like a new born baby, stark naked," and Collin let out a good hardy laugh at his joke.

"Come here, my 'little baby bro'" called Ken. As Collin came close to Ken, he got pulled into a brotherly hug and the two of them together laughed at themselves.

"OK, we'll head to the Mall right now and get you some luggage. In the meantime, I already have my staff booking us our reservations and calling the flight crew to pre-flight the plane for a 4 o'clock departure. It may look like we have a lot of time, but we still have a lot to do, so get your coat and meet me here in ten minutes. I've got to go get rid of some excess water."

Collin laughed at what Ken said and they both went their separate ways. Ten minutes later, the two headed out to the car corral and got into the BMW. Once they arrived at the Mall, they went to the major department stores and looked at hard sided luggage. They got enough for Collin for a three to four day stay and then they went and found something to eat. By 4 o'clock Friday afternoon, the two were winging it out to California for at least a three day stay.

The travelers arrived after a little over 4 hours in the air. Flying using your own airplane takes all of the hassle out of using the major airlines and Mr. Thomas loved the convenience his money brought him. Flying west helped the traveler gain two hours so it was only just past 6 PM when they arrived. They checked into the Sheraton in downtown Los Angles and had a three room suite, with two private baths, in the luxurious hotel.

They unpacked and then decided to have dinner, and afterwards they arranged for a private tour of the city. At least one weary traveler was ready to hit the sack as soon as they arrived back at their room. T he two said their goodnights and they each headed off to their own bedrooms and a good night's sleep.

When Collin woke up the next morning, he was again feeling the same way he did yesterday, all alone. He knew he shouldn't feel miserable about it, and besides, he was with the man who saved his life, twice, in the last three months. He figured it was a 'Ryan withdrawal' after he spent most of the past two weeks constantly at his side.

He looked at the time and saw it was only 7 AM, but his body said it was 9 and he should get out of bed. He wasn't tired anymore, so he headed into his en suite and took care of his morning duties and then got a shower and headed out to find breakfast.

"Oh, hello, Collin, did you sleep well?" asked Ken as soon as he saw his 'little bro'.

"Yes, I did sleep well. I can't believe it is only 7 AM though. I guess I am not used to the time change," replied Collin.

"Well, do you want to have breakfast up here in our suite or downstairs? It doesn't matter to me. Whichever you want, this is a new experience for you, so you may want to enjoy all the perks. Having breakfast brought up is a real treat. The menu is over there or we can go down and eat with the crowd."

"Ok, let's eat up here. I'm starved!"

Ken got Collin's breakfast order and called it in with his own and thirty minutes later there was a knock at the door. Ken opened the door and the bellhop came in with a wheeled table and three silver domes sitting on top. Beside them were a full pot of coffee and a carafe of orange juice. Ken reached into his pocket and gave the bellhop a five dollar tip as he left the suite. The two sat down and had a wonderful breakfast together.

After they ate, Ken decided to take his shower and get ready for the day. Collin decided to go downstairs and walk around a bit and see what it was like. He told Ken he'd be back in an hour and had his cell phone with him. The day had begun.

The two spent the day driving around to a number of small amusement parks. Mr. Ken was interested in seeing how they operated and what kind of conditions they were in. He knew if he saw one he liked he would make a note of it and then he'd make some phone calls in the next few weeks. While visiting the parks, they rode some of the rides, and the two had a great time together. As the day turned into dusk, they decided to call it a day and have dinner in their suite.

After dinner, Ken noticed something was wrong with Collin. He knew the lad wasn't sick, but he could sense the teen was kind of out of sorts, for a fifteen year old on a vacation. He walked over to the boy as he stared out the window and placed his hands on the boy's shoulders and began to give him a light massage. Collin leaned back into the man and Ken just slid his hands down the front of the boy and pulled him back and hugged the boy for all he was worth.

"Collin?" Mr. Ken asked in a light voice. "What's wrong, 'little bro'? I can sense there is something troubling you. Do you want to talk about it? I know the last few weeks have been very hectic and then all of a sudden things come to a screeching halt. You know ... you can talk to me about anything. You do know that ... don't you?"

Collin just stood there enjoying the firm, strong hug he was getting right then. He continued to look straight out the window not focusing on anything. Soon, Mr. Ken felt a few tears drop onto his hands and he pulled Collin tighter to himself.

"Collin ... please tell me what is bothering you. If we need to go back home just say it and I'll call the pilots and we'll be gone as quick as they can pre-flight the plane."

Collin just remained standing there, not saying a word and not moving a muscle, but his tears began to flow more steadily. All Ken could do at the time was hold onto him and let the boy know he was there for him when he needed him. They must have stood there a good thirty minutes when Collin began to speak.

"Bro, why ... why me?" was all Collin got out, and he began to cry very hard.

Ken turned the boy around and just hugged the boy to him to let him cry onto his shoulder so he could get as much hurt out of his system as he could. Ken knew there was nothing that he neither could nor should do until Collin was ready to open up and talk to him. The boy was hurting right then and he needed to wash it away before he would be able to focus on what was bothering him. Ken kept hugging Collin and rubbing his back and occasionally his hair. Another thirty minutes went by when Collin looked up into Ken's eyes and said, "Thank You!"

"Collin, if I'd known you were hurting so, inside, I'd have never thought to bring you here. I thought this would be a good time for us to relax and maybe get to know each other better. I'm sorry my 'little bro'." Then Mr. Ken got tears in his eyes as he thought he was to blame for the way Collin was feeling right then. Collin just hugged the man as he had just hugged him.

"No, Bro, it wasn't you! Believe me, it wasn't you. I ... I guess I was kept so busy this past month that I ... I never had the chance to think about things. Yesterday, when I woke up without ... you know ... without Ryan there, and now today, waking up again by myself I ... I just began to think about everything." And with only that much said Collin began to cry again hard.

The two comforted each other for about ten minutes, when Mr. Ken said to Collin, "Do you think we could maybe go outside, for a walk or something, and get some fresh air. Maybe that will help clear your mind and then we can come back here and talk. You okay with that?"

"Yes, I think ... I think I'd like that. Let me get rid of some excess water first ..." was all Collin got out before he burst out laughing. He was trying to mimic his Big Bro from the previous day. Ken shook him a little and laughed at his joke and said he, too, had to do the same and they'd meet in about ten minutes.

The two walked out into the brisk evening. It wasn't windy, but with the sun being down, it was quite a bit cooler than the day had been and luckily for them, they had taken their light jackets. They just sauntered along with no place as a destination until they came across an ice cream store. Ken opened the door and they both walked in and ordered a double cone and sat down to eat it there.

"Mr. Ken, I'm sorry for acting the way I did upstairs," said Collin.

"Collin, you did nothing wrong, neither earlier tonight, nor ever, as far as I am concerned. Remember, it was you who lost your parents and it was you they kidnapped and then tried to kill. I am just glad I was able to help you get back to the land of the living."

"No, Mr. Ken, you did a lot more than that, and I will never be able to repay you for all you've done for me. ... I think, though, that maybe we should go back outside to talk. Some people are watching us."

The two walked along the sidewalk eating their ice cream. They didn't continue their conversation from the ice cream store; they just talked about the amusement parks they visited that day. Their walk around the large city blocks took them over an hour, and by the time they got back to the hotel, they were both tired and decided to go back to their suite and finish their talk.

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