Castle Roland

Chapter 40

Published: 8 Apr 14

The two entered their suite, took off their jackets and each took a chair. Neither one said anything for quite some time. They just sat there in their own thoughts.

"Mr. Ken, do you think we could ah ... ah maybe ... maybe sit together like we used to? It has been ages since we did that. I sort of miss that," came from Collin, breaking the silence.

"I don't see why not, Collin. I guess after the attack, we got so wound up in getting ready for the Holidays, we just never made it downstairs to relax like we used to. I used to enjoy those talks, too, you know! Why don't we get ready for bed or at least as close as one can without being embarrassed? You want to do that? If so, meet me in my room," answered Ken.

The two went their separate ways and in a few minutes Collin walked into Mr. Ken's room, clad in his boxer shorts and a t-shirt. Mr. Ken had on practically the same thing and was sitting propped up with the pillows behind him. He motioned for Collin to sit next to him where he usually would be found. They both settled into each other as they would have if they were back in the theater. The only thing missing was the large screen being the only light in the room. It only took a few moments for Ken to realize the room was too bright, so he went over to the window and opened the drapes, some, and then turned off all of the lights in his bedroom. They settled down against one another again and just enjoyed the quiet and closeness.

"Mr. Ken, how do people know if they are straight or gay?" asked Collin from out of the blue.

"Geez, Collin, you sure know how to get right to the hard questions, don't cha?"

"Sorry, Bro ..."

"Collin, can I ask you why you want to know that?"

After a few moments of contemplating what he wanted to say, Collin said, "Bro, well I think you know that me and ah ... ah Ryan fool around some. And you know that I kinda enjoyed what Dean did to me, and showed me, when I was ... you know ... ah sort of held by him."

"Yes, Collin, if I remember correctly, you did sort of mention that you and Ryan tried something in the showers, but I have no idea how far it has progressed. I hope you two aren't hurting one another. Are you?"

"Oh, no, Bro we haven't hurt each other, if you mean like what those men did to me at first. We haven't done anything like that ... yet. But, Bro ... the few things we have done were ... were things that I started. Ryan told me he hadn't done much more than a few mutual ... ah ... ah boy contests and ah ... ah a few strokes now and then, if you know what I mean?"

"Collin, is Ryan going to be Ok with you telling me about this stuff you two do together? It is one thing to do it, but it is totally another thing to let someone else know what you did," seriously asked the older 'bro'.

"But how else can I tell you what I need to, so you'll understand? You know I've only hung around Ryan since I came to live with you, and ... and if I used a fake name you'd still know it was him. And when I talk to you about girls, you also know I've only ever been with one girl, Shelley, so there goes that. Can't you just forget this after we talk? I really need to talk to you, bro! I really do!"

"Collin ... for you, my 'little bro', I can do anything! Now try to start at a logical point without giving me too much information. Especially don't explain in minute details, please! Ok?"

"Yes, I'll try, but try to let me get it out before you ask any questions. I may say something and then change it, because I am confused and that is why I need to talk to you. I know you can help me."

"Ok, Collin, I'm here for you!" After Ken said that, he pulled the boy into a hug and then let him back to where he was.

"I guess ... what I need to know is ... if I am gay ... because I liked doing what I did, with Dean, or am I straight ... as when I was with Shelley, as she 'really' turns me on. And I mean she really did make me ... ah hard. Sorry, Bro ... ah I ..."

"Look, Collin, you use the words that are the easiest for you. Don't worry about embarrassing me or saying something that you think will get you into trouble. Just speak your mind. I understand totally. Also, remember, I was once your age, so I know the vernacular. Just say it like you want to."

"Thanks, Bro, I knew you'd be able to help me. ... Anyway, I really liked what Dean showed me, after a while. Especially, when he let me do the same stuff to him. Yeah, it hurt when they ... you know ... first fucked me, but ... well, then I got used to it ... and then when I did the same thing to Dean I knew why they liked it so much. I haven't done any of that since I came to live here, Mr. Ken, please believe me!"

"I believe you, Collin. But remember, it is your life! You are also fifteen and know about right and wrong, so you have to begin to use your own common sense, too."

"Well, Bro, when I did things with Ryan and, well ... well I really got off on it. It was so damn intense. And I believe he enjoyed it, too, especially the last time we were together. Damn, we shot out tons of stuff. It was so awesome, I ... I never had an orgasm so ... so strong. I guess I may be needed it, but Bro I loved the touching and the closeness we shared.

"The thing is, since I met Shelley, she has turned me on, too. At the movies, she had me just as hard as when I was with Ryan. I never had a date before, and I was taken by surprise when she ah ... ah was touching me inside my thigh. She had to know I was hard. Then the night of the dance ... she got me inside the Butler's Pantry and we made out and she had her hand ... stroking my dick. I had to make her stop or I'd have messed up my pants.

"But I also got to ... you know ... to touch her ah ... her boobs. Her dress was too big for me to try anything else, but I wanted to take her up to my room and fuck her, Bro. I told Ryan that, the next morning when we woke up. Then he told me about him and Megan and we got so damn hard that we ah ... ah kinda had some fun together in the showers.

"Bro, I really enjoyed both things. Sure, I didn't really do anything with Shelley, but if I could have, I would have. I didn't know how to ask her up to my room. I've never even seen a girl's ... a girl's cunt before, Bro. ..."

"What if I had found out you had a girl up in your room? Wouldn't you be afraid of what I'd say?" asked Ken.

"Bro, at the time, I was only thinking of having sex and with a girl, no less. I wasn't concerned about getting into trouble at the time. But, Mr. Ken, I also didn't even have any condoms to use if I ever got the chance to have sex with her. I think I would be afraid I'd get her pregnant if I didn't have them to use."

"Collin, I am glad that you are thinking about that kind of thing. Many boys today don't think it will happen to them, and when it does, they shirk their responsibilities. Remind me when we get back home to get you some of those. And make sure you try a few out and learn how to put it on without breaking it."

The two looked at each other for about ten seconds and then they both burst out laughing. The thing Ken said about the condoms and Collin trying them out at first was what they needed, to break the tension of their talk.

"Thanks, Bro, I will definitely do that. I'll get Ryan to show me." After Collin said that, he just sat there and then began snickering and then he finally burst out laughing. Mr. Ken tried to hold his in, but he lost the battle and then he, too, began laughing and then grabbed the boy into a big hug. They laughed some more as they both hugged one another and then Collin sat up.

"Mr. Ken, I still don't know if I am gay or if I am straight. I guess I like doing things with both boys and girls."

"Collin, did you ever consider that maybe you are Bi? You know, Bisexual, a person who likes having sex with both males and females. But it also could be that since you never had a good friend when you were like 12 and 13, you never had the opportunity to enjoy sex games that guys sometimes play when they are that age. Remember, you said Ryan did a few things with his friends when he was younger. Maybe you are just now experiencing the things you missed when you were younger and making up for lost time. The other thing is that 'girls' turn you on, as well. That is good and is a sign that you can perform with them, too."

"Well ... I just want to know for myself. That is why I am so confused, Mr. Ken. I like doing with both, I guess."

"Then, Collin, all I can say to you is for you to go where your heart takes you. If you and Ryan, or anyone else for that matter, want to have male-to-male sex, and are comfortable doing that, then go for it! Just remember, it has to be enjoyable and it shouldn't be forced like what Dean and those other guys did to you. If you get the chance to have sex with a girl, and are sure you are both mature enough to do it responsibly, and then go for that, too.

"Collin, when the time for sex comes, you have to know if that is what you want at the time, and if the person who wants to have sex with you is a person you would really like to share the experience with. Sex is an important aspect of life, Collin ... and it shouldn't be taken lightly, but what you experience now, while you're growing up, will be the catalyst for your future sex adventures and maybe even prepare you for marriage one day."

"Bro, how come you haven't gotten married yet?"

"Wow, you sure do know how to knock a guy's socks off. See!" and Ken wiggled his bare feet at Collin. It made them both laugh, but Ken could sense seriousness in Collin's question.

"Bro, Ryan and I heard what Janice said, and it sounds like you had lots of hot sex while you were in college. Didn't you ever think of getting married back then? And, maybe to her, since you two had such great sex together. I'm just curious. Also, Bro ... did you and your friends, you know, ever do any of the stuff that Ryan and I are now doing?"

"You are sure asking some very personal questions, there, my 'little bro'. As for the question about marriage, things got very strange for me when I was a young freshman in college. I had all this money literally fall into my bank account, and I had no idea where it came from. I was afraid to spend it at first. Then when I did begin to spend it, I was focused on building that wonderful home we now live in. I was in college, and yes, I did have lots of sex, but that was just what it was, sex! I've only been out of college since last spring, so I haven't had much time to meet the right woman, yet."

"What about Mary Anne?"

"Collin, she is a wonderful lady, and I know we'd be good together, but neither of us is ready for marriage just yet. I guess you and Ryan figured out she stayed with me after the New Year's Eve Dance. Well, one of the things we sort of discussed was where we both wanted to be in like five years. She has some big plans for her future. As for me, I want to own lots of amusement parks and other properties, and I don't know if I'd have time for marriage. We both agreed that we need to find ourselves first, before we can settle down and have a family. By the way, she already thinks I have a family with you and Ryan."

"I liked her. She was so kind and easy to talk to and she was very pretty. I'm sorry she thinks we are a family. That's not fair to you, is it?"

"Collin, I am only 23, soon to be 24, and I have lots of time to find a woman and get married. As for you, I would never give up the opportunity I've had with you! You have given Three Finger Cove life. If I get to keep you until you graduate from high school, and then college, I will truly be a happy man."

A few moments passed when Collin asked, "Bro, what's going to happen to me? I mean really, what's going on? I haven't heard anything from my dad's lawyers and I am afraid they will come to us one day and force me to go with them. Bro ... I don't want it to happen that way!" Then a couple of sniffles were heard and before long, Collin couldn't hold back any more, after getting those last words out, and he crawled into Ken's arms and cried like a baby.

Ken just comforted the boy as best he could. He knew Collin had lots of questions as well as needs and was afraid of things he had no control over. Sure, he was a troubled youth, but for all that had happened to him, he still had his wits about him. Ken told himself he'd better sit down with Collin, and soon, and lay things out straight for the boy, so there would be no surprises.

Looking down, he could tell his young charge was fast asleep. The rushing around all day long and then the stress of the evening had the lad totally washed out. Ken decided to let him sleep where he was. He got out an extra cover and placed it over the boy. He then went to the bathroom, relieved himself of some excess baggage and got back into his bed. It wasn't long before the two of them were sound asleep.

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