Castle Roland

Chapter 42

Published: 8 Apr 14

Monday was a bust for both Ken and Collin. Even though they had an early flight, it was still late in the afternoon when they arrived back at Three Finger Cove. On their return trip, Mr. Ken talked to Collin about the upcoming meeting with his parents' lawyers, and how he hoped it would proceed. He did warn Collin, though, that those lawyers could force the issue through the courts and he could be forced to return with them in a couple of weeks, or sooner.

Collin was glad Mr. Ken had told him as he had this feeling that something was bound to happen eventually. Since he knew most of his dad's lawyers, he had hoped he could also talk to them and maybe come up with some sort of a compromise. He told his Bro what he thought, and had hoped he could help when the time came. Ken thanked him for his ideas and said that since this was all about him that he would be there with them, and he would get the opportunity to speak to them, too.

When the duo departed three days earlier, they decided to turn off their cell phones, email, and long distance functions, so they would not be disturbed. But as soon as they returned and reactivated those functions, they were inundated with loads of messages. It seemed like just about everyone had called or emailed them three of four times wanting them to get in touch ASAP. Ken decided they both needed to find out what it was all about, so he asked Collin to join him in the Study. Once there, Mr. Ken began making some calls, the first one to his lawyer, Bill Jackson. Collin, on the other hand said he would call Ryan to get his side of what was going on.

"Bill ... Ken here, returning your many calls."

"Ken, boy, am I glad you called."

"Why, Bill? You knew how to reach me if it was very important."

"Well, that's the thing, my man. The word 'very' means a lot of things to a lot of people. So, in my case, I decided not to bother you, as it was 'important' that I talk to you, but it wasn't 'very important' that I do so. I just erred to allow you some time to relax. I hope you two had a good mini-vacation."

"That we did, Bill, but I found out, once we got there, that Collin had some issues he needed to work through. I believe being away was what he needed. It was just the two of us, you know, like when he first came to live with me, and we were able to talk about things he needed to get straightened out in his mind. Not having anyone around, or any other distractions, I think was the key. He really is a remarkable young man, Bill. Ok, so what was so 'important'?"

"Well, that asshole DA, George Morris found a judge to sign an arrest order for you and Collin. As soon as I heard about it, I went to that so called judge and let him hear the conversation you two had. As soon as he heard that, he called George in and cancelled the warrant. He then gave George a tongue lashing. It was one I have never ever heard before, especially from a judge. The judge said he would be bringing up charges of malfeasance and perjury, first thing today, Monday."

"Damn, Bill, Morris must have thought his shit didn't stink and could actually do anything he wanted to."

"That's not the half of it, Ken. The County Commissioners had their meeting this morning with me and George, and guess who showed up; none other than his friend the 'judge', who arrived just in time to talk to the Commissioners. He told the Commissioners about what the DA had tried to do, and then when I played for them the conversation you two had, they went ballistic. Needless to say, now there will be two complaints going up against George Morris to the State Bar Association. There is also talk of initiating a recall election, since he is an elected official. You'd better listen to the evening news tonight to see if anything leaked out, yet."

"Damn, Bill, I am glad we were out of the state when all this happened. If he had arrested me, and taken Collin to juvenile hall, Collin would have had a nervous breakdown, I do believe. The boy is just beginning to cope with his parents' killings, and settle into getting his life back and on track. Bill, we need to get some 'relief' in the courts, so Collin won't be harassed from any government agency, without the court's permission and oversight. I want to be present at all interviews and Collin needs to have his own lawyer, pronto. Do you think Stew Russell will be available? I think Collin will work better with someone he already knows."

"Ken, you make some good points and I will start that first thing tomorrow. I'll call Stewart when we get off the phone. If you don't hear from me, that means he has accepted. Ken, stay away from the press without me there. Ok?"

"I hear you, Bill. Call me if there is anything else I need to know."

"Oh ... ah, Ken ... ah, you remember there was talk before the Holidays about ah ... ah a shake up over at CPS. Well, and you didn't hear this from me, but ... well, there will be an announcement this Wednesday. I think they will be arresting two or three people over there and Judy will become the acting Director."

"Does this have anything to do with Judge Richards and our hearing back in early December?"

"Yes, it does, and he will be calling for some heads to fly as no one has come forward about those missing papers from your file. He will be ordering a full investigation of the entire operation, and he has the blessing of the County Commissioners. Just wait for Wednesday to comment on anything."

"Ok, Bill, thank you for the info. Let me tell Collin what was going on while we were away. I'll call you tomorrow afternoon for an update from your point of view. Bye"

While Ken was talking to Bill Jackson, Collin was talking to Ryan. When he saw his Bro was off the phone, he told him what he had found out. He told Mr. Ken he learned about their arrest warrants and that Judy was being harassed at work from her supervisors. He said Ryan heard his mom and Judy Turner talking and that Judy was crying and that she thought she would be arrested this week, sometime.

Collin was very upset over what he had heard and went over to Ken to get a hug. Then Ken sat Collin down and related what he heard from his lawyer, and that put Collin back at ease. Ken knew he shouldn't say anything to either Mary or Judy but Collin convinced him, for Eric's sake, he needed to try to calm them down.

"Judy ... Ken Thomas here. ... Do you have a few minutes to talk? I think you will want to hear what I have to say. ... Okay, good. I'm going to put it on speaker phone so Collin can hear this as well. ... I'm not sure if Eric should hear it though, as he may say the wrong thing at school tomorrow. Okay, let me put this on speaker."

"Hi, Collin and again thanks for calling Mr. Ken. I guess you both heard the rumors then?" came through the speaker.

"Judy, Collin and I just got back from a mini-vacation and had our cell phones, email, and long distance functions turned off. When we turned them on a few minutes ago we had way too many messages. One was to call my lawyer, Bill Jackson, who relayed some information I think you'll want to know about."

But before Ken could continue telling Judy what he had just himself learned, Judy quickly got out, "Ken, could you possibly take care of Eric if something happens to me? I know this is on short notice. I already had Judge Richards make out the papers with your name on them. I hope you don't mind. I couldn't think of anyone who would be better for him than you."

"Why ... why thank you for that vote of confidence, Judy. What about Mary, though? She already has gotten one boy through that age. Wouldn't she be better for Eric?"

"I had asked her first, Ken. But with her business she is gone in the evenings sometimes and with Ryan 15, almost 16 now, she doesn't have to worry about him. She also said she didn't feel it would be fair to Ryan and that he had his job over at your place. So, then I called you but I ... I could never get you to return my calls and, and then this morning ... I needed to act. So, I hope you can. If not, I think can find someone else."

"No, Judy, its okay with me. Eric will be welcomed here at any time whether or not if something, anything, should happen on Wednesday or at any other time."

"Wednesday? Do you already know something, Ken?"

"Judy, the reason I called was to tell you something that I'm not supposed to tell, but ... but you need to know this, after what Collin heard from Ryan."

"Ryan? What does he know? You mean it is already out and the entire county knows? Mr. Ken, I don't know what to do. My supervisors at work have been on me about those ... those missing papers and they told me they are going to have to do something. I think they are going to offer me up as their sacrificial lamb and make me their scapegoat!"

"Okay, Judy, settle down now ... and please listen to me. They may try to make you their sacrificial lamb, but ... it is they who will be held accountable. Trust me on this, please! I know it will be difficult at work tomorrow and Wednesday morning ... but try not to say anything that may indicate you know something, that they don't. Act as normal as you can at work, but just know this ... it is not you but they who will be arrested. Bill said it should happen sometime Wednesday morning, so you may want to be around."

"What? Are you telling me that ..."

"Judy, I'm asking you to hang tight until Wednesday. Don't make any rash moves or announcements that involve you. We both know you are innocent. Judge Richards told them over a month ago to come forward with who took out those papers. He knew back then it wasn't you. He was just giving them time to come forward and come clean. I think if they had, then, they wouldn't be in the trouble they will soon be in."

"Oh, Mr. Ken, you don't know how relieved I am right now. I wasn't going to let Eric go to school until this was all over. I didn't want him harassed. You know how kids are sometimes. Maybe, I could send him over to you until this is all over?"

"Judy, if you think that will be best; you can bring him over any time. Keep in mind that Collin will have his tutor here this week and next, so he won't be available during the day for Eric to hang with. I bet if you bring his school books, though, he can work on stuff so he won't get too far behind in class. Anyway, I know he won't get in the way. I bet Chief would love to have a new face around here for a while, wouldn't you, girl?"

"Woof, woof ... woof!"

"See, she would love to have him. Anyway, please don't say anything to anyone, including Mary. We need to keep this as quiet as possible. You can tell her I agreed to watch Eric and that it was okay to bring him here, but please say nothing else. I hope you will be able to sleep better tonight."

"Thank you again, Mr. Ken. I'll bring him over in the morning, with a change of clothes. I think I will take him out to a nice dinner and explain a few things to him, if that is going to be okay with you?"

"No problem there, Judy. I should be here all day, I suppose, if nothing comes up, and if not, Collin and Maria should be here. And of course, Chief can always keep an eye on him, too."

Then Collin yelled out, "And make sure he brings his swim suit."

Both Ken and Judy laughed at that and then they said their good byes and hung up their phones.

The rest of the evening the two main residents of Three Finger Cove returned phone calls and email messages to everyone who tried to contact them. Momma Maria had made them a special Mexican dinner and brought it to them, there in the Study, while they worked on their messages. When they had done all they could, they both went down to the Theater and relaxed in Ken's special lounger, and they both soon fell asleep. It was past midnight that Ken woke up and got Collin up to his bed. Mister Ashland would be there at 8 AM and Collin needed to be awake and ready for a full week of review.

Tuesday, Collin spent eight hours in review in preparation for his placement tests for him to be accepted into the 10th grade and as a sophomore. Eric showed up, just after Collin began his schooling, so he set up his own study work area down in the Great Room. He figured it was quiet down there and there was tons of light. He placed his work books on a coffee table and then sat on the floor with his back against the sofa. He used the table as his desk as it was just the right height for him. Chief settled down beside him and she kept him company all day.

When the day was over for Collin and Eric, they quickly changed into their swim suits and had a fun time in the pool, where Mr. Ken joined them before dinner. Later in the evening, the three of them sat in the Theater and watched a movie before they all went to bed for the night. All in all, the day turned out to be a busy one, which helped keep the anticipation of the next day's events deep in the backs of their minds.

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