Castle Roland

Chapter 43

Published: 8 Apr 14

Wednesday morning was an interesting one for Eric. He chose to sleep in Collin's room the night before, but now it was time to get up and he was too embarrassed to get out of bed. For the last few months, he found himself waking every morning with his 'little man' as hard as a rock, and it wouldn't ever go down until he peed. He knew Collin was awake, as he had turned the alarm clock off, and he didn't want him to see his flag pole.

"Eric, you awake?" asked Collin

"Yes. ... "

"What say we go get our showers and then go down for breakfast? Or, would you rather me to go first? ... I can if you want me to if you think you will be embarrassed to take a shower with me. I know we saw each other when we changed at the Swim Party, but that was then and ... well, I don't want you to be ... well to feel like you have to let me see you again if you don't want me to."

"No, I don't mind if we see each another again. ... I ... ah ... need to use the ... the toilet and ... and ... I don't want you to see me ... see me the way I am," an embarrassed, young Eric said to his older friend.

"Eric, I think I know why you are afraid to get out from under the covers."

"You do?" replied a surprised Eric.

"Yes, I think I do. Can I ask you a question?"

"I ... I think so. Are you gonna make me ... make me show you?"

"No, but if you are like me right now then I know why you don't want to get out of bed. You see, Eric, as you get older ... well, we all wake up with ... well, I am sure they already explained this to you in health class so I'll just say it. When boys wake up most mornings, they wake up with ... the word is an erection ... that most boys wake up with an erection. You know, when your penis stands up as hard as a rock. There, I said it. You do know what I am talking about Eric, don't you?"

"Ah ... ah, yes I think so. You mean we both woke up with a 'stiffy' don't you?"

"Well, yes, but the real word for it is called is an 'erection'. The word 'stiffy' and boner' are the words we use when we are younger, but we learn and use other words as we get older. If you want to go first, I'll put my head under the covers and you can run to the bathroom first and then get into the shower. I'll follow you in, like, two minutes. Ok?"

"Ok! Hide you face first."

Collin hid his face and Eric got from under the covers and ran to the urinal then pulled down his pajama bottoms and underwear at the same time and pointed his morning woody at the porcelain urinal and let it fly. As soon as he began to relieve himself, his penis began to shrink back to its normal soft size. He was glad it did as, just then, Collin came up beside him and stood at the other urinal, pointed his hard penis at the 'porcelain god' and let his own morning pee fly, too.

Eric couldn't help but notice how large Collin's hard dick was as he stood there next to him, but then he remembered what the older boys had said. They said it was 'Ok to look but not to stare' so he quickly looked away, shook his penis and went into the shower stall, selected the furthest away shower controls and turned the water on. A few moments later, a naked Collin joined him in the shower and took up a position at the opposite end. They talked as they showered and neither of them had their morning condition again.

After finishing, they toweled off and then got into their clothes for the day. Eric thanked Collin for letting him go first and then he also said he was sorry for seeing his morning 'stiffy'. Collin told him that it was Ok and that he wasn't embarrassed that Eric saw it. What he did say to him was that this was something between the two of them. He asked Eric not to tell all his buddies about it, as this was between friends and friends didn't go around telling anyone else. Eric knew what he meant, and gave him a quick hug, and they both went down for breakfast.

"Hello, you two, I hope you both slept well last night," a very wide awake Mr. Ken said as he greeted the two boys.

"Yeah, I know I did. Thank you Mr. Ken for letting me stay here. I know my mom told me what might happen today, and why I am here and I think being here rather than being at school is best. Don't you think so, too?" responded Eric.

"Well, Eric I am hoping that by late this morning, things will be all over. I can't tell you any more than what you're mom told you, just in case it doesn't happen the way I heard it is supposed to. Believe me, when I tell you, I will find you and let you know as soon as I know anything. That goes for you, too, Collin," Mr. Ken told the hungry boys.

Momma Maria had cooked a large breakfast and all three dug into it as soon as she placed it on the table. They all loved her cooking and ate it as if it was going to be their last meal. When they had their fill, they all gave her a nice big hug and then went their separate ways.

Around 10 o'clock in the morning, Mr. Ken turned on his TV to see if there was any news about the pending arrests. Seeing there were microphones set up in front of the courthouse, he turned up the volume just as Judge Richards walked up to the mikes and announced he had just sent Sheriff Deputies to Children's Protective Service, with arrest warrants, to bring in three people. He said he could not release the names, as they had not yet been arrested and charged, but he went on to say that he felt there were too many irregularities over at CPS and, as the Presiding County Juvenile Court Judge, he had to take action.

Judge Richards explained to the press he had requested information, from the director and the assistant, about some missing papers and such, and for the people responsible for the irregularities to come forward. The Judge indicated, since his requests went unheeded, that today's action was the result and the possibility of just the beginning of some major changes over at CPS. When asked for more detailed information, he remarked he couldn't say any more at that time but he would answer questions after the arrest warrants were served, and the people were being processed.

Ken quickly changed channels to see if any of the networks followed the Deputies to CPS or if any of the TV channels had gotten over there to video and report on the arrests. He found one channel showing live pictures from CPS, and a news reporter there was making comments, so he turned up the volume some more.

"Ladies and gentlemen this is Rene Vaughn from KBLY," Ken heard over the TV speaker, "reporting from Children's Protective Services where Sheriff's Deputies just moments ago arrived to serve arrest warrants on three people who work here at CPS. None of the names have been released, as of yet, but as they exit the building, we hope to see their faces and find out who they are. My contact inside has told me that the Deputies arrived about fifteen minutes ago and went directly to the Director's office, who, then immediately, called for her assistant to join them there. There have been no other revelations, at this time, as to what is going on inside, so we will just have to wait and see."

Then Ken could see the reporter taking a phone call and talking fast and furiously and making notes. He could see the call had ended and the reporter picked up her mike and began to tell what she now knew.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is Rene Vaughn from KBLY again, reporting from Children's Protective Services, where Sheriff's Deputies just minutes ago arrived to serve arrest warrants on three people, who work here at Children's Protective Service. None of the names have been released yet, but this reporter has learned that three people are now inside the Directors office along with the Deputies."

"Wait ... oh hold on ... Ok we ... we just got word from another source, inside the building, that ... that there are now four people inside the Directors office. We now have the names of the people inside talking to the officers, but we have no idea as to why those four individuals are talking to the Sheriff's Deputies, and thus we do not want to speculate as to why. It would be unfair to those individuals, especially, if they are not the ones to be arrested and charged."

For about fifteen minutes the, TV cameras just showed close ups of the building and then longer views showing the large number of people milling around the outside of the CPS Headquarters. Nothing else had been reported, up until that time, and everyone was waiting for something to happen. Then the news reporter came into view and began reporting.

"Again, ladies and gentlemen, this is Rene Vaughn from KBLY reporting from outside Children's Protective Service where Sheriff's Deputies just moments ago arrived to serve arrest warrants on, what we have been told, three people who work here at CPS. None of the names have been released as of yet. What we do know is that four individuals are inside the Director's office, talking to the Sheriff's Deputies, but we have no idea what they are talking about. We hope that soon they will emerge from the building and then we will know who Judge Adam Richards was talking about at his announcement at 10 AM this morning over at the Courthouse. He sounded pretty upset about something going on over here at CPS, and he indicated he gave them adequate time to answer his questions, but they have yet to do so. He said he had to take this action today. I think that that could only mean there could be some major changes made here at CPS.

Then the camera caught some movement just inside the main doors of CPS and the reporter came back into view and reported what she saw.

"Oh ... okay, it looks as if there is some action taking place ... over at the main doors of the CPS Headquarters. I can see there are what ... what appears to be five Sheriff's Deputies and about six or seven other individuals just inside the doors. We cannot tell how many are in handcuffs as of yet, but ... I am hoping that when they emerge we can report on who it was that were arrested here today. We also hope that Judge Adam Richards will explain his actions at twelve noon today and what charges are being placed against those he signed arrest warrants on today."

"Okay ... I see some movement, ladies and gentlemen. This is Rene Vaughn from KBLY at CPS Headquarters and I am now seeing that there is more action at the front doors and it appears that they will soon emerge. ... Yes, I see someone opening the door. It ... it is Deputy Sheriff Dan Fischer who just came out and he is motioning for two patrol cars to come forward, now. I can see ... see three ladies being escorted out and being placed into the patrol cars. Our cameraman is trying to focus on their faces. Yes, it appears that those arrested are the Director herself, Amanda Pettit, and the Deputy Director, Emma Hughes. The third person we are not familiar with and we'll have to find out her name for you and let you know who it was at the twelve noon news conference. I am Rene Vaughn reporting for KBLY at CPS Headquarters ..."

Mr. Ken turned off his TV and went looking for Eric. When he found him in the Great Room using the coffee table for his desk, he had to laugh. Eric was a cute lad and was also resourceful, and that showed up in how he was able to be comfortable and get his work done at the same time. He also saw Chief had placed herself close to him so as to not interfere but also close enough he could reach over and either pet her or scratch her head or behind her ears.

"Eric, I have some news for you," announced Mr. Ken from the top of the stairs.

"You do?" responded Eric as he pushed the coffee table away from himself and then jumped up and ran as fast as he could up the stairs. "Is it my mom? Is she ok? Did they arrest her?" the questions coming out fast and furious from a very distraught young boy.

Now, hugging the almost crying youngster, Mr. Ken stroked the lad's back and said, "No, Eric, I did not see them arrest her. She was there, but she wasn't taken by the police. I decided I am going to call her and I wanted you to be with me when I do. You ready?"

"Yeah, hurry up, will ya?" a now excited boy declared

Ken and Eric walked into Mr. Ken's Study for him to make the call. He turned on the speaker phone and dialed her number at work. It rang about six times before she picked it up. "Judy, are you ok? ... I have someone here who needs to hear your voice!"

"Mom, mom, are you Ok? They didn't arrest you, did they? I was so worried," again the questions came fast and furious and all Ken could do was sit back and wait for Eric to get it out of his system and let him talk over the phone.

After Eric finished his conversation with his mom the boy went running through the house yelling for Collin. Ken tried to yell to him to slow down but the lad was already at the top of the second flight of stairs.

Ken and Judy talked and he found out that the third person arrested was Ms. Pettit's secretary, Ms. Heather Jordan. When Ken asked about the meeting going on in the Directors office, Judy laughed that he knew that much already. He told her there was a snitch out in the main office and the news reporter, Rene Vaughn, had an inside 'seat'.

Judy told Ken the three ladies were allowed to call Judge Richards and explain themselves, but he told them, over the speaker phone, that they had their chance and should have come forward already. She went on to say he told them to call a lawyer, or their families, before they left that office. She also told him the judge told the Deputies to allow them to use the ladies room before bringing them in. Ken asked her who would be in charge pending the investigation and resolution of the charges and she told him she had no definitive answer for him. She said she needed to go and see what damage control she could muster up. They said their Good Byes and no sooner had they hung up then two high spirited lads came crashing into Ken hugging him as tight as they could.

"Hold on there, Tigers. I guess you are happy about something or another? What say we celebrate? We'll ask Maria to make us something special for desert and take a break about 2 o'clock. What say you to that?"

It wasn't quite twelve noon and time for lunch yet so Ken shooed the boys off back to their lessons and he went back to his Study to make a few more phone calls. The day was young yet and he was feeling like a 'Free Bird' now that the suspense was over about what was going to happen that day. His new found enthusiasm gave him the courage to call the amusement parks he visited this past weekend and to talk to the owners about the possibility of selling them. After talking to three of the owners he realized he was out of his league and needed a buyer's agent who was versed in those types of purchases.

His previous acquisitions were simple because those parks had closed and it was easy for them to be sold to him. The parks owners he called today stated the parks were not for sale and he got an ear full from the offended proprietors. He made notes about each potential purchase and was glad he would soon own a construction company, an architect group and office loaded with people, and he knew they will soon come in handy. He made a note in his calendar to go by those places to talk to them about staying on when he completed the purchase.

The day ended with Judy stopping by to pick up her son and then share in the special desert Momma Maria had made to celebrate. Judy let Ken know she was appointed the interim Director of CPS, by the County Commissioners, and that the formal announcement would happen tomorrow at 9 AM. She hoped he would attend.

After Judy and Eric left for the night, Collin asked Ken to sit with him down in the Theater. They turned on a movie but Collin wasn't interested in anything but talking about the weekend and the turn of recent events. Collin also wanted to talk about his future and he expressed his fears about the meeting set for January 15th. The night ended with them enjoying each other’s company, while seated in Mr. Ken's lounger, and them sharing a hug before heading off for bed.

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