Castle Roland

Chapter 46

Published: 8 Apr 14

Upon hearing that Collin wanted Mr. Thomas to run the businesses, all hell broke loose in the conference room. Well, the ones who were the most vocal were the lawyers who came from Wilkinson Enterprises, with the exception on Andrew Marshall. They were heard saying that it was unlawful or that it was unprecedented or that the stockholders wouldn't stand for it. They all had someone they wanted to be in control, and they never thought the kid would do what he had just done.

Andrew Marshall had explained to his colleagues, with the exception of Mr. Hale who had forced himself as a last minute addition to the group, what all the options were and now the worst one for them came to be true. No matter what they said to Collin, to try to change his mind, the lad would not budge. Mr. Ken Thomas would be the interim CEO and COO of Wilkinson Enterprises, effective immediately.

After hearing that he had lost any hope, of having his self-serving appointee named the CEO, Frank Hale walked out of the meeting, without waiting to hear Mr. Ken Thomas' first pronouncements. Frank checked out of the hotel and drove back to his home. He hadn't figured the boy would be so wrapped around Mr. Thomas' influence and now he had to make other plans to get Collin back to where he was more controllable. He fumed all the way back.

The first thing Mr. Thomas ordered was a complete review of all billings of legal services by and for one Dennis Clarke. He also ordered that the individual Presidents of each operation would be held responsible for their actions and the well-being of their respective entities. Lastly, Ken ordered a complete accounting of all of the assets and creditors of Wilkinson Enterprises and that the parents Wills to be probated without delay so Collin would have the legal control he needed.

Andrew Marshall hugged Collin before he left. He gave the lad his card and told him to contact him if he had any questions. He then went to Mr. Thomas and shook his hand and told him he would be available to him to help him in any way. Ken told the man he may as well move his home down here as they will probably be on the phone 24/7. Andrew laughed at his comment and then considered how firm and unwavering the man was during all of the questions he went through, and especially what Frank had tried. Everyone said their good byes and headed back to where they came from.

Since Ken and Collin and Bill and Stew were all from around there, they decided to go out for dinner and discuss the events of the day, and plan for any contingencies that Frank Hale could and probably would throw at them. It was late when Ken and Collin returned to Three Finger Cove. Chief greeted them as if they had been gone all week and she livened up their spirits before they both headed off to their respective bedrooms and a well-deserved sleep.

Friday was going to be an 'Off' day for Collin. He had taken his Placement Tests and was just waiting for his results. Even though he wanted to sleep in, he somehow couldn't, so he got up took care of his morning rituals and headed for the Kitchen and breakfast. He met up with his Big Bro there and the two decided to 'take-off' for the day and just try to relax. Unfortunately, Ken's phone rang and it was Andrew Marshall calling to tell him that Hale had filed an emergency request in the courts to overturn his appointment. He went on to tell him Frank had asked that his man be appointed in the interim.

The good news was that the judge was smarter than Frank had figured and ordered an emergency hearing to be held Monday morning up in Burnet County. It meant that Collin and he needed to be there. Ken thanked him for the information and asked that he represent him and Collin at the hearing but that he would also bring Bill Jackson and Stewart Russell, as backups. He told the man that, with such short notice there, was no way Mr. Marshall could learn who he was in that short of time. As soon as he hung up, he explained to Collin what was happening and then called their two lawyers. It was going to be a long weekend.

Collin felt all alone the rest of the day. His Big Bro was on the phone constantly now, because of Frank Hale, and all he had was Chief for now. As soon as he knew Ryan would be home from school, he called him and asked him to spend the weekend. Mary Taylor wanted Collin to stay with them that weekend, but when he explained what was happening, she understood why Collin needed to be there and why he also needed Ryan to be there for him, too.

As soon as Ryan arrived, he said his Hellos to Mr. Ken and the two teens headed directly up to Collin's bedroom. When they got there, Collin filled Ryan in on what happened, at the meeting, and what was going to happen Monday. He needed someone to listen to him and Ryan was the one whom he trusted the most after his Bro. They had been upstairs for over two hours when Ken called Collin for them to come on down for dinner.

After eating another fabulous Momma Maria dinner the three of them went to the Theater to watch a movie. As always, they ended up with Mr. Ken being in between the two teenagers who enjoyed the closeness of the only adult male figure in their lives.

When it was time for bed, Collin told Chief to go do her thing and the boys went up to their bedroom and Ken went to his. Chief joined the boys after a few minutes and took her place besides Collin's bed where he and Ryan were now lying. It had been since New Year's Day that the two had any physical or sexual contact, and both wanted to make up for lost time. Sure, they had their always ready, 'Mr. Hand', to take care of matters, but what they really wanted was the closeness they had come to enjoy with each other.

It didn't take them long to get each other's clothes off and get a hand full of 'prime teenage meat' they could fondle and stroke as they exchanged kisses. Since they had already shared male sex together, a number of times, they knew what each other liked and they did everything to try to satisfy their partner. Before long, Ryan was lying on top of Collin and began sliding his sweaty body, up and down, letting the friction cause electric tingling to course through both their body's.

A few times Ryan slid down far enough and he was able to kiss the top of his friend's penis and then he engulfed the hardened member into his moist warm mouth and began to suckle on it as if it were a baby's bottle. The resulting ministrations on Collin's hardened member had him in a whirl of endless bliss. Then, Ryan slid up to get a kiss and, when he did, Collin turned him over so that now he was on top.

Taking control, Collin began to slide his warm and wet body up and down along Ryan's and he too began to kiss his best friends tube steak and then eventually engulf it into his own wet and eager mouth. After a few moments of licking and sucking, Collin changed up the routine and when he let loose of his lollipop the last time, he slid down a bit further. This time he began to lick and then suck in a marble sized nugget that was snuggled into the hanging sac

He took care of one and then the other and then finally took both almond sized nuts into his mouth and then he pulled lightly causing the skin of Ryan's hard cock to stretch and give his sensitive penile head a different sensation he totally wasn't expecting. Collin heard Ryan moan and he released the ball sac from his drooling mouth and slid back up to give his friend a wet kiss.

They did that to each other, for quite some time, when Ryan finally suggested they get into a '69' position to enjoy the same sensations at the same time. The two teens then thoroughly enjoyed the double sensations of having their dick sucked while they enjoyed having the hard but smooth and silky tube in their own eager mouth. As they gave delight to one another, Ryan remembered that Collin had used his finger around and along his butt hole which brought him even further heightened pleasure. So taking the initiative, Ryan began to use his longest finger and slowly made circles under Collin's nut sac and around the anus hole.

This extra motion sent tingles into the lower portion of Collin's body and his reaction was to suck in further, the hardened soft-member he was sucking on, so that his nose was firmly in Ryan's pubic bush. As his member was completely engulfed, Ryan let out a gasp of extreme enjoyment and he increased his finger motions that it was beginning to enter into Collin's anal canal. Collin hadn't had anyone do that to him since Dean fucked him back when he was his captive. That intrusion brought wonderful memories of the intense bliss he received from that sensitive area. Collin then began to return the favor to his Best Friend.

The boys had enjoyed their sexual romp, for over an hour now, and they both were at a level of desire to go over the top. Without a word spoken, they sensed the need for climax so they both began a more dedicated assault at the hardened phallus before them. Sucking and licking and fingering and more intense deep-throating finally brought them over their pinnacle of ecstasy, as they both shot copious streams of boy juice down each other throats.

Shot after shot of warm cream flowed out of their dicks and down into the stomach of their Best Friend. Soon, their softening penises were too sensitive to be touched so the two turned to form up again into a face-to-face, and they exchanged kisses as well as sharing their liquid boy juice. It wasn't too long after that they both slipped off into a deep sleep; cuddled in each other’s arms.

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