Castle Roland

Chapter 47

Published: 8 Apr 14

Like most teenagers, who will sleep in every morning they can get away with it, Collin and Ryan were not any different. No matter how early they go up to bed, they still stay in their bed until their bladders wake them up or someone is sent to retrieve them.

It was already close to eleven o'clock, Saturday morning, when Chief was sent upstairs to wake the 'sleeping princes'. The last time Chief woke up Collin, he thought he was kissing Shelley, from all the licking Chief did to his face. The other time she was sent to get the boys out of bed she barked until Collin got out of bed. This time she went after Ryan.

Since both boys were still in the same bed they fell asleep in, Chief began to nibble at Ryan's ear and then lick the same ear. She only got a swatting from his hand trying to shoo away whatever was bothering him. Then, taking drastic action, Chief went and plopped down on top of Ryan's chest while making sure she was looking directly in his eyes when he awoke.

"Chief, puff huff ... get off me I can't breathe!" yelled a now out of breath teenager.

"Wow, there, Chief, get off him. Let him breathe," spoke up Collin, as he pushed her off his best buddy's body.

"I guess Bro sent her up here to get us. She doesn't do that unless we are needed. We better get up and showered and dressed. You ready to attack the day?" asked Collin.

"What I want to attack is attached right about here," was all Ryan said as he grabbed for the hard stretched member growing from his friend's groin.

"Hey, cut that out ... but I'll give you a few minutes to play," a now smiling Collin replied, as his 'boy toy' was being fondled and very well I might add.

That said, Collin reached over and grabbed his friend's appendage and began to stroke it, as his was being administered to. It didn't take the two fifteen year-olds long to shoot their morning wads which landed on their stomachs. Lying back and enjoying the afterglow of their work out, the boys scooped up their own juice and licked it off their fingers. Then they jumped out of bed and ran naked to the bathroom to relieve their full bladders and get under the showerhead for a quick wash.

Once cleaned and teeth brushed, the boys dressed casually and then went down to the Kitchen and ate a very late breakfast. They then walked over to the Study after Momma Maria told them their Big Bro was waiting for them.

"Ah, there are the sleeping 'beauties' now. I'm glad you are up because in a very few minutes, we have company arriving," explained Mr. Ken. "Bill and Stew will be here shortly to talk about Monday's Emergency Court Hearing. Ryan, I'd like for you to stay. Collin has probably filled you in on what happened, at our meeting on Thursday, and since you know him much better than I do, your perspective may come in handy. You don't mind, do you, Bro?"

"Naw, I think it would be kewl to see how the lawyers plan out stuff before they go into battle," replied Ryan.

The two lawyers, Bill Jackson and Stewart Russell, arrived just past 12 noon and along with Mr. Ken and Collin and Ryan they talked about the possible scenarios for Monday's court hearing. Around 2 PM, Andrew Marshall called and he added his expertise to what the five had already discussed. The full round-house discussion continued until about half-past three, when Collin's cell phone rang. When he answered it he excused himself from the meeting and went out in the hall to talk.

"Hi, Shelley ... Yeah, I've been real busy since the dance. Bro took me out to Los Angles for a mini-vacation the weekend after the dance. ... ... The trip was really nice. I'd never been out there that I could remember. ... ... Mr. Ken took me to amusement parks and we rode roller coasters and we had loads of fun. ... ... Yeah, he is looking to buy amusement parks but, mainly, he is going to be building some things over at the corner where we turn to go out to the main roads. He bought up most of that land. ... ...

"Hey, Shelley, I'm sorry but I am in a big meeting with Mr. Ken and some lawyers. ... ... Oh, nothing such as that but I need to get back in there. It has to do with my inheritance. ... ... Hey, why did you call anyway? ... ... Yeah, I'd like that and I bet Ryan would, too. ... ... Yeah, I had a nice time being with you, too. Okay, I have your number and if we cannot make it I'll call otherwise we'll meet you at the Mall by 6 o'clock tonight. ... ... Okay, bye!" and the two hung up and Collin went back into the meeting.

"What was that all about Collin?" asked his Big Bro.

"Oh, it was Shelley. She wants Ryan and me to meet them, her and Megan, at the Mall tonight. We can go, can't we?"

"I'm sure we can arrange that. We are almost done here. Ryan you better call your mom and let her know what is going on," was how Ken handled the date thing with the boys.

Once the arrangements for the boys was out of the way, the four adults talked more intently about the stuff they should expect from Frank Hale and his friend the president of one of the subsidiaries. Andy recommended that Mr. Thomas sign a 'contract' accepting the position of CEO and only taking One Dollar as his compensation. Mr. Marshall explained how that would tell the courts that you are not after the boy's money.

Andy Marshall also recommended they'd doubled their focus on finding the missing grandmother, which would be another item the courts would be interested in knowing about. Next, they already had 'bad blood' shown by Frank in his attacks against Collin's choice so that would help; and, lastly, they needed to show that Frank Hale had a vested interest in naming his own person as CEO and how they were both involved with Dennis Clarke.

By the end of their meeting, the four adults knew how they were going to handle their side of the arguments at Monday's Emergency Court hearing. Collin was in agreement with them and told everyone he was prepared to fight that 'bastard' until he had nothing left, so the man couldn't get anything. Collin also asked that Hale's pay records be brought to the court, so they could see if he was being paid by Wilkinson or was Clarke paying him. 'Uncle' Andy agreed it was worth the effort and before saying his good byes, he recommended everyone arrive Sunday night as traffic is a bear in Austin, especially on a Monday.

As soon as the meeting broke up, the two boys headed upstairs for a shower and a change of clothes. While they were doing that, Mr. Ken decided to surprise the boys and he called his limo service and ordered the 8-seat limo for a 5:45 PM pickup with a midnight return to the house. Again, Ken thought about what it was like having money and he needed to use it and let Collin learn how the rich act and react before he is thrust back into his 'old' hometown community where he would be watched and evaluated by everyone there.

The boys arrived downstairs at 5:30 and asked their Big Bro to give them a ride to the Mall. When he told them he was busy right then and that they'd have to find another way they almost went ballistic on him. Ken inwardly laughed and suggested they call Ryan's mom. When Ryan's mom answered her phone she was already prepared for their question by Mr. Ken. When the boys asked her if she could quickly come and get them and take them to meet their dates, she told them she had just washed her hair and couldn't come until it was dry.

The boys were now frantic. Ryan suggested they call a cab and the two boys checked their wallets to see how much cash they had between them. They then realized if they did that they'd be hard pressed to do anything when they got to the Mall. By this time Ken was openly laughing at the boys and they then smelled a rat.

"Bro, are you having fun with us?" asked Collin. "You know, we have to meet up with the girls at six and here you are laughing as if you know something. Come on, tell us what you are doing," now insisted his 'little bro'.

"Yes, boys I am having some fun at your expense. I figured you'd have a difficult time getting to the Mall since you forgot to ask me or 'mom' for a ride beforehand. We gave you permission to go but you never asked how you'd get there," Ken informed the lads.

The boys just stood there with their mouths opened. They then looked at one another and began to argue between themselves at whose fault it was. Just then the doorbell rang and the three of them went to see who was at the front door. Opening the door the boys recognized the driver the boys had for the dance and then understood their Big Bro had set them up.

The boys quickly thanked their Big Bro and gave him huge hugs for letting them use the limo. Then, before they departed, Mr. Ken gave them each five-20 dollar bills for them to use to at the Mall for movies and arcade and a nice dinner. The boys gave the man more hugs and then hurried out to the limo and the quick drive to meet up with their dates.

Arriving at the Mall, their driver, Derrick, told the boys he had to have them back at the house by midnight, otherwise the limo turned into a pumpkin. The three of them laughed and the boys got Derrick's cell number so, just in case, they decided to just drive around.

The boys met up with their dates and then immediately called up Derrick to come get them. The four decided to ride around before going to a movie. They wanted to have fun since the night of the dance they only got to ride to and from the New Year's Eve fling. Tonight, they wanted to ride all over and show off to their friends. The girls were actually the ones who wanted to ride around, but the guys wanted to be with them, so off they went driving all around especially back to where the girls lived. After an hour and a half of driving they went back to the Mall and went to see a movie. The girls insisted they sit in the back again and both boys made sure they were seated against the wall.

It didn't take Shelley very long to get Collin hot and hard. She eventually had him open his belt buckle and top snap of his jeans and of course the zipper came down also. But Collin wasn't just sitting there. He had wanted to touch her boobs and since she had an open bottom and loose blouse on, he was able to get his hands under and up to feel how soft and warm they both were.

As for Ryan and Megan, those two were pretty much doing the same thing and this time Ryan made sure his dick had room to expand unlike the last time he was at a movie with her. Of course, they all had to be careful of what they did, and especially when the screen was bright and the whole theater was lit up.

The couple exchange kiss after kiss and their hands kept roaming around the others body whenever they had the opportunity. Since Collin's zipper was down Shelley pulled his cock out and began to stroke it when the theater was dark. Collin was totally out of his mind. Here he was, in a public place, getting a hand-job and by a girl none-the-less. He couldn't believe it but his mind and lower appendage sure were enjoying every second of it, though.

Megan wasn't so bold with Ryan but she too had his hardened member in a place she had access to and was running her fingernails up and down its length and that was driving Ryan crazy with the need to shot his stuff. Lucky for the four, it was a two hour movie and they took advantage of every darkened moment. For Collin, it seemed that every time he was ready to 'blow his load' the screen would turn bright and Shelley had to stop and cover him. For Ryan, Megan had to stop her tickling his dick and that made him even crazier as he too wanted to shoot off as well.

Of course, in the meantime, the boys had access to the girl's tight teen tits and were getting their nipples hard and pointy as well. Both girls had to contain their voices as their nipples became highly sensitized. Every time their boyfriend fingered the nipple, and placed it between two fingers and rolled it, the girls would suck in deep and begin to shudder and want to cry out. That was then the boys offered to kiss them and take the cry of ecstasy out of them. The four sitting in the movie theater were all sex crazed teens and weren't doing anything different from what thousands of teenagers their age had done, were doing, and will continue to do and that is play with the opposite sex where ever and whenever they can.

Then before they could get their rocks off, the music began to increase and the credits began to crawl up the screen, signaling the end of the movie. Collin had to quickly shove his erection back into his jeans and get the zipper up and top snapped and buckle closed up. Ryan was luckier and saw Collin's dilemma so he moved over to sort of hide his actions. The girls needed to straighten out their clothes and hair and quickly left the boys telling them they'd meet them out front. The boys acted like they were miffed by the sudden moves of their girlfriends and sat down but were actually finishing up getting their own clothes straightened away.

By the time the four teenagers got out of the movie theater, the word has spread that they had been out riding around in the limo. Many of their friends were jealous and began to tease them about it. This was all new for Collin and he was feeling ashamed that he was seen as 'putting it in their face'. He had wanted friends but was now afraid he'd lose them because he was showing off. Collin wanted out of there, but the only way to do that was get the limo and he didn't want that at all.

Ryan saw his friend begin to lose his nerve and asked the girls in a loud voice if they were ready to get a bite to eat. Ryan wanted to get out of there fast, as well, and he knew what to do and that was to ignore their friends and just do what they had originally planned. Collin was leery about it working, but when they began to walk towards the restaurant and the crowd began to dwindle away he knew his friend was the 'best'!

Dinner for the foursome went exceedingly well. They talked about what Mr. Ken had Collin doing since the Holidays, including what happened to Collin at his meeting, and his Placement tests, and the upcoming Court Hearing. Nothing was ever said about the raw sex they had in the theater. When they finished, the boys picked up the tab and then they all walked around the Mall before calling Derrick to come get them. It was late on a Saturday night but they had one last thing they wanted to do and that was to stop for an ice cream at DQ before taking the girls home.

It was midnight when Derrick left the boys out at the Three Finger Cove Front Entrance. The boys each gave him a ten dollar tip and Derrick drove off. Ken was waiting for the boys at the front door and by their smiles and laughter; he knew they had a wonderful time. He welcomed them home and they talked for a few minutes about the highlights of the evening after which they all headed off to bed.

The boys might have been headed to bed, but they knew they were not going to be doing any sleeping any time soon. Both had the same extreme need to release the built up pressure the girls helped form inside their nether regions and they planned, on the way home, they would help each other get that needed relief.

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