Castle Roland

Chapter 50

Published: 8 Apr 14

That night, Wilkinson Enterprises picked up the whole tab for five people dining out at one of the most posh restaurants in Austin, The Driskill Grill. They were there celebrating the ruling earlier in the day that gave everything that Collin wanted. The judge also went on to scold Frank Hale for being so childish and not waiting to see how things worked out with Mr. Thomas at the helm. The judge again warned the plaintiffs about spreading any slanderous statement, or rumors, about Mr. Thomas and he also reminded them he would charge them with Contempt of Court if he ever heard anything.

The Judge also warned them about filing other frivolous motions and he reminded both parties that they were to stay mum about the DVD recording of James Stouffer. The judge went on to require continued searches for the grandmother and wanted a monthly account of their progress. In the end, he advised Collin to surround himself with trusted men and women and seek their counsel about the businesses. And, about his future the judge encouraged him to go on to college so he could realistically run his new holdings. Then it was all over.

That night, the five enjoyed the most special meal that Chef Jonathan Gelman, the executive chef at the Driskill, could round up. His style of food reflects exquisite contemporary American cuisine with French and Mediterranean influences so the five came away with their stomachs stuffed and a meal they will always remember. After that wonderful meal, they said their good byes and went off to their own hotel rooms for the rest of the evening.

Back at the Sheraton Austin, Ken and Collin sat around their suite and talked about the judge's rulings. Collin was concerned that Frank would try again to upset everything and get his Bro removed from his new position. Ken called Collin over to his overstuffed chair and had the lad sit with him. When they were both comfortable, Ken tried to reassure Collin about the days' happenings but he also explained how the business world worked. He explained to Collin that even though the judge ruled the way he did, it wouldn't stop others from filing the same motions so as to cause more and more grief.

Mister Ken also told Collin that eventually someone could find a sympathetic judge and get everything overturned or could even force them to start all over. Collin said he understood, but he wasn't happy about any of it. The last thing Ken told the boy was that, as soon as he could, he was going to immediately introduce his directives and have a full accounting of every aspect of Wilkinson. After hearing that, Collin hugged his Big Bro and, since it was late, the two went to their separate bedrooms and then off to a restful sleep.

The remainder of the week had them both so very busy they missed Mr. Ken's 24th birthday. Even Ken forgot it was his birthday week what with the hearing and then Collin's acceptance to start high school with Ryan, his best friend.

For Collin, that week was a 'new beginning' for him. He got to stay with Mr. Ken, as his guardian, and Chief, and he got his wish that Mr. Ken would be the new CEO of Wilkinson Enterprises, and last but not least, he passed his compliance tests with flying colors and began attending high school, with his best friend Ryan, as a sophomore. Collin never had such a memorable time that he could ever remember before this. He was just fit to be tied and he wanted to celebrate with a party. He got Mr. Ken to approve and with just three days planning he and Ryan had the entire sophomore class over for a party that included a dance and food and refreshments that Saturday night.

There was one person, though, who didn't forget Mr. Ken's birthday and she got all the people she could to help set up a surprise party. Momma Maria had wanted to do it Saturday night but when Collin asked for his party she didn't want to spoil the surprise, so she relented and didn't say anything about her surprise party, which had now been moved to Sunday afternoon.

Ken and Collin had no idea that Momma Maria had this all planned out with Mary and Judy and a few others. When they woke up that Sunday morning, they had their usual Sunday breakfast with Ryan in attendance and then they went to the Study to talk about stuff. You know the 'stuff' that doesn't mean anything but allows those attending to just talk about anything and everything that comes to mind, and having two teenagers there, sure made for some interesting 'stuff' being talked about. Eventually, they did talk about school and of course Collin's businesses which brought up a discussion about money.

While all that was happening, Maria, Mary, Judy and Kathleen Richards and a few others all gathered in the Dining Room to set it up for the Surprise Birthday Party for Mr. Ken. They decided on that room because it was one place those two never went, and it was easy enough for them to keep it closed off until they were ready for the Birthday Boy, Mr. Ken. This wasn't going to be as big a party as the Holiday parties were, but many people would be in attendance for the 2 o'clock surprise.

Back in the Study, Ken had his hands full in trying to placate the boys with the little he got to know in the short time he had as the new CEO of C.W.E. Inc. as Colin now wanted to call it. That proposed name change in itself caused many more questions on top of how much money Collin was worth and what could he do with it all. Then Collin asked how he could hire Ryan and pay him a salary. That last one seemed suspicious to him so Ken asked when they thought that one up and the boys had to blush.

Seems they were talking about money and what Collin could do with it and then it was as if Collin wanted to hire Ryan. For what, they didn't know, or care, but that was the gist of it. Ken laughed at them and told them, when the time came, they would discuss hiring who and when but right then he sent them both off to shower and which is where he also went.

Upstairs, in Collin's bedroom, the boys got undressed to get their showers. They had seen each other bare assed naked so many times now that it was like second nature for them to strip in front of one another and head off to the showers. They had already taken care of their rampant morning wood, before breakfast, so those things didn't immediately begin to rise just then. They walked naked to the bathroom with their pride and joys swinging to and fro as they headed off to get cleaned up. They talked about last night's party and how both Shelley and Megan were 'hot to trot' and how they couldn't find a chance, as the hosts, to get into a dark corner to have some fun.

Now, those thoughts, in the boys' minds, got their 'boy toys' to raise some. But it wasn't until after being under the shower a few minutes the randy fifteen year olds each rustled up a boner to enjoy some manipulations, and the resultant climax. This time they did their own handiwork, and at their own pace, and both boys shot their joy juice at just about the same time.

Downstairs, more and more guests arrived and parked near the garage so neither Ken nor the boys could see what was happening. It was a lazy Sunday, as always, and it wasn't unusual that Ken and Collin didn't get cleaned up until late in the day. Maria knew this so that was why she scheduled the party for when she did. She knew she could count on them staying out of the kitchen, but she and the other ladies were afraid the noise from the added people would get them found out, so they had their guests remain out in the garage until it was time.

Luck was on her side as the guys, now all smelling fresh and clean, met up once again in the Study, along with Chief, to continue their discussion from earlier. Ken tried to get them to understand that three days wasn't enough time for him to get a full accounting of C.W.E. Inc. and that he expected it would be at least a month for him to get it all collected. Then, he reminded Collin of the taxes that were due on his inheritance and that gave Collin a bad feeling. Just the word taxes is enough to get people in an uproar, but for a soon to be sixteen year old, that thought made him feel he was about to lose his whole fortune. Then when Mr. Ken told him he may have to pay as much as 45% Tax on his inheritance, almost half of everything, Collin got sick to his stomach.

"Bro, are you telling me that the government wants to take 45% of everything?" Collin blurted out. "How can they do that? My dad worked his ass off to grow those businesses and now that he is gone, and wants me to have them; the government is going to take half of everything from me. T hat's not fair!" And, with that said, Collin began to cry. It wasn't because of the amount of money Collin was about to lose, but the thought of his dad's hard work was now going to someone else who didn't do anything to earn it.

Ryan, along with Chief, tried to console Collin the best they could, but Collin was really upset and he just didn't know what to do. He was so confused about the tax thing and then everything that had happened to him came flooding into his mind that he began to cry even harder that Mr. Ken became really concerned for the boy.

"Collin, please, my little bro, please try to calm down. We all have to pay taxes and what I told you was the absolute maximum that you would have to pay. I didn't mean to say that you'd lose half. What I was trying to get you to realize, and not very good, I may add, was you just can't go on and do what you want to do until everything has been sorted out and the taxes paid. Sure, you are pretty wealthy, but until Andy and the accountants get through with all the figures, I, we, just won't know. I've only had three days, Collin, and it was as if you wanted me to know everything overnight, and it just doesn't work that way, little bro. We have nine months to file the proper forms and paperwork because it is so convoluted and changing."

By this time, Collin had begun to settle down some and relax into Ken's strong arms.

"Come on now, Collin, you've got to give me the time to sort things out and get a handle on everything, including the estate and inheritance taxes that are coming due. You know I will do everything I can do and, so will Andy Marshall, do whatever is necessary so that you will pay the least amount of monies to any government. Collin, I know you want to know what you are worth, but it will be months before we truly know. In the meantime, I want you to stop worrying about it. Please, Collin, please just go back to being a teenager and enjoying the new life you have and all the friends you've made. You need to focus on today, for now, and in time we will bring you up to speed in C.E.W. Inc."

Collin's sobs had ceased and he was settled into his Big Bro's arms. "I'm sorry for acting the way I did, Bro. Please forgive me."

"Collin, there is nothing to forgive. You know I love you and I will do everything I can for you. I'll try to brief you every week on what I know is going on. But, I must ask you to wait on the tax issues. I am sure your dad did everything with your Uncle Andy to make the tax bite as painless as possible. Now, can you promise me you'll go back to being a fifteen year old who is enjoying his friends and new life?" asked Ken.

"Yes, Bro, that I can promise you, for a moment I thought I was going to lose everything. But you're right, I need to be a teenager and leave those things to you and Uncle Andy. I guess I am trying to be the CEO before I even have the knowledge and understanding. Thanks, Bro!" Then Collin gave Ken a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and laughed after he did that. Ken saw the mischief in his eyes and hugged him back and kissed him the same way. T he two then stood there in the hug and enjoyed the love they had between them.

Meanwhile, over in the Dining Room, Momma Maria had gotten everything ready. With the help of Mary and Judy and Kathleen the place was all decorated and the cake had the required number of candles and the ice cream was cold and ready to be served. All they needed now was the birthday boy. So they wouldn't give away their secret Momma Maria was elected to fetch Mr. Ken, so off she went to the Study where she knew he could be found.

"Ah, Mister Kennn, can I 'ave a word witch yo? I needs you to kome to cee kitc'en, pleass," said Maria in her attempt to get Mr. Ken to the birthday surprise.

"Sure, Momma Maria, the boys and I are done here for the day. Do you want them to come along, as well?"

"Sure dey can kome, too. T at's no problelem," was how Maria responded.

"Let's go, boys, and see what this is all about. Come along, Chief."

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