Castle Roland

Chapter 53

Published: 8 Apr 14

On the way to the hospital, Ken told Andy what he knew from the phone call but he also told him how pissed he was and that he promised that someone would be held accountable. At the hospital, when Mr. Ken tried to see Collin, they wouldn't let him as he wasn't 'family'. This pissed him off even more, on top of how he was already feeling about what happened to Collin, and he was about to shove the nurse aside and go looking for Collin himself when Andy Marshall produced the guardianship papers. About that time, Deputy Sheriff Dan Fischer, who happened to be at the hospital because of the attack, came up to them and asked if he could help.

The nurse looked over the guardianship papers for a few moments and then announced they weren't worth the paper they were written on. If there really could be steam coming off a person's head, as they show in the cartoons, then, Ken Thomas' head was boiling and producing tons of steam. He was so pissed, right then and there, he yelled for the hospital administrator and head nurse and anyone who was head of whatever he could think of. In the meantime, Dan Fischer tried to calm his friend Ken Thomas down by explaining that he'd only get himself into trouble and could lose Collin if he wasn't careful. By that time a couple of people came up and wanted to know what the trouble was. Ken began to speak, but Andy held up his hand for him to stop and he did.

"I am Andrew Marshall, Mr. Thomas' lawyer and the lawyer for one Collin Wilkinson who you have here in this hospital. These papers I have here are legal guardianship documents naming Mr. Thomas as Collin's guardian and this nurse says they "aren't worth the paper they are written on" end quote. And who are you, may I ask?" a very determined, and lawyer-like, Andy Marshall took control.

"I am Eli Bloomberg, the hospital administrator and this is Hazel Federer, the hospital's head nurse. How can we help you, Mr. Marshall?"

"I just told you and for right now, I want my client taken to see his ward and I mean right now! If you do not comply in the next ten seconds, I will begin proceedings that will make this hospital a laughing stock and I don't care how many benefactors or politicians you have in your pockets. Then, I want this so-called nurse fired for gross negligence and parading as a lawyer and judge, unless she can prove that she holds both those titles. Now where is Collin Wilkinson? What is his room number?"

"Officer, I want you to arrest these two people and escort them off these premises," announced Mr. Bloomberg. "I will not be spoken to nor told how to do my job no matter who these people think they are. Now, officer I want you do your duty!"

"Mr. Bloomberg, with all due respects, sir, you better allow these gentlemen to see Collin Wilkinson, as they do have the proper documents and presented them, but have been rebuffed by this nurse, here (as he pointed to the now wide eyed nurse who started all the problems)," spoke Dan Fischer, the Deputy Sheriff.

"Now see here, officer, I pay your salary ..."

"And so does this man, Mr. Bloomberg, so why don't you end this pissing contest and show these men to where the youngster is. They have a legal right to see the boy and by your resistance, you are interfering with a man of the court and you can be found guilty of obstruction. Now, let's just move along, here; Nurse Federer will you please show these men to Collin's room?" And with that the nurse reluctantly took Ken and Andy to see young Collin.

When they entered the room, they saw the boy was hooked up to all sorts of monitoring devices. All of them were beeping and buzzing and flashing all sorts of colored lights.

"Nurse," began Mr. Ken, while looking at Hazel Federer, "can you tell me what all these machines are for and why he is hooked up to them?"

"Well, sir, let me check his chart. ... ... Okay, I see that he was punched in the chest and when he didn't get up right away, someone got the school nurse and she called for the Paramedics. He had a chest x-ray which showed there were no broken ribs but they are sure his sternum area will be sore for quite some time due to the severity of the blow. They did the standard blood tests, to check on his heart, and he was within norms. The machines are monitoring his heart since he was hit in the chest.

"The doctors want to make sure he doesn't have any latent reactions to the trauma. According to the chart, the boy complained of some difficulty in breathing and soreness in his chest. The doctor believes the heart may be bruised from the blow to the chest by a closed fist delivered by his attacker. You probably need to talk to the attending doctor for more information. I'll see if I can find him; if you'll both wait here." With that said, off went Nurse Federer to look for the doctor who was treating Collin.

Downstairs in the admitting room, Mr. Bloomberg was still not satisfied that the two men weren't arrested and thrown out on his say so. He told Deputy Sheriff Fischer that he had been recruited by his uncle to run the hospital and his uncle was an important man in that county and would hear about this. Dan Fischer tried to tell the man that he was going to bark up the wrong tree, and that he would not like the outcome. Just then, Dan heard his call sign over his collar radio and went out of the room to find out why he was needed. He then had to leave the hospital grounds in a hurry.

Upstairs, the doctor talked to Ken and Andy about Collin's condition. He told them he believed that the heart might have been bruised and he wanted to keep the boy overnight for observation. He said if there was going to be any problems they would probably happen in the next 24 to 36 hours and if the lad was there, they would be able to give him immediate treatment.

The doctor also told them he didn't think anything would come of the blow to the chest but that the boy would have to be careful over the next few months so that he didn't injure that area again. He also told them they should seek out a cardiologist for further follow up, just to be safe. They thanked the doctor for his time and they turned their attention back to Collin, who was beginning to stir.

Downstairs, Mr. Bloomberg called his uncle and told him what just happened. Of course, he had to make it sound like the world just came to an end and wanted his uncle to call Sheriff Barnes and get Dan fired for refusing to do what he wanted. The uncle was one of the 'movers and shakers' in the county and he held some sway in the way things ran but was always behind the scenes. The uncle told Eli he'd stop over and then they could talk about it some more.

Out on the street, Deputy Sheriff Dan Fischer was called to join another Sheriff's Deputy in front of Rodney Costa's home. They had an arrest warrant for Rodney, for his attack on Collin, and were there to serve it. Dan didn't really want to be there as he personally knew Collin and liked the lad and knew what the boy had just gone through, only to have this new thing to happen to him for no reason. The two Deputies walked up to the door and the younger man knocked on the door.

Over in the hospital, Collin opened his eyes and saw his Big Bro there and began to cry.

"I should have told you, Mr. Ken (sob, sniffle) that they had been harassing me all week."

"Now's not the time, Collin. All I want for you is to get better and come home," said Ken and his eyes began to water.

Uncle Andy then stepped up to the bed and reached over to stroke Collin's head. It wasn't long before he, too, couldn't help himself and had tears coming down his cheeks as well. After a while they both calmed down and Collin tried to explain what happened but he was so tired and full of medications he just couldn't concentrate. Since, he was in the Step-Down Unit, of the ICU, he would be monitored all night and both men were grateful for that. They said their goodbyes and promised to be there first thing in the morning. They both kissed Collin on the cheek before they left and then went looking for Eli Bloomberg to have a word with him.

Over at Rodney Costa's home, the Deputies were meeting with some resistance from the parents, but especially the dad. They wouldn't allow the men in even though they had the arrest warrant. Not wanting to force the issue, just then, the two men called for additional officers to be sent and then decided to watch the front and back of the house just in case Rodney tried to make a run for it. Inside, Rodney's dad was pissed that there were police officers at his home and he began to chase his son around the house. Outside, the sounds of a fight could be heard inside and Dan radioed his partner to be ready to enter the house while he radioed his backup they were going in.

"Dispatch, we are 10-78 at this location and are entering the premises for a possible 10-16. Inform our backups to get here quick." And with a signal both officers broke down their respective doors to find the dad holding a gun and pointing it at his son. They both yelled at the same time for him to drop his gun as they drew theirs out for their own protection. The dad looked back and forth at each officer, as he held his gun on his son, and then suddenly the dad quickly turned and there was a gun shot, and then another.

"Dispatch – Shots fired! Officer is down this location. Send all available units. Suspect is also down! Request a supervisor and two ambulances this location," yelled Dan into his mike.

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