Castle Roland

Chapter 60

Published: 8 Apr 14

It was a Saturday morning and Mr. Ken knew the boys had had a long night and hadn't got to bed until late, so he took pity on them, and let the boys sleep in. Momma Maria had the breakfast fixin's ready for when the lads came down but until then she and Mr. Ken, as she, too, called him, talked while they drank some coffee.

"Momma, there has been something I've been meaning to ask you. With Collin here, I know it has added to your day and the amount of cooking and everything else you've done for me. I know I need to hire someone to manage the household. You already watch over the house cleaning contract, the landscapers and the daily maids. I was wondering if you'd like to be that person, my Household Manager. It would mean that these people would be responsible to you and it would also mean a substantial pay raise for you, as well. So, what do you say, Maria? Would you like to move on up and watch the other people work and cook for you for a change?"

Momma Maria sat there stunned. She had no idea Mr. Ken was even thinking about such matters. She had always loved to cook, and since Collin came to live there she had truly enjoyed making so many special meals for them and the extra guests and parties. She really didn't want to be a supervisor.

"Mr. Kens," Momma Maria began, "I thanka you for asking me ah to do such a biga job for you. I justa likea to cook, and ever since that younga man came to live here I hada so mucha fun cookin' all the things for you anda him and your friends. I no like to boss other peoples'. I just wanna cook for yous all the time, no? But I woulda likea to take more monies if you want to giv them to Momma Maria, no?" and then Maria laughed.

"Ok, Momma, I hear what you're saying. I guess I should have given you more money for everything you've done for us. You've kept us in such good food and kept us happy, with your charm. So, I will raise your pay effective since Collin came to live here, so you will have a nice paycheck coming to you. But that leaves me still needing someone to manage my household. Do you know of anyone who could do that for me? I don't care if it is a man or woman."

"No, Mr. Kens, I knows nobodies who coulda do that fors you. You be betta offs to ask Missa Mary or Missa Judy to sees if they knowa someones for you, ok?" replied Momma Maria.

As the two of them continued to talk, upstairs, the boys began to stir. Collin had slept right through the night and felt much rested as he began to slowly stretch, making sure he didn't hurt his chest. As for Ryan and Eric, the two of them found their arms and legs entangled when they finally opened their eyes. They sort of smiled at one another and the next thing they realized was that a very private part of them was touching another very private part of the other. Eric's eyes went wide open when he figured out what was happening and he quickly reached down to pull his morning boner back inside his boxers. Of course, upon doing so, his hand touched the much larger appendage of Ryan which made Ryan gasp in surprise, and then he, too, shot his hand to protect his morning wood.

"Oh, I'm sorry Ryan. I ... I didn't mean to touch you ... your ... well you know ... your thingy. I felt mine touching something and ... and when I figured out what it was, I reacted an... and well, ... I'm sorry if I did something wrong, Ryan," said Eric who felt so bad he turned away from Ryan and began to cry.

Ryan reached over to him and tried to console him and said, "Eric, you didn't do anything wrong. Trust me, 'lil bro', you didn't. I should have known better and acted before you did. I'm the one who should be sorry. I'm the older guy and ... well ... I guess I should have never slept with you last night. I'm sorry you had to feel that ... that thing."

Collin was watching and listening to their exchange, but it didn't seem to be having any effect on Eric. With that, he got out of bed and went over to Eric to see if he could do any better.

"Eric, what is it that has you so upset?"

"Well (sob), it was that I touched his, you know, his ... his penis, and I know I shouldn't have. I don't want to get into any ... any trouble because I touched it," answered Eric while he was still crying a bit.

"But, Eric, you didn't do that on purpose. And besides, who is it that said you'd get into trouble if you touched another person's di.., err penis?"

"Well, at school, they are always telling us that we are supposed to keep our hands to ourselves and not touch anyone else's private parts. They say we are way too young to be doing any of that stuff. They told us if we did touch someone's privates we'd be in big trouble."

"Ahh, now I understand, Eric. You were told this when you were in Sex Education Class, I bet. They are always saying that stuff," Collin said to the younger boy. "I remember when I was in 5th and 6th grades they were always telling us to keep our hands to ourselves. Of course, we didn't," finished Collin, as he sat back down on his bed and began to laugh.

"Yeah, Collin is right, Eric. I remember that, too. I found out later that it was part of the Sex Ed course that they were trying to teach you to be abstinent by not looking or touching. They were trying to put 'fear' into you about not doing anything sexual with yourself, or with anyone else, until you were older and understood what you were doing," added Ryan.

"What do you mean by 'not doing anything sexual with yourself'," asked Eric.

"Well, it means not playing with yourself," came out of Ryan very quickly and he went on to say, "or, you know, jerking off, pounding your pudd, slapping your meat, spanking the monkey, beating off, wanking and a bunch of other terms they call it now-a-days."

Eric's eyes got big when he heard all those terms. He had heard some of the older kids using those words, but he didn't know what they meant. He had an idea but he really didn't know what it was all about. So he asked, "What does all those terms mean, Ryan?"

Now it was Ryan's turn for his eyes to get big. Even Collin, got a big smile on his face, as he heard that question. Ryan then turned his focus on his buddy and was asking him with his eyes to help him there.

"Eric" started Collin, "Those terms are some of the words guys use to describe what they do with their, you know, their ... ahh ... their dick when it gets hard. Remember the last time you spent the night with me and, in the morning, you didn't want me to see that your ahh ... penis was standing tall?"

"Yeah, I remember," answered Eric, who got a little red faced at the question.

"Then remember, when I came in to the bathroom and stood at the urinal to pee, you saw that my dick was hard?"

"Yeah, but I only looked for a second, honest" answered Eric very quickly.

"Okay, Eric, I told you that it was Okay and that it was between you and me, right?"

"Yeah, but what does that have to do with this?"

"Well, Eric, don't you ever, you know, touch your penis when it is hard like that, especially in the morning, or maybe when you take your bath or shower?" asked Collin.

"Well ... they told us not to. That we weren't supposed to do that ... but ... but yeah, I did a few times, but I didn't do it more than that," finished Eric very quickly.

"Eric, there is nothing wrong with you touching your own penis, or dick if you want to use that word," said Ryan. "Understand, all boys' dicks get hard and all boys will play with them as time goes on. There is nothing wrong with doing that. I think I began doing that back when I was about your age. What about you, Collin?"

"Yeah, I began to play with my dick when I was about your age, too, Eric. I remember waking up most mornings and my dick was very hard, but like you, when I peed it went away. But later, it began to get hard when I was in school and when I would take my bath. That was when I began to ... well, experiment with it. It always felt good when it would rub in my underwear and I was lying in bed, so when it got hard in the bathtub I began to like take my fingers and slide them up and down along it. What about you Ryan?"

"Yeah, I can remember when my dick got hard, too. When I used to go to bed; I didn't go to sleep right away. I'd slip my pj's and undies down and I'd let my dick get stiff and then I'd rub the palm of my hand all over it. Damn, it felt good. Sometimes, I'd even fall asleep doing that and the next morning I'd wake up and I'd still have my pj's and underwear down at my knees. Didn't you ever do that Eric? You know, look at your dick when it was hard and, like slide your fingers over it, and get some tingles to happen?"

Eric looked back and forth at both boys trying to figure out how he should answer or even if he should. He liked both his 'honorary big brothers' and knew they would not tease him or make fun of him. He figured they would answer his questions if he asked them, so he decided to trust them and talk to them.

"Ryan, yeah, I did do that an ... and I did get those tingles, like you said, but I didn't know what they were. I asked some of my friends, but they didn't know much either. They said they liked doing that, too. And, Collin, ... ah when I saw your penis was hard and standing up like that it was the first time I ever saw one like that. When I did see it my penis got this 'tingle' in it right then and I was afraid I would get another stiffy. I was glad I didn't. That was why I took my shower so fast that day," responded Eric.

"That's Okay, Eric," replied Collin. "I was afraid you'd be mad at me for showing you my hard dick but I had to pee real bad and then get my shower. Eric, we are all boys and ... well, we all saw one another when we swam that day. Also, I knew you had a boner that morning you were here with me and I figured you'd be embarrassed if I saw it."

"But why weren't you scared of me seeing your stiffy, Collin," asked Eric.

"Well, I did have to pee, but I wanted to show you, I think, that there is nothing wrong with having a stiffy or boner as we call it. I bet all your friends get them all the time and I bet some of them have even seen each other’s, too. I'll even bet they do that when they have sleepovers," said Collin.

"Yeah, I think some of them have. I kinda heard some of them talking after a sleepover but as soon as I came close they stopped talking about it. When I asked them, they wouldn't tell me. Then, I heard one of them say something about his older brother showed him how and he loves doing it. But I could never get them to tell me about what it was. Would you ... you know ... maybe tell me what they may have done. And ah maybe ... even show me what his older brother showed him? I won't tell anyone, honest I won't! You guys are like my 'older brothers'. I love you guys like you are my older bros," spoke Eric very hastily.

Collin and Ryan both looked back at each other trying to decide what and if they should do anything with this 10+ year old boy. Then it was Ryan who decided to take the first step so he got up off the bed and looked at Eric and said, "Eric, 'my little bro' if I had a kid brother, I would want him to be just like you!"

Eric got this huge smile on his face because he loved what he had just heard. Then, Collin got off his bed and went over and sat next to Eric and put his arm around his shoulder and told him, "I agree with Ryan. You are the BEST 'little bro' anyone could ever have!"

Eric was now beside himself as the two older boys, he had admired and looked up to, had both just told him they wished he were their 'little brother'. And after hearing that the second time, from Collin, made his huge smile even wider that if he smiled any more his face would break.

"Okay, now 'little bro', I'm gonna ask you a few questions, then I'm gonna tell you some stuff, but I am not going to touch you, okay?" said Ryan.

"Okay" said Eric, wondering what he was talking about.

"First, your dick does get hard, right? It stands up especially in the morning."

"Yeah," responded Eric eagerly.

"Okay, you said you played with it a few times and got some tingles. Right?"


"Ok, tell me what you did or what you were doing when you got those tingles."

"Well, I umm ... I ... I just rubbed my hand across ... across it ... but it was still in my undies. ... This is hard. I never talked to anyone about ... about this kind of stuff," offered Eric.

"Yeah, I know it is strange talking to anyone about sex, but we're your 'older bros', and we aren't going to make fun of you or tease you, especially about this. We know what you are going through not knowing and wondering what getting these boners all the time means," said Ryan.

"Is that all you ever did was rub your hand over your dick while it was in your underwear? Did you ever do anything else? I'm just trying to find out what you know and what you don't know, that's all," said Ryan trying to calm Eric down some.

"Well, when I was taking a bath it got all hard when I was washing it. It felt real good doing that, so I did it longer than I should have. But it felt so nice. ... Did you guys ever do that?" asked a now very curious ten year old.

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